The Dragon Maker

Elizabeth Baxter - 2013
    He is an artist, the last of his kind, and he is trying to save the world. He is the Dragon Maker.This is a 3000 word fantasy short story. Other books by Elizabeth BaxterSummer Storm, an epic fantasy novella (Book 1 of The Wrath of the Northmen epic fantasy series)Everwinter, an epic fantasy novel (Book 2 of The Wrath of the Northmen epic fantasy series)The Last Priestess, an epic fantasy novel (Book 1 of The Songmaker epic fantasy series)Circle Spinner and Other Tales, an anthology of fantasy and science fiction short stories

Dragon Airways

Brian Rathbone - 2016
    His ability to sense magic makes him valuable to both sides of the war. Fleeing those sent to capture him, he and his sister board Dragon Airways, not knowing friend from foe. Some betray him; others risk their lives trying to save him. Never would he have guessed the impact an aging dragon would have on his life or the adventures they would have together.

Mythical Doorways

H.L. BurkeKaty Huth Jones - 2018
    Travel through time, space, and realities to encounter monsters, mechanical foxes, and the Fates themselves. You'll fly with dragons, save implausible beasts, and perhaps find your true home. Choose your path wisely, for dangers lurk in the lands beyond. In the third anthology from the Fellowship of Fantasy, eleven authors promise you journeys into fairy lands hidden within the modern world, futuristic universities, and lands of ancient myth. So what are you waiting for? Cross through our Doorways for the adventure of a lifetime!

Paws, Claws, and Magic Tales

H.L. BurkeAce G. Pilkington - 2018
    Sweet friends but stubbornly independent. Fluffy little murder balls with jellybean toes and razor-sharp claws. It's easier to answer what cats aren't than what they are.In this purr-fect collection, awesome authors pounce upon the challenge of the mysterious cat like the elusive little red dot it is. Curl up with sixteen stories all featuring our furry, frisky, fabulous feline friends. Inside, you'll find adorable house cats, majestic big cats, and imperious cat-dragons. You'll meet cats who are their owners' protectors, who help them find true love, and who tackle the challenges of caring for their clumsy human companions in hilarious, heartwarming, and harrowing ways. This fifth anthology from the Fellowship of Fantasy features new and returning authors, dedicated to giving you the best in cat-related fantasy fiction.

Mad Amos

Alan Dean Foster - 1996
    But when the world gets weird, there's no one who's better to have on your side...Is a renegade dragon harassing the men laying the rails of the great railroad? Are headless Indian spirits driving you from your land? Is that volcano threatening to destroy your settlement? Then Mad Amos is the man for you.Plus, two new, never-before-published stories in the Mad Amos canon:NEITHER A BORROWER BE: When a horse thief sets his sights on stealing Amos' faithful mount Worthless, he gets more than he expects...for Worthless isn't exactly an ordinary horse...THE PURL OF THE PACIFIC: Mad Amos takes to the high seas on a whale of an adventure and thwarts a vengeful South Pacific island shaman at his own game...Ten delightful stories of dragons, jackalopes, snake-oil salesmen, iron horses, and, of course, the incomparable Mad Amos Malone from the incredible imagination of world-class storyteller and bestselling author Alan Dean Foster!

Harrowing the Dragon

Patricia A. McKillip - 2005
    McKillip has created worlds of intricate beauty and unforgettably nuanced characters. For 25 years, she's drawn readers into her spell, spinning modern-day fables with a grace rarely seen. Now she presents a book of previously uncollected short stories, full of beautiful dragons, rueful princesses, and handsome bards, and written in the gorgeous--and often surprisingly funny--prose she's known for. This is her world, wrapped up in the finery of fairy tales.

Rebels and Realms

Heather Marie AdkinsBeata Blitz - 2018
    Only the rebels will survive...Unparalleled worlds await you inside this collection packed with magical, arcane, and nefarious stories from today's New York Times, USA Today and award-winning authors!Embark on adventure with rebel angels being hunted by witches, djinns striving to break the chains of slavery, and guardians and dragons navigating mythological underworlds when you download your copy of REBELS AND REALMS!Grab a copy of this urban fantasy collection to escape into the adventure of your choosing today!Including Stories From...USA Today bestselling author Heather Marie Adkins USA Today bestselling author RJ Blain USA Today bestselling author J.A. CulicanUSA Today bestselling author Christine Ashworth Award-Winning author E.J. StevensAward-Winning author Heather ReneeAward-Winning author Rosemary A Johns Amanda Booloodian Beata Blitz Chrishaun Keller-Hanna Amir Lane Caroline A. Gill Christina Walker

The Wilful Eye

Isobelle Carmody - 2011
    Characters are enchanted, they transgress, they yearn, they hunger, they hate, and, sometimes, they kill. Some of the stories inhabit a traditional fairytale world, while others are set in the distant future. Some are set in the present and some in an alternative present. The stories offer no prescription for living or moral advice and none belong in a nursery. Open the covers and submit to their enchantment.

The Starlit Wood

Dominik ParisienKarin Tidbeck - 2016
    It’s how so many of our most beloved stories start.Fairy tales have dominated our cultural imagination for centuries. From the Brothers Grimm to the Countess d’Aulnoy, from Charles Perrault to Hans Christian Anderson, storytellers have crafted all sorts of tales that have always found a place in our hearts.Now a new generation of storytellers have taken up the mantle that the masters created and shaped their stories into something startling and electrifying.Packed with award-winning authors, this anthology explores an array of fairy tales in startling and innovative ways, in genres and settings both traditional and unusual, including science fiction, western, and post-apocalyptic as well as traditional fantasy and contemporary horror.From the woods to the stars, The Starlit Wood: New Fairy Tales takes readers on a journey at once unexpected and familiar, as a diverse group of writers explore some of our most beloved tales in new ways across genres and styles.

Laughter at the Academy

Seanan McGuire - 2019
    Now, for the first time, that fiction has been gathered together in one place, ready to be enjoyed one twisting, tangled tale at a time. Her work crosses genres and subverts expectations.Meet the mad scientists of “Laughter at the Academy” and “The Tolling of Pavlov’s Bells.” Glory in the potential of a Halloween that never ends. Follow two very different alphabets in “Frontier ABCs” and “From A to Z in the Book of Changes.” Get “Lost,” dress yourself “In Skeleton Leaves,” and remember how to fly. All this and more is waiting for you within the pages of this decade-spanning collection, including several pieces that have never before been reprinted. Stories about mermaids, robots, dolls, and Deep Ones are all here, ready for you to dive in. This is a box of strange surprises dredged up from the depths of the sea, each one polished and prepared for your enjoyment. So take a chance, and allow yourself to be surprised.Enjoy.

Led Astray: The Best of Kelley Armstrong

Kelley Armstrong - 2015
    Here is the first time that best-selling fantasy, YA, and crime author Kelley Armstrong has had her stories collected from Otherworld and beyond. With her signature twists and turns, Armstrong gives a fresh spin on city-dwelling vampires, werewolves, and zombies, while also traveling further afield, to a post-apocalyptic fortress, a superstitious village, a supernatural brothel, and even to feudal Japan.With tales that range from humorous to heart-stopping, these are the stories that showcase Kelley Armstrong at her versatile best.- Rakshashi (standalone)- Kat (Darkest Powers universe, non-series narrator)- A Haunted House of Her Own (standalone)- Learning Curve (Otherworld universe, Zoe)- The Screams of Dragons (#0.5 Cainsville universe, non-series narrator)- The Kitsune’s Nine Tales (Age of Legends universe, non-series narrator)- Last Stand (standalone)- Bamboozled (Otherworld universe, non-series narrator)- Branded (Otherworld universe, non-series narrator)- The List (Otherworld universe, Zoe)- Young Bloods (Otherworld universe, non-series narrator)- The Door (standalone, original to this collection)- Dead Flowers by a Roadside (standalone)- Suffer the Children (standalone)- The Collector (standalone)- Gabriel’s Gargoyles (#3.1 Cainsville universe, Gabriel)- Harbinger (standalone)- V Plates (Otherworld universe, Nick)- Life Sentence (Otherworld universe, non-series narrator)- Plan B (standalone)- The Hunt (#4.1 Cainsville universe, non-series narrator)- Dead to Me (standalone)- Devil May Care (#4.2 Cainsville universe, Patrick, original to this collection)

Stealing Magic

Tanya Huff - 1999
    Two complete collections of Tanya Huff_s comical short stories featuring Magdelene (the world's most powerful and laziest wizard) and Terazin (a top-notch thief).


Lizzy Ford - 2015
    But normal kids don’t bring their toys to life for afternoon tea or see the colorful threads of magic and energy clinging to everything around them. Normal kids don’t know that gargoyles feel pain, either, or invite one to live in their closet. On her sixth birthday, Alessandra begins to learn the truth. She’s special, and the men in the black van are coming for her.

Book of Enchantments

Patricia C. Wrede - 1988
    This witty and charming collection of ten short fantasies includes a story, set in the Enchanted Forest, about Queen Cimorene's Frying Pan of Doom; a zany yarn about a magical blue chipmunk with a passion for chestnuts; and an eerie tale of a caliph who turns his vizier's daughter into a wolf.

Myths and Magic

Kerry AdrienneMelle Amade - 2017
    Telekinetic sorcerers, witches, and fairies discover their powers. Humans become cyborgs. Dragons prowl the depths of Iceland's volcanoes.All this and more is packed inside one boxed set overflowing with stories from today's hottest USA Today and International Bestselling authors!From dystopian thrillers to steampunk romance, from gothic fantasies to paranormal adventures, come journey with unlikely heroes, valiant shifters, rogue vampires, and even a sensual brujo. Dabble in scientific espionage, thwart scheming sorcerers, and challenge hordes of vengeful demons. And maybe fall in love...If you're ready for 21 exclusive full-length novels and novellas, including some BRAND NEW material, in a boxed set where vampires, shifters, ghosts, demons, and even Djinn haunt the pages, then fall into MYTHS & MAGIC, a collection of science fiction, fantasy, and a dash of paranormal romance that will take you to the edge of your imagination.Pre-order today to secure YOUR copy of this exciting collection!This volume includes; The Guardian of Blackbird Inn - Kerry AdrienneHeart of Fire (Legends of the Storm, #1) - Bec McMasterCrimson Undercover - Bryan Cohen and Casey LaneKin Selection - L.B. GilbertCarnival Tricks (Double Helix Case Files, #4) - Jade KerrionA Trace of Copper (The Elemental Web Chronicles, #2.5) - Anne RenwickWarriors of Surtu - Lisa LaceI Am Human - Melle Amade and Michael TrozzoBound to the Alphas - Lily ThornApproaching Night (Seluna, #1) - Ilana WatersForbidden Thirteen - Erin RichardsMortality Bites - R.E. VanceFateful Vampires, A Romance Begins - Cheri Schmidt and Tristan HuntPick Your Potion (Witch's Brew Cozy Mysteries, #1) - CC DragonEcho Down - Bradon NaveCross - D.A. RoachAlchemy With Benefits - Katalina LeonTo Catch Her Death (Grim Reality, #1) - Boone BruxShadowling (Shadowling Chronicles, #1)- Eric PadillaBlood Captive (Ruled by Blood, #0.5) - Izzy ShowsSavage Dawn (Legend of Gattica, #1) - Michelle Hercules