Run, Kat, Run and Encantado Dreams

Ramy Vance - 2019
     After killing three dead gods—again—you’d think I’d get a break. Some time off to lick my wounds in a very cat-like fashion. But my stalker has other plans. And after discovering who my stalker is—or rather, was—I miss the good old days when my enemies were dead gods and world armies. My name is Katrina Darling, and my stalker just had to be one of the most powerful creatures in all of creation, didn’t he? Encantado Dreams, Book 8: Katrina Darling hasn’t been back for the start of the semester, leaving a void in her seat and in her boyfriend’s heart. Luckily for both, I’m a shapeshifter who specializes in pretending to be a long-lost lover. And Justin is just too yummy to not indulge in. But when you’re a 500-year-old shapeshifter who’s broken her fair share of happy homes, you tend to make enemies. And one of my mine just showed up, making things a bit more complicated than I’d like. My name is Isabella Ramirez, and what was supposed to be a harmless little fling has turned into something far more deadly. If you like the Dresden Files, Mercy Thompson or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, then you’ll be helplessly addicted to the Mortality Bites series. "Mythology, satire, and brutal honesty. Vance delivers a knockout punch of fun and fearlessness in every last one of his books. Not only does he make you laugh, he makes you think. That's a rare combination that few authors ever achieve, and Vance does it splendidly." — John P. Logsdon, author of the Paranormal Police Department series. What Amazon readers are saying: ★★★★★ ‘Urban Fantasy at its best.’ ★★★★★ ‘Irritatingly unputdownable.’ ★★★★★ ‘Refreshing in its uniqueness.’ ★★★★★ ‘Boy was this long overdue! I was just whining to my husband about how everyone seems to be working from the same book outline when this little gem popped up.’ ★★★★★ ‘Great world building.’ ★★★★★ ‘Really enjoyable story. I went directly to Book 2.’ ★★★★★ ‘Genuine giggles on every page.’ ★★★★★ ‘Oh I needed that ... Something different.’ ★★★★★ ‘Ex-vampires, avatars, fae, and humans just trying to get along… Make time to sit down and read through in one sitting.’ The Mortality Bites Series takes place in the GoneGod World... an inspiring and unique setting of myths, magic and mischief. But what is the GoneGod World? Four years ago, the gods left. All of them. Their last message to humanity was "Thank you for believing in us, but it is not enough. We're leaving. Good luck." At first no one took them seriously. Until, that is, all the denizens of all the heavens and hells started showing up on people's doorsteps.


S.W. Clarke - 2019
     Isabella "Isa" Ramirez and her boyfriend are on the run from a government that hates her kind--"Others." Creatures of myth, of legend, of fairytales. And given that she's a shapeshifter who can take on any form she wants, infiltrate any organization she wants, they see her as deadly threat. Especially because she's on the run with secrets she just stole from them. They'll do whatever it takes to stop her. As if her life isn't complicated enough, enter Mr. Super-Hot Demigod of Legend and his cherubic, winged sidekick. Turns out, it's more than just the government after Isa. The strands of fate themselves have foreseen her importance to this world. It seems that she just might have the key to save her kind from extinction. But that means fighting, and in a world where not even creatures of myth and legend are immortal anymore, fighting can have deadly consequences. Now Isa has a choice to make - run in the hopes of finding a peaceful life for her and her love ... or stop and fight, risking the only chance she has for happiness.

The Talent Thief

Alex Williams - 2006
    Unlike his superstar sibling, this twelve year-old boy excels at absolutely nothing, although his sister would argue that he's the master of getting on her nerves. But when a mysterious creature as old as time steals her talent, it's Adam who fearlessly leads the charge to retrieve it and stop the creature before it can take the talents of other children. Brimming with colorful characters and dastardly villains, and recalling the best of Roald Dahl, Alex Williams presents a humorous adventure about where talent truly lies.


Cara Wylde - 2020
    They want me to confess, but I can’t remember doing the atrocities they’re accusing me of, so I keep silent instead. They hate my silence. They call me Wisteria because of my purple eyes, and they’ve vowed to make me talk. Officer Stone uses every cruel trick he knows. Father Rivera says he’s a man of God, but his eyes betray him sometimes. Warden Green is the only one who’s kind to me when he doesn’t let himself consumed by his own darkness. I feel drawn to the three Alphas, though I should know better. If the corrupted system doesn’t break me first, these powerful, twisted men will. Author's Note: This book contains dark themes and possible triggers. It's intended for mature audiences only. Read it at your own risk.

Claiming Her Beasts

Dia Cole - 2020
    One craves my body. And one will stop at nothing to possess my soul.Family is everything and I’ll do whatever it takes to support what’s left of mine. I’ll work double waitressing shifts seven days a week. I’ll even become the headliner at the local strip club.But I draw the line at accepting a drug lord’s indecent proposal. I’m not for sale. Unfortunately, the monster isn’t used to taking no for an answer and his ability to manipulate minds makes him a formidable enemy.Luckily, I’ve got my sexy roommate and a dangerous shifter watching out for me. They’ll protect me from everything… except their dark desires.If I can survive these beasts, the apocalypse will be a cakewalk.*This is book one in a steamy paranormal reverse harem series based on the rewritten and expanded Heaven in Hell series. Expect a kickass heroine and swoon-worthy monsters who’ll have to learn to share*Read the complete steamy reverse harem shifter romance series set in the same post-apocalyptic world*Claiming The Nanny (Prequel to Claiming Her Mates)*Claiming Her Mates: Book One*Claiming Her Mates: Book Two*Claiming Her Mates: Book Three


Bonnie Lamer - 2012
    On the run from blue eyed, demonic creatures who will stop at nothing to find her, she turns to a family of hunters for help. Irresistibly drawn to each other, she brings with her the handsome doctor who cared for her in the hospital. But they soon discover this isn't the first time their paths have crossed. In a life neither of them remembers, they were once tangled in a web of betrayal that drove them apart and a war began in the ashes of their love. Is it too late to salvage what they once had?

Justice Served Cold

Martha Carr - 2018
    Magic is on the loose and the werewolves, Elves and Witches are causing trouble. Leira’s working on a new world with her Light Elf by her side and a certain swearing troll.There are whispers among the dark Wizarding families that she’s a new kind of bounty hunter. Time to show them how it’s done. They’ll never see her coming. NOTE: This book contains cursing. Perhaps humorous cursing, but cursing nevertheless. If this offends you, I don't suggest reading this book.

In Deep Dark Wood

Marita Conlon-McKenna - 1999
    Granny Rose is suspicious of Bella, and Rory doesn't trust her, but ten-year-old Mia falls under the old woman's spell. Bella tells Mia of a faraway place, a world where dragons and giants and ancient magic still exists, and asks Mia to become her apprentice and learn the old ways.One dark night Mia disappears and Rory, determined to find his sister, follows her to a world he does not believe in. Riding the 'Shadow Hound', he journeys to a strange land of legendary creatures and terrible dangers.Bella uses all her powers to prevent the brother and sister finding each other, but Rory begins a brave quest to rescue his sister, break the strange enchantment that Bella has over her and find a way home.


Tracy Tappan - 2019
    But you have to act fast! This offer expires in a few days. (Details inside). Vampire versus Vampire Hunter… When two natural enemies collide, unexpected emotions arise between them, and in the resulting turmoil that rains down on their separate worlds, their survival quickly becomes a matter of who is really the hunter and who is…PREY


Julia Crane - 2012
    When she moves to Seattle for college, she encounters two powerful witches who need her as much as she needs them. For the first time, Anna believes she's found someone who can help her explore her own magick. Her dream quickly turns into a nightmare. Creatures of the Light have gone missing, and the witches she admires so well are a part of the mystery.Before she knows it, Anna is knee deep in the disappearances and trying to forge a relationship with a certain soldier named Tommy, all while trying to find her way. Will she have time to save the creatures of the light or will she become the next victim?

The Mammoth Academy

Neal Layton - 2006
    Oscar isn’t fond of schoolwork, but he loves learning outdoor sports and becoming best friends with Fox. Things are going wonderfully, until the cook’s oranges are stolen and Oscar spots some MYSTERIOUS TRACKS.Whatever made the MYSTERIOUS TRACKS has only two feet. Could it be those wild and dangerous animals called humans?

The Rogue Mage

Ben Hale - 2017
    She and the other oracles serve the people, guiding kings and commoners with their ability to know the future. Yet despite Alydian’s power she cannot foresee the coming betrayal, for a rogue mage lurks in their midst, and plots an alliance with the mighty guild of Verinai. Under the guise of benevolence the Verinai offer their magic to all, while their expanding reach is noticed by none. Except the Soldier. Branded a traitor, wanted for murder, the mysterious man is no ordinary bandit. For six years he has hidden behind a mask, hunting Verinai with his band of Defiant. But now his war is about to escalate, for he has targeted Alydian to send a message, that even an oracle can be killed. Beset by foes, Alydian will require more than magic to survive, for if she cannot change her future . . . She will fall to her fate.

One for Sorrow

Jen Pretty - 2019
    Now I have some kind of extra special powers, a really annoying new pet bird, and everyone wants me to raise murder victims-- something I swore I would never do again. But, when evil lurking in the shadows starts jumping out to make itself known, I can't exactly keep turning my back on humanity.Day one of my new life sucks, but a hot vampire might make it suck a bit less. Err, whatever.

The Clan of the Scorpion

Gareth P. Jones - 2011
    When the meerkats find a clown shaped clue in the poo at the zoo it can only mean one thing: the ringmaster and his circus goons are in town.

The Heart of the Stone

Dora Machado - 2008
    Or so begins the stonewiser's oath. But what happens when a rebellious stonewiser discovers that lies have tainted the stone tales? In a world devastated by the rot's widespread destruction, only the tales preserved in the stones can uphold the truth and defend the Goodlands. In this world, stone truth is valued above anyone's word, and stonewisers are the only ones capable of retrieving the tales from the stones, the only link between past and present, order and chaos.\nSariah is the most gifted stonewiser of her generation, but her talent does not atone for her shortcomings. A survivor of the Guild's brutal training, she is curious, willful, and disobedient. Yet not even Sariah is prepared for what she finds when she steals into the Guild's Sacred Vaults: A mayhem of lies and intrigues that shatters her world. Hunted, persecuted, and betrayed, Sariah must make an unlikely alliance with Kael, a cynical rebel leader pledged to a mysterious quest of his own. The fate of their dying world depends on their courage to overcome centuries of hatred and distrust. But not even the grueling journey has prepared them for what they're about to discover. Because nothing is really as it seems, and the truth is more intricate and devastating than they ever suspected . . . Vibrant with detail, alive with compelling characters, and packed with intriguing action and unforeseen twists, Stonewiser is an unforgettable adventure, an exquisite, heartwarming tale from a mesmerizing storyteller.