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The Skin Walkers by Scott Handcock


The Ragthorn

Robert Holdstock - 1991
    Time is very short for me now, the final part of the ritual draws near... I cannot pretend that I am not frightened.” There were these two British writers, one lived in the country, the other in the city. The country writer loved to visit the city and partake of brandy and Greek kebabs in the local hostelry. The city writer liked to visit the country and guzzle ale and barbecued steak under the apple trees. The two writers needed an excuse for these indulgences, and so they invented one, and this excuse was called “collaborating on a story” ... It soon emerged that the story was to be about a legendary tree, which they both vaguely recalled from the tales their grandfathers used to tell them of mystery and myth. Soon they were delving with suppressed excitement into old documents at the British Museum and began to come up with some frightening discoveries. The first of these finds was in studying the original text, in Anglo-Saxon, of the Old English poem “The Dream of the Rood”. The marrying of the “tree” (crucifixion cross) and the “thorn” (a runic character) was too elaborately regular to be an accident of metre or alliterative language. Other discoveries followed, and the story gradually surfaced, like a dark secret from its burial mound. The Ragthorn: a dark and unsettling World Fantasy Award-winning novella by Robert Holdstock and Garry Kilworth. Also included in this volume, two bonus stories: “The Fabulous Beast” by Garry Kilworth, and “The Charisma Trees” by Robert Holdstock. Robert Holdstock: ‘Britain’s best fantasist … these are the visions of a real artist.’ – The Times ‘Our finest living mythmaker. His narratives – intense, exuberant, earthy, passionate, dense with metaphor – are new trails through the ancient forest of our imaginations. An essential writer.’ – Stephen Baxter ‘No other author has so successfully captured the magic of the wildwood.’ – Michael Moorcock ‘A new expression of the British genius for true fantasy.’ – Alan Garner, on Mythago Wood Garry Kilworth: ‘Garry Kilworth is arguably the finest writer of short fiction today, in any genre.’ – New Scientist ‘Kilworth is one of the most significant writers in the English language.’ – Fear Magazine ‘Probably one of the finest writers of short stories Britain has ever produced.’ – Bookstove Online ‘Kilworth is a master of his trade.’ – Punch Magazine

Gray Matter and Other Stories from Night Shift

Stephen King - 1993
    John Glover reads a selection of unabridged short stories, including "Gray Matter" from Stephen King's best-selling collection Night Shift.

A Watcher by the Dead

Ambrose Bierce - 1889
    A dare and a wager to spend the night locked up in a room with a corpse: What could go wrong? Be prepared to be surprised.

The Horror of the Heights

Arthur Conan Doyle - 1913
    It was first published in Strand Magazine in 1913.The story is told through a blood-stained notebook discovered on the edge of a farm in Withyham. The notebook is written by a Mr. Joyce-Armstrong, and the first two and last pages are missing; the notebook is thus dubbed the "Joyce-Armstrong Fragment".The story has appeared in a number of collections, the earliest being Danger! and Other Stories (1918), as well as in more general collections like Volume 5 of The Road to Science Fiction.


J.K. Swift - 2011
    For all her skills, Deenah is unable to identify the strange forces at work on the injury.To save her master's life, Deenah must join the young Warder for the area, Kaern, and an aging veteran tracker, as they set out on a manhunt into hostile lands.Rating: PG (some violent scenes)7000 words (approx. 21-28 pages)

At Last Goodbye

Glynn James - 2011
    Ten years after the apocalypse destroyed the world that she knew, a survivor returns to her home town, hoping to piece together the bits of her past that have troubled her so much ever since.Sometimes the past is best left behind us, but sometimes we all need to say goodbye."At last, goodbye" is a short story set in the world of the Diary of the Displaced novel series.

Perdition's Flame

Alec Worley - 2019
    Desperate for a chance to redeem himself, he grasps at any hope for peace. But in the Dark Millennium, the Gods offer nothing but horror.... Listen to it because: It's dark, atmospheric, utterly terrifying and a perfect audio horror experience, compellingly written and thunderingly performed. The story: The wind screams. The dark night is freezing. Vossk, a Vostroyan Firstborn, shrinks into a rock against a howl of memories. Having disgraced himself by deserting his post during a terrifying encounter, Vossk had resigned himself to penal servitude, though he's yearned for the chance to redeem himself. But in the 41st Millennium, such dreams are hollow when a man's reality has been shaken to his core. Found in the shadows of a pitiless cave, Vossk relives his tale to his rescuer. But trauma stalks the weary, and in the face of an even greater horror, it grins at those whose courage has failed them once before....

The Exorcism of Sara May

Joe Hart - 2015
    The Great Depression is still strangling America. People are out of work. Out of options. And everyone is desperate. But in the small town of Rath, Minnesota, another kind of evil is holding sway.Something terrible has woken, and the little community will never be the same.

The Dunwich Horror / The Thing on the Doorstep

H.P. Lovecraft - 2009

Nineteen Ghost Stories of M.R. James to Keep You Up at Night: 3 Volumes

M.R. James - 2009
    R. James is best remembered for his ghost stories which are widely regarded as among the finest in English literature. One of James' most important achievements was to redefine the ghost story for the new century by dispensing with many of the formal gothic trappings of his predecessors, and replacing them with more realistic contemporary settings.According to James, a story must "put the reader into the position of saying to himself: 'If I'm not careful, something of this kind may happen to me!'"

The Undead Day One

R.R. Haywood - 2012
    I was named after my father Howard, but it became too confusing to have two Howards, so I became Howie. I am 27 years old and I work as a night's manager in a supermarket.I will tell you what happened...The undead have risen. Within hours all communication has gone and a frantic struggle for survival begins.Day One: Friday: the world falls apart. A zombie infestation is ravaging Europe. Howie is at home and quickly has to learn this new world as he battles through hordes of undead, desperately trying to reach his family...The Undead Day One, a thrilling new series of zombie horror

Dreadtime Stories: Volume One: From Fangoria

Max Allan Collins - 2012
    The stories include:� REINCARNAL by Max Allan Collins: A young woman may be the reincarnated victim of a serial killer on the loose.� THE LATE SHIFT by Dennis Etchison: A company takes flesh-peddling to a whole new level.� A FUNGUS AMONG US by Steve Nubie: A mysterious fungus is causing people to act like zombies before their heads explode and spore�like snakes ooze out of their brains!� WOLF by Max Allan Collins: A modern�day werewolf whose appetite for beautiful young women vacationing at a lodge retreat has guests and workers panic�stricken.� LIVING SPACE by M. J. Elliott: A young couple can't believe how "lucky" they are when they find a luxury high�rise apartment in Manhattan for rent at a "slashed" price.

Tequila's Sunrise

Brian Keene - 2007
    Chalco, a young Aztec boy, feels helpless as conquering Spanish forces near his village. But when a messenger of the gods hands him a key to unlock the doors of human perception and visit unseen worlds, Chalco journeys into the mystical Labyrinth, searching for a way to defeat the invaders. He will face gods, devils, and things that are neither. But he will also learn that some doorways should never be opened and not all entrances have exits... Tequila's Sunrise. Take the shot and open the door... if you dare. Deadite Press is proud to present this author's preferred edition of Brian Keene's long out-of-print novella, which contains material not included in previously published editions. Also included in this edition are seven bonus short stories: Dust, Burying Betsy, Fade To Null, Golden Boy, Two-Headed Alien Love Child, That Which Lingers, and Bunnies In August.

Patience and Not-Forsaken

Alix E. Harrow - 2017
    But when she discovers a girl living inside her bedroom mirror, the past comes back to haunt, in more ways than one.

The Asylum: A Jack Nightingale Short Story

Stephen Leather - 2017
    A TV crew goes in to investigate and Jack Nightingale goes in with them. But the truth is more shocking than any of them realise, and not everyone will get out alive. The Asylum is a fast-paced supernatural story about 16,000 words long. Stephen Leather is one of the UK's most successful thriller writers, an ebook and Sunday Times bestseller and author of the critically acclaimed Dan “Spider’ Shepherd series and the Jack Nightingale supernatural detective novels. You can find out more from his website and Jack Nightingale has his own website at