Snapp vs. Snapp: A Blood Hounds Novel (The Blood Hounds Book 4)

Ron Schwab - 2021

Christmas With The Bosses

Diamond D. Johnson - 2019
    You all remember Jashae and Miami, right? I think we can all agree that they are one of the best couples to come out of Miami. The two were literally made for each other. It’s not just these two love birds that I’m bringing back for the holidays... it’s everyone! Well, almost everyone. Of course, there is bound to be some drama when this meet up happens in Colorado, but aside from the drama, this book will make you laugh, cry, smile, then laugh and cry all over again. Enjoy!

Penny Green Volume 3, #7-9

Emily Organ - 2020
    But she’s not seen it all yet, each investigation brings its own surprises. Penny is also close to the resolution of a personal mystery: the disappearance of her father. And as marriage beckons, Penny’s life is changing. Could solving a riddle be her very last case?Read The Penny Green Series: Books 7-9 today to continue this entertaining Victorian mystery series.

Kyle Achilles Series, Box Set 1: Pushing Brilliance / The Lies of Spies

Tim Tigner - 2018
    You'll save 40% when you buy book 2 at the same time as book 1.Includes Amazon #1 Bestsellers PUSHING BRILLIANCE and THE LIES OF SPIES. Both are destined to keep you reading late into the night."Achilles is my new Mitch Rapp." --Robert Getty"Reads like a Reacher novel with a little Ludlum and Flynn mixed in." --Jeff Bowden"My first thought was a new Jack Reacher--only better." --Lucia O'Brien"Think of Tim Tigner as Tom Clancy without the filler." --Larry Nesbit"Every bit as spellbinding as David Baldacci." --Kathryn Grady_______________________________________PUSHING BRILLIANCEHe didn't do it.He really didn't.But proving it,will be a killer.Imagine Harrison Ford's THE FUGITIVE meets Tom Clancy's HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER.Framed for murder and on the run, former Olympic biathlete Kyle Achilles is also in the crosshairs of assassins' guns. Why? He has no idea. He's fighting blind against two master strategists and one extraordinary invention--known as Brillyanc.Achilles' only ally is the other prime suspect, a beautiful Russian mathematician who is either the best or worst person to ever enter his life. Katya was engaged to Achilles' brother -- before he died.Chasing clues while dodging bullets, Achilles and Katya race around the globe, uncovering a conspiracy conceived in Moscow, born in Silicon Valley, and destined to demolish both the White House and the Kremlin. Along the way a lost soul finds purpose, a broken heart confronts forbidden love, and America gains a new hero.Packed with heart-stopping surprises, paced by razor-sharp plotting, and populated with richly rendered characters, Pushing Brilliance will leave you breathless and longing for more.________________________________________THE LIES OF SPIESThe American president sent him...The Russian president caught him...The free world is counting on him...But he doesn't remember.Imagine Robert Ludlum's THE BOURNE IDENTITY meets Lee Child's PERSONAL.Journey beneath the diplomatic veneer of international politics and beyond the reach of conventional military operations into the epicenter of clandestine affairs -- where diplomats dance and spies collide in wars that never make the news.For the next step in its expansionist agenda, the Kremlin devises a covert coup far more devastating than Bin Laden's most dangerous dream. With the American economy in his crosshairs, Russian President Vladimir Korovin picks suitable pawns and pulls sizable levers, initiating the boldest gambit the world has ever seen.Halfway around the world, the White House develops a plan for derailing Russian aggression. A way-off-the-books, high-risk, high-reward plan. American President William Silver identifies the perfect person for his impossible mission: former CIA operative Kyle Achilles.With their plans in place and their spies undercover, each president is confident that he has outplayed the other -- until everything goes wrong.

The Missing Mariner: A Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James Mystery

Anna Elliott - 2021

Ark Return of the Templars

Paul J. Humphreys - 2017
    It puts him on a collision course with a ruthless, evil criminal, who seeks the Ark of the Covenant. From Washington D.C. to the depths of a Castle in Scotland, the priest’s quest to find justice will lead him to the most secret religious order in the World. An apocalyptic catastrophe is just days away, but then the Templars emerge from the shadows and the End Game begins - finally, the answer to the question that has eluded mankind since the time of Solomon is revealed. Five Templars: A Ghost man, a Communication Wizard, an ex-Russian Special Forces solider, a full-blooded Shawnee Indian, the Head of the Ancient Order and one American priest, seek out the evil criminal who is plotting genocide in order to gain the one thing he coverts most. They’re back!

Manhunt at Sage Creek (A Henry Biggston Thriller Book 3)

Jamie McFarlane - 2019
     The small town of Wood Creek is rocked by the discovery of a serial killer’s lair found deep in the remote hills of Sage Creek National Forest. Flushed from his hiding place, the twisted hunter is pushed into the open in search of new cover and fresh prey. The fight becomes personal when the killer fixates on a ten-year-old girl Biggston considers family. Using his training as an Army Ranger, Biggs picks up the trail of the psychotic killer and tracks his trail of destruction across the rural countryside. With a child's safety on the line, Biggs will stop at nothing to bring justice to Butte County. Manhunt at Sage Creek is a modern, western-themed story about strong men and women who live in the wide-open country. If you enjoy stories about loyalty, respect, honor and the simple truths of life, then you'll enjoy Henry Biggston Thrillers. While Manhunt at Sage Creek is the third Henry Biggston Thriller, each book is a stand-alone story.

The Last Appeal

Bill Blum - 1997
     After spending years with a death sentence hanging over his head, Ashbourne knows that his time could nearly be up. For Peter Harrigan, his attorney, in a way this case is the last shot at putting his own life back together. Five years earlier, while preparing Ashbourne's first appeal, Harrigan lost his entire family in a sudden car accident. For Harrigan, it really isn’t just a case. For Harrigan, after putting what little left he had into his work, losing the case would mean losing the final, fragile link to his past. Now when a surprise witness surfaces, Harrigan is not sure whether this new development is a blessing or a curse. His new witness is a master of deception who, at the same time, may hold the proof of Ashbourne's innocence. In Harrigan’s desperation to find the truth and free his client, he will have to plunge into the treacherous corners of California's radical environmental movement. In a final desperate race to lay his ghosts to rest, he will have to team up with a beautiful female investigator. Under the glare of the courtroom, the pressure is mounting as Harrigan has to face his old demons in order to try and finally lay the case to rest, once and for all. Praise for Bill Blum ‘A thrilling legal drama’ – Thomas Waugh Bill Blum is an experienced attorney. Familiar with the ins and outs, and the pitfalls of criminal procedures, he presents a riveting, hard-hitting and authentic legal thriller, one that offers a fascinating insider’s look at the shifting political dynamics within the criminal justice system. Bill Blum has also written for a wide array of publications, including the Los Angeles Times, ABA Journal, The Nation and California Lawyer, hosted a radio talk show, and lectured widely. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and family.

Linger, When You're Gone

Chitra Padmana - 2021
    Not flowers, not petrichor. Not liquid ink or pages of a new book. You. Just You. Filling all the spaces of my being.”For Miris, her keen sense of smell has always been a blessing and a bane. For years, she has wrapped herself in seclusion to escape the dark memories of her past. When the mysterious death of her best friend sends her world crashing down, she finds herself in a dangerous quagmire of nostalgia and temptation as terrifying secrets emerge.Then one day… she’s suddenly engulfed by his essence.Roy, who she’d promised to love forever.Roy, who was never supposed to come back.Plunged into cyclic nightmares, Miris will have to navigate the haunted realms of hallucination and reality as help and deception arrive in unexpected forms.Will Sam and Saira, her friendly neighbours become twin rays of the sunshine she craves or will they be consumed by her darkness?Is this insanity? Or a sinister presence?‘Linger, when you’re gone’, a unique psychological thriller packed with romance and suspense, will quicken your pulse and keep it racing!

Murder in Disguise

Frances Lloyd - 2018
    His face is smashed to an unrecognizable pulp.Most of the guests on that fatal evening are in costume, making the detectives’ task even more difficult.But the most baffling aspect for Detectives Harry Montague and Gavin Jones is that only one person staying in the new wing had registered under a genuine name and address.HOW CAN YOU CATCH A KILLER IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHO THE SUSPECTS REALLY ARE?Then another corpse is discovered.It will take some inspired sleuthing to catch the killer...WHAT READERS ARE SAYING ABOUT FRANCES LLOYD“There are some unexpected twists in the plot and a few laughs along the way and the reader is kept guessing until all is revealed in the end.” Annie“A great book that you won't want to put down.” Alan“This murder mystery is a real page turner, I was hooked from start to finish. The descriptions of the Greek island were so vibrant I felt I was actually there.” AngelaALSO BY FRANCES LLOYDTHE DETECTIVE INSPECTOR JACK DAWES SERIESBook 1: THE GREEK ISLAND KILLERBook 2: THE BLUEBELL KILLERBook 3: THE SHETLAND KILLERBook 4: THE GALLOWS GREEN KILLER

Willow Girls

Pamela Evans - 1995
    But when the war is over they find themselves faced with new problems, not least of which is Baz Paxton, whose ambitions extend beyond the pub. Nina falls for his charms, but there's heartbreak ahead when she discovers she is pregnant with Baz's child...

The Arcade

Judy Turner - 1992
    But a terrible event changes everything for her. Marj cooks and waits tables at the wine bar, under the watchful eye of Martin, a chef of undoubted genius, despite his passion for women. Why has he never noticed Marj, though?As the shopkeepers struggle to make a living, each of them finds their life changing over the course of one eventful year.

Rogue Lawyer: by John Grisham | Summary & Analysis

Book*Sense - 2015
    John Grisham offers readers a sort of slice-of-life view of Sebastian Rudd as he handles a few cases amid a long and not-always-pleasantly-storied career representing those whom the legal system will not otherwise touch. An enjoyable read, it takes an interesting narrative tack, and it comments on the state of the legal system in the United States – one in need of much reform. It offers an enjoyable read. Despite some critical panning, the text draws readers along through a part of the legal system not often explored in popular conceptions of lawyers, and the divergent viewpoint is refreshing. John Grisham’s novel follows Sebastian Rudd as he litigates a series of cases and attempts to navigate a personal life that suffers from his work. Ranging from small-town persecutions through suburban mischances to death-row work and bigger-city notoriety, the novel examines the less glamorized aspects of legal work as Rudd represents those whom other lawyers will not in situations where they dare not, as well as some of the less pleasant aspects of the legal system and broader society of the United States. The novel is set for the most part in an ambiguous city. It is large enough to host a lively fight scene, yet not so large as to have major landmarks identifying it. Unnamed, it allows for universalization of the narrative; readers across the United States can look on the setting and see something, perhaps many things, familiar to them, easing their access to the narrative. This companion includes the following: • Book Review • Story Setting Analysis • Story elements you may have missed as we decipher the novel • Summary of the text, with some analytical comments interspersed • Thought Provoking /or Discussion Questions for both Readers & Book Clubs • Discussion & Analysis of Themes, Symbols… • And Much More! This Analysis fills the gap, making you understand more while enhancing your reading experience.

The Law of the Sea : A Legal Thriller

Dave Gerard - 2021
    The rarest of these are worth colossal fortunes, and can make their finders fabulously wealthy in the blink of an eye.Against this backdrop, young Houston lawyer Jack Carver meets his newest client, Ashley Marcum. She is looking for help after the mysterious death of her brother, who died while working for a giant oil company. Jack and Ashley’s only clue about his death is a set of unidentified gold coins, of indeterminate age and value.As Jack and Ashley scramble to discover how her brother died and uncover the origin of the coins, the oil company sends their powerful lawyers to stop them. Jack and Ashley soon find themselves caught up in a legal battle to uncover the truth—a battle they are ill-equipped to win.As the saga unfolds, Jack and Ashley soon discover that the coins belong to an ancient shipwreck—perhaps one of the greatest of all time. As the oil company tries to subvert legal process and shut them out, Jack and Ashley are forced to fight a case that begins in Texas but soon spreads across the globe.Amidst twists, turns, and roadblocks, Jack and Ashley must race through a history shrouded in secrets, spurred on by a case that ignites a firestorm around the world.