Diary of a Geisha Girl

Kimiko Omura - 1959

Cassandra's Conflict

Fredrica Alleyn - 1993
    Cassandra's sheltered life is transformed when she gets employed as governess to the Baron's children in a grand house in Hampstead. He draws her into games where lust can feed on the erotic charge of submission. Games where only he knows the rules and where unusual pleasures can flourish.

Going Bare!

John David Harding - 2012
    The book is short - around an hour of reading - and details everything from when I first decided naturism appealed to me, to my thoughts after the holiday.

The She-Devils

Pierre Louÿs - 1926
    Susan Sontag, so recently deceased, described this book as one of the handful of erotic works that achieve true literary status. The She-Devils is the story of a young man who one day finds himself in the company of a family of whores - a mother and three daughters, each of the younger ones more decadent than the last. Oft-reprinted work first translated in 1958 by the Ophelia Press.


Rosalyn McMillan - 1996
    The higher she climbs, however, the more her jealous, controlling husband tries to pull her back down. Desperate to hold onto the things she loves, yet driven to achieve more, Ginger must make choices that are both extraordinary difficult--and ultimately freeing.


Jeremy Leven - 1980
    And that's only part of the story. Dr. Harry Wolper, an aging Noble Prize-winning biologist, is attempting to create life-specifically, to re-create his adored late wife by implanting her clone in a loving but reluctant 19-year-old nymphomaniac, and do it before his conventional son can have him committed to an asylum. Creator is a love story, a comedy, a zany account of science running amok, and a moving and tragic account of our biological and imaginative limitations and the struggle we wage against them. Creator was turned into a feature film starring Peter O'Toole and Mariel Hemingway.

Stones of Power: A Sipstrassi Omnibus

David Gemmell - 1992
    Includes four tales - Wolf in Shadow, as John Shannow seeks revenge, The Last Guardian, a reptilian army swarms the post-holocaust world, Ghost King in which Culain and a boy face the terror of the Witch Queen and the Last Sword of Power in which a new age dawns over Roman Britain.

The Forgotten Sister (Tales of Camelot Book 1)

Kieran Higgins - 2016
    Believing in his vision for a glorious Britain, Elaine is soon swept up in the intrigues of Camelot and caught firmly between her warring siblings - the High King Arthur, the vengeful Morgan LeFay and the devious Morgause. She is a queen, a warrior and a witch. Yet none of these things may save her brother from those who plot against him, or the poison at the very heart of his kingdom. He became myth, but she was forgotten. This is her tale. Perfect for fans of Alison Weir, Philippa Gregory and the Mists of Avalon, this magical, thrilling Arthurian retelling makes familiar characters new once more.

I Used To Miss Him...But My Aim Is Improving: Not Your Ordinary Breakup Survival Guide

Alison James - 2004
    But today's woman needs more than a book of soppy affirmations to get her back on her feet and feeling great. I Used to Miss Him... is full of smart tips, sarcastic stories and hilarious ways to heal after a breakup. This book provides the sort of genuine advice you'd get from your best friend, but with a "rip his head off" attitude. By supporting a girl's right to be angry with her ex, this fun guide helps her rebuild her strength and confidence after he's gone.Features edgy advice on how to:Cash in on his lifelong guiltLook sexy and feel fabulous (then run into him at a party)Make an ex-boyfriend voodoo dollLose the guy, keep the jewelryAdvertise being singleStalk responsibly to keep him on his toesMaximize post-breakup pamperingI Used to Miss Him... is the ultimate breakup survival guide for today's woman!

The Art of Hypnosis: Mastering Basic Techniques

C. Roy Hunter - 1996
    This well-written, easy to read and understand volume, even for the novice gives in-depth and practical information on how to achieve maximum results in a hypnotic session by properly phrasing the suggestions and by using various techniques to determine which approach is best for each individual client. Topics include:What is hypnosis?How to induce hypnosisHow to use the unique state of mind in hypnosis to benefit clients in countless ways-A complete glossary of hypnosis termsIncludes a new updated chapter on self-hypnosis along with the 'Peaceful Place Meditation', a stress relief exercise, including instructions and a script for successfully mastering this exercise.Previously published by Kendall-Hunt under ISBN 9780757511011.

Young Turk

Moris Farhi - 2004
    Recounting their passions and life passages, 13 interwoven narrators collectively embody this vanished time and place.


Anonymous - 1970
    "The story of a most memorable woman".

Legacy of Desire

Marina Anderson - 1999
    The heir to the estate turns out to be tall, dark, and handsome Jay Prescott, an American lawyer with a taste for Davina's paintings - and soon for Davina herself.

All Ears: Cultural Criticism, Essays, and Obituaries

Dennis Cooper - 1999
    His novels are fantastic, brooding and violent.As a journalist, he is solid and well-formed. He has an approachable informality, unawed by massive celebrity His straightforward interviews with Leonardo Di Caprio, Courtney Love, Keanu Reeves, and Bob Mould disarm their subjects to find an urgent, everyday humanity. The feature articles on AIDS, youth culture, and contemporary art take their subjects passionately. But the obituaries for Kurt Cobain, River Phoenix, and William Burroughs are as bracing as a stoic's evaluation of a dead god.All Ears for the first time collects this major 20th-Century novelist's lesser-known work. It will also include several new unpublished piece. All Ears pours necessary critical insight onto the time's leading cultural luminaries.

Love Selection

Gunma Kisaragi - 2010
    Traditional right-to-left manga format, with a full-color prologue.