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Unearthed by Sherry D. RamseyLarry Gibbons


Glimpse: A New World

Michael AnderleVered Ehsani - 2016
    This thrilling anthology includes twenty-two stories, written by some of today’s most talented authors.Be tempted and fascinated with peeks into worlds of Ghosts, Vampires, and Fantasy, to Crime and Science Fiction.Many of these short stories are brand new, penned just for Glimpse, and features bestselling authors Michael Anderle (The Kurtherian Gambit series), Sarah Dalton (The Blemished), and Kindle Scout winner Debbie Cassidy (Sleeping Gods Series), plus nineteen more cutting edge authors enamored with telling stories and sharing them with YOU.Get a Glimpse… and be captivated.


Immortal Angel - 2018
    Can he save his elf in time? As the chief security officer on the Flouriant space station, Tovian works hard to keep the station free of crime. But when a threat arises that he can’t fight, there is only one elf on his mind: Callie. Callie has been watching a certain muscular cyborg on the station monitors a little too closely for far too long, but she’s never had the courage to tell him. Both are racing against the clock to protect themselves and each other. When he comes for her, will she have the courage to tell him how she feels?

Bride to the Beast

Samantha Madisen - 2019
    Despite her best efforts, however, her escape attempt fails and she quickly finds herself held in place over his strong thighs as her bare bottom is thoroughly spanked.Thanred's plans for Royla include much more than merely using her to keep his lust at bay. She will be his mate and bear his children. But to end his exile and take back his place among his people he will need to master his little human completely, claiming her publicly in even the most shameful of ways and leaving every potential rival in no doubt that she is his and his alone.Publisher's Note: Bride to the Beast includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

Iron Edge

P.S. Power - 2016
     George Elder is a man torn between two worlds. In one, he’s a hard-working auto mechanic and wounded war veteran with a mysterious past. In the other he’s a young Weapons Master, just starting out in life. The problem is that he doesn’t know which is real. If either of them actually is. Regardless, if his home in either world is going to survive, George is going to have to become something that he’s never tried to be in either life. A hero.

The Room in Grandma's House

A.L. Jambor - 2014
    She discovers that grandma Edna was a "collector." As she boxes up the spare rooms full of junk, Tiffany gets to know her grandmother. She also gets to know the ghosts from Edna's past when she opens a room in the attic and they begin to appear whenever she goes inside. Approximate words: 11,000Page count: 41 pagesGenre: Mystery / ParanormalAges: New Adult / Adult

Bog Roll Battles (Clovenhoof: The Isolation Chronicles #1)

Haide Goody & Iain Grant - 2020
    100% of author profits from this edition of the book will go to The Trussel Trust, a charity that supports 1,200 UK food banks and provides emergency food and support to people locked in poverty, people who need help more than ever at this time.

Strike a Pose (Secret World Chronicles)

Mercedes Lackey - 2011
    It was going to be one heck of a photo shoot.

Paranormal Misfits Boxset: Books 1-2

C.J. Anaya - 2017
    An updated edition can be found here.Book 1: My Fair Assassin It's not everyday a teenage girl is singled out for assassination. Crysta has come to accept the fact that she is freakishly different. Her shocking white hair, creepy powers, and weird eating habits have prevented her from fitting in with her various foster families. Now that she is fully emancipated and providing for herself, she hopes that life will settle down and become something halfway normal. Her hopes are shattered when a dangerous man with lethal intent breaks into her apartment, but this enticing stranger isn't what he seems. Is he here to kill her or protect her from others who will? Book 2: My Fair Traitor It's not everyday a girl gets married to a faerie prince of the Seelie Court. After swearing their love and loyalty to one another, Jareth is bound and determined to teach Crysta all she must learn to become queen of the Unseelie Court. But when Crysta and Jareth are attacked in the human realm, a journey to the Fae realm is put into play earlier than planned. Their hopes for marriage and a happily ever after are thwarted when their bonding fails and attempts on Crysta's life continue. That's not all they have to worry about. A magical plague has permeated the land, causing Fae everywhere to weaken and die, solidifying King Moridan's objections to their union. Jareth and Crysta must fight for their right to love each other in a world full of beings who believe their fated mate bond is a threat to the Fae realm and every faerie who inhabits it. Is their love preordained or poisonous? There's only one way to find out.

Alison Brownstone Omnibus #1

Judith Berens - 2020
    And for Alison Brownstone that’s both a blessing and a curse.But it’s time for her to step out of her dad’s shadow and make a new name for herself. On Her Own: What’s the harm in taking a break from protecting the city for one date? Alison is about to find out…Bounty hunter license in hand and attitude in place, Alison is ready to house-train the city’s malevolent magicals.But even a Brownstone needs a little downtime! Courting can be tricky when you’re busy taking out the neighborhood trash and facing off assassination attempts by power-armored goons. My Name is Alison: What’s stronger than magic itself? A Brownstone with a mission.Brownstone Security continues cleansing Seattle’s magical mobster underbelly while Alison draws strength from her trusted circle as she fights off the virus draining her powers.She uncovers the smuggling of magical pets and the harmful side effects of testing savage spells on humans and still has time to chase down her enemies.It’s dirty, dangerous work and leaves her friends the targets of vicious attacks. The Family Business: The Bitch is back. Alison’s powers are restored, and her magic is sizzling Dark Wizards gather in Seattle for a meeting. Alison isn't about to let them set up business in her town.Her friends have her back, even if one of them may be a traitor. The Brownstone Effect: When you want an Angel, call God. When you want someone to kick ass… Call a Brownstone.Alison and her team are looking to expand Brownstone Security. Good timing, too, as it sounds like something is brewing.An unexpected phone call sends Alison to D.C. where she meets up with an old friend.Danger follows this Brownstone, but it isn’t prepared for her counter. The Dark Princess: When a Power Broker is threatened, she knows who to call… a Brownstone.Alison and her team have to travel across the world to protect Abigail Wilson, CEO of Aeternum, as she negotiates for mining rights of a mysterious crystal. The simple escort mission turns deadly. They aren’t the only ones interested in the crystal’s power.

The Man Who Traveled In Elephants

Robert A. Heinlein - 1948
    Written may 1948.First published in Saturn, October 1957 as The Elephant Circuit.First collected into The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag, 1959.

World's Worst Day Ever: A Kurtherian Gambit Supplement

Craig Martelle - 2017
    Plausible. Scary in its simplicity. Horrible in its effect. Set in the Kurtherian Gambit Universe, this story explains how a few mistakes can have grave consequences. Unfortunately, the technology in the following short story is real. Yes, this could happen. Dammit. Who wants to really dwell on these things? This story was written by Craig Martelle, based on the original WWDE Document as authored by Jeff Morris. Otherwise, I would label this, "CrapI don't want to ever, ever, ever think about."

Matty: A Matt Turner Series Short

Michael Siemsen - 2013
    When a young girl is snatched on her way home from school, Matty's police detective father knows that every minute counts. For the first time - but not the last - Detective Roger Turner enlists his son's unique help.With over 130,000 copies sold, the Matt Turner Series launched author Michael Siemsen to bestseller status. The Dig (Book 1) and The Opal (Book 2) hint at the troubled psychometrist's shocking childhood, using his ability to "read" an object's history to help his father solve the worst kinds of crimes. Only now, with the short story Matty are we offered a firsthand glimpse into a young Matt's first case - tracking down a kidnapped girl named Joss Lynn Leland.

The Monster in My Closet

Wil Wheaton - 2011
    A short story written for Halloween

The System Apocalypse Short Story Anthology, Volume 1

Tao Wong - 2019
    A Galactic dark elf. A woman who has given up her humanity to become something more. These stories and more are available in the first short story anthology for the System Apocalypse, covering year one on Earth. When the world ends, humanity steps up, finding new ways to survive in a world with Classes, magic and monsters. The anthology features exciting, new stories by five new writers and a new, never publicly released short story by Tao Wong. The System Apocalypse world was first introduced in 'Life in the North' and is a LitRPG science fiction and fantasy post-apocalyptic work that features monsters, science fiction technology, character sheets, supernatural races and ancient myths in one heady, LitRPG brew. Stories and writers featured in this anthology include: Craig Hamilton - "Hunting Monsters" has our protagonist doing what he does best. Finding those who would exploit the System and the people within. Except this time, there are even more complications than normal. Alexis Keane - "Tooth and Claw" is a heart-warming tale of friendship that knows no bounds of race or distance. Ix Phoen - "Rebel Within" tells a tale of hardship in South America, where the monsters are not always the ones outside the walls. Tao Wong – “Debts & Dances” covers the arrival of the System from the perspective of our favorite Truinnar Lord. R.K. Billiau – “Phoenix Rising” covers an unconventional hero, one whose mind is slipping from him before the apocalypse. Will the apocalypse be his salvation? Or doom? L.A. Batt - “Overture to Obliteration” brings us to far-off New Zealand to glimpse the wreckage the System has wrought.

The Keyhole House

Elayne Kull - 2015
    She'd thought her dreams had come true when her favorite house in town, one she had named the Keyhole House as a child, was up for sale. The same day that Ashley and Saia move in, they realize that they may have purchased more than just an empty house. As strange happenings begin to occur, Ashley learns that a tragedy from Cypress Falls' past had much more to it than she'd heard.A tragic tale unfolds as mother and daughter learn more about the house and its former inhabitants. Ashley's former high school sweetheart-turned-teacher teams up with Ashley, Saia and Saia's new friend Holly to right a tremendous wrong committed more than 20 years ago. Can they settle troubled spirits, bring the guilty to justice and make the house the perfect place for mother and daughter to start over or will the Keyhole House remain haunted by the memories of its past?