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I, Phone by David Wake


The Hole Behind Midnight

Clinton Boomer - 2011
    Follow the Hole Behind Midnight into a world of oracles and monsters, kings and usurpers ... follow it into the 25th Hour. A darkly comic postmodern urban fantasy crime/mystery noir/pulp tale-of-suspense-and-magic-and-cursing, this is a story of the 25th Hour for mature audiences only

A User's Guide to Make-Believe

Jane Alexander - 2020
    They control your mind. Cassie McAllister worked at Imagen, the tech giant behind the cutting-edge virtual reality experience Make-Believe™, and she got to know the product far too well.Now Cassie has been blocked from Make-Believe and legally gagged by the company. With Imagen holding all the cards and personal and public freedoms at stake, how far will she go to expose their deception?What is Make-Believe™? Whatever you want it to be. Ever wanted to fly? Live out your ultimate fantasies? Tell your boss what you think of them? The only limit is you.Cassie McAllister had the perfect job - bringing Make-Believe to life. Now the dream has been shattered, the nightmare has begun…

Sword of Orion

Sharon Lee - 2005
    Sixteen-year-old Jerel Telemon holds the key to the weapon that can tilt the balance toward good or evil.

Masks of the Outcasts

Andre Norton - 2004
    Two young men, Troy Horan and Nik Kolherne, hoped to escape.

Novum: Genesis

Joseph Rhea - 2013
    When a young cargo ship captain, Jacob Stone, agrees to take on a job he doesn't want, he inadvertently awakens an ancient power that could destroy what's left of the human race or be the key to its future. But, is it a future he is willing to fight for, let alone die for?

H-17 The Morningstar Abduction

Jake Vickers - 2017
    The class of child genius Gabby Morningstar is interrupted by the news that her parents have been murdered. The detective assigned to the homicide then abducts her. Before Gabby can piece together her situation, she's sold to a mysterious group of individuals lurking off of an unmarked highway exit. Gabby's feral runaway sister, Nikki, will stop at nothing to find her.


Dave Duncan - 2012
    “As long as there is money to be made, there will be Wildcatters” — Dave Duncan  Throughout human history wildcatters, the first great explorers and prospectors to lay claim to newly discovered lands, have marched to the beat of a different drummer — motivated by a deep yearning to be the first to walk on uncharted land and benefit from treasures yet to be discovered. In the future, wildcatters in space will travel to exoplanets, located in The Big Nothing, to search for new chemicals which, when transformed into pharmaceuticals, might bring untold wealth and fame to the individuals and corporations that stake their claim for exclusive exploitation rights. Such is the quest of the crew of the independent starship Golden Hind, whose mission is to travel a year and a half to “Cacafuego”, beat the larger corporations to the exoplanets’ resources, and strike it rich for themselves. But will a yellow warning flag, already planted above the planet, stop them? Or will the Golden Hind’s prospector foray to the planet’s surface, possibly never to return alive? Wildcatter is a raucous tale of mystery, greed and passion, told by master story teller Dave Duncan, once himself a real wildcatter!


Robert Silverberg - 1967
    He feeds off it, and carefully nurtures it in order to feed it to the public. It is inevitable that Chalk should home in on Minner Burris, a space traveller whose body was taken apart by alien surgeons and then put back together again - differently. Burris' pain is constant. And so is that of Lona Kelvin, used by scientists to supply eggs for 100 children and then ruthlessly discarded. Only an emotional vampire like Chalk can see the huge audience eager to watch a relationship develop between these two damaged people. And only Chalk can make it happen. First published in 1967

The Longest Con

Michaelbrent Collings - 2016
    Kevin J. Anderson. D.J. Butler. Orson Scott Card. Mercedes Yardley. Would you like to know - I mean, REALLY know - what they're doing when they go to those fancy comic-cons? Because it ain't just writing. See, every year, thousands of people attend comic-cons dressed as monsters. Of course, you probably already knew that. But did you ALSO know that... every year, thousands of MONSTERS attend comic-cons dressed as PEOPLE. Sure. Nothing could POSSIBLY go wrong there. Luckily, the con organizers have placed Wardens throughout the conventions. These undercover supernatural troubleshooters are tasked with stopping mayhem before it starts . . . or solving the murders after they happen. I'M MICHAELBRENT COLLINGS: author of this book, and one of the Wardens. My job is to go to the cons, where I sell books, make fans, and kill the occasional monster. It's not just me, either. Those authors I told you about, and even more . . . you'd never guess what many of your favorite authors are REALLY up to at the conventions. Luckily, though, you don't have to guess. JUST READ THIS BOOK. And get ready to have . . . your . . . mind . . . BLOWN.* * Disclaimer: your mind may or may not be blown.

Ant and Cleo Book 1

Dominic Green - 2011
    They are not piloted by Englishmen. They do not have nameplates saying "HAWKER SIDDELEY AVIATION." And they are never, ever filled with smuggled catering packs of Monster Munch.Britain has had a top secret colony in space for decades. Unfortunately, the colony has grown tired of being run by the mother country - and the mother country has decided it's time to send in the military. A war of independence is going on, and one man's rebel is another man's freedom fighter. Between these two sides are Anthony Stevens and Cleopatra Shakespeare, abducted from England and hurled into a war between Britain, America, and the newly, fiercely independent United States of the Zodiac. A black girl from Northampton is about to encounter the dystopian U.S. colony of New Dixie, where the Deep South lives again and the white man rules supreme - and both Ant and Cleo are about to discover that the Cold War never ended in outer space, and that the KGB are still alive and well out among the scarlet stars.All flying saucer technology comes from the Saucerers, but who are they? Where is the mysterious hidden colony of Gondolin? How did the United States of America come to have interstellar spacecraft in the 1950s? And who or what is Truman J. Slughound the Third? Find out in a series guaranteed to contain colour-changing aliens, Godless communists from Altair, rednecks from Barnard's Star, space fighters, rocket pistols, death by ecstasy, very bad hair, and more explosions than you can shake a stick at.


Andrea Hairston - 2006
    For 115 years this extraterrestrial, epidimensional entity has divided the earth into warring zones. Although a treaty to end the interzonal wars has been hammered out, power-hungry politicians, gangsters, and spiritual fundamentalists are determined to thwart it. Celestina, the treaty's architect, is assassinated, and her protegee, Elleni, a talented renegade and one of the few able to negotiate the Barrier, takes up her mantle. Now Elleni and a motley crew of allies risk their lives to make the treaty work. Can they repair their fractured world before the Barrier devours them completely?

The Norma Gene

M.E. Roufa - 2015
    But when you’re a living ringer for one of the country’s best-loved historical figures, privacy is hard to come by—especially when your face is on money. Across town, Norma Greenberg, one of the world’s many Marilyn Monroe clones, is struggling with identity issues of a different sort. It’s not easy going through life as a copy of the beautiful Norma Jeane Baker! When Abe is taken away by government agents eager to discover the secrets of his illustrious ancestor, Norma could be Abe’s last hope of escape—or, thanks to her kleptomania, his worst chance of recapture. With only their wits, a cigarette lighter, a bottle of perfume, and the disembodied arm of Richard Nixon, can Abe and Norma make it back to safety and anonymity? Advance Praise: “A gorgeous, funny romp along the seam between reality and artifice, fame and obscurity, history and Disney, Roufa has a deft, hilarious touch. This is a wry, gleeful take on the choice between destiny, authenticity, love, and the eternal call of the stovepipe hat.” – Dahlia Lithwick, Senior Editor, Slate “A perfect gem with terrifically simple and funny twists.” – Josh Kilmer-Purcell, New York Times bestselling author of I Am Not Myself These Days and The Bucolic Plague


Sam Hughes - 2013
    When the aliens attack and you need a giant robot to fight them, he's your guy. When a galaxy goes missing, he's the one who misplaced it.But there's something wrong in the dark layers of Ed's universe... and the problem might just be Ed himself...

The Battles of Dune

Felix Salten - 1994
    Read by Frank Herbert.A spoken word album read by the author. On the Caedmon label no. TC 1601. Run time approx. 60 minutes.

The Mutant Season

Karen Haber - 1989
    For centuries, these "mutants" kept themselves hidden for fear of persecution, but in the latter part of the 20th century, they found more and more acceptance among the rest of society. But now, in 2017, the murder of a prominent politician brings the "mutant" population into direct conflict with "normal" people, and the outcome will forever change the planet.