Big Dog and Little Dog Going for a Walk: Big Dog and Little Dog Board Books

Dav Pilkey - 1997
    The sweet personalities, lasting friendship, and hilarious antics of Big Dog and Little Dog will enchant little ones and entertain dog lovers of all ages.

Boomer's Big Day

Constance W. McGeorge - 1994
    Here's his leash. There's the door. But try as he might, he can't get anyone to pay attention to him. The humans in the house don't rush out the door after breakfast as they normally do. And, most confusing of all, strangers arrive to pack all the things in Boomer's house into boxes. There's definitely something unusual going on.The simple text and heartwarming pictures charmingly depict Boomer's confusion, anxiety, concern, and ultimate delight on this day familiar to allmoving day.

Biscuit's First Beach Day

Alyssa Satin Capucilli - 2010
    Join Biscuit for some fun in the sun!

I'm The Best

Lucy Cousins - 2010
    He thinks they're brilliant. But he also thinks that he's the best, and he just won't stop telling them! So what happens when his friends decide to teach him a lesson, by showing him all the things they are best at?

Charlie the Ranch Dog: Stuck in the Mud

Ree Drummond - 2015
    Now our favorite bacon-loving dog is back in this new I Can Read story!It's not easy being a cattle dog, but Charlie knows he's the right dog for the job! When Abigail the calf gets stuck in the mud, Charlie springs into action . . . until he gets stuck, too! How will Charlie get out of this sticky situation?This Level One I Can Read is perfect for children learning to sound out words and sentences.

Cannonball Simp

John Burningham - 1966
    A small dog, abandoned near a trash dump and captured by a dog catcher, finds a home for herself when she is befriended by a circus clown whose act needs improving.


Helen Stephens - 2008
    But the boy’s big people don’t approve of the friendship. The dog is dirty! And he has FLEAS! Will these two friends be able to find a home together?Helen Stephens's timeless, kid-friendly art makes this heartwarming story a winner for anyone who's ever loved a dog.

Shhh! I'm Sleeping

Dorothée de Monfreid - 2016
    Nono wants a story, Zaza wants to switch beds, Kipp wants a drink of water....Will anyone sleep tonight?

Spot Can Count (Color): First Edition

Eric Hill - 1983
    Spot's 25th birthday presents are bold, beautiful color covers that give him a great new look. Enjoy Spot in paperback with full-color covers and traditional Lift-the-Flap features. Have more fun with Spot!

Clifford's Word Book

Norman Bridwell - 1990
    More than 200 labels identify everyday items Clifford sees as he walks through town, goes to the beach, plays at the park and visits the circus.

Puppy Love - World's Cutest Puppies: Dog Facts and Picture Book for Kids

Speedy Publishing - 2015
    This is because a child is absolutely captivated by animals. The encyclopedia of animals is especially appealing to all kids. Kids are fascinated by any book on animals. Animal books are loved by kids and the animals do indeed inspire them. Kids will be completely entertained and will stay interested with a book that holds their interest. Kids love learning about the animals.

Kipper's Toybox

Mick Inkpen - 1992
    There's a hole in Kipper's toybox, and Sock Thing is gone! What has happened to him?

The Great Dog Bottom Swap

Peter Bently - 2009
    It's so high class in fact, that each dog must remove their bottom before they are allowed inside the hall. But in the middle of all the frivolity something unexpected happens and the dogs have to make a hasty exit . . . with or without the correct bottom!

Fred and Ted's Road Trip

Peter Eastman - 2011
    Eastman's Big Dog . . . Little Dog and son Peter Eastman's Fred and Ted Go Camping and Fred and Ted Like to Fly--are on the move once again in Fred and Ted's Road Trip, the 100th Beginner Book published since Dr. Seuss launched the series in 1957 with The Cat in the Hat.In their latest adventure, Fred and Ted pack a picnic basket, jump in their cars, and hit the open road--but as usual, things don't go as the doggy duo plan. They encounter muddy roads, thunder and lightning, tire-piercing cacti, and overenthusiastic tire inflating that almost sends Fred into orbit! Perfect for P. D. Eastman fans, dog lovers, and families on car trips, this is a beginner reader that harkens back to the best of the Beginner Books edited by the Good Doctor himself.Originally created by Dr. Seuss, Beginner Books encourage children to read all by themselves, with simple words and illustrations that give clues to their meaning.

Fluffy and Baron

Laura Rankin - 2006
    Her name was Fluffy." So begins the adorable tale of a dog, a duck, and a perfect companionship. Perfect, that is, until Fluffy joins up with the wild ducks from the pond. Baron is suddenly alone—no one to play with, eat with, or cuddle up with at night. But when those wild ducks fly away, Baron’s in for a surprise—and more friends than he ever expected!