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Dead Walker by Christian Forte


Creepypasta: The Comic

Vincent V. Cava - 2018
    This hardcover, double issue is a return to pulp horror comics of the 1950's, but stylized and written for a new generation of horror fans! The book is anchored by the mysterious Blueman, an intimidating phantom that lives in the deepest, darkest recesses of the net. Join him as he tells two spine-tingling tales full of twists and turns! He is The Rake:  Our first story features a creature that's inspired a massive fandom around the web. The Rake is a mysterious beast that appears to people in the night as a dark omen. When the strange entity's presence causes the death of one man's wife, he becomes obsessed with getting payback, but is his quest for vengeance misguided? He Is... is a classic tale of revenge with a sinister twist that will send chills through your body! I Waited Inside Her Closet: The account of a dangerous serial killer and his unhealthy obsession with fame. But there's more than meets the eye in this story. The homicidal maniac's grisly exploits soon lead him to a terrible truth when he comes face to face with something even more terrifying than himself. Pick up this CREATURE DOUBLE-FEATURE and you won't be disappointed!


Ricky Fleet - 2015
    Portsmouth, England. A global particle physics experiment releases a pulse of unknown energy with catastrophic results. Scientists in their laboratories search desperately for a solution to the broken fabric of existence, but they are already too late, the sanctity of the grave has been sundered. There is no virus or bacteria to combat, just chaos and horror as a million graveyards expel their tenants from eternal slumber. The world is unaware of the impending apocalypse, realisation only dawns with the appearance of the mouldering corpses who devour everything they encounter. Governments crumble and armies are scattered to the wind. Kurt Taylor, a self-employed plumber, witnesses the start of the horrifying outbreak. Desperate to reach his family before they fall victim to the ever growing horde of shambling corruption, he flees the scene, watching the unfolding cannibalism and destruction in his rear view mirror. In a society with few guns, how can people hope to survive the endless waves of zombies that seek to consume every living thing? With ingenuity, planning and everyday materials, the group forge their way and strike back at the Hellspawn legions. Rescues are mounted, but not all survivors are benevolent. The evil that is in all men has been given free rein in this new, dead world. With both the living and dead to contend with, is there any hope for the Taylor family?


Gareth Ellis - 2018
    Little did Stanley know that his work at Viruson Technologies, creating a vaccine for a newly discovered virus would have such an impact on himself and the rest of the world. Ten years on, Matt lives in Stanley’s home town of Highfield, UK. Life is hard. Mutated Creatures have begun to appear and terrorise the world and its inhabitants. It’s now up to Matt, his friend Sarah, and Ben, the baddest guy in town, to put an end to the Creatures and to find out what really happened to Stanley Figgis.

The Turning

A.L. Masters - 2021
    They realize too late that this is no ordinary plague...and that the enemy they have to fight may not be the only thing they need to worry about.Book One of The Salvation Plague series.The Turning includes foul language, graphic violence, and some mature themes.

Who the Hell is That? (Zombie Rules Book 8)

David Achord - 2021

George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead

Steve Niles - 2004
    Four mismatched survivors take refuge from a zombie plague inside a shopping mall, and absolute terror ensues. This companion film to George A. Romero's classic Night of the Living Dead now takes on new life in a graphic novel adaptation by Steve Niles (30 Days of Night, Wake the Dead) and new art star Chee (Wake The Dead).

The Old Man and the End of the World: Book One: Things Fall Apart

William Harrison - 2021

Clive Barker Omnibus

Gabriel Hernandez - 1999
    With no shortage of sprawling high-concept, spine-chilling thrills, and inspired art, the Clive Barker Omnibus is a great launching point into his dark universe.

The Haunting of Forsaken Manor (Ghost Hunters Book 1)

Cat Knight - 2020

The Haunting of Galsbury Inn: Haunted House

Caroline Clark - 2019
    He was a man who believed what he could see, but even he knew that something was very wrong. FREE with Kindle Unlimited. The Galsbury Inn is a magnificent structure, nestled in the idyllic English countryside. The place is rundown and spooky from being abandoned over the years. Then there were the rumors about deaths and disappearances. Some say the first owner tortured and killed people, including his own wife, but that happened a hundred years ago, or more, and besides, there’s no such things as ghosts. Only Charles may have to change his mind. Based on the Inn’s history, Harriet has a hunch that something more sinister—and paranormal—is at play. She’s a paranormal investigator, an amateur sure, and eagerly jumps on the chance to investigate the Galsbury. But soon, she quickly realizes what she’s playing with is far out of her league, and she’s a bit in over her head. But she’s persistent and won’t let a poltergeist intimidate her into heading back home with her tail between her legs. With the help of an unwitting policeman, Harriet takes on the Galsbury and its secrets. Is she strong enough to face the Inn’s horrible past and find the truth? Or will the spirit that resides within scare her away, or kill her in the process? Also by Caroline Clark: Don’t Close Your Eyes The Spirit Guide Series: The Haunting of Seafield House The Haunting on the Hillside The Haunting of Oldfield Drive The Ghosts of RedRise House 4 book box set Single Books: The Haunting of Brynlee House Daddy Won’t Kill You The Spirit Behind You The Haunting of Shadow Hill House

The Undead Twenty Five: The Heat

R.R. Haywood - 2021
    Creator of the smash-hit time travel series - Extracted and the #1 sci-fi thriller The Worldship Humility.A deadly infection spreads across Europe. The Undead Series: A terrifying account of one man desperately struggling to survive this harrowing event

The Luxury Orphanage

Grant Finnegan - 2020
    Ravenstone House, built in the early 1800s, was once a majestic home. Then it was used as an orphanage for decades. When it closed its doors in 1956, the building lay derelict for more than thirty years.In its neighbourhood, the house is well known for being haunted. But only when it is converted into luxury flats do the dark secrets from its past come to light. The unexpected events that follow will upend the lives of the residents as the tortured souls trapped beneath Ravenstone reveal themselves to demand justice.Get us to where we belong.It's not our fault.We did nothing wrong.

The Culling

Peter Meredith - 2020
    It’s time to tear down and start again. And what better way to eradicate humanity than by unleashing the monsters inside each of us? Destroying mankind is simple compared to perfecting a new version of mankind. Just as evil resides within all of us, the hero does as well. It’s just much harder to bring out. The Chosen are those few who survive the process. They become greater in every regard. The other 98% however, become the stuff of nightmares. Wickedly cunning and ferociously strong, they are insatiable demons that make the average zombie look like it's made of sticks and string.Into this cataclysm Bryce Carter is thrown wearing nothing but a hospital gown. He dared to defy Magnus, who felt injecting him with the serum just wasn’t punishment enough. Barefoot and bleeding, Bryce has to fight his way out of a city overrun with zombies.Led by the demons, the dead sweep across the streets like a grey river, forcing him to crawl through sewers and down into the dark tunnels beneath the blood-soaked streets. He’s hounded relentlessly and growing desperate as he only has so much time. Nuclear weapons are being readied and soon the city will be nothing but dust and ash.

The Haunting of Bloodlore House

Tabatha Cross - 2017
    Forbidden love spans the ages to occupy Bloodlore House for ever after. The Barnes family move into an expansive old Tudor home, never imaging they could ever own such splendour. The family’s three children, Sam and Jane, and Bridget, the brooding, love-sick teenager have the uppermost third-floor room as their game room, and a local babysitter, Tess thrown in to the mix. This room comes with a sinister ambience, an irremovable wooden cross and a jammed window, but is there more lurking unseen in this otherwise empty old room? Nightmares, voices and inexplicable happenings change each family member in different ways, and the babysitter is not left unscathed. Who will win out, the ancient or the contemporary? This compelling debut from Tabatha Cross will have the hairs standing on the back of your neck.

Daphne Byrne #1

Laura Marks - 2020
    The sudden death of her father has left her alone with her irresponsible, grief-stricken mother-who becomes easy prey for a group of occultists promising to contact her dead husband. While fighting to disentangle her mother from these charlatans, Daphne begins to sense a strange, insidious presence in her own entity with unspeakable appetites. What does “Brother” want? And could she even stop him if she tried?