The Flight of the Feathered Serpent

Armando Cosani - 1953
    His life changes inexplicably after he meets a mysterious man who leaves him a series of profound writings. One of the writings is a firsthand account of Judas’s life with Jesus and the events leading up to his betrayal. The writings also contain extraordinary insights into the lives of Judas, Jesus, and the Disciples, which seem to correlate with the recently discovered Gospel of Judas. Could these be the teachings of Judas Iscariot and his account of his relationship with Jesus? Could this be Judas’s attempt to clear his name in an effort to change the world’s perceptions and help humanity in its spiritual quest?

Application of Impossible Things - My Near Death Experience in Iraq

Natalie Sudman - 2012
    This is the amazing story of a woman who survived a near fatal explosion. Incredibly, that was only the beginning of her story. During the event, she experienced a NDE (Near Death Experience). She retained vivid memories of going to the spirit side and from that unique out-of-body perspective; she helped celestial beings put her body back together so she could return to life. She wanted to share what the experience was like as viewed from the spirit side. A true tale of survival and courage, sure to empower others who read it.

Mary's Message to the World

Annie Kirkwood - 1992


SARAH Breskman Cosme - 2020

How to Use the Science of Mind: Principle in Practice

Ernest Shurtleff Holmes - 1984
    God is not far away, but is within ourselves, other people, and everywhere present. Why then, do we fall prey to unwanted conditions - illness, financial lack, relationship difficulties, loneliness and problems of every kind? Written as a manual for the practical applications of the principles set forth in The Science of Mind, this book takes the original philosophy of "change your thinking, change your life," and explains a clear and definite scientific method of prayer that can help you overcome life's obstacles.

Edgar Cayce's Story of Jesus

Jeffrey Furst - 1969
    Furst's book lies in the fact that he quotes at great length from the Cayce readings, and this should please the people who have been tantalized by brief quotations in other, earlier books."--Nashville Tennessean

A Search for the Truth

Ruth Montgomery - 1967
    Find out the connection between psychic dreams, ESP, precognitive visions and automatic writing -- and whether psychic power is a curse or a blessing. But more importantly, find out your reason for living.

Jewish Spirituality: A Brief Introduction for Christians

Lawrence Kushner - 2001
    It is a tradition that may at times, for Christians, feel strangely familiar and will, for Christians and Jews, always challenge you to see yourself and your world through a new lens."--from the IntroductionJewish spirituality is an approach to life that encourages us to become aware of God's presence and purpose, even in unlikely places. "This world and everything in it is a manifestation of God's presence," says Rabbi Lawrence Kushner. "Our challenge and goal is to find it and then act in such a way as to help others find it too."In this special book, Kushner guides Christians through the rich wisdom of Jewish spirituality. He tailors his unique style to address Christians' questions, and, in doing so, opens new windows on their own faith.Jewish Spirituality is a window into the Jewish soul that people of all faiths can understand and enjoy. From the Talmud and Torah, to "repentence" (teshuva) and "repairing the world" (tikkun olam), Kushner shows all of us how we can use the fundamentals of Jewish spirituality to enrich our own lives.

Telos Volume 1: Revelations Of The New Lemuria (Telos, Vol. 1)

Aurelia Louise Jones - 2002
    Timely and fascinating messages from the people of the ancient civilization of Lemuria, living in the fifth dimensional city of Telos beneath Mount Shasta, CA. Telos is an ancient Lemurian City of Light that is real and still exists to this day in the physical realm, underneath Mount Shasta. Re-acquaint yourself with Adama, the High Priest of Telos and your eternal father, as he describes the kind of Earthly paradise they have forged for themselves as they raised their consciousness to a fifth dimensional reality. They are the survivors of the lost continent of Mu who perished beneath of waves of the Pacific Ocean over 12,000 years ago. Our Lemurian brothers and sisters of Telos and our former family of ancient times are soon looking forward to coming out, when we are ready, to teach us how to do the same here on the surface. Due to their isolation from the surface population, they have succeeded in creating a civilization of peace and abundance, with no sickness, aging or death. They have mastered immortality in physical expression and they wish to teach us to do the same. Vividly and heroically, Telos delivers a clear understanding of what is required on the surface to create a prosperous society and a healthy environment. The Telosians and many other spiritually advanced civilizations are very real inside the Earth. They are coming forward at this time to inspire us to follow in their footsteps. The return of the Lemurians and their eventual emergence among us is nothing less than the "Second Coming" that we have been waiting for, for so very long. The Lemurians have long achieved the fullness of the Christ consciousness, and as we are ready to receive them among us, they will teach us how to implement, right here on the surface of this planet, the type of paradise they have forged for themselves in Telos. They will assist us in building a golden age that will manifest the fullness of the Christ consciousness, which is the divinity that has always been there within our hearts. The indwelling Christ of our being becoming tangibly manifested on this planet and in our daily lives. Here is what Adama has to say at this time: It is with much delight and anticipation that we bring to you the memories of Lemuria. Though these memories have appeared to be lost for a while, they have continued to live and thrive in your hearts unto this now moment in time. In Telos, we are honored to join hearts with you, and to assist in the unification of our two civilizations. We send you much love from Telos, where this divine energy flows in great abundance. Until we meet, keep practicing the art of true love, which starts with loving yourself. May love abound in your heart for each other and for all of creation, as precious jewels and expressions of the Love of the Mother/Father God! We hold you dearly in our hearts. Adama.

The Wisdom in the Hebrew Alphabet: the Sacred Letters as a Guide to Jewish

Michael L. Munk - 1983
    This fascinating best-seller weaves these golden threads into a glorious tapestry, presenting hundreds of ideas and comments on the Aleph-Beis, including: the Aleph-Beis as the force of Creation, as a primer for Jewish living, and as a fountainhead of Torah insight and mystical meaning. The product of decades of learning, thinking, and teaching by the revered educator, lecturer, and community activist Rabbi Michael L. Munk. A treat not to be missed.

Sefer Yetzirah: The Book of Creation: In Theory and Practice

    Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan has therefore translated the Sefer Yetzirah the oldest and most mysterious of all kabbalistic texts, and now brings its theoretical, meditative and magical implication to light. He expounds on the dynamics of the spiritual domain, the worlds of the Sefirot, souls and angels. When properly understood, the Sefer Yetzirah becomes the instruction manual for a very special type of meditation meant to strengthen concentration, and to aid the development of telekinetic and telepathic powers. These powers were meant to help initiates perform feats that outwardly appeared magical. The magical kabbalah is closely related to the meditative kabbalah, and uses various signs, incantations, and divine names by which initiates could influence or alter natural events. This translation includes the meditation in five dimensions, the transition from Binah to Chakhmah consciousness, the point of infinity, kabbalistic astrology, Ezekiel's vision according to the Sefer Yetzirah, and the mystery of the 231 gates.Also included is a digest of all major commentaries on the text of Sefer Yetzirah and a bibliography of many of the major kabbalistic works that discuss it, as well as extensive notes regarding various aspects of the translation, Rabbi Kaplan's translation is based on the Gra version, which has been thought to be the most authentic. Also included is the short version, the long version, and the Saadia version, making this volume the most complete work on the Sefer Yetzirah in English.

The Wonder of Guadalupe

Francis Johnston - 1981
    Tells the complete story: From the Conquest of Mexico and the conversion of the Aztecs through the development of the devotion and on into the modern era. An enthralling story and an essential devotion for our times!

Through My Eyes

Gordon Smith - 2006
    He walks the reader through his own spirit-filled world and explains what it actually feels like when the spirits communicate through him. He answers many of the questions about death that haunt the bereaved.Many of the people that Gordon has brought healing and comfort to are happy for him to tell their story in this book with the desire to help others who are experiencing intense grief. Gordon hopes that this intimate and candid book will offer great wisdom, comfort and practical advice to his thousands of readers.

Absence from Felicity: The Story of Helen Schucman and Her Scribing of A Course In Miracles

Kenneth Wapnick - 1991
    The book gives a detailed account of Helen's personal experiences of Jesus, her relationship with William Thetford, and her scribing of the Course. The last part contains reminiscences of Helen by Kenneth Wapnick, which draw upon their intimate relationship that spanned the last eight years of her life.

The Guide for the Perplexed

    Written by a 12th- century thinker who was equally active as an original philosopher and as a Biblical and Talmudic scholar, it is both a classic of great historical importance and a work of living significance today.The Guide for the Perplexed was written for scholars who were bewildered by the conflict between religion and the scientific and philosophic thought of the day. It is concerned, basically, with finding a concord between the religion of the Old Testament and its commentaries, and Aristotelian philosophy. After analyzing the ideas of the Old Testament by means of "homonyms," Maimonides examines other reconciliations of religion and philosophy (the Moslem rationalists) and then proposes his own resolution with contemporary Aristotelianism. The Guide for the Perplexed was at once recognized as a masterwork, and it strongly influenced Jewish, Christian, and Moslem thought of the Middle Ages. It is necessary reading for any full comprehension of the thought of such scholastics as Aquinas and Scotus, and indispensable for everyone interested in the Middle Ages, Judaism, medieval philosophy, or the larger problems which Maimonides discusses.