The Viscount in Hiding

Emma Evans - 2018
     Ashamed of his behaviour he hides away in his country seat, determined to become a sensible gentleman, no longer caught up by whichever eligible young lady catches his eye. The only problem? A beautiful tenant named Julia who is living in his gatehouse. William knows that he should have very little to do with his tenants but he simply cannot get her out of his mind. The more time he spends, the more he wants to know her despite their difference in status. A sudden accident leads to a whole new life for Julia, who is loathe to tell him much about herself, despite their intimate connection. When the truth finally comes out and Julia confesses all, William must decide what to do with the lady who has stolen his heart. Authors Note: This is a clean, stand-alone romance with an HEA. If you love clean Regency-era romances you will love The Viscount in Hiding!

A Holiday in Bath

Julie Daines - 2017
    She dreads coming face to face with the monster of her nightmares, but finds surprising comfort under the care of a charming barrister, Harby Northam. Despite his kindly attentions, Mr. Northam is a shrewd and discerning man of law with an awful secret. Marianne is put to the test as she deals with the evil of her past and her growing affection for the mysterious Mr. Northam. LORD EDMUND’S DILEMMA by Caroline Warfield Lucy Ashcroft doesn’t share her stepmother’s belief that she might find a husband during her sojourn in Bath, but she does enjoy a respite from a household full of half-siblings and a younger sister preparing for her London Season, something Lucy can’t even dream about. In Bath, she enjoys the company of the elderly ladies in her aunt’s circle, and happy to be out from under her stepmother’s watchful and speculating eye. But when Lucy meets Lord Edmund Parker, all of her expectations for a quiet, unassuming holiday suddenly change. THE ART OF KISSING IN THE PARK by Jaima Fixsen Caroline Trenholme is not pleased with Bath, the fussy, antiquated resort of the shabby-genteel. She ought to be in London, finding a man—not here, coddling her irrational grandmother. In the park, she crosses paths (literally—this is Bath, after all) with a nameless, mannerless rogue, intent on stealing a kiss. As if his proposition weren’t insult enough, even her dog seems to like the man better. It's impossible! Especially once she suspects she might like him too…

The Matchmaking Game

Donna Hatch - 2017
     THE MATCHMAKING GAME: A brand new historical romance novella from bestselling author Donna Hatch. Rowena’s childhood friend, Evan, has returned home from war a handsome, but mysterious stranger. In an effort to bring happiness to her father, not to mention uncover the Evan she remembers from their youth, Rowena seeks to unite their parents. Who better to match a lonely widow and widower together than their adoring children? Her matchmaking game could help their parents find happiness and draw out her childhood friend buried beneath Evan’s new reserve … or it could break more than one heart. More Timeless Romance Singles: FROM CAIRO, WITH LOVE by Nancy Campbell Allen SOPHIA'S LEAP-YEAR COURTSHIP by Kristin Holt STARTING OVER IN STEEPLE RIDGE by Liz Isaacson

Indisposed: A Pride and Prejudice Novella

Alix James - 2020
    Miserable and in an unsociable temper, she decides to attend the Meryton Assembly against her better judgment to support her beloved sister.Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, confident in the rightness of his own observations, unknowingly misjudges the condition of Miss Elizabeth Bennet’s health. What begins as complete disinterest soon develops into pity when an unknown surgeon offers an even more bleak outlook for the young woman’s future. He will see that her last days are worth living. Annoyed by her father’s apparent lack of concern and wishing to do something himself, he commits himself to be her champion… irrevocably.Elizabeth Bennet is confused. Except for her father and arrogant Mr. Darcy, everyone in her acquaintance either avoids her or bursts into tears when in her company. What tragedy are they withholding from her? She is baffled by Mr. Darcy’s insistence and assumes improper motives. When the truth comes out, will she see him differently? And will he discover his feelings are more than just pity on a dying woman? This delightful Regency tale filled with beloved characters from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice reveals what remains when layers of pity, confusion, and miscommunication are peeled away from literature’s most stubborn couple - a happily ever after for the ages.Indisposed is a sweet, clean Regency novella of approximately 20,000 words.

3 Christmas Regency Romances: The Duke, the Earl, and the Joker

Charlotte Darcy - 2017
     A Christmas to Remember Juliet Whitehall, is the eldest daughter of the Earl of Forbes. Being clumsy and tongue-tied she is in no rush to find a suitor. Who would risk taking on such a jinxed wife? Her clumsiness would only get worse when the Duke of Richfield comes to stay at their family home and of course he was coming for Christmas. Edward Burton, had lost his father, and suddenly found himself with the title of the Duke of Richfield. After being invited to stay with the Earl and Countess of Forbes, for the Christmas period, he found himself being cast in the role of a Duke in a play. He is hesitant in his role but then disaster strikes. Can a Christmas Miracle bring two unlikely and yet perfect people together in this sweet Regency romance? Christmas Masquerade Kate Whitehall, lost her joy for Christmas, when her sister Juliet married and left home. Life seemed duller. Christmas, was going to be even worse, until a friend suggested they attend a few masquerade balls. Dressed up, and behind a full mask, Kate was able to let go of her sadness just a little but could still not find the joy in the season. That was, until the man in the terrifying black mask engaged her in conversation… interesting conversation. His deep voice, strong body, and obvious intelligence became something Kate wanted more of. Yet he disappeared, not returning when he said he would. Left a little distraught she must wonder why he had shunned her? Had she done something to offend him? She cannot get him out of her mind and wants to know who was the man in the frightful mask …and would she get to meet him again?” Find out in Christmas Masquerade. The Best Time of Year Stella Lawson had played an integral part in arranging the courtships, leading to the marriages of her best friends, the sisters Juliet and Kate Whitehall. This year at Christmas, all was not going well. Their brother and a dear friend to her also, Adam Whitehall, was being pushed into courtships by his dear mama, with ladies he didn’t even know. Ladies he didn’t want to know. Stella agrees to aid him in putting off his mother’s future consorts by persuading them that Adam is a buffoon. Yet the more she helps, the more Adam seems like the perfect man, it’s a pity he’s only a friend… or is he? Find out in this collection of sweet Christmas romances.

The Governess

Elizabeth Johns - 2019
    Orphaned, and with her brother away serving King and Country, she has no money and no prospects, except to enter into service. The only post she is offered is as a governess at a country estate far away in Yorkshire, which feels like the ends of the earth. Major Robert Fielding, known to Society as the Bachelor Beau, revels in his single state…until he becomes the improbable guardian of a compatriot’s two young sons. Not knowing what to do with two small boys, he decides to hire a youthful governess for them, assuming they will love females as much as he does. What can possibly go wrong?

Her Three Suitors

Anneka R. Walker - 2019
     Sophia never expected to grow out of her awkwardness and be nicknamed society’s darling Golden-locks during her first London Season. Now, three of the most eligible men of the ton are invited to her house party in hopes of securing a most advantageous match. Shortly before they arrive, Sophia stumbles upon her birth record and an alarming discrepancy. She is determined to discover the identity of her real mother at all costs. Can she choose someone to marry before her secret is out, and her reputation is ruined forever? Terrance is a second son of an Earl with no great inheritance and no abundance of charm. When pitted against his brother and his best friend as a suitor for Sophia’s hand, Terrance isn’t even going to pretend to be a contestant. Again and again, fate throws Terrance into Sophia’s path until Terrance realizes two things: Sophia is hiding something and, despite his stubborn nature, he is most definitely in love with her. If he chooses to fight for her, he’ll risk losing the brotherhood he’s relied on all his life.

Clarissa and the Poor Relations

Alicia Cameron - 2016
    But Clarissa has just inherited Ashcroft , a large crumbling estate, and she offers her companions an escape - run away with her to a life of independence and adventure. They must put the estate to rights with little money and less experience. Can sensible Miss Micklethwaite, aging romantic Miss Appleby and the beautiful Miss Oriana Petersham escape their fate? To keep the vivacious, impulsive Clarissa in check they must at least try. However, their relatives may have other plans. Meeting the Earl of Grandiston and his companion (a devotee of the divine Oriana) on the road sets hilarious events in motion. Perhaps to adventure the ladies must add romance...

A Springtide Meeting

Emily E.K. Murdoch - 2018
    Her wild spirit is frowned upon by the ton, and familial embarrassment now means she's stuck at the beach in a brisk March wind, waiting to meet this doctor as she promised her father. Dr Timothy Walsingham is about to meet a new elderly patient - a Miss Honeyfield whose letters have had him in stitches. As he waits by the sand, a beautiful woman catches his eye, and he begins a conversation that will distract him from his practice, from his patients . . . and his reason. Can a chance meeting of mistaken identity lead to something more? Will Cordelia ever reconcile with her family - and can Dr Timothy Walsingham make this springtide meeting one that they will both never forget? A Springtide Meeting is a sweet Regency romance about the strange coincidences that fate deals us, and whether we are brave enough to take them.


Mary Kingswood - 2016
    When he dies suddenly, his will leaves large dowries for his six daughters, but only if they marry in the proper order, the eldest first. Amy must now find herself a husband, and soon, so her younger sisters can marry in their turn. There are several possible suitors, but will any of them come up to scratch? And how will Amy choose without her father to guide her?Mr Ambleside has been waiting for Amy for years, his suit rejected by her father. Now he has his opportunity, and he’s determined to win her. But first he has to see off his rivals, and if he manages that, he has to overcome her reluctance to defy her father’s wishes. But he’s a very tenacious man…

On the Shores of Tregalwen

Deborah M. Hathaway - 2019
    Forced to leave behind her peaceful life in Cornwall, she bids farewell to the seaside, her grandparents—and her childhood sweetheart, Thomas. She becomes subdued at once by Society’s rigid rules and her mother’s censure, and when Thomas’s letters unexplainedly stop, she is left to wonder if she ought to embrace her new life in Town after all. But when her mother pressures her to accept an unwanted proposal, Hannah cannot help but flee to the one place she has ever called home—to the only boy she has ever loved. After three years apart, Thomas Causey has all but given up hope of Hannah ever returning to Cornwall, fearing she has fallen in love with another. But when she appears on his doorstep, soaked through with rain and covered in mud, he allows himself to long once more for a future with the woman he still loves. However, Thomas quickly realizes that Hannah is not who she was before. She has left London for a reason—a reason he cannot uncover. He longs for the truth they once so easily shared, but Hannah must first find the courage to rediscover herself—and what her heart truly desires.

The Highwayman Came Waltzing

Kathleen Baldwin - 2014
    These highwaymen are not at all what one might expect. When Elizabeth’s childhood sweetheart returns from the Napoleonic wars to investigate a series of robberies in Claegburn Woods. She never dared dream their shared waltz would rekindle their affection for one another. But she knows loving Lord Ryerton is impossible, because Elizabeth hides a dark and dangerous secret. A Tribute to The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes This novella is a tipping of the hat to Alfred Noyes. Oh, what silken dreams were spun on the wheel of his romantic poem, The Highwayman. If you leaned out the window with the innkeeper's daughter and sighed over the dashing highwayman, this is a story for you. Several verses are echoed in the chapter headings, and the complete poem is available at the end of the book.This improbable tale is written solely for your delight and enjoyment. Should you happen to crave more information about the highly romanticized, sometimes brutal truths behind the real highwaymen of myth and legend, please visit Kathleen's website.Until then, take a deep breath; close your eyes to harsh realities, and stroll into Claegburn Woods where the moon rides high and the owls are hunting on silent wing, there we will enter the lives of a rather unusual band of Robinhoodlums.

The Blind Duke

Charity McColl - 2016
     Grant, Duke of Herefordshire, has lost more than his sight - he has lost hope of ever seeing love or life again. After returning from the American war to find his once thriving estate ransacked and abandoned by his own servants, he is left to die a lonely death within it's dark walls. It is only when he stumbles into one of his estate tenants, Alana Carrington, that the light begins to break through. Will the Duke's former glory be restored to him and his duchy, and will Grant once again move in society worthy of his station - and when he does will he remember the gentle Alana, a mere commoner, and all she has done for him? Charity McColl, whose name means Love Conquers, writes sumptuous clean short read regency romance. She always delivers a story packed with intrigue, romantic twists and gripping escapades that will keep you turning the pages to the very last letter. :)

A Duke for Miss Daisy

Maggie Dallen - 2020
    Or at least, she was. But this season, her prospects are brighter and, much to her mother's delight, she may just make a match. When the duke she once adored from a distance arrives at the house party she's attending with her friends, she knows for certain her luck has changed.Until she meets him.Rude, grim, and not at all the knight in shining armor she believed him to be as a child, the now-widowed Duke of Dolan treats her boorishly bad. This isn't the love at first sight she'd been dreaming of. In fact, it's a whole lot like disdain.If it were not for the way he held her in his arms, she might just be fooled into thinking he's not the man for her at all.Luckily for him, his kisses speak louder than his growls.

Finally Mrs. Darcy: A Pride and Prejudice Novella

Leenie Brown - 2016
    Bingley returns to Netherfield, but sadly he is alone. His connections to Mr. Darcy are severed, crushing any hope Elizabeth Bennet had of finding happiness with the man to whom she has lost her heart. As the years pass, grief turns into acceptance and Elizabeth marries. She is content to settle into her new life, but it is not to last. A fever claims the life of her husband and father, leaving her in the care of her new uncle, Gareth Amberly, who is determined to see her happy. As this Pride and Prejudice Variation Novella opens, Elizabeth's uncle introduces her to the man he suspects will make her happy ─ Fitzwilliam Darcy. It takes very little time for Darcy and Elizabeth to come to an understanding and for Elizabeth to discover the true reason for their separation. Is a complete restoration of relationships possible, or will their happily ever after always be tainted by separation? Note: This novella is approximately 20,000 words in length and 119 printed pages excluding front and back matter.