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The Walking Dead, Book One

Robert Kirkman - 2004
    Perfect for long time fans, new readers and anyone needing a slightly heavy object with which to fend off the walking dead.

The Road to the Dark Tower: Exploring Stephen King's Magnum Opus

Bev Vincent - 2004
    The seven-volume series, written and published over a period of 30 years, was inspired by Robert Browning's poem "Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came," as well as J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, and the spaghetti Westerns of Sergio Leone.With the full cooperation of Stephen King himself, The Road to the Dark Tower examines the epic journey of the author to complete a story that threatened to overwhelm him. In this indispensable companion, Bev Vincent presents a book-by-book analysis of each volume in the series, tracing the Dark Tower's connections to King's other novels including The Stand, Insomnia, and Hearts in Atlantis, and offering insights from the author about the creative process involved in crafting his lifelong work-a work that has consumed not only Stephen King, but his legion of devoted readers. This is essential reading for any Dark Tower-or Stephen King-fan.

The Walking Dead, Vol. 1: Days Gone Bye

Robert KirkmanRus Wooton - 2004
    The world of commerce and frivolous necessity has been replaced by a world of survival and responsibility. An epidemic of apocalyptic proportions has swept the globe, causing the dead to rise and feed on the living. In a matter of months society has crumbled: no government, no grocery stores, no mail delivery, no cable TV. In a world ruled by the dead, the survivors are forced to finally start living.

Vampire Rites Trilogy

Darren Shan - 2004
    In 'Trials of Death', Darren has to pass five deadly trials to prove himself to the vampire clan. And in 'The Vampire Prince', can Darren outwit a cunning foe?

Tales of Mystery and Madness

Edgar Allan Poe - 2004
    The grim death known as the plague roams a masquerade ball dressed in red....A dwarf seeks his final revenge on his captors....A sister calls to her beloved twin from beyond the grave....Prepare yourself. You are about to enter a world where you will be shocked, terrified, and, though you'll be too scared to admit it at first, secretly thrilled. Here are four tales -- "The Black Cat, The Masque of the Red Death, Hop-Frog, " and "The Fall of the House of Usher" -- by the master of the macabre, Edgar Allan Poe. The original tales have been ever so slightly dismembered -- but, of course, Poe understood dismemberment very well. And he would shriek in ghoulish delight at Gris Grimly's gruesomely delectable illustrations that adorn every page. So prepare yourself. And keep the lights on.

Hellboy: Odder Jobs

Christopher Golden - 2004
    Lavishly illustrated by creator Mike Mignola!Contents:Introduction / Frank Darabont;* The Brotherhood of the Gun / Frank Darabont;* From an Enchanter Fleeing / Peter Crowther;* Down in the Flood / Scott Allie;* Newford Spook Squad / Charles de Lint;* Water Music / David J. Schow;* The Vampire Brief / James L. Cambias;* Unfinished Business / Ed Gorman, Richard Dean Starr;* Saint Hellboy / Tom Piccirilli;* Sleepless in Manhattan / Nancy Kilpatrick;* The Wish Hounds / Sharyn McCrumb;* Act of Mercy / Thomas E. Sniegoski;* The Thrice-named Hill / Graham Joyce;* Of Blood, of Clay / James A. Moore;* A Full and Satisfying Life / Ray Garton;* The Glass Road / Tim Lebbon;* Tasty Teeth / Guillermo del Toro, Matthew Robbins.

The Dreams in the Witch House and Other Weird Stories

H.P. Lovecraft - 2004
    "The Dreams in the Witch House," gathered together here with more than twenty tales of terror, exemplifies H.P. Lovecraft's primacy among twentieth-century American horror writers.A companion volume to The Call of Cthulhu and The Thing on the Doorstep, this original Penguin Classics collection presents the definitive texts of the work, including a newly restored text of "The Shadow out of Time", along with S.T. Joshi's invaluable Introduction and Notes."Lovecraft's fiction is one of the cornerstones of modern horror . . . A unique and visionary world of wonder, terror, and delirium."- Clive Barker

The Old Willis Place

Mary Downing Hahn - 2004
    They aren’t allowed to leave the property or show themselves to anyone. But when a new caretaker comes to live there with his young daughter, Lissa, Diana is tempted to break the mysterious rules they live by and reveal herself so she can finally have a friend. Somehow, Diana must get Lissa’s help if she and Georgie ever hope to release themselves from the secret that has bound them to the old Willis place for so long.    Mary Downing Hahn has written a chilling ghost story in the tradition of her most successful spine-tingling novels. The intriguing characters, frightening secrets, and plot twists will delight her many fans.

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon: A Pop-up Book

Peter Abrahams - 2004
    It is a fairy tale grimmer than Grimm, retold with intricate pop-ups and a breathtaking text. This is the ultimate must-have edition for Stephen King fans of all ages.

On Her Majesty's Occult Service

Charles Stross - 2004
    He soon found himself working at The Laundry - a bureau so secret even the government barely knows it exists - trying to fight eldritch horrors while fending off the dreaded paper clip audits

Let the Right One In

John Ajvide Lindqvist - 2004
    The body of a teenage boy is found, emptied of blood, the murder rumored to be part of a ritual killing. Twelve-year-old Oskar is personally hoping that revenge has come at long last—revenge for the bullying he endures at school, day after day.But the murder is not the most important thing on his mind. A new girl has moved in next door—a girl who has never seen a Rubik's Cube before, but who can solve it at once. There is something wrong with her, though, something odd. And she only comes out at night....

Sweet Miss Honeywell's Revenge: A Ghost Story

Kathryn Reiss - 2004
    But when her friends and family start having bizarre accidents clearly connected to the dollhouse, she can't ignore the menacing structure any longer. Zibby is sure that one particularly creepy doll in a gray dress is somehow responsible for the trouble. She discovers the doll is controlled by the spirit of "sweet" Miss Honeywell, a vengeful governess who seeks to control Zibby and her friends from beyond the grave. They must find a way to stop Miss Honeywell before her wrath becomes deadly.

Once Upon a Time

Serena Valentino - 2004
    Featuring the first 6 issues, as well as some other spookirific surprises, including an introduction by Tommy Kovac (Skelebunnies, Stitch and Autumn) as well as a guest page by Jhonen Vasquez and other SLG creators.

Resident Evil: Genesis

Keith R.A. DeCandido - 2004
    With computerized defenses and heavily armed human backup, the Hive is impregnable and invulnerable. Or so Umbrella believes.But something has gone fatally wrong. The Hive has lost containment of its most lethal and horrific creation: a virus that kills and reanimates human life, reducing the entire facility staff of five hundred men and women to mindless creatures with a single driving force -- hunger. And the key to stopping them rests with one young woman who cannot even remember who she is.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Stephen Hand - 2004
    Within the confines of a cryptic residence discovered the butchered remains of 33 victims. Brandishing a chainsaw and wearing the grotesque flesh masks of his victims, the killer became forever known as 'Leatherface'. Now for the first time, the only known survivor of the killing spree has broken the silence and come forward to tell the real story of what happened in that macabre farmhouse.

Day by Day Armageddon

J.L. Bourne - 2004
    An unknown plague sweeps the planet. The dead rise to claim the Earth as the new dominant species. Trapped in the midst of a global tragedy, he must make decisions...choices that that ultimately mean life, or the eternal curse to walk as one of them.

Life Expectancy

Dean Koontz - 2004
    So long as he is ready. So long as he is, above all, afraid.Jimmy Tock comes into the world on the very night his grandfather leaves it. As a violent storm rages outside the hospital, Rudy Tock spends long hours walking the corridors between the expectant fathers' waiting room and his dying father's bedside. It's a strange vigil made all the stranger when, at the very height of the storm's fury, Josef Tock suddenly sits up in bed and speaks coherently for the first and last time since his stroke.What he says before he dies is that there will be five dark days in the life of his grandson – five dates whose terrible events Jimmy will have to prepare himself to face. The first is to occur in his 20th year; the second in his 23rd year; the third in his 28th; the fourth in his 29th; the fifth in his 30th.Rudy is all too ready to discount his father's last words as a dying man's delusional rambling. But then he discovers that Josef also predicted the moment of his grandson's birth to the minute, as well as his exact height, weight, and the fact that Jimmy would be born with syndactyly – the unexplained anomaly of fused digits on his left foot. Suddenly, the old man's predictions take on a chilling significance.What terrifying events await Jimmy on these five dark days? What nightmares will he face? What challenges must he survive? As the novel unfolds, picking up Jimmy's story at each of these crisis points, the path he must follow will defy every expectation. And with each crisis he faces, he will move closer to a fate he could never have imagined. For who Jimmy Tock is and what he must accomplish on the five days his world turns is a mystery as dangerous as it is wondrous – a struggle against an evil so dark and pervasive only the most extraordinary of human spirits can shine through.

The Wavering Knife

Brian Evenson - 2004
    Replete with the brutality, primordial waste, and savage blankness familiar to readers of his earlier works, Evenson's Kafkaesque allegories entice the mind while stubbornly disordering it. In the title story an obsessive consciousness folds back on itself, creating a vertiginous mélange of Poe and Borges, both horrific and metaphysical. Here, as in "Moran's Mexico," and "Greenhouse," the solitary nature of reading and writing leads characters beyond human limits, making the act of putting words to paper a monstrous violation opening onto madness. In "White Square" the representation of humans by dimly colored shapes confirms our feeling that something lies behind these words, while seeming to mock us with the futility of seeking it. Evenson's enigmatic names-Thurm, Bein, Hatcher, Burlun-placeable landscapes, and barren rooms all combine to create a semblance of conceptual abstraction, as though the material universe had come to exist inside someone's head.Small wonder that Evenson's work has attracted so much attention among philosophers, literary critics, and other speculative intelligences, for it continuously projects a tantalizing absence, as though there were some key or code that, if only we knew it, would illuminate everything. However, the blade of discernment wavers, and we are left to our own groping interpretations.

Ancestral Shadows: An Anthology of Ghostly Tales

Russell Kirk - 2004
    In the tradition of Defoe, Stevenson, Hawthorne, Coleridge, Poe, and other master writers, these frightful stories conjure the creaks and shadows of the very places where they came to life: haunted St. Andrews, the Isle of Eigg, Kellie Castle, Balcarres House, Durie House ("which has the most persistent of all country-house spectres"), and Kirk's own ancestral spooky house in Mecosta, Michigan.

Eerie Archives, Vol. 1

Archie GoodwinDonald Norman - 2004
    Eerie magazine, like its killer kin Creepy, features work from many of the masters of comics storytelling. For fans of spectacular spookiness, mind-bending sci-fi, and astonishing artwork, the Eerie Archives library is a must have!

The Hellraiser Chronicles

Clive Barker - 2004
    The Cenobites soon returned, and their leader, the chilling Pinhead (played by Doug Bradley), became an worldwide icon.The Hellraiser Chronicles is a beautifully produced, full colour photographic companion to Hellraiser, Hellbound: Hellraiser II and Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth. It features stunning, specially shot portrait photography unavailable elsewhere, plus script extracts, design sketches, behind-the-scenes stills and interviews. The only official Hellraiser book, it is a must for all fans of the series.Time to play"

Making Friday the 13th

David Grove - 2004
    Cunningham, Robert Englund, Adrienne King, Betsy Palmer and Tom Savini- iconography, including Jason, the hockey mask, and a body count in the hundreds

A Face in the Dark and Other Hauntings: Collected Stories of the Supernatural

Ruskin Bond - 2004
    This collection brings together all of his tales of the paranormal, opening with the unforgettable, ‘A Face in the Dark’ and ending with the shockingly macabre, ‘Night of the Millennium’. Featuring thrilling situations and strange beings, a Face in the Dark and Other Hauntings is the perfect collection to have by your bedside when the moon is up.

Jeffrey's Favorite 13 Ghost Stories: From Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and Mississippi

Kathryn Tucker Windham - 2004
    The present volume includes 13 of the best of Mrs. Windham's stories, representing mysterious and supernatural doings from Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and Mississippi. Most of the stories are related to historical places and sometimes to historical people.

Bumper Crop

Joe R. Lansdale - 2004
    Lansdale compiles and introduces 26 of his own favorite and most violent dark horror tales in this review of his work. "God of the Razor" introduces the dark god behind serial killers. A martial arts fight to the death between a reluctant champion and a sadistic alpha male is featured in "Master of Misery." Human sacrifice to ensure prosperity and as a coming-of-age ritual, are themes of "On a Dark October" and "Duck Hunt." In "The Fat Man," young boys learn the hard way that some mysteries should not be investigated. Many of the tales are truly weird, such as "Chompers," a story of false teeth with an appetite. All of the stories are individually introduced by Lansdale, who explains the humorous, weird, and sometimes sad genesis for each.

Mad Dog Summer: And Other Stories

Joe R. Lansdale - 2004
    Originally available only in limited-edition hardcover, these tales run the gamut from devilish fantasy to twisted courtroom drama to vampire-robot western. Each story has an introduction in which the author relates the background of and inspiration for the story, whether it was drawn from history, literature, or pure imagination. The title story, about a serial killer in Texas in the 1930s, won the 1999 Bram Stoker Horror Award for long fiction.

Fate/Stay Night

Kinoko Nasu - 2004

空の境界 上 (講談社ノベルス)

Kinoko Nasu - 2004
    On the same day, 5,000 copies of the limited collection edition were sold for a high price of 9,800 yen, but were sold out merely two hours after pre-order started -- this immediately hit the headlines. In the end, the normal and collection editions combined had sold about 500,000 copies. The commercial edition was about the same in content as the doujinshi edition, but with slight differences in punctuation or word usage due to more detailed revision and editing.The protagonist Shiki Ryougi (両儀式) possesses the same power as Tsukihime (月姫)'s Shiki Tohno (遠野志貴). Touko Aozaki (蒼崎橙子), one side character in Kara no Kyoukai, is the sister of Tsukihime's Aoko Aozaki (蒼崎青子). So the two stories are regarded as having the same world view.The series is nicknamed "Rakkyo." It is a common debate whether the series should be regarded a light novel or not.Just as a piece of trivia the title "Kara no Kyoukai" roughly translates into "the boundary of emptiness/nothingness".

Dark Corner

Brandon Massey - 2004
    When renowned author Richard Hunter dies in a boating accident, his son David travels to Mason's Corner, Mississippi, to find out more about the father he never really knew. At first, Mason's Corner seems friendly and unassuming-the perfect "small town." But after a newcomer moves into the old-and supposedly haunted-mansion on the hill, everything changes... People begin to disappear. Dogs viciously attack. And soon David discovers that the terror consuming this place has its roots in his own family tree... For something has risen in Mason's Corner. Something with bloody ties to the town's past. Something undead--and hungering for vengeance...

Fear of Gravity

Brian Keene - 2004
    As in life, there are no happy endings, and no matter how high one flies, theres always gravity.

The Dry Salvages

Caitlín R. Kiernan - 2004
    Kiernan, best known for her contemporary settings, "gothnoir" tales of pain and wonder, and atmospheric stories of Lovecraftian terror, was first published as an author of dark science fiction. Now she returns to sf with a masterful thirty-thousand word novella, The Dry Salvages.Three centuries in the future, though much of Earth has been crippled by war, pollution, and catastrophic climatic change, man has at last traveled to the stars and even found evidence of at least one extraterrestrial civilization. In a bleak and frozen Paris, at the dawn of the 22nd Century, an old woman is forced to confront the consequences of her part in these discoveries and the ghosts that have haunted her for almost fifty years. The last surviving member of the crew of the starship Montelius, exopaleontologist Dr. Audrey Cather struggles to remember what she's spent so long trying to forget -- the nightmare she once faced almost ninety trillion miles from Earth.

In Light of Shadows: More Gothic Tales by Izumi Kyoka

Kyōka Izumi - 2004
    It includes the famous novella Uta andon (A story by lantern light), the bizarre, antipsychological story Mayu kakushi no rei (A quiet obsession), and Ky�ka's hauntingly erotic final work, Ruk�shins� (The heartvine), as well as critical discussions of each of these three tales. Translator Charles Inouye places Ky�ka's literature of shadows (kage no bungaku) within a worldwide gothic tradition even as he refines its Japanese context. Underscoring Ky�ka's relevance for a contemporary international audience, Inouye adjusts Tanizaki Jun'ichir�'s evaluation of Ky�ka as the most Japanese of authors by demonstrating how the writer's paradigm of the suffering heroine can be linked to his exposure to Christianity, to a beautiful American woman, and to the aesthetic of blood sacrifice.In Light of Shadows masterfully conveys the magical allusiveness and elliptical style of this extraordinary writer, who Mishima Yukio called the only genius of modern Japanese letters.

Midnight Rain

James Newman - 2004
    It is a tale of growing up in the South, a reflection of boyhood and all its wonders, and the story of how one boy deals with a terrible secret that threatens to tear apart both his family and hometown. 1977... In a small town called Midnight, North Carolina, twelve-year-old Kyle Mackey ventures toward a strange new world called manhood... Kyle's older brother Dan is going away to college. The night before Dan's flight leaves for Florida, Kyle visits what he calls his "Secret Place" -- an old shack in the woods bordering Midnight. But Kyle stumbles upon something that proves his favorite spot in the world is neither as private nor as innocent as he once thought... It begins with the naked, battered corpse of a young woman. And, standing over her, a man Kyle knows...

Dogwitch: Direct to Video

Dan Schaffer - 2004
    But Violet is quickly learning that fame's not all it's cracked up to be!

Dead Man's Hand: Five Tales of the Weird West

Nancy A. Collins - 2004
    Collins. Dead Man's Hand collects the novellas "Walking Wolf" and "Lynch," the short stories "Calaverada" and "The Tortuga Hill Gang's Last Ride," and completes the five-card draw with the all-new vampire Western novella "Hell Come Sundown." The West has never been better or weirder. About the Author Nancy A. Collins is the author of Sunglasses After Dark , Darkest Heart and Dead Roses for a Blue Lady . She is a past recipient of the Bram Stoker and British Fantasy Iecarus Awards, and a nominee for the 2003 Stoker and International Horror Guild Awards.

The San Veneficio Canon

Michael Cisco - 2004
    He learns to pick the brains of corpses and gradually sacrifices his sanity on the altar of a dubious mission of espionage. Without ever understanding his own reasons, he moves toward destruction with steely determination. Eventually he find himself reduced to a walker between worlds - a creature neither of flesh nor spirit, stuffed with paper and preserved with formaldehyde - a zombie of his own devising. The line twixt clairvoyance and madness is thinner than a razor blade. In 1999, The Divinity Student captured the attention of fans of dark fantasy everywhere, eventually winning the International Horror Guild Award for best first novel. Now, The Divinity Student has been paired with its sequel, The Golem, for a must-have book - The San Veneficio Canon. Michael Cisco has created a city and a character that will live in the reader's imagination long after this book has been read...

Tales and Poems (Collector's Library)

Edgar Allan Poe - 2004
    Many of these stories and poems reflect familiar Poe themes of murder, obsession, and love, but there are also tales of the fantastic, black comedies, parodies, and hoaxes.

Postmodern Magick

Tim AkersIan Young - 2004
    If this makes any sense to you, you'll never know the secret of magick. Magick is what happens when reality refuses to follow your commands until you beat the righteous crap out of it with the force of your unknowable, unstoppable will. Stuff Schroedinger's cat in a burlap bag and throw it off the bridge screaming, already, we've got higher orders of uncertainty to deal with. This book may contain one or more of the following things: recipes for soup * new schools of magick * the love letter you should have mailed * new underground cabals * how to make semtex * new artifacts, unnatural creatures, GMCs * all the ways in which you hate yourself * the secret history of magick * the secret history of your mother * and more, including a secret toy surprise with an occurrance margin of error of +/- 1. Get your sister's teddy bear and your grandfather's aftershave; your lesson begins in three, two, one, GO!

The Devil of Nanking

Mo Hayder - 2004
    The solitary Englishwoman Grey comes to Japan looking for a rare piece of footage that is said to document a particularly monstrous episode of the 1937 Nanking Massacre. Her quest will take her to a reclusive scholar and a wheelchair-bound gangster who clings to life with the aid of a mysterious elixir, and to a handsome American whose interest in Grey may be more sinister than romantic. The result is a work of spine-chilling suspense, masterful historical detail, and otherworldly beauty.

The Machinery of Night

Douglas Clegg - 2004
    Freely --Ice palace --The five --Freshmen survey English lit Beowulf to Jonathan Swift --White Chapel --Subway turnstile --I am infinite; I contain multitudes --The Joss house --Martha --Underworld --Medea --The hurting season --The fruit of her womb --The ripening sweetness of late afternoon --The mysteries of Paris --The skin of the world --Why my doll is evil --Piercing men --Only connect --The Little Mermaid --The night before Alec got married --O, rare and most exquisite --The virgin of the rocks --The rendering man --Chosen --The dark game --The words --Purity.

100 Jolts: Shockingly Short Stories

Michael A. Arnzen - 2004
    It broke publishing barriers to micro-fiction, inspired many authors, has been adapted to film and audio, and was also a finalist for the Bram Stoker Award. The expanded hardcover edition contains “Aftershocks,” a battery of newly added stories, as well as bonus writing prompts in an included reader’s/teacher’s guide, and a brand new Afterword.100 Jolts actually features one hundred short shots of fiction guaranteed to stun. Arnzen has honed his craft to deliver the highest voltage using the fewest words. According to the author “Horror is the genre of the jolt, the shock, the spark. The horror story’s conflict is always a matter of life and death, but death…almost always comes too soon—that’s why we fear it.” And now readers have a new reason to be afraid. One hundred new reasons!From the grotesque to the hilarious these bits of micro-fiction will keep you entertained long after you put the book down.

Charnel Wine

Richard Gavin - 2004
    SouthFragments of a Primordial GnosisThe LodgeBerenice’s JournalView from a Ghost ShipThe Tides that BindParting the VeilsHeirloomsPorcelain & Pretty LaceThe Physics of Unseen PuppeteersThe FollyForewarning: The Good Doctor’s Eternal ReturnFlowers of DeliriumThe Master’s Posthumous SermonLeavings of Shroud House: An InventoryAcolytes of the ReapingThe Churchyard ChrysalidsSoiled Throats, or, The Litany of the MaggotThe Whimper of Those Long LostFruit from the Barbarous GardenTexts

The Purple Emperor

Robert W. Chambers - 2004
    Due to its age, it may contain imperfections such as marks, notations, marginalia and flawed pages. Because we believe this work is culturally important, we have made it available as part of our commitment for protecting, preserving, and promoting the world's literature in affordable, high quality, modern editions that are true to the original work.

Fear in a Handful of Dust: Horror as a Way of Life

Gary A. Braunbeck - 2004
    . . so I've decided to take it a couple of steps . . . well, let's say sideways: one's reaction to horror movies and literature is a highly subjective and personal thing, emphasis on the latter term. Consider this to be a thinly-disguised autobiography by means of reflections about movies, books, and writing. It's not enough for someone to simply say, 'I liked it,' or 'I really hated it'; those are not opinions in and of themselves, they are prefaces to opinions. To qualify as actual opinions, they must be followed by reasons why, and in order for you to understand the reasons why, you have to understand something about the person giving the opinion." -- Gary A. Braunbeck

Grim Riders

Tim Curran - 2004
    All he had to keep him going was his wife, and $80,000 in hidden robbery money. Then his farmhouse burned down and his wife with it. Now he's busted out to claim what's his. Only the money's gone. The trail leads to Dead Creek, and possibly his wife, who might not be so dead as first thought. But it's a trail painted in blood, for Partridge is a hunted man-by desperadoes, by bounty hunters, and by the law. There's a relentless federal marshal hounding him and two deranged Virginia manhunters whose favorite prey is human. But Partridge's most desperate enemy might be his sadistic, homicidal father. Things are about to get ugly in Dead Creek...

Black -- Canto 1 of the Nephilim Codex

Charles Colyott - 2004
    All the boring classes, petty teachers, and inevitable teen drama.Being a senior makes it all bearable, though.At least, it's supposed to.Unfortunately, Tommy and his friends are about to have a killer year...All Tommy wanted was a little time to get over his break-up with Alyson. He never asked for a fight with Alyson's bizarro new boyfriend, Eric, but he wasn't about to shy away from it, either. The only problem is that Eric isn't like other boys... The scars that never seem to heal. The black book - cold to the touch - that he keeps hidden in his basement. The unholy rage, seething just below the surface, set to shatter everything he touches, even the boundaries of hell.And now, in the midst of what should have been the best time of their lives, Tommy and his friends must try to prevent Eric from achieving his ultimate goal: the summoning of a mysterious artifact capable of reducing the earth to ash, or raising it to untold glories...Black is the genre-bending first book in the epic dark fantasy series The Nephilim Codex, blending the teen angst of a John Hughes movie marathon with Hong Kong action sensibilities and the pulse of a classic goth and alternative soundtrack. This new ebook edition contains an exclusive excerpt from Down - Canto II of The Nephilim Codex.

Murdered by Human Wolves

Steven E. Wedel - 2004
    Her gravestone in Konawa, OK bears the epitaph Murdered By Human Wolves. This is her story. Acclaimed werewolf saga author Steven E. Wedel touches again the universe he portrayed in his first novel Shara. Murdered by Human wolves is that rare mix of fact and fiction that brings out an incredible story. Teamed up with the fictional account in this exclusive volume is Steven's essay On the Trail of Werewolves: An Interview with Mary Franklin, Paranormal Researcher which details the findings of her researches in the Konawa cemetery where Katherine Cross is buried.

Damned: An Anthology of the Lost

David G. BarnettJeffrey Thomas - 2004
    Each story is illustrated by Erik Wilson and the book is signed by all contributors.

The Dionaea House

Eric Heisserer - 2004
    For the most part, I have merely copied and pasted them from my email application.As you’ll read, he requested this, in hopes that you’ll better understand why he did what he did.I made this site because it’s the most efficient way to share Mark’s emails with all of you. I’m not advertising this to anyone. But I do think it would be wise to pass this URL along to anyone who may help with the investigation. As I collect more information, from various sources, I'll update this site to keep it an accurate record. I'll have that link at the end of the series as well.If you need to speak with me, Jen has my number. Thank you for your patience, and again, I am profoundly sorry.- Eric


Jeffrey Thomas - 2004
    Families go mad. Parents commit suicide. A president is assassinated.By 1918, in the bleak boneland of the 20th Century, human assassins commit atrocities and global wars are waged to sate the appetites of the Guests. John Board is a crime scene photographer, whose nightmarish images of human destruction are used as titillating entertainment. Board's future is tied in with these unseen, unfathomable forces—and so is his past. America is drowning in a sea of blood as flashbulbs click and movie cameras roll. The Guests are here to stay.Boneland is a tale of a not-so-alternate history...a story of horror, science fiction, and the surreal by Jeffrey Thomas, acclaimed author of Letters From Hades, Punktown and Monstrocity.

The Atrocity Archives

Charles Stross - 2004
    While his colleagues are out saving the world, Bob's under a desk restoring lost data. His world was dull and safe - but then he went and got Noticed. Now, Bob is up to his neck in spycraft, parallel universes, dimension-hopping terrorists, monstrous elder gods and the end of the world. Only one thing is certain: it will take more than a full system reboot to sort this mess out ...This is the first novel in the Laundry Files.

They Came from Within: A History of Canadian Horror Cinema

Caelum Vatnsdal - 2004
    In They Came From Within, Caelum Vatnsdal adjusts the focus in Canadian horror films, and unwinds the history of this neglected genre to learn "why we fear what we fear and how it came to be that way." From the early Canadian infiltration of Hollywood in the thirties, to the flowering of Canuck horror films in the sixties and seventies, to the surreal products of the "tax-shelter" eighties and beyond, Vatnsdal shows how the Canadian horror film industry has, unwittingly or not, created a complex social, economic, and political portrait of a nation. Engagingly written, extensively researched, and lavishly illustrated with rare stills and poster art, They Came From Within is an invaluable addition of Canadian film criticism.

Blood Rites

Janrae Frank - 2004
    Now in the "Dark Brothers of the Light" Janrae Frank has produced a profound, chilling, thought-provoking one-of-a-kind dark fantasy that begs comparison with Anne Bishop's "Dark Jewels Trilogy," Lynn Flewelling's "Bone Doll's Twin," and George R. R. Martin's masterful "Swords of Ice and Fire." Taken as a blood-slave by Anksha the Beast, Isranon, a young necromancer descended of Isranon Dawnhand must choose between his dead father's teachings of pacifism and his lycan mentor's warrior beliefs in order to survive. Anksha is a demon-eater, who dines on flesh, blood, lives and magic, binding her slaves to her through a dominance-link set into every fiber of their beings. In a brutal world of vampires, blood-drinking sa'necari necromancers, and demons, Isranon must find the key to Anksha's inner nature, while escaping the snares set for him by both vampires and his own kind. Together with his lycan mentor, Nevin, he reaches out for allies and answers in a world growing steadily more hostile toward him for reasons he does not fully comprehend. The vampire lord, who is Anksha's master, is creating a monstrous undead creature such as has not been seen in more than 50,000 years to take the world from the gods who rule it. What can one young slave do to stop them in the face of such terrifying odds? Janrae Frank's fantasies are "ground breaking .works of genius," writers Jessica Amanda Salmonson. Find out why in "Blood Rites" the first volume of her epic new trilogy. Violence, adult situations.

The Worm in Every Heart

Gemma Files - 2004
    . . From the haunted hills of Roman Britain to the sewers of occupied Warsaw... in the bloodied streets of Revolutionary Paris, and the anarchy World War II Shanghai... out of the wilds of America, India, Africa and Europe... down the long savage darkness of the centuries, monsters have fed upon us. They are shapeshifters, vampires, sorcerers and spirits--things named only in myth, and things for which we have no name. They are our demons, our reflections, our desires and our nightmares. And all too often, they are...only human. In this second collection from Gemma Files--featuring the award-winning "The Emperor's Old Bones" (winner of the 1999 International Horror Guild Award for Best Short Fiction), and five never-before-published stories--we tour the overlooked intersections between wilderness and civilization where secret dances of fear and pain are performed and hunters and hunted change roles.


John Connolly - 2004
    In "The New Daughter," a father comes to suspect that a burial mound on his land hides something very ancient, and very much alive; in "The Underbury Witches," two London detectives find themselves battling a particularly female evil in a town culled of its menfolk. And finally, private detective Charlie Parker returns in the long novella "The Reflecting Eye," in which the photograph of an unknown girl turns up in the mailbox of an abandoned house once occupied by an infamous killer. This discovery forces Parker to confront the possibility that the house is not as empty as it appears, and that something has been waiting in the darkness for its chance to kill again.

Horrible Imaginings

Fritz Leiber - 2004
    His work has influenced generations of writers and fans. Yet, while his novels have been readily available for years, his fantastic short fiction is less easily found. This collection seeks to change that, presenting rare tales by a true Grand Master.Assembled from magazine submissions, fanzines, and even “lost” manuscripts discovered amongst the author’s personal papers HORRIBLE IMMAGININGS includes the following short stories: Horrible Imaginings; The Automatic Pistol; Crazy Annaoj; The Hound; Alice and the Allergy; Skinny’s Wonderful; Answering Service; Scream Wolf; Mysterious Doings in the Metropolitan Museum; When Brahma Wakes; The Glove; The Girl With the Hungry Eyes; While Set Fled; Diary in the Snow; and The Ghost Light.See why Fritz Leiber is a must-read for any fan of science fiction, fantasy, or horror. Suspense, surprise, wit, and weirdness--they’re all here for old fans to welcome back and new readers to discover.

Sekenre: The Book of the Sorcerer

Darrell Schweitzer - 2004
    A self-standing companion to Darrell Schweitzer's British Fantasy Award-nominated The Mask of the Sorcerer, the present volume collects all the Sekenre stories, which proved very popular when originally published in Weird Tales, Interzone, Adventures in Sword & Sorcery, and elsewhere.

The Horror Film

Stephen PrinceMikita Brottman - 2004
    The book focuses on recent postmodern examples such as The Blair Witch Project. In a daring move, the volume also examines Holocaust films in relation to horror. Part One features essays on the silent and classical Hollywood eras. Part Two covers the postWorld War II era and discusses the historical, aesthetic, and psychological characteristics of contemporary horror films. In contrast to horror during the classical Hollywood period, contemporary horror features more graphic and prolonged visualizations of disturbing and horrific imagery, as well as other distinguishing characteristics. Princes introduction provides an overview of the genre, contextualizing the readings that follow.Stephen Prince is professor of communications at Virginia Tech. He has written many film books, including Classical Film Violence: Designing and Regulating Brutality in Hollywood Cinema, 19301968, and has edited Screening Violence, also in the Depth of Field Series.

Lucifer #52

Mike Carey - 2004
    Meanwhile, the table is set in the house of Destiny for Lucifer, Michael, and Elaine. "The Wolf Beneath the Tree" part 2.

Tales Out of Dunwich

Robert M. PriceGerard E. Giannattasio - 2004
    Price, is set in and around H. P. Lovecraft's fictional locale. The contributors are Jack Williamson, Stanley C. Sargent, Brian McNaughton, Richard A. Lupoff, Don D'Ammassa, Nancy A. Collins, Gerard E. Giannattasio, Eddy C. Bertin, and Price himself.The anthology will also include a complete novel by Harper Williams, The Thing in the Woods (1924) which provided the original inspiration for Lovecraft's "The Dunwich Horror."Table Of Contents:Harper Williams, The Thing in the Woods.Jack Williamson, "The Mark of the Monster"Nancy A. Collins, "The Thing from Lover's Lane"Robert M. Price, "Acute Spiritual Fear"Stanley C. Sargent, "Black Brat of Dunwich"Brian McNaughton, "The Dunwich Lodger"Richard A. Lupoff, "The Doom that Came to Dunwich"Don D'Ammassa, "The Dunwich Gate"Gerard E. Giannattasio, "The N-Scale Horror"Eddy C. Bertin, "Dunwich Dreams, Dunwich Screams"


Brian Keene - 2004
    . . Tommy O'Brien once hoped to leave his run-down industrial hometown. But marriage and fatherhood have kept him running in place, working a job that doesn't even pay the bills. And now he seems fated to stay for the rest of his life. Tommy's just learned he's going to die young- and soon. But he refuses to leave his family with less than nothing-especially now that he has nothing to lose.Over a couple of beers with his best friends, John and Sherm, Tommy launches a bold scheme to provide for his family's future. And though his plan will spin shockingly out of control, it will throw him together with a child whose touch can heal--and whose ultimate lesson is that there are far worse things than dying."A powerful, unique novel with a fascinating plot and characters, and echoes of Stephen King's working-class voice."--Ed Gorman

Fearful Symmetries

Thomas F. Monteleone - 2004
    Several are solid dark fantasies that strive for a subtle sense of unease rooted in the troubled emotions of their characters. In the best of them, "Rehearsals," a Twilight Zone–type memory tale, a man watches his childhood replay itself as a painful stage drama he's desperate to rewrite. "Love Letters" is a skillfully underplayed blend of supernatural horror and psychological suspense, written as an exchange of letters in which one correspondent reveals an increasingly inhuman sensibility. Monteleone (Eyes of the Virgin, etc.) has used virtually every classic horror trope, from vampires in "Triptych di Amore," in which a seductive lamia destroys celebrity artists over the centuries, to Lovecraftian monsters in the tongue-in-cheek "Yog Sothoth, Superstar." Some stories that originally appeared in narrowly defined theme anthologies don't hold up well on their own, while others add little to overly familiar themes. Nevertheless, these solidly crafted tales consistently evoke an enjoyably unsettling mood of horror. FYI:Monteleone's nonfiction collection, The Mothers and Fathers Italian Association (2003), won a Stoker Award.Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Lucifer #46

Mike Carey - 2004
    And unaware that his fate hangs in the balance, an insignificant creature called a stitchglass spinner forms a fateful friendship across the threshold of one of Lucifer's gates.

Bare Bone #6

Kevin L. Donihe - 2004
    Donihe stitches a diverse collection of fiction and poetry together to bring Bare Bone to life. Another Dr. Frankenstein, he assembles the pieces of others, birthing one complete monster to send lurching towards the darkness. Stories from past issues have received Honorable Mentions in The Years' Best Fantasy and Horror #15 and #17 and another was reprinted in The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror #13. Bare Bone is now a bi-annual anthology. #6 continues the spine-tingling tradition of the series featuring the fiction and poetry of today's most exciting authors. From the twisted poetry of Michael Arnzen to the surreal and haunting stories of Darren Speegle and Jeffrey Stadt this issue packs an hallucinatory punch.

The Stories That Haunt Us

Bill Jessome - 2004
    Using his journalist’s skills, Bill Jessome weaves incredible stories that charm readers and chill our nerves. With its long and extensive history, Maritime Canada has an extensive storytelling tradition and a large part of that storytelling lexicon consists of stories of the supernatural. Many of these stories are told over the generations and Jessome has acquired these chilling accounts by listening to Maritimers at the kitchen table, around the flickering campfire and when the moon is full.