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Feed Your Soul by Rochelle Paige



Alexa Riley - 2018
    She’s drawn to it for some reason, and it makes her paints come alive. On the day the painting is to be finished, the St. Patrick’s Day parade is in town. But a run-in between her tray of paints and a big grouchy beast in a suit has her fleeing for safety. Warren has never wanted someone the way he wants her. One chance encounter has got him searching every inch of the city for her. She can hide, but not for long. He’ll make her his, no matter what. Warning: This St. Patrick’s Day quickie is adorably fun and over the top. Grab your shamrocks and cozy up with this sweet treat.

Until You're Mine

Jenika Snow - 2018
    That was the hardest time of my life. Xavier was the boy who’d sneak into my bed at night and hold me as my parents fought in the next room. My protector. My best friend. The man I was in love with. The man I’d saved my virginity for. And now he was back home for good. Too much time had passed. I was done keeping us in the friend zone. I wanted him in my life in every way that counted. So if he wasn’t going to make the first move then I would, even if it might ruin what we had. Because I had to take that chance. Xavier She was my life, the very reason I breathed. I saved my virginity for Cora because no one else compared. No one else ever would. It was time I man up and tell Cora that she was the only girl I’d ever loved, that no matter how much time had passed she’d been it for me. But how could I go about doing that when eight years had gone by? Admitting how I felt was hard as hell seeing as we’d always just been friends. How could I not cross any lines and screw up the relationship we had? Easy. I’d tell her I loved her and propose. Warning: Sit back, relax, and dive into a double virgin friends-to-lovers romance that’s so sugary sweet your teeth will ache. Although it’ll tug at your heartstrings, make no mistake it’s as filthy as can be. A standalone romance with no drama and just the juicy bits, this story features cameo appearances by Asher, Cash, and Trevor Mayson from Aurora Rose Reynolds Until series.


Fiona Davenport - 2019
    She spends her days doing singing telegrams for extra cash, but she never expected to be sent out to perform for the world’s most famous composer. And definitely not in a skimpy Greek goddess outfit. How is she supposed to keep it together when every part of her is screaming for him to take her? Theo Hayes is a recluse. He just wants to be left alone to work on his next big movie score. He’s even grumpier than usual because he’s in a bit of a rut. But when his brother sends him a singing telegram for inspiration, he finds his muse and plans to never let her go. Keeping her for his very own is the only option.Warning: We’ve teamed up with Fiona Davenport to give you an epic symphony for your lady business. What’s better than two authors working you over? How about four? If you want insta-love with all the safety and security of a happily ever after, then jump in bed with us. There’s room for more!

Until Mallory

Ella Fox - 2018
    That could be because the temporary rental she's in is a dump, or it might be that the police just kicked in the door of said rental and came in with their weapons drawn.Officer John Wright is stunned to realize the girl standing in front of him with her hands up is the former neighbor he's pined over for years. Now that he's finally got her within his sights, he plans never to let her go.

Taking Tessa

Aria Cole - 2016
    As a detective with the local PD, he fills his hours investigating criminals with little time left for much else. When a tip comes into the office about a possible kidnapping at a suspiciously familiar address, Cage is prepared to do whatever it takes to rescue the girl, but when he lays eyes on sweet, innocent Tessa, a firestorm knocks him off his feet. She needs him, and he damn sure wants her–for now, for life, forever. Nineteen-year-old Tessa Talbot hasn't seen the outside world in two years. Her stepfather keeps her under his thumb after the tragic death of her mother, convinced she'll only succumb to all the sins the world has to offer. He's kept her wildly untouched, and after years of sheltered homeschooling, she's doubtful her life will ever look any different. That is until one tall, dark, and devilishly handsome detective knocks on her door. Scared to let him in, even more afraid to turn him away, Tessa makes the decision of her life and decides to trust the man she's only just met and leave the only world she's ever known behind. She's just praying the past won't return to haunt her, he's just praying he can save her when it does. Warning: Cage is a rough and growly alpha male with a fierce loyalty for the woman he loves. This story is a wild, twisty ride coated in sugary, Aria Cole sweetness with a sinfully delicious dollop of sexy times drizzled on top. Snuggle in and get swept away with Cage while he's taking Tessa!

Kissing Kringle (A Forever Safe Christmas #10)

K.L. Fast - 2019
    Then he sees her and his life is turned upside down. He's all in from the first second, but Kissing Kristina proves they're meant to be. Kristina Bell has almost nothing. Then she sees him and her life is turned upside down. She resists at all costs, but Kissing Kringle breaks down her barriers. This is a super-steamy, over the top, Forever Safe Christmas Novella. KL Fast & M.K. Moore have teamed up again to set your Kindle ablaze. Good thing Christmas is just around the corner. ****This is book ten in the A Forever Safe Christmas Series**

Loving My Neighbor

C.M. Steele - 2015
    He may have wealth, but what he doesn’t have is patience—for people who include the opposite sex. Loving his solitude, Trent was taken by surprise with his need to possess his new neighbor. Lily Mason’s life is in transition. Moving in with her father and his wife and kids, she’s regretting the decision immediately. Per her father’s bidding, she knocks on the rumored curmudgeon’s door. Knock. Knock. Expecting to be snarled at, she was surprised to see a beast of a different kind. The man answered the door with just a towel around his waist and a smirk across his chiseled face. Running scared, she leaves before she can be locked away. Trent loses the opportunity to trap her in his old mansion when she flees, but he’s not giving up. Because once he gets her in his home, he’s never letting her out. Their love is instant and explosive.


Ella Goode - 2019
    From the clown school fiasco to the near torching of her sister’s restaurant, Luna’s work history has been a string of bad luck. She’s back on her feet with a new private investigator job which only requires her to look up credit reports and take the occasional photo. What could possibly go wrong? Answer: Falling for the man you’re hired to investigate. Maddox Castile knows he’s being stalked but after he gets a good look at the spy, he’s thrilled. He opens his curtains, takes long strolls for lunch, and makes sure that his new friend doesn’t get arrested for following him around. The real problem is that she’s not making any moves. What will it take? Answer: Doing a little stalking of his own. Luna may have thought she was the hunter, but in the end, she’s the one captured.

Love on the Line

Lucy Darling - 2019
    Mr. Kennedy owed a large sum, and it’s my job to collect, no matter how much I don’t want to. So, I followed protocol and got Mr. Kennedy on the line. When I asked for the million-dollar payment, he said he’d pay. But with one stipulation. A date. With me. If I don’t collect, I’ll lose my job. But if I go on this date, I might lose something far more valuable. My heart.

Daddy's Best Friend

Olivia T. Turner - 2017
    Would it be so bad if I made it official?I'm in love with my Father's Best Friend.But as a nineteen-year-old virgin, I'm just a kid in his eyes.At least that's what I thought...When I get into some serious trouble, he's the only one I can call.Logan saves me.He's all that I ever wanted but this older man who I lust for has a secret.He's Over The Top obsessed with me.But I have a secret too...I'm pregnant with his child.You down with OTT? This is an Olivia T. Turner book, which means it features a possessive and totally obsessed Over The Top male who isn't afraid to take what he wants! If you like your book boyfriends sweet and cuddly then shut the computer off and walk away. If you like your heroes, rough, dirty, and possessive to the extreme, come on in and have some fun...


Kat Austen - 2016
    Marooned on a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, he long ago let go of the pleasantries and mannerisms of civilization. He’s become a savage, driven by instinct and impulse—more animal than man. Then she washes up on his island, and everything changes. Her survival becomes more important that his. Her needs more essential than his own. Her pleasure more imperative than his. This woman becomes his whole life. Not because she’s the first woman he’s seen in years, but because she’s the one he’s spent his whole life waiting for. But will she feel the same? Will she be able to bring the man back from the savage? Or will she bring even more of the savage out of the man?Either way, this tropical island’s about to get even hotter.

Mountain Man

Sherilee Gray - 2017
    He doesn’t like strangers, and he doesn’t like leaving his sanctuary. Now I’m trapped here with him until the snow melts.  I see him looking at me. He tries to hide behind a gruff exterior, but I see the longing and the heat burning in his eyes. I know he wants me, and I can’t resist him. I want to feel those big, rough hands all over my body. But once he’s unleashed his raw, barely tried desire on me, will I be able to leave my mountain man behind, or will he make me his? Warning: The Smith Brothers are not just identical twins, they’re big, burly, bearded, insanely hot mountain men. They’re also sweet, and very, very dirty. Did I mention dirty?

His Forbidden Obsession

Jessa Kane - 2019
    On her father’s orders, she has been kept locked away from men, her beauty hidden beneath a habit and robe. When the nuns are forced to flee their convent, however, Private Griffin is tasked with protecting her from the other soldiers. But when his connection with the sweet, innocent nun is instant and electric, there is no way to protect himself against his growing, forbidden obsession…

I'll Be Waiting

A.M. Hargrove - 2018
    When the IED exploded, it took part of my leg … and ended my career. Fighting back was harder than I imagined, but I did it. Putting the pieces back together was even worse. But I refused to let it defeat me. I climbed that mountain only to discover I was flawed. Damaged. Scarred. And always would be. Then my life took a turn and a different kind of explosion occurred. This one affected my heart. Perfection in every sense of the word stood before me … Something I wasn't or would ever be. Because I was disfigured. Broken. Defective. Why is it the things you want most are those you can never have? I've learned the most important battles are the ones worth fighting for… and maybe some things are worth waiting a lifetime for. *This is a spin-off of Craving Midnight Bonus content included

Valentine's Rose

Dani Wyatt - 2017
    Growing the world's rarest and most coveted roses is this mountain man's obsession until he walks into her flower shop and his new obsession takes over. There's just one thing holding him back from staking his claim that ring on her finger. Rose Everhart spends her days arranging flowers. On this Valentine’s Day, she lets it slip that although she's send out thousands of arrangements to other lucky recipients, she's never been the receiver of flowers herself. What she doesn't know, is wearing her grandmother's scratched and worn rose gold wedding band has kept the hulky flannel wearing rose grower that's filled her fantasies for months at a distance for too long. Will these two unlucky at love introverts finally discover what it's like to discover your one and only? Only, will someone from Rose's past force her to retreat back into her solitary world just as she's beginning to understand the power of true love? Author's Note: This indulgent treat smells like roses and tastes like chocolate. Well, maybe not really. But if you like happily ever after and believe in love at first sight this sweet, filthy treat is just for you. Always safe, always smutty and utterly swoon worthy.