Saved by A Billionaire 2

Miss J. - 2021

A Hitta Has Feelings Too: Dallas and Chloe's Hood Love Story

M. Monique - 2020
    Settling down is nowhere on her radar. When she gets in a sticky situation, she seeks out the help of the last person she wanted to deal with or even lay eyes on.Dallas McQueen is a man any woman would love to have show them any attention; except the headstrong Chloe. A man that has known nothing but war his whole life has a soft spot for the petite beauty and will stop at nothing until he gets her.Chloe knew the blue-eyed Hitta was the man she wanted to be with but she didn’t know if she was prepared for the lifestyle he lived. Already having a family of Hitta’s, she wanted something different and thought it would be easy getting away from him.Dallas had to come harder than ever to prove to Chloe that Hitta’s have feelings too and the way he feels for her is like no other. Will Chloe give in and allow Dallas to finesse her heart? Or will she continue to run from what her heart really wants.

Coming For What's Mine

Edwina Fort - 2018
    You have no idea… In my world the Gansta’s on the street are feared. I had no way of knowing that once I accepted a Botany Scholarship at Georgetown University I was going to be unwittingly thrown into the savage biosphere of politics. I’ve come to learn that here in D.C., the politicians are the real gansta’s, and that they are far deadlier than anything we common folk could ever imagine. However, I would soon find out just how dangerous the political milieu can be. It is a place of glamour, lies, and power. Trust the wrong person, and you can end up dead. I gave into the Senator’s son one night, allowing him to take what I had never gifted to another. It was the single most amazing thing I would ever experience. But that one night of unbridled passion would send my life spiraling into uncharted territory. The fruit of which I carried in my womb while fleeing to protect my unborn child… I knew she was to innocent to be pulled into my world. A world that was more treacherous than a pit of vipers. However, I could no sooner quiet my hunger for her, then I could the roar of an oncoming tornado. She gave me my taste, and I found my new addiction. But then she fled from me and became my new obsession. Now, nothing will stop me from, Coming for What’s Mine…From the Inside FlapWelcome warriors. You are nowentering the world of the demon slayers. Each of my books follows adifferent couple on their journey of discovery. Although each bookseries can be considered a standalone, they all tie in together tocreate an epic saga in the same universe. To get the entireexperience, I encourage you to check out my complete catalog listing.This title and other books in the series are all available on Amazonand/or Kindle Unlimited.The Redemption seriesGabe and Yasmine's -RedemptionMelek Black and Earth -RedemptionEarth's CryThe Law Boys SeriesJourney &Joseph Law -Coming for What's Mine Pt.1 & 2Rome & Nahkti-Falling for Rome Pt.1 & 2Tucker & Free -Mean Tucker Pt.1&2Levi Law & Scarlett -Save Me Pt. 1& 2Judah Law & Lace - The UntouchableOne Pt. 1 & 2The Warrior

She Fell For A Boss: An Urban Love Tale

K.C. Mills - 2017
    After one conversation with Miego, she is hooked. There is something about him that won't let her walk away. Despite the fact that he is a walking God, his arrogant and brusque demeanor are a little hard to take. Miego says and does what he wants and offers no apologies for it. Even with all that, Yamiah has to have him, regardless of the fact that it could put both her life and his in danger. Having a child with Black, who is ruthless and unforgiving, complicates things. In his eyes, Yamiah is his possession. Black isn't the type of man who is willing to share, and because of who he is, he doesn't have to. His name alone carries weight, and his money gives him a free pass with the cops. Bottom line, Black does what he wants, including control Yami's life. Fresh out of lock up from having trusted the wrong people, Miego realizes that he needs a change. Even though he claims he's done, the streets are all he knows, so he steps right back into the role he left. Once he encounters Yami, he doesn't think twice about walking away from Kia who had scorned him once. Miego is not the type to offer second chances, so when he makes that decision, he doesn't look back, leaving Kia to question what she thought they had. Getting back into the game is working out to be a lot easier than planned since Train is right there to offer the deal of a lifetime, but staying under the radar might be a little complicated since Miego's past is still lurking in the shadows. Regardless of any obstacles, he is going to make it happen. Once a boss always a boss. Miego always gets what he wants, and right now that's his throne back, and the girl of his dreams. He is more than willing to take out anyone who thinks they will get in his way.

Torn Love

Larissa - 2014
    But her heart had a mind of its own; and when the decision between love and loyalty comes flying at her full speed, Bella is at a standstill as only death can help her heart decide what's right and what's not. Santana is up next to take over his father’s empire; but when his eyes meet Bella, he soon has to choose between something that might last forever and a temporary setback. Torn Love takes you into the life of Bella and Santana, who were given everything on a gold platter until they decided to play both sides, causing guns to be drawn, blood to be shed, and lives to be taken, all because of a little thing call Love.

From the Pole to the Palace 2: A Love Nobody Expected

Diamond D. Johnson - 2016
    As the days go by, Jameeka realizes that Levi isn’t the man she thought him be, but it’s too late because she’d already done the unthinkable, and Seth would never get back with her in a million years. Now that Seth and Dreka finally are in a committed relationship, is it enough for her to leave the pole alone and finally settle down in the palace where she belongs? Dreka promised herself that once she let those three words, I love you come out of her mouth, that she would hang up her dancing shoes, but is that true? In addition to everyday relationship problems, she is now faced with deep, dark secrets that she thought she had left behind in her past, but she now has to bring those secrets to light. This second installment is filled with drama, laughter, and secrets. Some will make it out in the end, but others won’t.

In Love With A Brooklyn Thug

Nako - 2017
    The quiet girl from Brooklyn refused to go back to the projects– being raised by her selfish aunt her whole life was the push she needed to run far away and never return. According to Ms. Hudson, actions have always spoken louder than words, so when a blast from the past resurfaces and refuses to take “no” for an answer, Nia decides to give him one hour of her time. Surprisingly, one hour turns into a week, a week transpires into months and before she knows it, the two have become a couple. Together, East and Nia don’t paint the perfect-picture– they have nothing in common, and in fact, he’s the complete opposite of everything she stands for. Dangerous, thrilling, edgy, secretive, and quiet describes her current beau. East is definitely living life in the fast lane. Selling any and everything he can get his hands on and not knowing when the FEDS or worst, friends disguised as enemies will be his downfall. East doesn’t care about her flashy lifestyle as long as the cameras don’t land on him. Nia isn’t who she “post” to be, surviving in the projects wasn’t easy, she didn’t always possess her sassy attitude. When what was supposed to be a fun date night for the couple leads to Pandora’s Box being opened, Nia is left feeling betrayed. In this new suspenseful and quite romantic series from NAKO, love has been put to the ultimate test. Can the past be forgiven?

In Love with A Dope Boy

Treasure Bee - 2014
    At a young age, Tyler was forced to grow up and become the man of his family. Always the protector and provider for his sister, Tyler turned to the streets early on in order to survive. Despite her beauty, Skyler is insecure and unsure of herself. With no one to turn to except her brother, she often feels lost in Tyler’s crazy lifestyle. Tori is Tyler’s ride or die, but like most young girls involved with a street nigga Tori is struggling to hold on to her sanity while trying to deal with all the b.s. and drama that comes with being Tyler’s leading lady, as well as dealing with her own demons. Friends will turn into enemies. Secrets will be revealed and love will be tested. Only the strong survive, so who will be left standing?

When a Rich Thug Wants You 2

Pebbles Starr - 2014
    Will these three friends be able to juggle a rocky friendship after lies begin surfacing? And more importantly, will they be able to hold onto the relationships with the very men who were deceiving them? Canyon and Caesar were living the life before their entire world came crashing down around them. With the Feds sniffing around, they now have to be on their P's and Q's if they don't want their entire organization to crumble. Will these charming bad boys triumph in the end? Or will the presence of a relentless ex destroy everything they worked so hard to build?

Hold You Down 2

Dominique Thomas - 2014
    He’s given second chances to people that stabbed him in the back and tying up loose ends with Floyd’s family that’s out for revenge and looking to paint the town red with his blood. Yet the life that he wants to leave behind isn’t ready to let him go and sending Sophie away to California only caused more problems for their already troubled relationship. Sophie is upset with Ameer for sending her away and that pain pushes her into the arms of another man. Ameer won’t back down and he won’t lose his girl. He’s a natural born boss and he’ll show the world that Ameer Kadar Matin is no one to be played with. Take a ride with your favorite couple and see if they can survive lies, betrayal, and even death.

To be Loved by You: Mahailey Crime Family Standalone Novel

B. Love - 2017
    When his older brother dies, Kenzo thinks this is his way out – until he finds out his brother’s replacement. Isa Mahailey never wanted to be a part of her husband’s criminal organization. When Andreas dies, Isa thinks this is her way out – until he names her as his replacement. Malin Mahailey has always wanted to rule his family’s criminal organization. When his older brother dies, Malin thinks this is his way in – until he finds out his brother’s replacement. With Andreas gone, tension builds between Isa and Malin, while temptation threatens to connect her and Kenzo in a way she never thought was possible. On one side of her, Malin is trying to steal the throne she never wanted. On the other… Kenzo is trying to make her his wife and Queen. To be Loved by You is a complete 89,000-word drama packed standalone tale of love and loyalty. One where Isa’s choice between her deceased husband or his off limits brother has the power to change the Mahailey family forever. Advisory – To be Loved by You is a fast paced urban novel that contains explicit language and implied violence. If either of these offend you, To be Loved by You should be skipped in your search for reading pleasure.

All I Want is a Thug: A Hood Romance

Porscha Sterling - 2015
    With a mother addicted to crack, Kendrik's parents argued constantly, leading him to sneak off to Chellise's house and seek refuge sleeping on her bedroom floor. Although Chellise's parents forbid her to spend time with Kendrik, in her bedroom in the middle of the night, they secretly built a strong friendship. After Kendrik's mother and supplier are murdered by his father, Kendrik pleads guilty to the crime in an effort to save his father, thinking he'll only be charged as a juvenile. Fifteen years later, Chellise is living a dream. She is engaged to Mulah, one of the sexiest businessmen in the area, and life with him can’t get any better. But Mulah is keeping a dark secret that could shake Chellise’s entire world. He has a 7-year-old son with his best friend's sister, Kaletha. Mulah and Kaletha have told everyone else that he belongs to Kaletha's drug dealing boyfriend, and up until now it hasn’t been questioned. But now, Kaletha’s boyfriend has been given a life sentence for murder, causing Kaletha to pressure Mulah to step into his rightful role as father to their son. Kendrik, now grown, has taken to the streets to make his way through life in light of his troubled past. When his team arranges a job, he finds that the very house he is robbing belongs to his childhood friend, Chellise, who he hasn't seen in years. Unable to go on with his life without reconnecting with her, he finally runs into her and all of the feelings, he thought were lost over the years, return. The only problem he has is Gianna, his crazy, pregnant girlfriend who has shown she is not above slashing a tire, setting things on fire or even fighting it out in the streets to keep him in her grasp. In the midst of all the drama, secrets and betrayal, Kendrik and Chellise find themselves rekindling more than just a friendship when they start spending time together. Although Chellise wants to remain loyal to her fiancé, she can't help but be caught up by Kendrik's rough, abrasive and rugged nature. Will she be able to put a cap on her feelings before it's too late?

Don't Come Looking for Love 2 (DCLFL)

Natavia - 2015
    When one problem seems to be resolved, another one follows. Latavia discovers the truth about Kenjay, and he is not the man that he claimed to be. And just when she thinks that he is done with the streets, the problems follows them everywhere they go. But, Latavia has secrets of her own that might claim her life. Kenjay stumbles across some devastating news. The man that he looked up to has an agenda of his own. In this action-packed fast paced read you will discover that no one is to be trusted. Everyone wants the spot on the throne. With lies, murder, deceit, and secrets, welcome to Kenjay's Takeover.

Love From a One Night Stand

Trinity - 2015
    Until one night she meets Ghost a bad boy rapper with a play boy image. A one night stand with him changes her life forever. Kevin (Ghost) Jackson is a bad boy rapper who loves the party lifestyle and dealing with different women. He never thought he would settle down, until he gets Angel pregnant and is forced to slow down. Everyone disapproves of his relationship with Angel including his mother who makes him choose. Embark on the journey with Angel and Ghost as all the odds are against them to find true love. Will they become a family? Or will they allow people to get in the way of their true happiness?

A Kingpin's Dream

Briana Crosby - 2015
    With loving men of power comes drama and jealousy. Can Briana and Persia handle everything that comes their way or will they crack under pressure? They say that love is forever but is forever enough?