The Ropes That Bind: Based on a True Story of Child Sexual Abuse

Tracy Stopler - 2016
    Blaming herself for the heinous crime that happened because she didn't "go straight to school," Tali is bound by invisible chains of secrecy, shame, and self-imposed isolation. Her harrowing and illuminating journey to recovery begins in her twenties with the support of her mentor, Dr. Daniel Benson, with whom she experiences deep love and then heartbreak. Feeling lost, Tali travels to Israel where Kabbalah sparks her spiritualism, and then to Africa where an arduous climb up Mount Kilimanjaro ignites a newfound feeling of empowerment. Only when Tali goes back to the Bronx and learns that her unreported crime scene has become the site of a rehabilitation center, does she understand that there is one more road to travel prior to reaching freedom.

The 30 Minute Happiness Formula

Rachel Rofe - 2014
    It's easy to read so you can get moving right away.To get started, simply scroll to the top of the page, select the "Buy" button, and start reading.

Desk Reference to the Diagnostic Criteria From DSM-IV-TR

American Psychiatric Association - 2000
    It includes all the diagnostic criteria from DSM-IV-TR(R) in an easy-to-use, spiralbound format. It includes a pull-out chart of the DSM-IV-TR Classification.Changes were made to the following diagnostic criteria: - Personality Change Due to a General Medical Condition - Paraphilias- Tic Disorders

Awaken Your Power Within: Let Go of Fear. Discover Your Infinite Potential. Become Your True Self.

Gerry Hussey - 2021

Michelle's Story: One Woman's Escape from a Lifetime of Abuse

Shelley Chase - 2012
    Her first husband, and then her second husband end up abusing her also. Later on, both her surviving children were abused, one by her ex husband, another by a trusted boyfriend. Michelle finally manages to free herself from this cycle of abuse. This is her true story of her escape. It is Michelle's hope that her story will encourage others who are trapped in abuse to seek freedom.

Social Skills: Simple Techniques to Manage Your Shyness, Improve Conversations, Develop Your Charisma and Make Friends In No Time

James W. Williams - 2019
    Social Skills: Simple Techniques to Manage Your Shyness, Improve Conversations, Develop Your Charisma and Make Friends In No Time is a pragmatic book written in a down-to-earth manner showing exactly how to develop your social skills. You can unlock your potentials by applying the tips shared in this book.In this book you will discover: Practical steps to help you overcome shyness How to boost your self-confidence Easy ways to influence and charm people Practical ways to keep your audience or listener engaged How to manage awkward social situations Conversation skills to make your interactions flow seamlessly If you are tired of vague tips on improving social skills, or if you have little or no improvement with the several other social skills books you have read in time past, this book will break the jinx. The methods in this book have been tested and they work, plain and simple.Get your copy today and learn how to put the magic back into your social interactions.

The Adult Psychotherapy Progress Notes Planner (PracticePlanners)

Arthur E. Jongsma Jr. - 2001
    The prewritten progress notes can be easily and quickly adapted to fit a particular client need or treatment situation. Saves you hours of time-consuming paperwork, yet offers the freedom to develop customized progress notes Organized around 43 behaviorally based presenting problems, including depression, intimate relationship conflicts, chronic pain, anxiety, substance abuse, borderline personality, and more Features over 1,000 prewritten progress notes (summarizing patient presentation, themes of session, and treatment delivered) Provides an array of treatment approaches that correspond with the behavioral problems and DSM-5™ diagnostic categories in The Complete Adult Psychotherapy Treatment Planner, Fifth Edition Offers sample progress notes that conform to the requirements of most third-party payors and accrediting agencies, including CARF, The Joint Commission (TJC), COA, and the NCQA Identifies the latest evidence-based care treatments with treatment language following specific guidelines set by managed care and accrediting agencies

Pray the Scriptures from Your Heart!

Adam Houge - 2015
    By His word He made all things, and through it He created life. When His words enter your heart, He has promised that they will not return to Him void. They will go forth and prosper your soul in the fruit of God. Nothing could be more for a believer than to absorb the word of the Lord through prayer and daily meditation. Knowing this, consider taking the next 90 days to be renewed and changed by praying your way through God’s word. Come out from the distractions around you and spend some time being recharged in His Spirit through prayer. ***This Book Is A Boxed Set*** 4 Books for only $0.99! The Collection: Praying the Words of Jesus from Your Heart The Power of Praying Ephesians from Your Heart The Power of Praying Philippians from Your Heart The Power of Praying Colossians from Your Heart

The Power of Positive Life: Powerful Thinking, Powerful Life

Andrian Teodoro - 2016
    You will know specific steps to make yourself happy, fulfilled, optimistic, calm, and peaceful every day. You will learn various tools and techniques successful people do every day, such as: how to really think positively, how to gain confidence and increase self esteem, the “top secret” morning habits of successful people, how to get motivated in life everyday, how to unlock the power of prayer to achieve what you want in life, how forgiveness can catapult you to more blessings in your life, how the benefits of attitude of gratitude can dramatically increase the quality of your life, the top secret characteristics and qualities of highly successful people, and how to really live a happy life every single day. Want to know more all of these things in “one place”? Get all these wisdom from this Amazon’s BestSelling book “The Power of Positive Life”. Download your copy now, by scrolling to the top of the page, and select the orange “buy” button. tags: positive thinking, the power of positive thinking, the power of positive life, the power of positive living, positive living, positive life, positive discipline, positive psychology, positive energy, positive affirmations, the power of positive affirmations, the power of positive discipline, positive habits, the power of positive habits, positive imaging, the power of positive imaging, positive mind, the power of positive mind, positive prayer, the power of positive prayer, positive praying, the power of positive praying, positive reading, the power of positive reading,the power of God, the power of faith, the power of forgiveness, the power of gratitude, the power of motivation, the power of personal development, positive words, the power of positive words, The Power of Positive Life, powerful thinking, powerful life, turn negative life into happier, positive thinking, personal growth, self improvement, self development, improve your life, become positive, ultimate guide, powerful techniques, effective ways, secrets, tips, advice, motivational books

Living the Infinite Way

Joel S. Goldsmith - 1993
    The need for individual prayer and meditation in the realization of the God-experience is demonstrated, with step-by-step guidance.

Motivational Interviewing for School Counselors

Reagan North - 2017
    This book is the first training experience ever created to help School Counselors learn to use MI in their unique context. Written by a real-life School Counselor, this work is a powerfully practical explanation of MI ideas and techniques. Loaded with actual examples from the school context, the book is designed to help busy School Counselors learn these tools in a quick and enjoyable way. Students need help accessing their own motivation to improve grades, grow relationships, kick bad habits, and pursue deeply meaningful lives. School Counselors are perfectly positioned to help them do so, and MI is the tool they need.

The Six Conversations of a Brilliant Manager

Alan J. Sears - 2019
    Sears distils over 20 years’ experience as a management consultant and coach into six simple conversational structures that cover every management situation. A natural storyteller with a great narrative gift, Sears delivers his message in an entirely unique manner – as a work of business fiction. In this compelling and highly instructive tale you can follow the journey of newly promoted Operations Manager Sam Mitchell as he faces the everyday pressures and challenges of managing a team, and then relate his experiences to real life scenarios in your workplace. Conversation #1 – What can you do about that? Conversation #2 – Who should really own this? Conversation #3 – How should we be behaving? Conversation #4 – Who’s really doing this? Conversation #5 – Where are we heading? Conversation #6 – How are we doing?   This highly practical guide concludes with a simple how-to chapter, explaining why and how each conversation works, and when to use them, as well as providing accompanying tips and techniques. The Six Conversations of a Brilliant Manager is an instantly-applicable and hugely powerful toolkit for every manager and HR department looking to get the very best out of their people.

Teenagers!: What Every Parent Has to Know

Rob Parsons - 2007
    He explains how to cope with this often disruptive period in a family's life and how to continue feeling close to your teenagers as they grow up and become increasingly independent.

Mother's House Payment

Ronnie Schiller - 2011
    She learns that her mother has passed on a genetic illness as a parting shot, and she must adjust to growing up with Bipolar Disorder.As she approaches her 30th year, she works hard to pick up the loose threads of her life and tie them into a lifeline for her future. It is a tale of survival, endurance, and acceptance through understanding.

Psychnotes: Clinical Pocket Guide

Darlene D. Pedersen - 2005
    The 4th Edition of this AJN Book-of-the-Year award winner has been thoroughly updated to deliver even more resources and tools, plus new DSM-5 content. "Psych Notes is packed with all of the essential content necessary to REVIEW (you should also have expanded knowledge of this content) and pass the ANCC PMHNP certification exam. You will be astonished with the depth and breadth of information contained in this easy to read and use (spiral bound) book. Be sure to access the online information that accompanies this book, too as it contains a grid comparing the changes from DSM-IV and DSM-5!" --Sandra Hannon-Engel, Ph.D., RN, CNS, PMHNP, Assistant Professor, William F. Connell School of Nursing, Boston College, Boston, MA. "It's a pretty good book for both nursing students and practicing RN's. No matter what specialty you're in you'll come across patients that are psychologically unstable and this book gives you a quick and easy reference to your needs. Everything is laid out in simple form and focuses on the most pertinent topics in psych." - Jim Astapan, "Very good source for fast references." - Ileana, "An amazingly complete collection of all that pertains to psych/mental health care. An easy to use resource and a wonderful review." - Camille Grosso, Ph.D., R.N.