Last Resort on the Coast

Sage Parker - 2021
    You have to come home. I can’t run this place on my own.”From Amazon #1 Best Selling Author...Sarah Edwards is living her dream as a highly acclaimed marine biologist, settled in a beautiful downtown apartment with nothing but a bright future ahead...That is, until she receives a phone call that changes everything.Her mother’s untimely death not only leaves her devastated - it leaves her with so many unanswered questions and responsibilities she’s not ready to take on. As an only child, she finds herself at the helm of a high-scale resort on the coast of California.Now she's faced with a life-altering decision. To sell the resort her mother dedicated her entire life to, or move back to California to run the resort - leaving behind the dream life she's worked so hard to build.While traveling across the country to comfort her grandmother, Sarah meets a charming stranger and offers him a complimentary stay at the resort in exchange for a lighthearted distraction.But when Sarah stumbles upon a letter written just weeks before the accident - her mother's final words leave her no choice but to continue on with the search in her place…Embark on this adventure filled with mystery, diversions, and unsettling details that might just be the answer to Sarah's biggest questions.This is Book 1 of 6 in the Search for Truth series.

The Law of the Sea : A Legal Thriller

Dave Gerard - 2021
    The rarest of these are worth colossal fortunes, and can make their finders fabulously wealthy in the blink of an eye.Against this backdrop, young Houston lawyer Jack Carver meets his newest client, Ashley Marcum. She is looking for help after the mysterious death of her brother, who died while working for a giant oil company. Jack and Ashley’s only clue about his death is a set of unidentified gold coins, of indeterminate age and value.As Jack and Ashley scramble to discover how her brother died and uncover the origin of the coins, the oil company sends their powerful lawyers to stop them. Jack and Ashley soon find themselves caught up in a legal battle to uncover the truth—a battle they are ill-equipped to win.As the saga unfolds, Jack and Ashley soon discover that the coins belong to an ancient shipwreck—perhaps one of the greatest of all time. As the oil company tries to subvert legal process and shut them out, Jack and Ashley are forced to fight a case that begins in Texas but soon spreads across the globe.Amidst twists, turns, and roadblocks, Jack and Ashley must race through a history shrouded in secrets, spurred on by a case that ignites a firestorm around the world.

Eddy Nugent And The Map Of Africa

Eddy Nugent - 2009

A Family Secret

Libby Ashworth - 2021
    Meanwhile, her older sister Peggy works as an apprentice at the Girls' School, hoping for a more prosperous future as a schoolteacher.Jennet and Titus Eastwood have always made decisions for their daughters' futures. But as the sisters near adulthood they are determined to make their own choices. And with temptation in the way, will the girls find love - or infatuation - leads them astray?Then an unexpected but familiar face arrives in town, and the family's future is threatened. For Bessie and Jennet, a difficult choice must be made - love or family . . .

My Best Friend's Man 2

P. Dotson - 2015
    However, that doesn’t last long. With Brian’s constant demands for more than what she is willing to give, Savannah finds herself in a familiar place of loneliness. Finally, she calls it quits, but Brian isn’t willing to say it’s over unless it’s on his terms. Roxie’s dislike for Brian grows even stronger once she gets a hold of some confidential information. She’s determined more than ever to destroy her best friend’s man. Get ready for round two of this gritty tale of obsession in, My Bestfriend's Man 2.

The Little Ice Cream Shop By The Sea

Lizzie Chantree - 2021
    Their seafront business is failing with the loss of Genie’s grandmother and her legendary ice cream flavours. Genie is determined to be the one to save her family’s heritage, but suddenly her mother wants to sell to developers and leave their shared history behind.Buying the business and taking on a sixty-eight year old business partner, Ada, with a mysterious past and a gorgeous but distracting grandson, Genie sets out to prove her parents wrong.Ada’s grandson, Cal, wants to protect his gran from ‘pensioner persuader’, Genie, but soon realises that living in a little seaside town and away from the paparazzi in Hollywood can actually give him time to heal. Hiding in a seafront business with its fiery owner and working as kitchen staff, is the only way he can think of to keep his ex-Hollywood glamour-puss, gran from harm. But his meddling might also ruin Ada's second chance at love. Hiring a private detective and learning about Genie’s parent’s past makes Cal regret his own impulsiveness. The information he has unearthed could destroy their blossoming romance and turn Genie’s world upside down.Genie soon discovers that friends can become enemies and your closest family can have lied to you for your whole life.

Return to Sarah's Valley: Sequel to Sarah's Valley

Sharon Mierke - 2017
     In Sarah's Valley, Patrick Smithson meets Frank Lawdry. Frank, who prefers his Abenaki name, Winnipesaukee, spends the night recalling his life story. He and his sister, Sarah, were left orphans when everyone on a wagon train died in a horrific tragedy. It was their story of survival. Return to Sarah's Valley continues where Sarah's Valley leaves off. Now an old man in his nineties, Patrick meets Michael Lawdry, one of Winnipesaukee's descendants, and tells him how two Lawdry men influenced his life. This is a story of life during the Great Depression, struggles and heartache, but also the deep love that a man has for one woman.

The Girl in the Glass Case

Devashish Sardana - 2022
    And she refuses to let anyone stand in the way of her pursuit of the Doll Maker, a ruthless serial killer who dresses up little kids as Barbie dolls and displays their bodies in glass cases. But Simone knows that time is running out to piece together the clues as the Doll Maker has made it clear that the killings have only just begun . . .Another serial killer, the Clipper, who enjoyed nine years of infamy as India's most notorious butcher, erupts into an all-consuming rage when he is cast aside by the media in favour of the sick new slayer-the Doll Maker. The Clipper turns his fury into blood-soaked revenge to capture the top spot. As corpses start to pile up, Simone fights to maneuver the Doll Maker into a clever trap. But the Clipper is hell-bent on striking first and regaining the crown with his most grisly murder yet.Can Simone take down the two serial killers and stop the psychotic competition before it gets out of hand?The Girl in the Glass Case is a jaw-dropping psychological crime thriller. If you like determined heroines, nail-biting twists and chilling serial murderers, then you'll love this rollercoaster ride.Read The Girl in the Glass Case today to step into the arena of deadly competition!

In Search of Vindication

Ethan Westfield - 2020
    Deputy Marshal in Kansas for a great deal of his life. As soon as his brother Tommy stops answering his letters, he gets extremely alarmed and decides to take matters into his own hands. When he puts a plan in place to travel to Texas, little does he know that a shattering surprise awaits him there; his brother has been found dead, next to the body of one of the most powerful ranchers in town. Will Lee manage to unravel the truth behind these enigmatic and shocking deaths?While Lee is still aghast, the local sheriff declares Tommy's death a suicide, and also accuses him of attempting robbery and murder. On the spur of the moment, the case is considered closed, which makes Lee highly suspicious. Feeling that they drag Tommy's name through the mud, he decides to defy the law and seek vindication. Will he succeed in this lonesome yet risky mission? How will he solve this demanding riddle and clear his brother's name?Lee's hazardous quest begins, having Susan Marsh and Ki'Somma, a young Cherokee medicine man, on his side. Doubts, lies, deceits, serious injuries as well as many other roadblocks will derange their endless undertaking. Will they manage to join forces triumphantly and complete this challenging mission? Or will Tommy always be remembered as a ruthless criminal?

The Crocketts': Western Saga Two

Robert Vaughan - 2020

Anxiety Girl Breaks Free: The gripping finale in the enthralling Anxiety Girl series (Anxiety Girl - Book 3)

Lacey London - 2018
    He is standing right here in front of me. This could be the start of something special. It should be the start of something special. Only life isn’t always that simple, is it? With Aidan back in Cheshire and work on Blossom View well under way, it would appear that things are finally falling into place for Sadie Valentine. Her career with the charity is keeping her busy, Aldo is enjoying being off the market and her relationship with her mother is starting to heal, but it’s not long before the cracks start to show. Not wanting to succumb to the anxiety that is slowly casting a shadow over her newly-found happiness, Sadie attempts to press on with her life regardless. As Sadie tries to paper over the cracks, blasts from the past return to tip her world upside down in ways she could never have imagined. With her limits being tested once again, can Sadie use her experience and strength to break free from her anxiety once and for all? They say that the past should stay buried, but what if some ghosts simply refuse to lie low? Slip into Sadie’s world as she tries to adjust to a potentially life-changing discovery and change the perception of mental health forever. The other books in the ANXIETY GIRL series are available worldwide from Amazon. Praise for the ANXIETY GIRL series – “An excellent book combining a very meaningful story with a significant, yet sympathetic, account of mental health challenges faced by many in the modern world.” “This book allowed the reader to understand how much mental health can affect anyone at any time, no matter who you are or where you come from.” “Just reading this book has helped immensely with my anxiety and given me ideas on coping strategies.” “I am a sufferer of anxiety and depression and could relate throughout the whole book.” “This is a powerful story that anyone who has suffered from anxiety can relate to.” “Anxiety Girl has inspired me to learn more about anxiety. Brilliant book that everyone with or without the condition should read.”

Defiance: The Complete Box Set (The Defending Home Series Books 1-3)

William H. Weber - 2017
    He grows his own crops, generates his own power and draws fresh water from his own deep aquifer.But when a nearby town's water supply dwindles in the searing Arizona heat, Dale's peaceful existence is threatened.The new mayor and sheriff want every last drop for themselves and they're willing to do whatever it takes to get it.With a crooked local government conspiring against him, Dale will need to stand in defiance or risk losing everything.Includes all three books in The Defending Home Series. Book One: Defiance, Book Two: A House Divided and Book Three: Judgment Day.

Storm Warrior XIV: Ensuring The Future

W.L. Cox - 2015
    But the day before he leaves a ghost from the past appears and challenges Charles’s right to the horse farm, the construction company and Charles’s bank account.After a dramatic shootout in the construction office Charles takes the family to England and leaves Bernard in charge while his accountant Caleb Coffee and his secretary, Sally Peyton recovers from their wounds, both mental and physical.Charles arrives in England and finds his old friend and hired hand William Conroy on his death bed. But after a short time Charles does not believe that the problem is William’s 86 year old heart and decides to take William to the Royal London Hospital for evaluation, and is not sure if William will survive the trip.Charles uncovers a plot where a man is planning to destroy the distillery’s ability to produce wine and scrambles to prevent the man from setting the destructive actions in place.Charles scours England for fruit and fruit trees to keep his dream alive, and makes friends and enemies as he travels.Charles finds his beloved Friesian stallion shot in the head, and his new fiend is murdered and tied to a tree with a sign around his neck framing Charles for the murder.At George’s persistence Charles, Gray Wolf, and Swimming Otter go to King’s College in London to speak to the graduation class, only to end up in a battle with the college’s star wrestling team.Charles has a vision, and informs Gray Wolf and Swimming Otter what the future holds for them.

The Apartment

Sweta Kondavalasa - 2017
    Amaya Sharma, a girl from a mediocre family in Luckhnow but there is nothing mediocre about her. She had big dreams which came crashing down when her father announced her wedding on her 18th birthday. Shocked but determined she ran away from home at 18 and landed in Mumbai with an internship in a PR agency. 5 years of hard work, blood and sweat she was now the leading PR agent of Bollywood hot shot. She was a girl for whom her dreams were the only purpose in life until she moved into Casa Paradiso the most expensive address in Mumbai and met Vivan Malhotra. Vivan Malhotra, a typical rich kid whose parents had money but no time but he wasn't a miserable and sulking guy. In fact he made the most of this situation and used this to his benefit. A typical street smart guy who grew up Swiss boarding school and wine and now back to Mumbai to pursue his dream of being a musician. He has his two best friends Aman and Karan who mean the world to him. He is blessed with drop dead good looks and even deadlier voice which reaches the heart and melts the soul. He lives in Casa Paradiso, a property owned by his dad and one fine day Amaya moves in as his neighbour and soon appointed as his PR agent to launch him. What follows is a blazing and passionate romance between them. [About Author] Sweta is a Business Analyst by day and writer by night. Writing has always been her passion and that's something which people said she is good at. It all started with writing short snippets and fan fictions before this book idea came into her mind.

Daisy Days: Hilarious Misadventures

Lynne Gumbleton - 2019
    How did we ever find time to go to work. New to Caravanning. Its mishaps. Its pleasures. Its fun. Susie and Jack take early retirement and end up biting off more than they can chew. An unexpected inheritance changes their lives forever.