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Royal Pains by Mia Dymond


Unconventional Beginnings

KaLyn Cooper - 2017
    But they can’t allow it to affect her. She’s too important.Nine months into the pilot program for the top secret Joint All Female Special Operations School, Katlin Callahan–Malone’s husband is killed in action along with his entire SEAL team. The Pentagon brass wants to know how that happened but the four highest ranking women in all the military services are more concerned about its effect on Katlin. She is pivotal to the success of their test project. Will the death of her husband change her mind about women being allowed in SpecOps?Unconventional Beginnings sets the stage for the Black Swan series by giving you a glimpse into the lives of several main characters three years before Unrelenting Love, the first book in the series. Although Unconventional Beginnings is a cliffhanger, the author has included the first three chapters of Unrelenting Love.

Instantly His (OTT Obsessed Book 1)

Mandy Morgan - 2020

Saving Lorelei

Julia Bright - 2018
     Sergeant Liam "Whisper" Davidson grew up being passed from family member to family member, and he learned the hard way that squeaky wheels earned attention, just not the right type. Army life fit him perfectly and moving into Keane "Ghost" Bryson's Delta Force team was a dream-come-true. When he glimpses the beautiful siren at the bank, he wonders a lot of things, mostly if she was single. When all hell breaks loose at the bank, Liam is unarmed and has no way of fighting back, but Lorelei's as strong and resourceful as she is beautiful. Together they make a great team, but can they work outside of a stressful situation or will their whisper of a relationship be blown away?

Broken Hearts at Brightwater Bay

Holly Hepburn - 2020
    But Merry has a secret: the magic has stopped flowing from her fingers. Try as she might, she can’t summon up the sparkle that makes her stories shine. And as her deadline whooshes by, her personal life falls apart too. Alex tells her he wants something other than the future she’d always imagined for them and Merry finds herself single for the first time since – well, ever. Desperate to get her life back on track, Merry leaves London and escapes to the windswept Orkney Islands, locking herself away in a secluded clifftop cottage to try to heal her heart and rediscover her passion for writing. But can the beauty of the islands and the kindness of strangers help Merry to fool herself into believing in love again, if only long enough to finish her book? Or is it time for her to give up the career she’s always adored and find something new to set her soul alight??The brand new series from Holly Hepburn, author of A Year at the Star and Sixpence. Parts one to four in the new series are available to pre-order now: BROKEN HEARTS AT BRIGHTWATER BAY, SEA BREEZES AT BRIGHTWATER BAY, DANGEROUS TIDES AT BRIGHTWATER BAY and SUNSET OVER BRIGHTWATER BAY ~*~Praise for Holly Hepburn~*~ 'A fresh new voice, brings wit and warmth to this charming tale of two sisters' Rowan Coleman 'Warm, witty and laced with intriguing secrets! I want to pull up a bar stool, order a large G&T and soak up all the gossip at the Star and Sixpence!' Cathy Bramley 'You'll fall in love with this fantastic new series from  star of women's fiction, Holly Hepburn. Filled to the brim with captivating characters and fantastic storylines in a gorgeous setting ... simply wonderful. I want to read more!' Miranda Dickinson 'The Star and Sixpence sparkles with fun, romance, mystery, and a hunky blacksmith. It's a real delight' Julie Cohen 'Like the dream pub landlady who always knows exactly what you want, Holly Hepburn has created the most delightful welcome to what promises to be a brilliant series, in the first Star and Sixpence. The sisters are warm and intriguing, the neighbours are (mostly!) friendly and the gossip is utterly addictive. I was very sad when it was time for last orders, and am already looking forward to the next round. Especially if a certain blacksmith happens to be at the bar...' Kate Harrison 'Warm, witty and utterly charming, Snowdrops at the Star and Sixpence is the perfect book to curl up with on a cold winter's day.

Grayson's Angel

Linzi Baxter - 2018
    After her mother died, she decided never to step foot in the state again. Then she gets a call saying her father is in hospital. Her trip home is supposed to be quick. She didn’t count on meeting a retired Navy SEAL who made her body come alive. A retired Navy SEAL looking forward to vacation Grayson Steele was looking forward to a vacation with old friends. The vacation starts out perfect when he is seated next to a blond-haired angel on the flight to Montana. He didn’t expect to see her again, or for her to jump into his car wearing a bloody wedding dress. Will Grayson be able to help Kara untangle the lies of her past before it’s too late? Or will an unexpected enemy take Kara from Grayson. Note: This book was previously published through Amazon Kindle World.

No Protection

Gennita Low - 2016
    Using his old SEAL connections, he catches a ride with a SEAL fire team. It's supposed to be a quick, easy job. Things get complicated when the team is hit by enemy snipers and his assignment, Fitz, turns out to be a woman. Ella Fitzgerald is on assignment as an embedded journalist with the women Peshmerga fighters. She wants to write about the strong women who have decided to fight in place of the many men who had left their country. Ella certainly hasn't expected to be picking up a weapon to do battle herself. Liam has left the SEALs years ago and has sworn off teaming up with anyone. Now, fighting to save his friends' lives, he's discovering there is no protection from the past, and with a woman strong enough to fight beside him, certainly none for his heart.

Chasing Katie

Heather Long - 2018
    His only clue? The purse he was found holding. But he isn’t the only one looking for her…This woman needs to hide…Determined to keep her head down, Katherine “Katie” Hennessy hides on her family ranch. When a man arrives, seemingly looking for work, Katie recognizes him as the person who saved her life on that dark, horrible day. Guilt and terror eat her up inside, but Liam’s presence is strangely comforting - he seems to know what she is hiding, and his strength buoys her. Then he tells her he needs her to come back to New York with him, to identify the bombers. The truth could cost her everything.Katie holds herself accountable, and the weight of the lie threatens to cripple her. If she tells the truth, it might set her free - and cost her everything in the same breath. Then the attacks begin, and Liam refuses to leave her side. The man will risk everything for her - can she do any less?

Valentine Honey

Cathryn Cade - 2019
    But when trouble arrives on their doorstep, will hearts collide? Sara Vanko’s life and marriage are about to change… forever.  But as Sara prepares to break the news to Ivan 'Stick' Vanko, President of the Devil's Flyers, that he's about to be a daddy again, a visitor shows up at the Flyers' Clubhouse—a cold blast from his past.When Sara steps in, Stick loses his famous self-control—in front of their entire club. It's more than the usually unflappable Sara can bear.Now this alpha biker man must admit he was wrong…and ask for forgiveness. This year, it’s his turn to make Valentine's Day a special one. Can he prove to her that Cupid's not stupid, and love's sweetness is worth the sting?

Until Merri

Suzanne Halliday - 2019
    At the time he was a senior in high school, which meant her dreams of being his girl weren't meant to be. Her thirtieth birthday is getting closer by the hour, but she's still crushing big time on her first love. The problem is her childhood crush is now her BFF and Merri isn't sure how to get out of the friend zone. With a divorce under his belt, a Purple Heart stashed in a drawer, and a business to run, Tom Franklin chooses to avoid the dating scene. Besides, no one interests him the way Merri does. If only they weren't trapped in the friend zone. When Tom needs a date for a banquet recognizing his dad, he asks Merri. With everyone they know cheering them on from the sidelines, the comically sexy misadventures of Tom and Merri begin. What happens after that is a wild, laugh-filled, adventure.

Until Her Smile

Samantha Lind - 2019
    Why would I, when every woman in my life, starting with my own mother, always walked out and never looked back. I liked my strict Army life—all I needed after my deployment was a vacation and time with my dad. Then it all changed… One beautiful songwriter. One chance meeting. One last first kiss. One smile. Her smile. That was all it took to captivate me and send my world spinning on its axis. After that, I knew I’d never be the same.

Steeling His Heart

Wren Michaels - 2018
    He has a life choice to or retire. His folks urge him to take over the family blacksmith business back home in Montana. Steel's never been anything but a military man, and the thought of a civilian life, especially in Eagle Rock—the place he couldn't wait to get out of at eighteen—is not the way he wants to go.LeTeisha "Letty" Stephens' life is circling out of control faster than her horse running barrels at the rodeo. An ailing mother, a failing ranch, and her World Champion title on the line, she must win the purse at the finals or she'll lose everything.When Letty witnesses something she shouldn't, she'll lose more than the race. She could lose her life. Steel, with the help of Hank Patterson and the Brotherhood Protectors, take on the fight of his life, one he's familiar with—taking down the bad guys. And one he's not—fighting for his heart.

Edited For Content

Amanda M. Lee - 2018
    Macomb County's favorite reporter is about to take on enemies, politicians and the typical criminals who populate her world. She's also prepared to win at all costs while going through life with a smile on her face and an insult on the tip of her tongue. That's why people love her … and sometimes hate her … and almost always want to gag her. This omnibus includes three full books: Off The Record, Unwritten & Underwater, and Extra! Extra! Dead All About It.

Burning Bridges

Anna Adams - 2014
    And now that she’s signed with Glitter Records and is working with her longtime celebrity crush, pop singer Matt, Lindsey is determined to win him over. But will burning bridges enable her to achieve her goals, or will she only end up badly burnt?*With a special cameo appearance from Maude Laurent (the French Girl series).This short story takes place before the start of A French Girl in New York.

Doing Him Good (The Very Good Boy Duet #2)

Abby Knox - 2019
    When the church sends him to time out to think about what he’s done, he instead has something way less wholesome on his mind. Boone intends to spend every waking — and sleeping — moment with the tempting Delilah, the woman he first meets on his way out the door of his church for the very last time. After a week of sowing his long overdue wild oats with the girl of his dreams, Boone has a decision to make: will he beg forgiveness or pursue happiness? Uhm, I think we all know the answer to that!  Contents may also include: An appearance by Boone’s younger sister Molly, from Fencing Her In. Two adorably awkward virgins. A fight at the roller derby. A commemorative tattoo. And Molly’s famous peach cobbler to help the parentals calm down about everything.
 Don't forget to grab the stand alone companion to this book, Fencing Her In.

Dear Mr. Firefighter

Kelli Callahan - 2019
     Chloe: I didn't have any real expectations. But it wasn't like I had anything to lose. They matched me with Cain. Formerly a Navy SEAL. Currently a firefighter. And oh boy. He gives hot-as-sin a whole new meaning. Cain: I never asked to be signed up for the matchmaking service. But apparently my niece thought I needed a girlfriend. Truthfully? That's the last thing I need. I'm too broken for love. That ship sailed a long time ago. How do I delete this profile anyway? Kelli's Note: This is a sweet and steamy romance that's perfect for Valentine's Day. Thirteen Amazon best-selling authors have once again joined forces to bring you the swoon-worthy heroes that you crave in a shared world. Get ready... We're going to make your candy melt.