Residential Landscape Architecture: Design Process for the Private Residence

Norman K. Booth - 1991
    The text provides a thorough, how-to explanation of each of the steps of the design process--from initial contact with the client to a completed master plan. The text's numerous illustrations and useful case study examples offer a rich learning experience for students. Whether you are just starting your design career or are a current practitioner, this valuable resource is sure to enhance your skills and knowledge.

Donald Trump Jokes: The Best 100+ Hilarious Jokes About Donald Trump

Josh N. Hugh - 2017
    This book is great for a gift or for a good laugh in your downtime or fun to read aloud with your friends! Check out our other books at

The Landscape Urbanism Reader

Charles Waldheim - 2006
    Hence a new architectural discourse has emerged: landscape urbanism.In The Landscape Urbanism Reader Charles Waldheimwho is at the forefront of this new movementhas assembled the definitive collection of essays by many of the field's top practitioners. Fourteen essays written by leading figures across a range of disciplines and from around the worldincluding James Corner, Linda Pollak, Alan Berger, Pierre Blanger, Julia Czerniak, and morecapture the origins, the contemporary milieu, and the aspirations of this relatively new field. The Landscape Urbanism Reader is an inspiring signal to the future of city making as well as an indispensablereference for students, teachers, architects, and urban planners.

The Loneliest Hobo: The Longest Road

Geoffrey Peyton - 2015
    I was in no real rush to get back home immediately and I fancied a bit of a stroll anyway. This stroll took me over a month to complete, and as the chilly autumn became a very cold winter I realised that living the life of a hobo wasn't as easy as one may think. The only only items on my person that kept me going through the seven weeks or so was a hot water bottle, a single calor gas stove and my radio. But there were times when even those life savers ran out of their respective fuels, and soon depression, hunger and eventual thieving, took priority for my needs.      This is the story of my 250 mile walk home to Birmingham from St. Ives, Cornwall, in the autumn of 1990.

Ken Burns: The Kindle Singles Interview (Kindle Single)

Tom Roston - 2014
    In this illuminating, in-depth Q & A, “America’s storyteller” lets readers in on his philosophical approach to understanding our nation’s past, as well as a little family secret for overcoming your fears.Tom Roston is a veteran journalist who began his career at The Nation and Vanity Fair magazines, before working at Premiere magazine as a senior editor. He writes a regular blog about nonfiction filmmaking on and he is a frequent contributor to The New York Times. He lives with his wife and their two daughters in New York City. Cover design by Adil Dara.

The Landscape of Man

Geoffrey Jellicoe - 1975
    A selection from Geoffrey Jellicoe's "The Atlanta Historical Garden" is included.

Planting: A New Perspective

Piet Oudolf - 2013
    With Planting, designers and home gardeners can recreate these plant-rich, beautiful gardens that support biodiversity and nourish the human spirit.An intimate knowledge of plants is essential to the success of modern landscape design, and Planting shares Oudolf’s considerable understanding of plant ecology, explaining how plants behave in different situations, what goes on underground, and which species make good neighbors. Extensive plant charts and planting plans will help you choose plants for their structure, color, and texture. A detailed directory shares details like each plant’s life expectancy, the persistence of its seedheads, and its propensity to self-seed.


James Altucher - 2012
    I've then compiled the best questions, expanded my answers, and provided much original material to create this book, "FAQ ME".

Reeds Skipper's Handbook

Malcolm Pearson - 2005
    A handy pocket size, it is an aide-memoire of everything a boater would need to know at sea. Packed with a wide range of information in a concise form it is frequently recommended by Yachtmaster Instructors as a quick reference guide and as a revision aid for anyone taking their Day Skipper and Yachtmaster certificates.The 6th edition has been expanded with helpful new material on boat handling, tides, ropework and general seamanship.'A terrific little volume' Motorboat & Yachting'A brilliant guide for beginners and an excellent refresher for more advanced skippers... a top rate book' Waterstones'Everything you would need to know when going to sea in a yacht or small boat...a humdinger of a little book' Nautical MagazineReeds Skipper's Handbook is a must for anyone going to sea in any size of boat - be they novice or old hand. Many thousands of skippers and crew have found it invaluable as a memory jogger and fresher whether at sea or on land.

Time-Saver Standards for Landscape Architecture

Nicholas T. Dines - 1997
    It is fully metric, to meet Federal and International requirements. It features increased coverage of: Site storm water best management practices - New urban tree planting and xeriscape concepts - Earth retaining structures and pavement design - Land reclamation, including soil and vegetation restoration - Metric site layout practices, including recreation facilities - Energy and resource conservation - Natural processes and site construction procedures - New expanded construction details - Simplified construction materials data. Over 50 sections provide concise tables, checklists, Key Point text summaries, and illustrations to provide an invaluable information resource for offices and classrooms throughout the world.

California Native Plants for the Garden

Carol Bornstein - 2005
    Authored by three of the state's leading native-plant horticulturists and illustrated with 450 color photos, this reference book also includes chapters on landscape design, installation, and maintenance. Detailed lists of recommended native plants for a variety of situations and appendices with information on places to see native plants and where to buy them are also provided.

En el país de la nube blanca / La canción de los maoríes / El grito de la tierra

Sarah Lark - 2012
    A publishing phenomenon that has given rise to a new genre: the landscape novel that has sold over six million copies.

Notes on a Shared Landscape: Making Sense of the American West

David Bayles - 2005
    Bayles now turns that same attention to his native West.When European Americans “discovered” the American West, they fell in love with the resplendent landscape. The love affair and its congenital flaws persists to this day.Bayles writes: “. . . the question is why my people bungled our occupation of the West so badly when no one really wanted to, when there was every chance to get it right, when voices of caution were constantly raised, when what needed to be done was frequently obvious, and when, occasionally, we did get it right (think: National Parks).”Notes on a Shared Landscape engages the issues that make the West the West—widely ranging over the autobiographical and the cultural, the ecological and the epistemological, the cow and the potato. This is an intensely personal book, and though the Western library is huge, there is not another book like it. Much of the text unfolds in Yellowstone, where Bayles writes:In the Lamar valley of the Yellowstone, beaver gnaw the trunks of cottonwoods, elk browse their leaves. The shadows are long, even in summer. Even so, it is just another place. In it, just as elsewhere, we see the marks of our own hands faintly because we don’t have to know very much about the land we live in, because we are equally a part of and apart from nature, and because there is hardly any moment when humans are more delusional than when self recognition is required.

Recovering Landscape: Essays in Contemporary Landscape Theory

James Corner - 1999
    While this recovery invokes a return of past traditions and ideas, it also implies renewal, invention, and transformation. Recovering Landscape collects a number of essays that discuss why landscape is gaining increased attention today, and what new possibilities might emerge from this situation. Themes such as reclamation, urbanism, infrastructure, geometry, representation, and temporality are explored in discussions drawn from recent developments not only in the United States but also in the Netherlands, France, India, and Southeast Asia. The contributors to this collection, all leading figures in the field of landscape architecture, include Alan Balfour, Denis Cosgrove, Georges Descombes, Christophe Girot, Steen Hoyer, David Leatherbarrow, Bart Lootsma, Sebastien Marot, Anuradha Mathur, Marc Treib, and Alex Wall.

Idiot's Guides: Succulents

Cassidy Tuttle - 2015
    They have captured the hearts of crafters, decorators, and plant lovers all over the world. Always popular as an outdoor plant in warm climates, succulents have found a new popularity as a try indoor plant that's easy to care for and fun to look at. Idiot's Guides: Succulents includes:+ Everything needed to select, pair, pot, and care for succulent plants. + Snapshots of 100 of the most popular varieties of succulent plants, including care, color, hardiness, pairing, and a full-color photo for each. + 16 beautiful craft projects with how-to steps and color photos, including picture frames, wreaths, terrariums, centerpieces, and bouquets. + Tips on successfully propagating new succulents from existing plants. + Extensive advice on choosing pots and unique planters, repotting succulents, and pairing varieties for maximum impact. + An index of succulents by color and height that gives readers another tool for selecting the succulents that will look.