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Honor Besieged by Gayle Buck


Lord Glenraven's Return (Signet Regency Romance)

Anne Barbour - 1994
    This romantic Regency won the RWA's 1991 Golden Heart Award.

The Mysterious Heir

Edith Layton - 1984
    No one could guess she had been forced to take a position in trade—or that she had come to the Earl of Auden’s estate to entice him into naming her dismayingly disagreeable cousin Anthony heir to a fortune that she then could share.But Elizabeth had stiff competition for the Earl’s imperious favor…from the schemingly seductive Lady Isabel Courtney and her odious little boy, Owen…from the implacably upright Richard Courtney and his unfortunate honesty…and from the memory of the Earl’s first wife, who had made him despise women who deceived.Elizabeth knew she could never reveal the truth to the Earl—even when she forgot about gaining his fortune and began losing her heart….

Lord Stanhope's Proposal

Jessica Benson - 2000
    His mission: Rescue a spinster from certain scandal as the object of a tasteless wager. But much to Tristan's surprise, Calista Ashton is more sharp-tongued free spirited than a raw country girl --- and more attractive than he ever imagined. Twenty-four and determinedly unwed, she's nobody's fool, and perfectly capable of taking care of herself, thank you very much. It's soon abundantly clear to Tristan that although rescuing a damsel in distress might actually have been an easier plan to carry out, sharing kisses --- and more --- with a strong, sensual woman is far more satisfying. Now all he has to do is convince Calista that she's fallen as hard as he has ...

The Untamed Heiress

Julia Justiss - 2006
    But to honor her mother’s last wish, she journeys to London to enter society -- and finds herself a reluctant houseguest of the dashing Lord Darnell.Adam, Lord Darnell, has little time to oversee the bedraggled hoyden he’s agreed to sponsor. Saddled with his father’s debts, he knows his one hope is to win the hand of wealthy Priscilla Standish.If only she weren’t so ordinary compared to the unconventional Helena—and if only his waif-like ward hadn’t suddenly transformed into a bewitching young woman…The desire they spark in each other is undeniable. But can the love they try to resist conquer Helena’s demons and free them both?

The Battling Bluestocking

Amanda Scott - 1985
    But Miss Sutton-Drew may have met her match in Sir Brian Gregory, a shockingly wealthy mine owner and local magistrate, who is also handsome, brilliant, and charming. Convinced that Sir Brian is guilty of any number of social injustices, Jessica resists his enticing flattery and flirtation. But can she cease her battling ways long enough to listen to her heart? Or will oncoming scandal ruin everything before she recognizes the truth?

A Damsel for the Mysterious Duke

Bridget Barton - 2018
    Finding an instant friendship with his daughter, Fleur, the two of them eagerly await a garden party to be held on the fine estate of the young and handsome Duke of Calder. But when she first meets him, Georgina is certain that she knows him from somewhere, she just cannot place the handsome man anywhere in her memory.Emerson Lockhart is a man with a secret. Now the Duke of Calder, he is painfully aware that he was not always so. And when he meets Miss Georgina Jeffries again after more than ten years, he is relieved to realize that she does not recognize him as the boy who was once a servant in her home; the boy who had once been her only friend.But when the Duke lets his old nickname for her slip, Georgina finds herself spiraling back in time, instantly remembering young Sammy White, the servant boy and childhood friend who had disappeared so suddenly and without explanation so many years before.As a team, can the two of them discover the young Duke's true origins? And can they, along the way, finally navigate the growing romance which both of them would try to deny? "A Damsel for the Mysterious Duke" is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

The Aim of a Lady (Signet Regency Romance)

Laura Matthews - 1980
    Since her brother George had pressing business of his own, Diana was left to try to entertain their guest--who could not sit down. But her suitors irritated him, her curiosity intrigued him, her innocence charmed him--and her fencing outfit undid him.

Mayhem and Miranda

Carola Dunn - 1997
    But when Lady Wiston invited her brash nephew, Peter, to stay with them upon his return from the wilds of British Canada, the prospect gave Miranda chills and an inexplicable tingle. And soon, she faced excitement aplenty, when a nefarious plot challenged the forces of true love.

Viscount Vagabond / Devil's Delilah (Regency Noblemen, #1 & #2) (Signet Regency Romance)

Loretta Chase - 2004
    Read Loretta Chase" (Christina Dodd) with two delightful stories together for the first time.

Lady Hathaway's House Party

Joan Smith - 1980
    Lady Hathaway knew that, but her cousin the duke had changed his mind about coming, and she’d already invited the duchess, who was on her way. There was nothing to be done except wait to see what happened when the estranged couple met again. Regency Romance by Joan Smith; originally published by Fawcett under Jennie Gallant.


Clare Darcy - 1976
    At a country inn she fortunately encounters Clive Redmayne - her purse has been stolen. He pays her bill and gives her a seat in his travelling coach. Handsome and rich, he has just returned from India. After a duel, a kidnapping, and a hectic road chase, people and proposals are happily disentangled.

A Most Unusual Governess

Amanda Grange - 2001
    But no one warns her that he is also devastatingly handsome and that she will find herself falling in love with him. Or that, when danger threatens, she will find herself having to trust him. Regency Romance by Amanda Grange; originally published by Robert Hale [UK]

The Trysting Place

Mary Balogh - 1986
    After a marriage in name only to a man old enough to be her father, she was now a young, beautiful and wealthy widow; free at last to enjoy the happiness that her misalliance had denied her. And her first step toward this goal was to find the handsomest and most sophisticated lord in all the realm to be her new mate.She found him in the elegant person of Lord Edmond Waite. From the moment she met him, she wanted him, and he made it clear he wanted her as well.But there was one cruel complication. While Felicity wanted Lord Waite as a husband, he wanted her as a mistress—and to win this war between decency and desire, Felicity had to risk losing all in the arms of another man...

The Incorrigible Lady Catherine

Elena Greene - 2001
    Length: about 65,000 words. Sensuality: kisses, one sex scene.Lady Catherine Harcourt, the daughter of the Duke of Whitgrave, tries to escape her cold, repressive family by eloping with a rake. Foiled in her bid for independence, she is exiled to her aunts’ cottage in a secluded but picturesque corner of the Lake District. There she meets Philip Woodmere, a gentleman farmer as kind as he is ruggedly attractive. She warms to his lively family, so different from her own, and is drawn to his quiet strength. At the same time, she fears that if her father caught wind of a romance, he would do anything to prevent such an unequal match, without caring whom he hurt. Philip has been looking for a bride for practical reasons: to care for his numerous younger brothers and sisters. But he is moved by the mysterious lady who is living with his elderly neighbors under what he suspects is an assumed name. He senses passion beneath Catherine’s elusive manner and sets out to earn her trust and love. But their chance for happiness is soon threatened by a secret from her past.

The Madcap Masquerade

Nadine Miller - 1998
    He offers to pay her to impersonate her long-lost twin sister, who has mysteriously disappeared in Scotland. But she never counted on falling for her sister's rakish fiancee, the handsome Earl of Linley. And what would happen if he found out that the spirited, passionate object of his love was no more than a stand-in bride?