Under Her Gaze

Jade Winters - 2021
    During filming, her involvement with Laurie leads to the realisation that love, not sex, is the gateway to happiness.As filming reaches a conclusion and the two become closer, will events from the past block their happiness, or can they overcome all obstacles in their path and build a future together?

Ricochet in Time

Lori L. Lake - 2001
    Dani is befriended--against her own better judgment--by a young therapist named Grace Beaumont, who helps Dani make it through the ordeal of bringing the attacker to justice.

Christmas Lights

Amelia Andrews - 2019
    New home. New job. New town. She's moved in with her politically-active best friend from university who has promised to find Millie a date before Christmas.  When news that the local head of the council, Nightmare Nightingale, has decided that there will be no Christmas tree in the town centre that year, Millie is quick to pick up a placard and join the protests. After all, what is Christmas without a tree? But Millie soon discovers that Professor Kay Nightingale isn't quite the nightmare she is painted to be.  What will happen when Millie gets closer to Kay? How will she explain the confusing relationship to her friends? And will there be a Christmas tree in the end?


Sa'id Salaam - 2012
    Hanging with her drug dealing older brother, she was more partial to boxing and basketball than ballet and Barbies.Following in the footsteps of her brother, she eventually inherited the block's hustling cocaine trade. That meant thinking like a man. Most men like guns, grenades and girls—Dre was no exception.With childhood friend Ramel by her side, Dre takes New York by storm. She's gunning for the number one spot and will stop at nothing to get it.

Pioneer Hearts: A Lesbian Western

Becky Harris - 2020
     It was supposed to be a simple trip into town. Once a year. Get supplies. Ignore the jeers and jibes from townsfolk who didn't want to understand her. Ignore how everything reminded her of Suzanne. She wasn't expecting Jeane. A damsel in distress out on the prairie? A broken down wagon and three men who meant no good closing in on her? Belle knew frontier life could be harsh, and sometimes that meant dealing with rabid animals. Only now she's stuck with Jeane. And the more time they spend together traveling back to her homestead, the more she can't get this woman out of her mind. The more she starts hoping, against all reason and hope, that maybe she can find something like what she had with Suzanne. Two women, alone together on the frontier where they can truly be themselves, learning to love again. Pioneer Hearts is a 68,000 word western about two women coming together to deal with life on the harsh American frontier, and learning that maybe there is more to life than survival!

Piece of My Heart

Saxon Bennett - 2016
    Even though she believes true love will never find her, Jenna vows to help other women find their own true loves by opening a dating service. If she can’t find love for herself, she’s determined to find love for her hopelessly inept clients. Through messy mash-ups and zany adventures, Jenna and her best friend and business partner, Dale, help a Turret’s juggler lose her balls, an Elizabeth Taylor impersonator drop her White Diamonds, and a woman with multiple personalities find a girlfriend that adores all of her. Along the way, Jenna discovers that just because she’s given up on love, that doesn’t mean love has given up on her.

MILF Next Door

Amanda Martinez - 2019
    He wanted to be off in Europe with his friends, or off on a beach somewhere. Anywhere, would have been better than back home at the family business. He was resigned to a boring summer, until Frank caught a glimpse of the new neighbor his parent’s had. She was tall, blonde and single. It was the winning combination, as far as he was concerned. Frank was starting to see a glimmer of hope for his summer. All he had to do, was convince Julie.

Other Girls

Diane Ayres - 2002
    . . Other Girls.

Till Human Voices Wake Us

Patti Davis - 2013
    In the empty days after her son's death, left alone in her grief by her husband, Isabelle Berendon falls in love with the unlikeliest person in the world: her sister-in-law.Self-published by one of President Ronald Reagan's daughters, who does not identify as a lesbian.

A Closer Look

Michele L. Rivera - 2021
    Harley attributes her success to her unwavering resolve to maintain professional boundaries with her clients. Of course, her cool demeanor and charming smile don’t hurt. But when Harley meets her newest client, she not only loses her cool, she wavers.Tessa Pearson is one of Boston’s most acclaimed wedding photographers. And although she has a talent for capturing love on film, she has no desire to be in a relationship. She’s happily committed to her bachelorette lifestyle. Tessa’s best friend, however, has other plans for her.The last thing Tessa wants is to work with a dating coach. Harley is Tessa’s worst nightmare: prying, overly confident, and guarded. Yet somehow she’s become the star of Tessa’s fantasies.The last thing Harley wants is to waste her efforts on someone who doesn’t want to date. Tessa is jaded, stubborn, and uncooperative. So why can’t Harley stop thinking about her?All Harley has to do is her job. All Tessa has to do is play along. But the more time they spend together, the more blurry the lines between work and play become.

Until We Break

Cynthia Dane - 2020
    The only thing missing from her picturesque, countryside life is companionship. But with a great distaste for dating – and the city – Stefani approaches an international service to make her marital dreams come true.Enter Yulia, the alluring Russian woman with a penchant for heavy flirtation. She occasionally puts her money where her mouth is, too, driving Stefani wild with fantasies that this marriage might be more than convenience.Yet she can’t shake the feeling that Yulia has an ulterior motive. Or maybe that’s the Valettis’ collective past coming back to bite them.YULIA PETROVAYulia Petrova will do whatever it takes to get to America. Specifically, the Pacific Northwest, where the only person who matters is waiting for her.She’ll even marry a total stranger. A woman, no less.The trick isn’t balancing her own preferences. No, the trick is keeping her new fiancée from finding out the truth too quickly. First, she must ensure that Stefani is in love with her. Then, Yulia must reveal the tragic truth that has brought her to America.DO SVIDANIYA, MI AMORETheir budding passion and rising trust in one another is about to be severely complicated by the illness sweeping the world. For Stefani, that means shutting down the winery and hiding behind her chronic anxiety. For Yulia, that means taking all matters into her own hands. The whole world could burn, and she would still get what she came here for.And she will do it alone – with or without the woman she’s come to love

Always and Forever

Raven Cavalleu - 2015
    Ten years ago Jackie fled Mountain Ridge, her need to escape the pain and abuse her single motivation. It wasn’t until after she left that she realized she’d left her heart behind. Burying her feelings for the only woman she’d ever loved, and the only loving family she’d ever known, Jackie struggles to forget her past and move on with her life. Now ten years later, she wonders if she’ll ever find someone that can love the person she’s become. A suggestion from her therapist sends Jackie back to her old hometown in search of those she’d left behind so long ago. Can she settle the past and hope to find her future?

Fair of Face (Monday's Child, #1)

Sienna Waters - 2019
    After all, Nat is a household name, the face of a dozen brands, and one of the most recognizable models on the planet. But she’s also a demon from Kate’s past.Nat is a wild-child, her antics frequently headlining gossip sites. She’s also a bully, one whose actions still sting Kate twenty years down the line. But the opportunity is too great to give up. Besides, there’s no way Nat will recognize Kate. Not after so long.Kate and Nat are inextricably linked by their past, and from the first click of the camera it’s clear that their futures are just as connected. But as feelings start to transform, and sparks start to fly, Kate can’t believe that time has changed Nat so much. And Nat’s relationship with hot-ticket actor Jake Allingham doesn’t help matters either.Once in a lifetime you meet the person that completes you. But what if that person is your worst enemy? Everything should be keeping them apart, yet Nat and Kate just can’t function without each other. Or can they?Fair of Face is the first in the Monday’s Child series of lesbian romance novels, and features a HEA ending. Monday’s Child books can be read independently and in any order.

Special Operations

T.D. Webb - 2015
    She will be part of a very special unit that requires her unique skills. It's what she has always wanted but what she didn't bargain for, was falling for her Chief. From a mission gone wrong by betrayal, will JC come out on top, or will she lose her freedom and the woman she loves.

French Kissing: Season Five

Harper Bliss - 2019
    City of lights, City of love... City of drama! With a year remaining on Dominique's first presidential term, the Laroche camp is gearing up for her re-election campaign. Dominique herself, however, doesn't seem so keen on going through it all again.Aurore and Solange's relationship has been on and off so many times, nobody can keep count. The prospect of being on opposing sides of an election campaign is proving too difficult to overcome. Unless one of them can find it in her heart to make a sacrifice.Claire is showing signs of a midlife crisis. Rather than test her marriage to Margot, her behaviour puts in danger Barbier & Cyr, and her friendship with Juliette and Steph.Partnerships will be questioned, loyalties will shift and priorities will be reassessed as favourite characters, and old foes, return for a new season of Parisian drama and intrigue.Warning: This title contains sensual language, ladies making love, copious wine consumption and the occasional bout of political backstabbing.