Thread and Spool

Holly Hook - 2016
    Her parents keep her around so they can gamble their money away and now her boyfriend's only staying because he's got a collection of game systems to grow. When Brie grabs the attention of Stilt, the new guy in town, it changes everything. Brie is a Legend—a character in a fairytale—and she belongs in a realm of magic called Fable. But when she crosses over to the new world with Stilt, she soon learns that the cruel ruler of the realm has taken an interest in her ability-and it could cost Brie her life. Stilt promises that he can help her escape, but in return, he asks for something that she might not be able to give. Can Brie put her trust in Stilt or will she die at the hands of greed?


Jessica Day George
    This book has been delayed indefinitely.

Prophecy of Oz

Megan Shan
    When she finds a trunk with some Ruby Red slippers she finds herself in an adventure that will give her life long friends and will break every thing that she has ever believed.

The Carver

Jacob Devlin - 2016
    . . THE PRINCE looks like he’s from another time entirely, or maybe he’s just too good at his job at Ye Old Renaissance Faire . . . THE ACTRESS is lighting up Hollywood Boulevard with her spellbinding and strikingly convincing portrayal of a famous fairy. Her name may be big, but her secrets barely fit in one world . . . Fifteen-year-old Crescenzo never would have believed his father’s carvings were anything more than “stupid toys.” All he knows is a boring life in an ordinary Virginia suburb, from which his mother and his best friend have been missing for years. When his father disappears next, all Crescenzo has left is his goofy neighbor, Pietro, who believes he’s really Peter Pan and that Crescenzo is the son of Pinocchio. What’s more: Pietro insists that they can find their loved ones by looking to the strange collection of wooden figurines Crescenzo’s father left behind. With Pietro’s help, Crescenzo sets off on an adventure to unite the real life counterparts to his figurines. It’s enough of a shock that they’re actually real, but the night he meets the Girl in the Red Hood, dark truths burst from the past. Suddenly, Crescenzo is tangled in a nightmare where magic mirrors and evil queens rule, and where everyone he loves is running out of time.

A Summon for the Seas

K.M. Shea
    A Little Selkie short story

The Reluctant Wife: a King Thrushbeard fairy tale

Nina Clare - 2017
    The Princess of Boheme has gone too far this time…Her father has had enough of her spoilt, selfish ways and has banished her from his kingdom.Cast out from a luxury castle to a lowly cottage, from privileged princess to scullery maid – could life get any worse? Can she learn the lessons that will change her hard heart? Can she learn the meaning of love, and who would want to teach her…?The Reluctant Wife: a romantic fairy tale.Sometimes it takes a broken heart to make a whole heart.

Playing Hearts

W.R. Gingell - 2016
    But Mabel has been in Underland before, and she’s not so anxious to go back. No matter what name it takes, Underland is always bizarre, always mad, always dangerous. There’s the Queen of Hearts, terrifying, powerful, and possibly insane. There’s Hatter, purple-eyed and undoubtedly mad. March Hare has always been one sandwich short of a picnic, and Sir Blanc is missing his wits. And then there’s Jack. Jack the aristocratic son of the Queen. Not quite mad, but not far off. Disinclined to help anyone but himself. A liar. And, thanks to an ancient ceremony performed by the Queen, Mabel’s fiancé. Fall into the rabbit hole with Mabel as she climbs through tea-pots, battles the Jabberwock, and attempts to overthrow the Queen of Hearts herself. Don’t lose your head. And whatever you do, don’t be late...

Spinning Thorns

Anna Sheehan - 2015
    . .Almost.Sharp, blood-seeking thorns still surround the castle. A feud remains between those who wield magic and those who were subjected to it. And while the kingdom is divided against itself, nothing can thrive.A rebellion may be needed - and that's where Sleeping Beauty's daughter comes in . . .

The Cindy Chronicles: The Complete Set

RaShelle Workman - 2013
    From a seemingly insignificant word comes the most magical of fairytales. SUMMARY:Possessing magic sucks.What doesn't suck? Fashion, Cindy's boyfriend Gabe, and her best friend, Snow White.Cindy (Cinderella...shhh, don't tell) was born a witch. It's part of who she is. But there's more to her than that. She loves deeply. And has a big heart. She'd do anything for those she cares about, including risk her own life to save theirs.When her fairy godmother demands she leave Salem, Massachusetts and return to the land she was born to rule, she has two options. Tell her fairy godmother no, and seal a death sentence on complete strangers. Or, leave all she's ever known behind, including the love of her life, for an unknown land she's fated to save.So, yeah, life sucks.But Cindy is determined to change that.The Cindy Chronicles:Witch MagicWitch LandWitch TimeWitch KissWitch LoveWitch EndBooks in the BLOOD AND SNOW world.Blood and Snow: The Complete Season 1Cindy WitchThe Hunter's TaleGabriel: a blood and snow short ~ coming Dec 1After the Kiss (Blood and Snow season 2) ~ coming Winter 2013

Fractured: Happily Never After? 3 Tales

Joanna Karaplis - 2010
    They’re the kind of stories that seem to stick with you. Maybe it’s the magic. Maybe it’s the handsome prince. Or maybe they’re just the absolute perfect place to lose yourself for a little while.But what would happen if Snow White were around today? Would Cinderella still need a fairy godmother? And would the Little Mermaid show up on YouTube?Joanna Karaplis has put an unexpected spin on Snow White, Cinderella, and The Little Mermaid; she’s quietly fractured the stories and then reassembled them for the 21st Century. So, while there may not be a whole lot of horse-drawn carriages and magic potions, you can be sure that there will be at least one evil witch and maybe even a handsome prince (or two)…

Till Midnight

Aya Ling - 2018
    They rarely go out, refuse to marry, and disappear every fortnight, only to reappear with bruises and cuts. When Alix, a poor shoe cobbler, is enlisted to help mend the princes’ boots, she is asked to investigate the princes’ mystery in exchange for extra coin. Soon, she finds that the greatest danger isn’t getting caught by the handsome eldest prince, Theo, but the unspeakable terror that will threaten the safety of the entire kingdom.

The Dragon Princess: Sleeping Beauty Reimagined

Lichelle Slater - 2019
    She was cursed to transform into a dragon, the faeries who vowed to save her are being murdered, and her mother has arranged her marriage to a handsome stranger from the northern kingdoms.When Prince Gerard leaves on a quest to find a cure for her, Elisa decides she’s done being like the girls in the stories. She’s not going to wait for her prince to save her. But there's more to her curse than she could have ever imagined. If Elisa accepts the dragon within, she could destroy her kingdom. But if she doesn't, an entire race will be killed, and she'll lose the one person she's learned to love.Elisa must save herself before she burns her kingdom to the ground.


Andrew Buckley - 2013
    The aforementioned dwarf, Rumpelstiltskin, has escaped the Tower prison of Thiside determined to finish the sinister plot he started so many years ago. Robert Darkly, oblivious that he is the son of the Mad Hatter, must partner with the mysterious ‘Agency’ to pursue Rumpelstiltskin across our world and the world of Thiside and uncover the treacherous secret that threatens to throw both realities into eternal chaos.

The Nutcracker Curse

Margo Ryerkerk - 2018
    She has twelve days to find and feed the nutcracker the magical nut Crackatook. If she fails, her soul will be trapped inside the toy for all eternity and her body will turn to wood.Instead of relying on her suitors or the king’s men to find the cure, Clara saddles her unicorn and sneaks out of the palace. Her childhood friend Philip notices her leaving and makes her choose between returning to the castle or allowing him to come along.Reluctantly, Clara agrees to him joining her, and soon, they are off to lands filled with mythical creatures.Will they survive all trials and find the Crackatook in time? Or will Clara’s soul become trapped in the nutcracker and her body turn to wood?

The Wicked Wood

Isobelle Carmody - 2011
    In this companion to The Wilful Eye, six much-loved writers - Catherine Bateson, Victor Kelleher, Cate Kennedy, Maureen McCarthy, Nan McNab and Kate Thompson - give fresh voice to age-old stories of abandonment, desire and entrapment.