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City of Spies by Mara Timon


Ghost Sniper

David Healey - 2014
    On the dawn of the D-Day invasion of Normandy, two snipers find themselves fighting a battle all their own. One is a backwoods hunter from the Appalachian Mountains in the American South, while the other is the dreaded German “Ghost Sniper” who earned his nickname on the Eastern Front. Locked in a deadly duel across the hedgerow country of France, the hunter matches wits and tactics against the marksman, both of them one bullet away from victory—or defeat—as Allied forces struggle to gain a foothold in Europe.

The Lost Ten

Harry Sidebottom - 2019
    . . this nail-biting adventure has all the hard-edged appeal of the Bravo Two Zero mission. When Valens, a junior officer in the Roman Army, joins a crack squad of soldiers on a dangerous mission, little does he know what's in store for him. Tasked with rescuing the young Prince Sasan, who has been imprisoned in the impenetrable Castle of Silence, the troops set out across Mesopotamia and into the mountains south of the Caspian Sea. Deep in hostile territory, inexperienced Valens finds himself in charge. And as one by one his soldiers die or disappear, he begins to suspect that there is a traitor in their midst, and that the rescue is fast becoming a suicide mission. Valens must marshal this disparate group of men and earn their respect, before it's too late . . .

The Red Eagles

David Downing - 2014
    For the Russians, the enemy is no longer Nazi Germany, but the American behemoth that threatens to topple the Communist revolution. Deep within the walls of the Kremlin, Stalin’s top man hatches a brilliant plan that will alter the course of postwar history—and it’s all based on a deception as simple as the shell game. Five years later, an atomic bomb detonates deep within the borders of the Soviet Union, stunning the experts who had predicted that Russian science could not produce such a devastating weapon for at least another generation.The Red Eagles traces the adventures of two spies, Jack Kuznetsky and Amy Brandon, as they track down the most deadly force in the world while hiding their true allegiances and intentions from their compatriots. They are the “red” eagles, sent to America by one of its enemies to steal the greatest secret of all: the key to producing the atomic bomb.Critically acclaimed spy thriller writer David Downing draws fascinating portrayals of Stalin and Hitler as they determine the fate of the world, drawing us at breakneck speed from the Kremlin to Manhattan and Washington to Cuba and New Zealand.

The London Blitz Murders

Max Allan Collins - 2004
    Mallowan, hospital pharmacist. By night, she’s Agatha Christie, queen of crime.Doing her part for the war effort, Agatha dispenses medicine in shell-shocked London. But the world’s most renowned mystery writer is troubled. Compared to the horrors of World War II, her detective novels seem trivial and quaint. When a Jack the Ripper–style murderer strikes, Agatha lobbies her friend, forensics expert Sir Bernard Spilsbury, to take her to the crime scenes. But the killings are far more gruesome than any that her fictional detectives have ever solved. Can a crime writer also be a crime fighter? Joining forces with London’s top investigators, Agatha risks her life to stop the monstrous serial killer.With this ripped-from-the-headlines mystery, author Max Allan Collins presents a blood-stained valentine to the most celebrated author of detective fiction.

The Valhalla Exchange

Jack Higgins - 1976
    In 1945, as the Allies closed in on war-ravaged Berlin, Hitler's personal secretary, Martin Bormann, made his escape. Since that fateful day, Bormann's story has been shrouded in mystery.Thirty-one years later, a journalist has begun to finally piece together Bormann's cunning getaway. His electrifying investigation exposes the unwitting role of five Allied POWs in Bormann's escape plot as the Nazi regime crumbled. Now, with help from a surviving POW, this journalist follows history's twists and turns to a final, shocking conclusion.

Churchill's Gold

James Follett - 1980
    It has to be moved to America to pay Roosevelt's `cash and carry' bills. The German High Command learn of British shipping plans and resolve to stop it or capture it.

Wolf Hook

Michael Wallace - 2013
    When his family returns to Germany just before the war, Jim arrives in the Third Reich as a young, sensitive theater student, both protected by and encumbered by his famous relation. Resisting an invitation to join the Nazis, he instead finds himself a member of an English-language theater troupe working in Occupied Europe. Unbeknownst to Jim, the leaders of the theater troupe, Nigel Burnside and his sister Margaret, are not the English fascists they appear, but members of the British Secret Service, using the theater troupe to recruit spies from among the Anglophile German officers who come to their productions.Disillusioned with both sides of the war, Jim is trying to defect to neutral Ireland when he stumbles into one of Nigel and Margaret’s most closely held secrets—a Hungarian physicist they are smuggling out of Europe. While trying to extricate himself from this unwelcome knowledge, he both manages to draw the attention of the Gestapo and to convince the British Secret Service that he is a Nazi spy, a threat to their plans who must be eliminated.

Tapestry of Spies

Stephen Hunter - 1985
    Julian Raines was one of the first Englishmen to volunteer for the international brigade in Spain. The British Secret Service suspect that the flamboyant Raines was recruited for the KGB by the Bolsheviks during his student days at Oxford and send Robert Florry, a struggling young writer to Spain after Raines with orders to eliminate him. Florry was an old school chum to Raines and had every reason to hate him. The British are not alone on Raines' trail. The ruthless Communist leader in Barcelona believes that the identity of the double agent conceals a powerful and profitable secret. It is a novel that constantly surprises.

The Templar Vault

Scott Chapman - 2013
    As their world is torn apart by the jealous fury of kings, their only duty is to a sacred oath of allegiance to the Order and to each other. Step-by-step they eradicate their footsteps, knowing that only their own obliteration will guarantee that their duty will be fulfilled. Eight hundred years later and an international expert in disaster management sets out to prove that the Templars had a last ditch Doomsday plan. Peter Sparke aims at nothing less than to uncover the last refuge of the Order and the secrets they took to their graves.

Spytime: The Undoing of James Jesus Angleton

William F. Buckley Jr. - 2000
    Founder of U.S. counter-intelligence, hunter of moles and foes of America, his name has become synonymous with skulduggery and subterfuge. Angleton pursued his enemies, real and imagined, with a cool, calculating intelligence. Eventually convinced that there was a turncoat within the highest reaches of the U.S. government, Angleton turned all of his considerable skills to finding and exposing him. The result was a near-victory for U.S. Intelligence-and total defeat for himself. A brilliant re-creation of a world that included Soviet defectors, the infamous traitors Burgess, MacLean, and Philby, and American presidents from Truman to Carter, Spytime traces the making-and unmaking-of a man without a peer and, at the end, a man without a country to serve.

The Interrogator

Andrew Williams - 2009
    The armies of the Reich are masters of Europe. Britain stands alone, dependent on her battered navy for survival, while Hitler's submarines - his '-grey wolves' - prey on the Atlantic convoys that are the country's only lifeline.  Lieutenant Douglas Lindsay is amongst just a handful of men picked up when his ship is torpedoed. Unable to free himself from the memories of that night at sea, he becomes an interrogator with naval intelligence, questioning captured U-Boat crews. He is convinced the Germans have broken British naval codes, but he's a lone voice, a damaged outsider, and his superiors begin to wonder - can he really be trusted when so much is at stake?  As the Blitz reduces Britain's cities to rubble and losses at sea mount, Lindsay becomes increasingly isolated and desperate. No one will believe him, not even his lover, Mary Henderson, who works at the very heart of the intelligence establishment. Lindsay decides to risk all in one last throw of the dice, setting a trap for his prize captive - and nemisis - U-Boat Commander Jürgen Mohr, the man who sent his ship to its doom...

Black Roses

Jane Thynne - 2013
    Warning bells ring across Europe as Hitler comes to power. Clara Vine, an attractive young Anglo-German actress, arrives in Berlin to find work at the famous Ufa studios. Through a chance meeting, she is unwillingly drawn into a circle of Nazi wives, among them Magda Goebbels, Anneliese von Ribbentrop and Goering's girlfriend Emmy Sonnemann. As part of his plan to create a new pure German race, Hitler wants to make sweeping changes to the lives of women, starting with the formation of a Reich Fashion Bureau, instructing women on what to wear and how to behave. Clara is invited to model the dowdy, unflattering clothes. Then she meets Leo Quinn who is working for British intelligence and who sees in Clara the perfect recruit to spy on her new elite friends, using her acting skills to win their confidence. But when Magda Goebbels reveals to Clara a dramatic secret and entrusts her with an extraordinary mission, Clara feels threatened, compromised, desperately caught between her duty towards — and growing affection for — Leo, and the impossibly dangerous task Magda has forced upon her.


Ninie Hammon - 2009
     The largest nation in Africa has become a killing field. Two million tribal people are dead, victims of a brutal civil war or massacred by their own government in systematic, cold-blooded genocide. But that’s not why human rights photojournalist Ron Wolfson is risking his life there. He’s chasing action and danger on a different adventure—investigating reports of human trafficking, rumors of women and children who are auctioned off to the highest bidder and then vanish into the brutal shadow world of modern-day slavery. When Arab Murahaleen guerrillas attack a small Dinka village and kidnap a little girl named Akin to sell on the slave market in the North, her father, Idris, goes after her—looking for one child among the hundreds of thousands who’ve already disappeared—and Ron joins the simple villager in his desperate mission. Ron's brother, a U.S. congressman, wages a battle just as desperate against apathy and indifference to force international political pressure on the government of Sudan, while Ron tracks the phantom story he knows is out there somewhere. Determined to capture on film the horror of human beings in chains, sold like cattle, Ron incurs the wrath of a ruthless slave trader. Now, he and Idris face savage retaliation and a heart-breaking end to their quest. Awaiting dawn and an unthinkable execution broadcast live around the world, the American journalist and the Dinka villager are forced to place their lives and the fate of their mission into the hands of a bloodthirsty mercenary and an orphan boy. Together they forge a reckless plan, their only hope of escape. But it may already be too late. And it may be too late to save the little girl before her innocence is stolen and she vanishes forever into the belly of the beast. READERS' PRAISE (Goodreads and I encourage you to read this life-changing book. Get angry! Get upset! Be grossed out! Somewhere a Sudanese mother is waiting for someone to reach out a helping hand, for her children's sake. Mel “@MamaBuzz” The worst thing about this book is that it isn't completely fiction. It grabs you by the throat and won't let you put it down until you've read the last page. You will hug your children closer after reading. K-Mor This book is not for the faint of heart - it deals with the atrocities committed in Sudan. Ninie weaves a spell-binding tale. One of the things I love about Ninie's books is that she does not feel the need to spruce everything up and make it pretty. E.L. Jenkins “Love to Read” "Sudan" captured my attention from the first page, and I read through the entire story in two days. This is gripping, emotional storytelling. Bestselling author Eric Wilson, Top 100 Amazon Reviewer Sudan is a must read but be prepared for an unexpected depth of emotion. I couldn't put it down until the building tension required me to take a break. This book is worth your time! tj You thought human trafficking on the African continent was long gone. And you were WRONG! Sudan is an action and adventure novel centered on an age-old evil. But the book isn’t classic HISTORICAL fiction—about slavery in America 200 years ago; rather it’s a suspense filled ride through the bustling slave trade in the African country of Sudan …TODAY! Even though the facts are historical, fic

All Is Fair

Dee Garretson - 2019
    It's 1918, and war is raging across Europe. Unlike her father and brother, who are able to assist in the war effort, Mina is stuck sorting out which fork should be used with which dinner course.When Mina receives a telegram that's written in code, she finally has her chance to do something big. She returns to her childhood home of Hallington Manor, joined by a family friend, Lord Andrew Graham, and a dashing and mysterious young American, Lucas. The three of them must band together to work on a dangerous project that could turn the tide of the war.Thrilled that she gets to contribute to the war effort at least, Mina jumps headfirst into the world of cryptic messages, spycraft, and international intrigue. She, Lucas, and Andrew have to work quickly, because if they don't succeed, more soldiers will disappear into the darkness of war.

Provisionally Yours

Antanas Šileika - 2019
    His parents are dead, he hasn’t seen his sister since she was a teenager, and Kaunas has become the political center of the emerging state of Lithuania. He’s barely off the train when he’s recruited back into service, this time for the nascent government eager to secure his loyalty and vast experience. Though the administration may be new, its problems are familiar, and Adamonis quickly finds himself ensnared in a dangerous web of political corruption and personal betrayal.