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The Unsuitable Heiress by Juliane Karlis


Mismatched with an Earl

Abigail Agar - 2021
    Even though her bravery saves Lord Ainsworth and his mother from the bandits, she gets overwhelmed by his ungrateful and pompous behaviour. Yet, in the weeks to come, Selena will be forced to cooperate with the unbearable Earl, in order to separate their parents, who fell in love after the accident. When their first effort fails, she sacrifices her freedom and agrees to a fake engagement with the Earl. However, when the plan succeeds, Selena will find herself in distress, as her pure feelings for him have started to grow... Will her concerns about her low status stand in her way of finding true love?Nicholas Addington, the Earl of Ainsworth, a charming but proud man, has spent the last year trying to live up to his father's memory. Yet, his world will be shaken after being attacked by bandits and rescued by a mysterious woman, who looks like no one he has met before. Little did he know that he would soon act to be engaged to this wildflower, in order to rescue his mother from a foolish plan. However, his initial disapproval of Selena's character will turn against him when their scheme leads to a fascinating romance. When Nicholas gets to know Selena more, his disdainful attitude towards her will turn into undeniable affection... Once their little act is revealed, will he be able to let go of her?Selena and Nicholas' lives intertwine under the most unexpected circumstances, and even if they do not wish to admit their self-consuming feelings for each other, they fall deeper in love every day. However, when their mismatch seems to turn into a dreamy love story, a wicked lady, who hopelessly craves the Earl, will threaten their happy ending... After everything, can this turbulent affair, that started off as a fraud, become something more? Will Selena and Nicholas manage to overcome their pride for the sake of unconditional love or will their lives take separate ways forever?

The Duke Stole My Innocence

Scarlett Osborne - 2021
    My secret, guilty obsession…”Emma Greythorne can light up any room she’s in. Born out of wedlock has never bothered her, nor has the gossip surrounding her. When it’s announced she has to marry the most notorious bachelor of London, however, her life is turned upside down.Jac Lancaster, Duke of Montfore, is an average man in an average world. Well, that’s if anyone believes that being exceptionally talented in everything is average. His wishes are to remain a bachelor. That is until he comes across the most beautiful Lady he has ever seen…But Emma and Jac quickly find out that all good things have an end. When family threatens to take everything from you, you know things have gone for the worse. And once scandal erupts, it’s hard to hide it. With all eyes on them, Emma is soon kidnapped from her house and Jac is the only one who can save her...

At the Mercy of the Highlander

Fiona Faris - 2020
    Now they are both doomed…Leanna Williamson was a dreamer. A young woman passionate for literature, who wouldn't settle for anything less than the heroes she grew up fantasizing about. Yet fate has other plans.When her father announces her engagement to the country's cruelest knight, Leanna has two options: succumb to a living nightmare, or prove that she is brave like her literary idols. And so, she escapes…Kaiden MacNaghten's existence was an eventful one. A man on the run, who invented the most colorful ways to survive. His latest ruse, pretending to be a priest, will cause much more trouble to Kaiden than he could have ever imagined.When he encounters an unprotected young woman on her way to the Highlands, his respectful guise will be her safe harbor, until his own longings will make it almost impossible to keep up with his lie…Who is the mysterious Highlander priest that makes Leanna want to sin? And how will Kaiden be able to protect her, when his presence is the biggest threat for her?She prayed for a savior… He prayed for freedom…

P.S. I'll Make You Mine, My Duke

Violet Hamers - 2020
     The eldest daughter of the Earl of Derswell is looking forward to visiting the old Cloudfield Manor, the most famous haunted house in London. Expecting it to be empty, she is shocked to discover that she is indeed not alone. With his business floundering, Reginald Carter, the young Duke of Cloudfield is almost ready to sign the papers and sell the manor that haunted his dreams for two decades. That is until the most beautiful lady falls right into his arms during an inspection. What starts as a spark erupts into a raging fire of passion, and promises of love made under the moonlight. However, not everyone is happy with their union and they will stop at nothing to prevent it. Even though the ghosts at Cloudfield Manor are silent, Amelia and Reginald are unaware that they have stirred awake other forces: very real, human forces that have been at work for more than twenty years... No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a strong happily ever after.

Maid in the West

Josephine Blake - 2020
    in someone else's life?Fed up with being despised for her unfortunate parentage, impulsive hotel maid, Elise Miller, runs away from home. She regrets her decision the moment she’s on the train, but when she is mistaken in the next town for a mail-order bride, she trades in her identity for a chance in a better life.Kindly but stern hotelier, Daniel West, is appalled when his mother announces that she is ‘bringing’ him a bride to help manage his growing business, and he’s even more appalled when he meets Elise. The girl is awkward, uncouth, and manages to interfere in nearly everything she puts her hand to. Worse yet, she seems determined to stay, is making friends—and as they grow closer, it’s becoming harder and harder to turn her away.It seems inevitable that the two will give into their budding feelings for one another, but when Daniel’s real fiancé turns up, will the trust between Daniel and Elise be shattered for good?Maid in the West is the first story in the Brides of Adoration series. Each story is clean and sweet, with zero cliff hangers and a lovely Happily Ever After that is sure to make you smile!

A Relentless Love Defying Destiny

Carol Colyer - 2019
    Once she arrives at the small ranching town though, she will soon find out that selling the inheritance will not be as easy as she expected. Will she be able to survive this complicated challenge and fit into a new lifestyle? Is happiness even a probability when she is so far away from home and while having her own parents taking advantage of her for their own benefit?John Hill is very different from anyone else she has ever met. Although he grew up in an orphanage, completely penniless, he is determined to work hard and prove himself. When John recognizes how confused she is, he is the only one to help her. Would he ever find the power to overcome his reticence and admit that he had fallen in love? Will his lack of manners and social graces become an obstacle to a life of happiness?Sarah has found a sense of freedom that she never knew that existed, and a man that she could finally admire. Soon, a bond is formed between them, which will make them stand together against forces that are crooked and frightening. Could it be possible that a man, brought up in the hard world of an orphanage, and a girl, from the very top of society, have the same aims in life? Conspiracies against them will make everything more challenging, but the path of true love never runs smoothly anyway..."A Relentless Love Defying Destiny" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Mercy's Promise

Lynn Landes - 2018
    His wife is dying and leaving behind twin newborn sons. He returns from the war a changed man. Guilt stains his soul, and anger is growing in his heart.    Anika Coltrane needs a miracle of her own. After burying her husband and newborn daughter on the same day, she is in a desperate situation. How will she care for her six year old daughter>   An answered prayer brings two families together. Anika agrees to become a wet-nurse for the family. Delaney needs a safe place to grow up, away from sorrow and fear. Will they find shelter with the Ward family? Two broken-hearted families must find a way to move past the pain and choose forgiveness. Will they feed the shadows growing in their hearts or allow God to heal their wounds.

Highlander's Betrayed Princess

Alisa Adams - 2020
     Eilidh has tears in her eyes while riding away from the only home she ever knew. Young Eilidh had to make the hardest choice of her life, trying to avoid marring a Laird twice her age, known for his cruelty.Now, travelling disguised, she meets lain, a leatherworker who is moving to a larger village in search of a better life for him and his sisters. Eilidh keeps Iain at a distance in the begging, but even a more experienced woman would have a hard time resisting an imposing man like Iain. And Eilidh is anything but experienced.While trying to escape a ferocious hunt ordered by her father, young Eilidh is slowly falling in love and is about to get one of the harshest lessons there are;Utter betrayal can only come from the one you let closest to your heart.

A Wicked Scandal for the Bluestocking

Lucinda Nelson - 2019
    Now it’s time for him to save hers… Charlene Ellington is the daughter of a well-known and respected doctor in the area of Bath. Going to the woods to collect some herbs for her father’s work, she encounters the young Lord Eric Cumberland who was bitten by a venomous snake. Brave Charlene drags him immediately to her house and her father saves his life. The young Lord promised Charlene to repay the debt whenever Charlene needed his help. And he sealed that promise with a kiss. Her first one and not forgotten by both of them. Years after Charlene’s father is accused of poisoning a member of the peerage and he is sentenced to death. A devious Marquess blackmails her that if she betroths to him, he will clear her father’s name. Charlene decides to ask Eric’s help who is now an eligible and very wealthy Duke with a lot of power due to his father’s connections. But Charlene Ellington’s name is already dragged in the mud with the serious allegations against her father and Eric’s family doesn’t want him to associate with her. Besides the real murderer lurks in the shadows… Eric feels his passion for her grow as he is trying to help her case. But so is the passion of the devilish Marquess for her… Between schemes, life threatening and dangerous poisons will they find their place in the sun? *If you like thrilling characters, steamy and unexpected twists, and lots of romance, then you’ll love “A Wicked Scandal for the Bluestocking!” Get “A Wicked Scandal for the Bluestocking” and let the breathtaking story of Charlene and Eric unravel today!

A Love Worth Pursuing

Fanny Finch - 2020
    An unbending Duke. A love to bridge the chasm of their two worlds…Securing a job as a lady’s companion was the best thing that happened to Nancy Fletcher in a long time. She was in dire straits after her husband’s death, but her new job offers her all she and Celia, her adopted child, ever needed.After a long absence, Vincent Tilbury returns home to assume his responsibilities as The Duke of Ridlington. But upon his arrival, he cannot ignore the change in his mother’s demeanor. She seems happier than ever, and it is all thanks to her new companion; a sweet, beautiful woman and her adorable child.It won’t be long until Vincent realizes that he also fell victim to their charm, as their mere presence has made his world a much happier place. As for Nancy, she had written off any chance of finding love a second time, but the handsome Duke won her heart effortlessly.Their future stands bright before them, all they have to do is stay strong against those who would not tolerate their union, clinging to their own beliefs and motives…

Stealing her Highland Throne: A Scottish Medieval Historical Romance

Ava McArthur - 2020

An Amiable Lady for His Lordship: A Historical Regency Romance Novel

Dorothy Sheldon - 2021

Highlander's Torn Bride: A Scottish Medieval Historical Romance

Adamina Young - 2019
    An old friend to a foe...Destitute orphan of a disinherited lady, Margaret Gunn, is given the hardest choice of her entire life: to sacrifice her freedom for her sibling's safety. When her cousin, Isobel, flees a betrothal commanded by the illustrious Queen Mary, Margaret's uncle is desperate for her to take his daughter's place and save the entire clan from reprimand. Margaret has striven to provide for herself and her younger siblings for many years now and has little to show for it. It seems like a match made in heaven... as long as Margaret is willing to sacrifice her independence and her intended marriage to her childhood sweetheart, Gavin.But that's only the beginning for our young heroine. Her uncle reveals that her soon-to-be husband is none other than Laird Alexander MacKay, sworn enemy, of the Gunn clan. Margaret is scandalised by the prospect of marrying someone her clan has hated for centuries. However, one might meet his destiny in the road he takes to avoid it...Laird Alexander Mackay is a handsome, strong warrior who becomes irrevocably enthralled by the beauty of his new bride. Their connection is karmic.But, when Gavin asks Margaret not to bed Alexander on their wedding night, she agrees out of misplaced loyalty.Can Alexander and Margaret ever overcome the centuries-old feud between their families? Will Margaret ever find happiness for herself?"Highlander's Torn Bride" is a story packed with romance, controversy, and salvation, set on the beautiful backdrop of the Scottish Highlands. Get your copy TODAY for 99c OR FREE With Kindle Unlimited!Enjoy!

A Bachelor She Loves to Hate

Emily Honeyfield - 2020
    The single bright spot in her desperation comes in the form of a mysterious man who shows up at her door one dark, stormy night and offers her the housekeeper position at his estate. With most of her fortune gone, and bankruptcy hanging over her head, she has to act fast and accept his help. However, upon arriving at his estate, she will realise it is full of dark secrets. While trying hopelessly to bring them to light, an inexplicable desire for her seductive employer will grow in Tabitha's heart. Will she be able to discover Oliver's secrets without upsetting their blossoming affair?Oliver Penderghast has been a bachelor ever since his wife died. Being a vigorous man, who loves to travel all around the continent, he has been named the Spymaster by the very King. Trapped between his hurtful past and lonely future, he is constantly trying to find balance in his turbulent life. When the newly hired housekeeper discovers an abandoned wing in his mysterious estate and hidden passageways that allow people to slip in and out of rooms undetected, hints of a past life come to light... When deep buried secrets come to surface, he must decide if it is worth risking it all for the most attractive Lady in town. Trouble is, once he's tasted her fiery passion, he wants it all...Can he defy everything to be with the woman who conquered his heart and mind?The past always has a way of raising its ugly head and bringing havoc and heartache upon the unsuspecting... Will Oliver manage to fall for Tabitha as madly as she has for him? Or will the skeletons in Oliver's closet overpower the undeniable love and passion that could have grown between them?"A Bachelor She Loves to Hate" is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

A Love Song for the Duke

Aria Norton - 2020
    Her talent and great prospect of becoming a successful musician are about to go to waste though when her father decides to marry her off to someone she despises to financially secure the family. Sophia feels trapped in an undesirable future, until she meets the handsome Duke of Berkshire by chance and under the false identity of a high society member. Apart from making her heart flutter, could he also be the solution to all her problems? Guy Bastable, the Duke of Berkshire, has mourned for a long time. Nothing can soothe his passion for revenge on the man who left his sister to die. At least that’s the case until he saves a young woman from a collision and realizes that there’s something more to live for; an extraordinary lady that is nothing like any other woman he’s met before. The more time he spends with the charming Sophia, the more his vengeance and pain give place to other, deeper feelings. Could she be the salvation he has been looking for? Sophia’s and Guy’s growing love might be undeniable, but it’s also based on a tale of lies that Sophia will struggle to free herself from. Through their connection, Sophia will discover the greatest truth of all in the midst of her lies, but nothing guarantees that her feelings will be believed. This time it’s not her future or financial security she is worried about losing, but something much more important. Will love manage to overcome the reckless lies and the class barriers or is this romance doomed right from its dishonest start? "A Love Song for the Duke" is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.