Edrei Cullen - 2008
    Alternate covers for this ISBN can be found here and hereElla always thought she was odd, but when she meets an emotionally unstable pixie she discovers just how different she really is.She is a Flitterwig- a human with magical blood- and only she can save the kingdom of Magus.

Skulduggery Pleasant #1-3

Derek Landy - 2013
    Oh yes, and dead.Book 2: Vengeous. Dusk. Sanguine. Three of the deadliest killers alive are in town to resurrect an unstoppable creature of horrifying power… and only Skulduggery and Valkyrie stand in their way.Book 3: You’ve seen it all before: some bad guy wants to bring about the end of the world. A few people get hurt, sure, but everything’s all right in the end. Well… not this time.

The Trouble With Violet

Anne Mazer - 2007
    If only she could organize her younger sister! 5-year-old Violet is messy and out of control. Just before Violet starts kindergarten, a surprise visit from mysterious Uncle Vartan exposes a big secret; there's magic in their family. Mable is sure she'll know just how to use her powers. After all, she's used to being mature and responsible. But her orderly world begins to fall apart when she learns she's not the one with magic -- it's adorable, annoying Violet. Life will never be the same!

Marissa the Science Fairy

Daisy Meadows - 2014

The Cat With a Feathery Tail and Other Stories

Enid Blyton - 1946
    For Ages 5+This Enid Blyton book contains the stories:The Cat With a Feathery TailA Bit of Good LuckThe Girl Who Had HiccupsI'll Do Them TomorrowHe Was Sorry for HimselfPolly's P's and Q'sOn His Way HomeThe Broken GateSulky SusanJohn's HankyHe Was Afraid!Amanda Goes AwaySimple Simon Goes ShoppingThe Old BicycleThe Loose Shoe Button

The Circle of Power

Sheridan Winn - 2008
    Each of the Sprite Sisters, aged between nine and thirteen, has a magical power related to one of the four elements - Fire, Water, Earth and Air. When Ariel discovers her power on her ninth birthday, their circle is complete. The girls' magic must be kept secret, and used only for good; if not, the consequences could be dire. The Sprites' big house in the country is full of laughter and sunshine, but a shadow is falling. Everything the Sprite Sisters hold dear will soon be shattered by the arrival of someone who is intent on destroying their power ... www.sheridanwinn.com

Sisters of Glass

Naomi Cyprus - 2017
    Two worlds. Only magic can bring them together, in this fantastical middle grade adventure for fans of the Descendants and School for Good and Evil series.Halan is a powerless princess. She is heir to the Magi Kingdom, a blazing desert land ruled by ancient magic. But unlike every royal before her, Halan has no magical powers of her own.Nalah is a powerful pauper. The glassblower’s daughter, she lives in the land of New Hadar, where magic is strictly outlawed. But Nalah has a powerful force growing within her—one she can’t always control.One girl fears magic, one worships it. But when a legendary mirror connects them, Nalah and Halan finally meet—and must work together to save their two worlds, before everything they know is shattered forever.

The Potter Family

J.K. Rowling

Flower Fairies Magical Doors

Cicely Mary Barker - 2009
    . . and her world is forever changed when she gets her fi rst peek at the homes and the magical world of the Flower Fairies. As she starts to explore her neighborhood with a friend, they discover that there are more doors—all leading to the most secret of fairy places. Filled with gorgeous paper ephemera, pop-ups and special interactive features on every spread, this beautiful novelty book leads the reader to eight fairy doors to open and investigate. Each door has its own individual shape, color and characteristics— some are decorated, others have little signs or notices, a set of footprints leading up to it, or magical fairy glitter at the doorstep. As the book progresses, more of the fairies and their world are revealed, culminating in an exciting and secret fairy nighttime ball. Choking Hazard (1); Not for children under 3 years.For full text of warning label click here.

Wind Tamer

P.R. Morrison - 2006
    It seems to creep up behind him and blow him along the pavement; to drape itself around his shoulders and screech in his ear. And things get even stranger as his tenth birthday approaches. A strange ball of green light hovers by his bed and a giant white bird appears at his window, carrying a mysterious gold coin. What does it all mean? When Archie's long-lost Uncle Rufus unexpectedly returns, Archie finally learns the truth about why the wind seems to be coming for him. . . He is about to fall under a terrible family curse. Starring an eccentric cast of characters, this original tale of adventure and magic will enchant readers of all ages.

The Door to the Lost

Jaleigh Johnson - 2018
    It happened with a giant explosion and the arrival of a skyship full of children, all with magic running through their veins and no memory of home.Rook and Drift are two of those children, and ever since that day, they've been on the run, magical refugees in a world that doesn't trust magic. Because magic doesn't die right away--it decays, twists, and poisons all that it touches. And now it's beginning to poison people.Try as they might, Rook and Drift can't remember anything about their lives before Talhaven. But it's beginning to look like they're the only ones who can save their adopted world . . . if that world doesn't destroy them first.

The Lost Kestrel Found (The Sylvan Chronicles Book 6)

Peter Wacht - 2020

The Lost Magician

Piers Torday - 2018
    They have survived the Blitz, but when Simon, Patricia, Evelyn and Larry step through a mysterious library door, it is the beginning of their most dangerous adventure yet. They discover the magical world of Folio, where an enchanted kingdom of fairy knights, bears and tree gods is under threat from a sinister robot army. The many stories of the Library are locked in eternal war, and the children's only hope is to find their creator - a magician who has been lost for centuries. What they find will change not just their own lives, but the fate of the world, for ever ...An ode to the world of Narnia, The Lost Magician is a classic in the making from one of the UK's most talented children's authors.

Kendra Kandlestar and the Box of Whispers

Lee Edward Födi - 2005
    . . For over a thousand years, the Box of Whispers has guarded the most precious treasure in the Land of Een. But when the box is suddenly stolen, young Kendra Kandlestar finds herself swept away on a magical adventure where doors speak in riddles, plants cast dangerous spells, and strange creatures lurk in every shadow. With only a handful of enchanted carrot seeds to help her, will Kendra be able to overcome these perils and find the fabled chest? There’s only one way to find out: peer inside the Box of Whispers and discover a world of magic, monsters, and mystery!

Magic by Moonlight

Linda Chapman - 2004
    When Lucy’s new neighbour Allegra reveals she is a stardust spirit, Lucy discovers a whole world of magic beyond her imagination! As well as being able to fly,each stardust spirit has their own set of very specialpowers, bringing not only excitement, but responsibility too.