A Crew Christmas: An Evolve Series Novella

S.E. Hall - 2017
     No really... things get smashed. Crashed. Crazy. But what's a few minor casualties, as long as you have your family? Merry Christmas from The Crew!

Engaged by Christmas

Sarah Gay - 2018
    When Cat agrees to attend a party with her roommate, she doesn’t expect to ring in the New Year by kissing her roommate’s ex-boyfriend. Nikola isn’t looking for love, especially not when his ex-girlfriend shows up uninvited at his New Year’s Eve work party. When a Polynesian beauty entertains the group with a dance, it’s love at first sight. They share a beautiful kiss only to be interrupted by his ex-girlfriend. Will he ever locate the Polynesian Cinderella who leaves him in the center of the dance floor at the stroke of midnight without the slightest hint of who she is?

Kiss Me (Fairlane #2.5)

Harlow Layne - 2019
    He rescues a beauty from the side of the road and never expected one night would change his life forever.Gabi needed an escape from her world in LA. When her rescuer found her and her wrecked vehicle, she thought he was an angel. She quickly discovers she can rescue him back in a different way.A holiday power outage still manages to shine light upon what matters most to Gabi and Jax—the people and the moments that define us.One accident.A one-night stand.Two hearts.And...some mistletoe. What happens when the ball drops on New Year’s?Kiss Me is a stand-alone in the Fairlane series. The series has crossover characters from each novel. It is not required to read the books in order but it is recommended to enhance the reading experience.Fairlane Series:1. Hollywood Redemption (Luke and Alex)2. Hollywood Fairytale (Luke and Alex)3. Unsteady in Love (Holden and Prue)4. Kiss Me (Jax and Gabi) *Previously in the Spiced Holiday Kisses Anthology.

Bundle of Joy

Jamie Knight - 2019
    And up against it.But will we be rocking a baby in nine months?I'm a ski instructor at a fancy resort in New York.And I'm plowed into by a handsome older guy careening down the path.He apologizes and says he was staring at curves.And he doesn't mean the ones on the slope.Daniel's a billionaire who's having his son's birthday party here.The kid is spoiled and not exactly the most well-behaved.Daniel offers me a job as Charlie's nanny but I know nothing about kids.I do know it's not a good idea to mix work and pleasure.But when I'm fired from my job at the resort, I have no choice.Soon, Daniel is warming me up from the cold winter nights.And Charlie's behaving better because he loves having me around too.But I'm not sure what exactly we're doing.And then I find out Daniel might be the reason I lost the job I liked.I know he's cocky, dominant and controlling.I even like that about him sometimes.Like when he pinned me against the Christmas tree and took my virginity.But would he really force me to work for him?I'm already questioning everything, when I find out I'm pregnant.This is supposed to be the best time of the year.But it's the worst timing ever. Daniel always takes what he wants and claims what's his.But what about when he finds out I'm carrying his little bundle of joy? Bundle of Joy is a standalone Christmas-themed single dad secret baby romance. Jamie Knight promises to always bring you a happy ever after filled with plenty of heat. And never any cheating or cliffhangers!

Mistletoe in Malibu (Hot for the Holidays #1)

Lola West - 2020
    But when your best friend is married into the Morgan Family, a herd of ripped and rowdy ranchers who won’t take no for an answer, quiet Christmases evaporate. A private jet ride later, I’m on the beach in Malibu, being hounded by the most attractive young cowboy I’ve ever laid eyes on. Too bad he’s way too young for me. BuckDid you ever see a woman who just knocked your socks off? Delores Reed is my cup of pudding. She’s funny and pretty and sure, a little bit older. She’s worried that if we get together people might talk. I’m nobody’s secret - but maybe for Delores, I can try. Mistletoe in Malibu is a Christmas spinoff of Lola West’s Big Sky Cowboys Series. Featuring all the Morgan characters that readers have come to know and love. Hot for the Holidays is a series of sexy fun short stories that will take you on a tropical escape for the holidays. Enjoy all the steamy stories in the series:Mistletoe in Malibu - Lola WestBows in Bora Bora - Jade BayPresents in Positano - Anita KnightElves on Easter Island - Jaycee WolfeChristmas in Cayman - Kara KendrickMerry in Mykonos - Aurora PaigeDecorating Abu Dhabi - Eva WinnersKringled in Key West - Layne DanielsKrampus in Kaua’i - Ava KnightSugarplums in St. Thomas - Loni Ree

Italian Christmas Proposal

Helen Scott Taylor - 2014
    Leo has his own troubled past to overcome, but when he rescues Claire from the rain and takes her home to meet his daughter, the magical Italian Christmas offers them both a second chance at happiness.

Under the Kissing Tree

Kate Perry - 2015
     Big mistake. It seemed ideal to Eliza: go to a city she loves, and hide from the heartbreaks of the past year. But her grandmother is determined to teach her that the holidays hold the magic they once held, and that life is about love. Eliza knows better though, and nothing can make her believe in stardust again. Not Paris's lights, not her grandmother's fruitcake, and certainly not Xavier, the boy next door who's, now, very much a man.

Christmas Surprise

Lena Bourne - 2015
    Enjoy! A short but sizzling Christmas Romance At twenty-six, Nicole finally has the career she always dreamed of, but even though she’s surrounded by alpha males all day long, working as a tough financial journalist, the right man just isn’t coming along. Or maybe she already met him long ago, but he slipped through her fingers. It’s Christmas, and Nicole is visiting her family for a well-deserved vacation. But when Mark, her long lost love, appears it seems the holidays won’t be as calm as she’d like. Especially since Mark grew up into a very desirable hunk. Can Nicole let go of past hurts to give love a chance? Intended for 18+ audiences.

Blue Christmas

Alyson Reynolds - 2016
    If it wasn’t for her best friend’s wedding, she wouldn’t ever step foot in that awful place again, but a promise is a promise. The last thing she wanted was to face the people from her past that she would rather not see ever again, including her ex-boyfriend and his horrible mother. But now she’s back and Ryker is different. He’s gone from being the golden boy of Springbrook, to the bad boy momma’s keep their babies from. And he’s asking her for one week. One week to get each other out of their systems. The only problem is, one week isn’t nearly enough. If Maddy gets involved, she’s positive her heart will be broken again, but one week with Ryker might be worth it.

Warm Kisses

Loni Ree - 2020
    Freaking black ice.Waking up in a hospital room is a shock. Either I survived the crash, or this is hell. My head is pounding while pain slices through every inch of my body. You could say I’m a little grumpy from the ordeal I’ve endured. After kicking every incompetent twit out of my hospital room, I’m shocked when the perfect, curvy angel walks in. Forgetting about the pain is easy as I stare into her stunning eyes.As the newest nurse on the Trauma floor, I’ve been assigned to care for the problem patient. Lucky me. Nothing makes Mr. Grumpy Pants happy. Unfortunately, healing his body won’t do anything for his nasty temperament. Too bad, my silly heart doesn’t seem to care that the wealthy, handsome businessman is such a jerk. I might be falling for Mr. All Wrong.What happens when the adorable nurse gets stuck with the world’s grumpiest patient? Her kisses warm his cold heart and turn him into Mr. So Right.This over-the-top quick read is just what you're looking for if you like sweet, clean, insta-love romance with a little bit of humor.


M.N. Forgy - 2017
    I’m the sheriff, and he’s the outlaw of a major biker gang. I have to pick a side this Christmas. Do I honor my badge like I was born to do, or do I cross my line of blue and my man home for Christmas?

The Christmas Truce: A Novella (Rosalind Brewery Series)

Palmer Jones - 2020

Marshmallows & Mistletoe

Marianne Rice - 2018
    Noel loves everything about it. From the decorating, to the music, and the baking. While visiting her parents in their farmhouse nestled in the Maine woods in preparation for the holiday, she finds herself alone when the power goes out. But when she finds a stranger and his little boy stranded next to the road, she follows her intuition and offers them shelter until they can figure out how to restore the power. All Ian wanted to do was take his son to see Santa. Now he’s stuck with a Christmas enthusiast in a farmhouse decorated with smiling faces on family pictures. But as Ian spends more and more time with Noel, he’s reminded of what the true spirit of Christmas is all about. Family, joy, kindness…and love.

Naughty Santa

Janelle Denison - 2016
    A naughty, sexy Christmas romance Amanda Creighton has always been the epitome of a good girl, until the day her inner vixen convinces her to tease the office bad boy with a gift he can't possibly resist.

Christmas Reflections

Joanne Jaytanie - 2014
    She moved to California to attend college, and then went to work for a large corporation. It didn’t take her long to realize that clawing her way up the ladder at others expense wasn’t the life she wanted. She moved back to her home town, fell in love with the ‘family feel’ of living there and has a close knit group of girlfriends she shares everything with. Now if she could only find a way to make her dream career a reality she would have it all, except for Mr. Right. Colton Weatherly is a city guy who eats and breaths his career as a project manager for a acquisitions corporation. He is assigned to acquire the Glenville Ski Resort, along with the Schwartz Christmas Tree Farm. By his estimation it will be an easy close, and he plans to wrap it up in one short weekend. What he didn’t plan on was butting heads with Juliet, who is not the average ‘local girl.’ Reflecting on one’s life can sometimes lead to discovering a path you never knew existed.