Capt Underpants Boxset 5-7 & Adventures Of Super Diaper Baby

Dav Pilkey - 2004
    . . . Beware as they battle the Bionic Booger Boy. . . . Rejoice as they resist the Ridiculous Robo-Boogers. . . . And when you're done with all that, don't miss the very first graphic novel that George and Harold have written themselves: The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby. For extra fun, check out the groovy glow-in-the-dark poster inside!

Ladybug Girl Feels Happy

David Soman - 2012
    This concept board book for the youngest Ladybug Girl fans explores these emotions and more with Lulu and Bingo.

The Free Trappers: The Saga Of Jedediah Beech - (Volume 2)

D.L. Bittick - 2018
    It takes him from the Hasinai Caddo villages of eastern Spanish Tejas to the Rocky Mountains and parts in between. Along the way, he encounters colorful and unsavory frontiersmen, hostile and friendly Indians as well as struggles with wild nature. But he also finds loyal friends and unconditional love.

Robin Hood and the Castle of Bones

Angus Donald - 2020

A Long Way To Texas

Dave Sebeslav - 2018
    On the way, he makes friends and enemies. Once there, he finds danger and the love of his life.

Sweating Blood: My Life in Squash: The Official Autobiography of Nick Matthew

Nick Matthew - 2013
    That’s not physically possible, but if you could Nick Matthew would have done it by the bucket-load. Throughout his 15-year career, Matthew has fought his way to the top of the PSA World Rankings in his gladiatorial sport, winning 25 World Tour titles, including being crowned world champion on two occasions and British Open champion three times. Nick holds the record of five British National titles in addition to being crowned Men’s Singles and Men’s Doubles Gold Medalist at the 2010 Commonwealth Games making him England’s most successful player. Sweating Blood: My Life In Squash is much more than the tale of a squash player. In this brutally honest story: Nick psychoanalyses his own obsessive-compulsive personality and explains how it helps him win; He remembers how, as a late developer, he was constantly told he lacked the talent to succeed yet went on to become the most successful English player of all time; He gives an amazing behind-the-scenes access to the sport: the prize money, the anti-doping, the gruesome training, the post-match celebrations, the crazy players on the PSA World Tour and the far-flung corners of the globe where he competes; He remembers the career-threatening shoulder operation that eventually put him on the road to World Championship and Commonwealth Games glory; He tries to understand how his relationship with another top British player went so horribly wrong; He digs back into his Yorkshire upbringing and remembers the colourful characters who turned him into the champion he is today; And he pinpoints the most crucial moments in his career – the moments when he really felt like he was sweating blood.

Able Gate

Douglas Hirt - 1992
    But big-name gunfighter and secret Cavalry agent Gate is laying low up Montana way, undercover as the mild-mannered artist Abernathy T. Gatelatch. Even as McClain thunders into town with pistols smoking, the army sends Gate away on a special mission. Publisher's Note: This book has previously been released elsewhere. It has been revised and re-edited for re-release with Wolfpack Publishing.

Canyon Diablo

C.M. Curtis - 2017
    Wilder than Dodge City, Abilene, or even Tombstone, Canyon Diablo had no law because it tolerated no law. And to Grant Jerome, a wanted man, this seemed like a good thing. But Jerome soon learned that unless he was quick with his wits and even quicker with his gun, the outlaws who ran the town would never let him leave that hellish place alive.

Willow Falls: U.S. Deputy Marshal Matt Bannister: A Western Adventure (The U.S. Deputy Marshal Matt Bannister Western Series Book 1)

Kenneth S. Pratt - 2017
    Now famed U.S. Deputy Marshal Matt Bannister is coming home to reconcile with is family. He prayed he wouldn't see his ex-best friend Tom Smith nor the only girl he ever loved, Tom's wife, Elizabeth. However, old feuds unsettled never die and spark a powder keg of action as the quiet town of Willow Falls trembles in fear when the desperate Moskin Gang kidnaps Elizabeth and leaves a murderous trail for the sheriff Tom Smith to follow. In anguish, he turns to his despised ex-friend Matt Bannister to help him get the woman they both love back alive, if they can. Sometimes God's greatest blessing is unanswered prayers.

The Shepherd's Heart Series: A Boxed Set Book Bundle Collection Volumes 1-4

Lynnette Bonner - 2016
     This set includes all four books in The Shepherd's Heart series! 1. Rocky Mountain Oasis: Brooke Baker, sold as a mail-order bride, looks to her future with dread but firm resolve. If she survived Uncle Jackson, she can survive anyone. When Sky Jordan hears that his nefarious cousin has sent for a mail-order bride, he knows he has to prevent the marriage. No woman deserves to be left to that fate. Still, he’s as surprised as anyone to find himself standing next to her before the minister. Brooke’s new husband turns out to be kinder than any man has ever been. But then the unthinkable happens and she holds the key that might save innocent lives but destroy Sky all in one fell swoop. It’s a choice too unbearable to contemplate…but a choice that must be made. 2. High Desert Haven: When her husband dies in a mysterious riding accident, Nicki Trent is left with a toddler and a rundown ranch. Determined to bring her ranch back from the brink of death, Nicki hires handsome Jason Jordan to help. But when William, her neighbor, starts pressing for her hand in marriage, the bank calls in a loan she didn’t even know about, bullets start flying, and a burlap dummy with a knife in its chest shows up on her doorstep, Nicki wonders if this ranch is worth all the trouble. To make matters worse, terrible things keep happening to her neighbors. When her friend’s homestead is burned to the ground and William lays the blame at Jason’s feet, Nicki wonders how well she knows her new hand…and her own heart. 3. Fair Valley Refuge: Victoria Snyder, adopted when she was only days old, pastes on a smile for her mama’s wedding day, but inside she’s all atremble. Lawman Rocky Jordan is back home. And this time he’s got a bullet hole in his shoulder and enough audacity to come calling. Since tragedy seems to strike those she cares for with uncanny frequency, she wants nothing to do with a man who could be killed in the line of duty like her father. But when an orphan-train arrives at the Salem depot, Victoria is irresistibly drawn toward the three remaining “unlovable” children…and stunned by a proposal that will change all of their lives forever. Can she risk her heart, and her future happiness, on someone she might lose at a moment’s notice? 4. Spring Meadow Sanctuary: Heart pounding in shock, Sharyah Jordan gapes at the outlaw staring down the barrel of his gun at her. Cascade Bennett shattered her dreams only last summer, and now he plans to kidnap her and haul her into the wilderness with a bunch of outlaws…for her own protection? She’d rather be locked in her classroom for a whole week with Brandon McBride and his arsenal of tricks, and that was saying something. Cade Bennett’s heart nearly drops to his toes when he sees Sharyah standing by the desk. Sharyah Jordan was not supposed to be here. Blast if he didn’t hate complications, and Sharyah with her alluring brown eyes and silky blond hair was a walking, talking personification of complication. Now was probably not the time to tell her he’d made a huge mistake last summer…. Other historical Christian romance novels by bestselling author, Lynnette Bonner! The Wyldhaven Series – Christian Historical W

Atlas Rising

Blake Severson - 2021
    Picking a druid, he charges forward into an unknown land as he tries to master an odd combat system. Luckily for him, the crafting system is ripe to make money and the game’s currency is tied to the real-world market.But a strange dungeon forces him to reevaluate everything he thought he knew. Is the company behind this game truly what it seems to be, or is there a nefarious purpose hidden below the surface?

Past Shadows

Anthea Fraser - 2001
     Yet a dark shadow casts its presence over each trip – 28 years ago Annabel’s Aunt Hilary was brutally murdered on a similar holiday when Annabel was just a toddler. With no one found guilty, the subject has been hushed away and is now taboo on their trips. When an over-zealous journalist starts digging around the murder, the suspicion and guilt in Annabel’s family comes back to the surface. Annabel starts researching into the truth, and the discovery of her much-maligned French mother Monique’s diary reveals some alarming details. With the added pressure of her marriage struggling and a series of anonymous phone calls, Annabel is drawn into the middle of a dark family secret. ‘Past Shadows’ is another absorbing murder mystery from crime thriller author Anthea Fraser. Praise for Anthea Fraser: “A superbly crafted, riveting, page-turner of a read" - Booklist “Ms Fraser is her dependable elegant, guileful self withholding the killer's identity till a dying fall" - Sunday Times “A well-mannered, well-plotted and well-told story” - Birmingham Post “Sympathetic, well-executed book, in which full attention is paid to human feelings and failings” - Yorkshire Post “Anthea Fraser is a worthy follower of the traditional whodunit system...The plot is sustained throughout, and her artistic detective who literally "draws conclusions" is an original character.” - Sunderland Echo Anthea Fraser has written all her life but did not begin to take it seriously until after marriage, when she found herself at home with two small daughters and embarked on a correspondence course with the London School of Journalism. She wrote short stories before turning to novels of the supernatural, and then to crime. Her novels include ‘The Seven Stars’, ‘The Ten Commandments’, ‘Death Speaks Softly’ and ‘Pretty Maids All in a Row’.

Yavapai Gold

R.O. Lane - 2018
    The two men are former Texas Rangers. Along with Sutton's daughter, the former Rangers ride into the Bradshaws with outlaws on their trail, who know that Sutton has a map to buried gold. Sutton's brother years before had buried the gold before being killed by Yavapai Indians, who considered the Bradshaws sacred territory. Kilcannon marries Sutton's daughter, who is then kidnapped by the outlaws, who kill her father. Kilcannon rescues his wife and the two of them find ways to get the gold back to Prescott, the capital of Arizona Territory. Outlaws kidnap Kilcannon's wife again, but she's armed and dangerous. She kills Buster Oldham, leader of the gang of outlaws, with her pocket pistol, and Kilcannon rescues her and kills the last of the outlaws. It's another classic western with a bit of romance by R. O. Lane.

Ezekiel's Journey

Johnny Gunn - 2017
    A lesser man might just give it up; but Ezekiel Hawthorne isn’t a quitter. While thousands head to the California gold fields in wagons, Ezekiel loads his mule and embarks on an amazing venture across the continent alone, bound for the good soils and abundant waters of Oregon. Savages, tornadoes, and a lack of knowledge don’t slow the man down a bit. It’s a beautiful half-Shoshone woman who has the biggest impact on Ezekiel’s new life.

Preacher With a Gun (Jubilee Book 1)

Brad Dennison - 2015
    When marshal Vic Falcone takes a bullet, he calls on the town preacher Tom McCabe to strap on a gun and wear the badge. The man who shot the marshal is in the town jail and awaiting trial, and the man's outlaw brother is out there somewhere, intending to free him. A lot for McCabe to handle, but even though he's a preacher, he's also the nephew of the gunfighter Johnny McCabe.