Asylum Archives Case Study Vol. 2: True accounts from the insane

Jaron Briggs - 2017
    Giles, acclaimed filmmaker Richard Dutcher, and bestselling author Jaron Briggs, Asylum Archives is prescribed as a few milligrams of insanity!

The Imperfect Bride - A Romantic Comedy

Rubina Ramesh - 2021
    She didn't want to marry the man rejected by her sister and she didn't want to go to the USA when her heart was set on going to London. But still, she gave in and did all of them. So she wanted to take one decision that was entirely hers. She wanted to divorce Kabir and go back to her village, Toosa. She does go back to Toosa, but her heart remains in Seattle, with Kabir.Kabir was engaged to one sister and now married to the other one. There is nothing he doesn't know about Ruchika. She is his best friend from first grade. He knows how utterly selfish, bird-brained, and irresponsible she is. He can’t trust her to make an omelet without burning the house down, let alone live with him in Seattle, without her family. But more than anything else, he refuses to be the second-best man in her life. So, if it was a divorce she wanted, he would damn well give her one.But could she please leave his heart behind?You do remember Nikki's sister Ruchika, don't you, from The Confused Bridegroom? Well, you guys said that she deserved a love story. You asked, and my imagination got its wings.

ABCs of Horror

Anmol Rawat - 2017
    The author has put together promising stories for every alphabet that are guaranteed to scare you out of your wits and question the presence of the supernatural.Pick up the book as the night crawls by for feeling those chills creeping up your skin and your heart beating out of your chest.

Wrong Roads: Scary Stories from Coast to Coast

Kyle HarrisonDarius Pilgrim - 2019
    To ride alongside your favorite horror authors as they take you on a trip you will never forget. There is no turning back.From new legends to old familiar haunts, the stories held within this tome will make you question whether anywhere is safe. Over 30 authors have crafted the most authentic and horrifying representation of each state. Not a single dark road will be left untraveled. You will never want to leave home again.

L.E.O.: The True Stories of Lt. Wayne Cotes

Wayne Cotes - 2018
    Some of his tales will seem far fetched, unless you're a cop and then you know that anything can happen - and just when you think you've seen it all, someone will surprise you.

The Butcher's Husband and Other Stories

Amy Cross - 2019
     A suspicious husband sets out to discover what his wife really does late at night in her shop. A man starts a new job guarding the entrance to a pier at night. An abandoned house hides a sinister – and disgusting – secret in its basement. A young girl waits for a message from her dead mother, and then she finds something stranger in the freezer. The Butcher's Husband and Other Stories features the new short stories The Butcher's Husband, Tongue, The Pier and The Butcher's Husband II, as well as revised versions of The Seagull and A Perfect Death, and a new novella titled Larry.

The Clowns

Tim McBain - 2016
    The biggest threat the city has ever faced – clowns. Evil clowns, armed and angry and hungry for human flesh. Yep. Creepy clowns beckon people into the woods and stab them a bunch of times. Like so many times. It's the age old battle of man vs. clown, and with the local police oblivious to the growing clown problem, Phillip Burkholder may be mankind's only hope. He is 15. He is flunking geometry. And possibly social studies. He has little to no clown slaying experience. Crap. We could be looking at a clown-pocalypse scenario. Not good. You know, we could go on and on about it, but it's homicidal clowns. You either want to read something like that or you don't. Warning: May contain graphic violence and a lot of clowns.

Twice the Chill: Two SHORT Horror Stories

Rachel A Olson - 2016
    Bey had spent his entire life running through the woods and never once saw anything to convince him there were creatures worth fearing. When his littler sister, Chensei, whines about the trip home at night, Bey only mocks her. Until she disappears beyond the treeline. I, PONTIANAK Everyone hates and fears monsters, except for when you’re the monster. I never asked for it, and honestly I can’t say I’ve really enjoyed it. But I am what I am, and I can’t change it. Hell, I can’t even control it. My name used to be Anastasia, and I am a Pontianak.

Hunger of the Kangaroo

F. Gardner - 2021
    Being that it’s been a particularly stressful year for them, they decide to take a much-needed vacation. The Gallagher family heads to their summer cottage in Wisconsin, hoping to relax and unwind. Little do they know, a stranger has followed them back to their cottage. A stranger, with a forbidden hunger.

Bite-Size: A Collection of Short Stories

Matt Shaw - 2015
    Deadlines are looming at work, kids are playing up, dinners need to be prepared, errands need to be run... That is where Short Stories fit so nicely into their lives. A quick little escape to another world whilst battling with the stress of every day life. A quick read here, a quick read there...This is a collection of Short Stories from author Matt Shaw:Let GoReminiscingNext-GenLaughter in the NightSlitherFun and GamesDate Night (screenplay)

The Deepest State: A Satirical Epic

Oliver Willis - 2018
    Donald Trump. Ivanka Trump. Hillary Clinton. Oprah. Barack Obama. Paul Ryan. Joe Biden. John Kerry. And a cast of thousands as the story behind the headlines you can't believe is exposed. Part political thriller, part soap opera, partially insane. The Deepest State was a viral hit - and this edition has the EXCLUSIVE, never before seen short story, "Enter the Bidenverse." Here's what they're saying about The Deepest State: "One of the greatest threads in Twitter history" – Richard Metzger "An amazing read" – A. Whitney Brown "Just keeps getting more amazing" – Jon Cryer "Amazing well written and riveting" – Merrill Markoe "This… is glorious" – Joy Reid "Epic, epic thread" – Jill Lawrence "A Twitter thread for the ages" – Marsha Warfield "Fucking brilliant" – Jeff Jarvis "Fantastic." – Steven Boyer "The most gorgeous thing I have read in a long time" – Penelope Patsuris "Good times" – Eliza Skinner "Comedy gold" – PJ Manney

Shifter Daddies: A Paranormal Romance Collection

Meg Ripley - 2019
    Sexy shifters thrust into sudden fatherhood. Adorable shifter babies guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings. Fated mates and happily ever afters. Find them all in this collection of eight hot shifter romances! After being deployed to Afghanistan, I don’t think I’ll ever be right again. I can hardly keep my bear in check because of the PTSD that haunts me, and I’m ready to snap. So when I find out that my brother and sister-in-law were murdered—leaving me as the guardian of their little girl—I know I can’t handle this alone. I’m in no state to be a father. I need a nanny, stat. I knew Jessie would help soothe little Peyton’s heart. But I never expected her to capture mine. My bear knows Jessie belongs to him, but just my luck, she’s not one of us. Will our unimaginable secret send her running for good? Grab Nanny For The Soldier Bear and the following standalone shifter daddy romances in this sizzling anthology: Nanny For The Soldier Bear Holden's Mate Ranger Ramon Jackson's Nanny Werewolf Baby Daddy Daddy Soldier Bear Alpha's Secret Baby Royal Dragon Daddy WARNING: Steamy shifter scenes inside! Readers 18+.

The Nightmare Collective

PlayWithDeath.comJenny Ashford - 2015
    With 12 terrifically spine chilling short stories, this anthology contains contributions from some of the best young horror writing talent out there, and was curated by the editors of the, the premier destination for online horror entertainment. If you're searching for stories that will frighten you to your very core, look no further. List of Short Story Authors Tom Wortman M. B. Vujačić Manen Lyset Jenny Ashford Kyle Yadlosky G. T. Montgomery Ari Drew Patrick Winters Trevor James Zaple John Teel Dexter Findley Kyle Rader

The Van Helsing Paradox

Evelyn Chartres - 2018
    There was more truth than fiction to those words. There were things that lurked in the shadows which defied the laws of nature: perversions that fed on the dead, terrorised the living, or escaped the chill touch of the grave.Clara is a member of the Tower, a religious order of hunters who work outside the confines of the Church. As keepers of the arcane, her order takes an active role to counter these threats. The life of a hunter can be short, and many disappear before their training is complete. So, what does it take to succeed against all odds?Explore Clara’s origin, a child born before the dawn of the twentieth century. Witness her rigorous training, how she faces adversity, and fights in the Great War to become the derringer wielding flapper she is.Throughout her tale, keep in mind that no matter the threat, a gal has to look out for herself after all.

Sexy Liberal!: Of Me I Sing

Stephanie Miller - 2015
    With Arbitron ratings clocking over 3+ million listeners a week and simulcast daily in 37 million homes on Free Speech TV, where she is also the number one show, her strongest numbers are in the grand prize demographic of highly educated males 25-54, despite, or maybe because of , her status as an out gay woman. It probably explains the sublime effectiveness of her national billboard slogan: "Stephanie Miller...making men rise in the morning". Stephanie also headlined the country’s number one comedy tour, “Stephanie Miller’s Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour", as well as the number one comedy album, "Stephanie Miller's Sexy Liberal Comedy Album". She has recently had her second #1 comedy album in the country with her "Stephanie Miller's Happy Hour, Volume One". She frequents the Holy Trinity of cable news: CNN, MSNBC, and FOX, where she bursts the infallibility balloons of right wingers, often with one well-aimed pinpoint punchline. Here is SEXY LIBERAL!, which you can see as Al Franken rewritten by Sarah Silverman, Chelsea Handler horizontal on the desk of The Daily Show. Steph is the youngest child of Congressman William Miller of NY, Barry Goldwater’s running mate in 1964. We all know how that turned out. Though Steph was only 3, she shows here how that defeat affected her as much as it changed the Republican Party. It made her who she is. SEXY LIBERAL! is the book her 3,000,000 fans have been begging her to write. it’s both deeply personal and hilariously political. But most of all it is Stephanie’s unique voice, her jokes, her happy clappy optimism, and her truth that they tune in to day after day, that they download as a subscription podcast, that they buy tickets for, to see her unbleeped and in person. That’s what SEXY LIBERAL! delivers. Like an uncensored comedy drone right to your door!“Stephanie Miller is like ice cream for breakfast, or box-wine through a Krazy Straw: pure pleasure that some people say is bad for you, but you know better. Sexy Liberal! is deeply, deeply profane, big-hearted, surprising, and it might make you pee your pants a little. Just what you need! Read this book. Stephanie Miller for Everything, 2016!”--Rachel Maddow, host of The Rachel Maddow and author of Drift: The Unmooring of American Military Power “Sexy Liberal! is a great book with mind-expanding astuteness and side-splitting humor. Stephanie Miller is so wondrously witty and wise you will want to quote her. But, first, you must read her. Buy this book and help Amazon at last turn a profit. --Lily Tomlin “Sexy Liberal! is inspired reading. It is laugh-enhancing and beyond thought-provoking! A must read. --Jane Wagner Reading Stephanie's book is like being on the best kind of dinner date. The conversation is smart, funny and politically insightful. And Stephanie's contribution bad either. Seriously, what a fun read. Stephanie, in her wonderfully self-deprecating way, lets you into her brilliant mind, her no BS take on the political scene, and life itself. Enter at your own risk.--Rob Reiner