Jens Bühler - 2015
    When the origins of the virus are exposed, it turns out to be only the tip of the iceberg. The true problems are just beginning.“The screeches of the crowd tore at the air. What were they running from? Demir’s brain couldn’t process the scene, and shut itself off. While the images that were coming in through his eyes were funneled into a void, an ancient instinct kicked in. Those people weren’t fleeing. They were hunting.”While Chief Detective Markus Steller is busy leading a Special Forces operation in downtown Frankfurt, only a few hundred yards off, Demir Kara and his accomplice are robbing a diamond courier. Both get caught up in a jumble of events as the city is suddenly transformed into a madhouse. Spurred on by blind aggression, people start attacking each other mercilessly, tearing to pieces anyone unable to hide. Together with a group of fellow survivors, Steller and Demir try to escape the hellish events.As the world threatens to descend into chaos, Major General Aila Torbeck, head of the Fenrir research facility, realizes that the wave of brutality sweeping the globe is only the beginning. She and her staff are the only ones who might be able to prevent the impending apocalypse. But Torbeck is also plagued by a very different worry. How is she supposed to save her daughter, Katta, who is on her own in Frankfurt, fighting to survive?


Dan Darling - 2017
    However, when ten thousand birds fall dead from the New Mexican sky, the woman he loves, an ornithologist with severe facial deformity, begs him to decipher the cause. He grudgingly agrees, a decision that plunges him into a tangle of weirdness as old as the American Southwest. Stick’s investigation reveals that the birds’ mass death is an offshoot of a much larger conflict. On one side, the Good Friends, an underground railroad for undocumented immigrants, wants Stick to oust the man they believe responsible for killing the birds and persecuting immigrants. This same man leads The Minutemen Militia, which covets Stick’s expertise in handling their genetically mutated immigrant-tracking monsters. Meanwhile, a beautiful animal theologian tries to seduce Stick into believing his existence is key to balancing an off-kilter universe. Shady characters whisper of chupacabras loose in the desert. The exsanguinated corpses of strange beasts begin to turn up, some of them Stick’s close pals. At the center of it all lurks an enigmatic antagonist who, so they say, has harnessed the power of God in an ancient hot springs and is using it to herald doomsday.Stick’s journey upends his stable life, shakes apart his fragile relationships, and sets him on a collision course with his family’s secret ancestry. Ultimately, as chupacabra-like monsters, Minutemen, and Good Friends head toward a final showdown, Stick must make a hard choice about his own identity and values.

Bombay Fever

Sidin Vadukut - 2017
    Never before has anyone seen anything like this. Three months later, all over Mumbai, men, women and children are ravaged by a disease that begins with initially mild symptoms—that swiftly progress until an ultimately gruesome death. Who will it hit next? And where did it come from? As the rogue microbe wreaks its bloody havoc—striking rich and poor, young and old—chaos ensues. Thousands try to flee the city, including the most powerful man in the country. Can this deadly plague be stopped? After all, all that stands between the city and apocalypse is a ragged team of doctors, civil servants, and scientists. But their intervention may be too little, too late. Suspenseful and gripping from the first page to the last, Bombay Fever is a meticulously researched novel—too plausible to ignore and too chilling to put down—from one of India’s most talented writers.

Titanoboa: Journey To The Amazon

P.K. Hawkins - 2017
    They've become routine to him. But this time, the expedition is going to be anything but normal. Hank, along with a hardened river boat captain, his much younger girlfriend, and his main professional rival, are in the Amazon purely to study frogs. All their plans vanish quickly, however, when they are attacked by a Titanoboa, an enormous prehistoric snake that should be millions of years in its grave. As their crew dwindles from a series of terrifying attacks, they discover a secret: a long lost colleague of the professor has taken up residence on an island in the deepest parts of the jungle. And if Hank and the others can't find and stop her, then the Titanoboa will not be the only extinct monster unleashed back into the world.

Lucy's Child

Shaun Hutson - 1996
    When Lucy has a fatal accident, she leaves the legacy of her child, providing Beth's only chance of motherhood. But forces are bent on Beth remaining childless.

Night Shift

Robin Triggs - 2018
    A mining base at the edge of the world. Anders Nordvelt, last-minute replacement as head of security, has no time to integrate himself into the crew before an act of sabotage threatens the project. He must untangle a complex web of relationships from his position as prime suspect.Then a body is found in the ice. Systems fail as the long night falls. Now Anders must do more than find a murderer: he must find a way to survive.Will anyone endure the night shift, or will ice and frozen corpses be all that remains?FLAME TREE PRESS is the new fiction imprint of Flame Tree Publishing. Launching in 2018 the list brings together brilliant new authors and the more established; the award winners, and exciting, original voices.

The Mother

Brett McBean - 2006
    As the search becomes an obsession, the lonely highway begins to transform her.Each driver she meets could be the killer; each lift she takes could be her last

Ugly As Sin

James Newman - 2013
    His alter ego, The Widowmaker, was the monster heel all the marks loved to hate. Now, after a brutal encounter with two psychotic fans that left his face horribly disfigured, he’s just a monster. Yanked from the spotlight and thrust into the shadows, these days Nick tries to live the life of an average Joe. He avoids mirrors. He's angry. He’s alone. And he likes it just fine that way... Until he receives a desperate phone call from a young lady he barely knows—his daughter. For the first time in over thirty years, Nick returns to his hometown of Midnight, North Carolina. There he will come face to face with old demons, forge new friendships, and make enemies far more dangerous than those who ruined his face, all in a quest to save the granddaughter he’s never met...and maybe find a little bit of redemption along the way. Ugly As Sin is an electrifying tale of “white-trash noir,” a taut page-turner that skates the razor edge of a familiar, horrifying reality. At times heartbreaking, funny, and terrifyingly suspenseful, Ugly As Sin is Newman’s best work to date.

Widow Town

Joe Hart - 2014
    People are inoculated at birth. Society has rejoiced the extinction of the sociopathic mind. There hasn’t been a serial killing in America in over forty years. Sheriff MacArthur Gray resides in the future but lives in the past. His world views have chased him from a large metropolis to his home town, but there is no sanctuary to be found after he arrives. Because people are dying and only he can see the truth. A psychopath has somehow survived and is thriving in the new world. Soon Gray is thrust into a nightmarish race against the killer where no one is safe, and everyone is a suspect.

Sea Raptor: A Deep Sea Thriller

John J. Rust - 2014
    Army Ranger, until an unfortunate incident forced him out of the service. He is soon hired by the Foundation for Undocumented Biological Investigation and given a new mission, to search for cryptids, creatures whose existence has not been proven by mainstream science. Teaming up with the daring and beautiful wildlife photographer Karen Thatcher, they must stop a sea monster's deadly rampage along the Jersey Shore. But that's not the only danger Rastun faces. A group of murderous animal smugglers also want the creature. Rastun must utilize every skill learned from years of fighting, otherwise, his first mission for the FUBI might very well be his last.

Parker: The Story of an Apocalypse Survivor

Ben Stevens - 2013
    (60,000 words.)Meet Parker.In a world devastated by plague, Parker has to fight everything from mutant vermin to the horrific, hissing 'things' that were once human.Parker also looks out for other survivors, all the while trying to keep clear of the vicious, murdering road-gangs known as 'hogs'.Then he saves the life of a young girl, Abigail - and finds that his life once again has purpose and meaning.But with the odds hopelessly stacked against the mismatched pair, how can they possibly hope to survive...?'A nightmare world... Brutal biker gangs, flesh-hungry zombies and also the occasional 'good guy'... Much better written than the usual 'apocalypse/zombie' slush... Get PARKER...' Cliveinsydney

They Came with the Snow Series

Christopher Coleman - 2018
    Start reading today.

A Necessary End

Sarah Pinborough - 2013
    It spreads like a plague but it’s not a disease. Medical science is helpless against the deadly autoimmune reaction caused by the bite of the swarming African flies. Billions are dead, more are dying. Across the world, governments are falling, civilization is crumbling, and everywhere those still alive fear the death carried in the skies. Some say the flies are a freak mutation, others say they’re manmade, but as hope of beating them fades, most turn to the only comfort left and see the plague as God’s will. He sent a deadly deluge the last time He was upset with mankind. This time He has darkened the sky with deadly flies. And perhaps that is true, for so many of the afflicted speak with their dying breaths of seeing God coming for them. But not everyone dies. A very few seem immune. They call themselves mungus and preach acceptance of the plague, encouraging people to allow themselves to be bitten by “the flies of the Lord” so that they may join Him in the afterlife. Nigel, an investigative reporter, searches the apocalyptic landscape of plague-ravaged England in search of Bandora, a kidnapped African boy. On a quest for personal redemption as well as the truth, his search takes him away from the troubles he can no longer face at home, and into the world of the head mungu, a man who speaks truth in riddles and has no fear of the African flies. A Necessary End is about apocalypse, about love, about the fragile bonds that hold marriages and civilizations together. But mostly it’s about truth — how we find it, how we embrace or reject it, and how we must face the truths within ourselves.Sarah Pinborough is a critically acclaimed award-winning author of horror, crime and YA fiction. She has also written for "New Tricks" on the BBC, and has a horror film and an original TV series in development. She lives in London. F. Paul Wilson is an award-winning, NY Times bestselling author of over 50 novels in many genres and numerous short stories translated into twenty-four languages. He is best known as creator of the urban mercenary Repairman Jack.Maelstrom Volume 4, Book 3

When Darkness Falls: An EMP Thriller

Ryan Casey - 2017
    An Impossible Journey...Alex Glover is on his way home from a horrible interview when an even bigger disaster strikes: a cataclysmic EMP event unlike any the world has ever seen. The power is out. Communication is impossible. People are suffering. And panic is tightening its grip.Now, stranded miles from his wife and son, Alex is forced on a treacherous journey home across a landscape that is growing ever more dangerous by the minute.He must battle the rapidly changing elements and opportunist looters if he is to make it back to his family, using all of his basic survivalist knowledge in the process.But in this dark new world, nothing is guaranteed...With complex characters, rapid pacing and unexpected twists and turns, When Darkness Falls is the first book in a new EMP survival series from Ryan Casey, and is sure to delight fans of the genre.

Drought: A Californian Environmental Disaster Thriller

Graham Masterton - 2014
    Now, the social worker does his best to take care of those who need it most.But good deeds mean nothing when the water just . . . disappears. It hasn't rained for months, and now, in the height of summer, the taps run dry. And not, as they first suspect, because of a burst water main. In the deprived areas where Martin works, the water's been intentionally cut off. And it's his job, he discovers, to tell the families he cares for not to panic.Martin soon has more problems than lack of water. His daughter is sick with fever. And as riots over bottled water start, Martin's teenage son is framed, and arrested, for a terrible crime. Soon Martin is left with no choice but to take drastic action to save his family, while corrupt politicians try and use the situation to their advantage, with calamitous results . . .