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The Como Falcon (Ali Falco, #1) by Jeff Carson


Detective Matt Brindle Double Book Box Set

Helen H. Durrant - 2021
    It means sorry. But he is not the only victim. Four more bodies turn up with the same hallmark. DI Matt Brindle is on the case. What is the real connection between the victims and who will be next?BOOK 2: THE OTHER VICTIMEstate agent Ronald Potter is found dead on the kitchen floor of a house for rent. Ronald led a blameless life and DI Matt Brindle cannot find any motive for his murder. But an intensive search of the property leads to a very disturbing discovery in the cellar. Can Detective Brindle expose the truth before the body count rises?

Ava James and the Ivy Grove

A.J. Rivers - 2021
    FBI Agent Ava James had a difficult entrance into the FBI.After shadowing famed agent Emma Griffin inside the disturbing underbelly of Windsor Island. Ava James is now ready to carve out her own path in the agency.But before she dives into the case awaiting her in Harlan, she receives an invitation to attend a special gala weekend.A gala honoring her aunt who has devoted her life to charity.Although still recovering from the shocking aftermath of the last island she attended.Ava does her best to put her best foot forward for the sake of her aunt.When a strange suicide mars the special event, it’s Ava that starts questioning what she sees. As the secrets of the Foundation start to bubble to the surface, Ava faces the realization that she may be more than just an invited guest.Truth, lies, and consequences.The only way off this island may be death...


Jamie Millen - 2022
    A homicide detective’s destiny.Everybody loves Claire’s little sister, Tina. But only Claire sees the twisted psychopath hiding behind her sister’s angelic face. When Tina is brutally murdered on her fourteenth birthday, the day Claire failed to walk her home from school, Claire never forgives herself. And neither does their mother.Twelve years later, more girls turn up dead in Newburgh exactly like Tina. Claire, now a police detective, suspects that her sister’s murderer is still on the prowl. But the serial killer stumps the FBI forensic profiler assisting the case and Special Agent Robert Cline—Claire’s old flame.When Claire becomes the lead suspect in the murder investigation, the system turns against her. Unable to trust anyone—not even herself—Claire must break every rule in the book to save the next girl.With time running out in this nerve-shredding psychological thriller and harrowing family drama, a shocking discovery changes everything. Is Claire’s sister truly dead—or is she playing one final lethal prank?YOU DID THIS is the first book in the Claire Wolfe Thrillers series and can be read as a standalone mystery. Fans of Mike Omer, Robert Dugoni, Melinda Leigh, and Karin Slaughter should get to know Claire Wolfe.

The Lake House

Kate Watterson - 2022
    He’s trying to solve the mystery of a drowning with an unidentified victim. But with no leads, he’s getting nowhere. And now, at the same lake, two more women suddenly have gone missing.Chris suddenly finds he has an array of murder suspects but no bodies. At the center of it seems to be a young woman, Lauren Mathews. He doesn't know what role she plays, but he does know she is of interest to at least three of the men under suspicion.But a pattern is emerging. Another body surfaces.The killer will stop at nothing to stay hidden. But as he draws closer to unraveling the mystery of dead women, Chris begins to fear Lauren will be next on the killer’s list.

The Engine House

Rhys Dylan - 2022
    But as the killer scrambles to cover up the truth, the body count rises.Working with a new young team, Warlow peels away the layers to reveal the dark and rotten heart that beats beneath the chocolate box tranquillity of an area renowned for its quiet beauty.But does he still have what it takes to root out the monstrous truth before all hell lets loose?The Engine House is the gripping debut crime thriller set in the heart of wild Wales from author Rhys Dylan. Perfect for fans of LJ Ross, JD Kirk. JM Dalgliesh and Simon McCleave. Celtic noir with a spatter of dark humour.

One Final Breath

C.R. Chandler - 2020
    . . and then they dieDeep inside a national forest, Special Agent Ricki James stands in the middle of a killing field that was never meant to be found. The victims are all naked, with no identification and no clues other than a single bullet hole in their skulls. With the carnage laying all around her, Ricki only knows two things for sure: they were all murdered execution-style, and a killer who goes to this extreme to hide his work, isn’t finished yet.Teaming up with the new, local police chief, she starts a dangerous hunt for a serial killer who moves like smoke through the forest and hides in plain sight within a crowd. The only common link between the victims that Ricki uncovers is one she shares with them herself. When she finds the blood-soaked remains of the latest murder, the body isn’t even cold before another person vanishes in broad daylight. But this time the killer struck close to home in a direct, taunting challenge for Ricki to follow him if she can.Now it’s no longer a game of cat and mouse, but a race against time. A race she must win, or someone she loves will die.If you like Melinda Leigh, Mary Barton, and AJ Rivers, it’s time you met Special Agent Ricki James!

Dead Woman Crossing

J.R. Adler - 2020
    A devastating murder. A town full of secrets…Haunted by the serial killer she never caught, Detective Kimberley King leaves her job in New York and relocates to the sleepy town of Dead Woman Crossing, Oklahoma. Kimberley hopes to bring her daughter Jessica up close to her family, far from the bad memories the city holds. But her quiet new home is not the peaceful place she dreamed of. Within days of her arrival, Kimberley is called to the scene of a terrible crime: her friend Hannah, a single mother, has been brutally murdered, her one-year-old daughter the only witness.Kimberley can’t ignore the similarity of Hannah’s death to that of Katie James, a young woman who was murdered in 1905 on the banks of the same twisting creek. Dead Woman Crossing is named after her, and it seems someone is drawing inspiration from the crime. Could this killer be a copycat?Teaming up with Sheriff Sam Walker, Kimberley struggles to make headway with Hannah’s murder. In a small town, people don’t talk to outsiders and Kimberley has a hard time gaining trust, even within her own family. Kimberley isn’t afraid to ask questions, but when she receives a threatening note, she realises that, as a single mother to a young daughter, she might be putting herself dangerously in the killer’s sights…

Tell Me a Story

Jennifer Rebecca - 2018
    Most recently, a young boy is missing from his home and the tenacious Detective Claire Goodnite is eager to find him. But the case is stirring up old memories best left forgotten. When a blast from her own past, FBI Special Agent Wesley O’Connell, turns up, Claire finds it hard to keep old ghosts at rest. And even harder to keep the sexy SAIC out of her case and her bed. Claire Goodnite is the best damn detective in the state of New Jersey and you better believe she's coming for you.

The Platte River Waltz, The Growler Brigade

Ken Consaul - 2011
    In 1848, only seventeen years old, on the Oregon Trail and suddenly orphaned, Josh begins a journey through the unsettled frontier of a wild continent. Just making first acquaintance with manhood, he quickly finds his future linked to Elizabeth Hampton, a coquette from his old hometown. Together they resolve to venture into an uncertain and dangerous future. Accompanied by Jubilee, an escaped slave, Josh and Elizabeth join a wagon train of Missouri emigrants led by a voyageur scout and a town constable turned captain. The couple commences a lusty exploration of the lands they pass and of each other.The scout is the first to recognize the mettle of Josh Bonner, taking the novitiate under his wing. Others in the party, a missionary couple, an adventurous sawbones, and a clan of farmers, quickly recognize the newcomers as a formidable alliance that drives the expedition across the wild prairie. The land, the weather, and human frailty threaten, but cannot daunt their resolve. Populated with compelling characters, colorful dialog, intriguing subplots, and thrilling encounters; Bonner's Road West explores a period of American history largely passed over by contemporary historical fiction.The Growler Brigade picks up the Bonner tale as the train departs Fort Laramie. Soon they hear of the discovery of gold at Sutter's Creek in California. Josh and Elizabeth abandon going to Oregon and opt for California, along with several other wagons. Delacroix, the scout, lets Josh lead the smaller party over one of the numerous cutoffs on the road to test him. The cutoff behind them, the train splits, with the smaller party bound to seek their fortune in the gold fields.Josh leads the small party through The Great Basin and into the Sierra Madre Mountains just as winter begins to close the passes. Barely making it through the Bonners meet Duncan Shipwash, a mining engineer in search of backers. Together, they find a promising claim in an arroyo and plan for an arduous ordeal as the snows shuts them into the canyons.

The Welly Wheel Murder (A Miss Fortune Murder Mystery, #1)

Stephen John - 2021
    Fortune and Ida Belle tag along for support. When they arrive, they stumble on an unsolved murder that took place at the Festival two years earlier. When Fortune meets a shady character with an agenda and a motive for murder, the Swamp Team 3 jumps into action. They receive help from a colorful local P.I. with sharp wits, unsuspected talents and a taste for nice things. As they dig deeper into the mystery, a conspiracy unfolds that leads them into a deadly, dark world. The Welly Wheel Murder is filled with twists and turns, funny banter and outrageous situations.

Girl, Under Oath

John Ellsworth - 2021
    It shatters when his dying request is to pay half of his two-million-dollar life-insurance policy to some woman named Elise.Shocked to learn the secret affair resulted in a second wife and a child in Paris, Jenny comes face-to-face with the other woman when Elise shows up demanding half of everything she’s worked hard for—over Jenny’s dead body. As the wives square off, Jenny stands trial for their husband’s suspicious death.Criminal attorney Michael Gresham, is on the case, but when Elise suddenly vanishes, disturbing texts, emails, and a horrifying discovery come to light. When dangerous attraction and sudden obsession collide, Michael must entrap a killer to protect those he loves from a case that’s turned personal.Don’t miss the slow-burn suspense from USA Today Bestselling author John Ellsworth. If you enjoy jaw-dropping plot twists, engaging legal drama, and battles of wits and wills, this gripping thriller is a read all night page-turner.

The Fallen Girls

Kathryn Casey - 2020
    By the time she looked up, the man towered above her. In a single movement he wrapped one thick hand around her waist, the other he clamped over her mouth, muffling her screams.Detective Clara Jefferies has spent years running from her childhood in Alber, Utah. But when she hears that her baby sister Delilah has disappeared, she knows that the peaceful community will be shattered, her family vulnerable, and that that she must face up to her past and go home.Clara returns to find that her mother, Ardeth, has isolated her family by moving to the edge of town, in the shadow of the mountains. Ardeth refuses to talk to the police and won’t let Clara through the front door, believing she and her sister-wives can protect their own. But Clara knows better than anyone that her mother isn’t always capable of protecting her children.When Clara finds out that two more girls have disappeared, all last seen around the cornfields near her family’s home, she realizes it’s not just Delilah who’s in danger. And then she gets a call that a body has been found…Clara will have to dig deep into the town’s secrets if she’s going to find Delilah. But that will mean confronting the reason she left. And as she gets closer to Delilah, she might be putting her more at risk…Gripping and spine-chilling, readers will love Detective Clara Jefferies, reading The Fallen Girls deep into the night. Fans of Kendra Elliot, Lisa Regan and Melinda Leigh won’t stop turning the pages of this unforgettable new series from bestselling and award-winning author Kathryn Casey.

Reckoning at Blackrock Creek (Clay Travis, #1)

Travis McGraw - 2021
    Give me a man who dares take the time to hit what he’s shooting at — a man who keeps his hand steady, he’s the one walks away when it’s done.Clay was fast — at least, he thought he was fast… until he met Sheriff Orville Knox.Knox treated Clay like a son. For eight years, Clay worked as the sheriff’s deputy, and honed his skill with a six gun at the feet of a master.This was the man Cecil Lomax and his gang murdered in cold blood. And Clay Travis swore he would not rest until they paid for it.But a fateful night at Witch Creek, Texas, saw him land in prison for a terrible mistake—a mistake that would forever haunt him.But as bad as prison was, it did to Clay what it does to so many men. He walked out far more dangerous than he was when he went inside — and ready to resume the hunt...Reckoning at Blackrock Creek is the latest spellbinding story from Travis McGraw. If you like fast-paced action, struggles between good and evil, and justice served, then you’ll love this gritty tale of loss, vengeance and redemption.

Saturday's Gift

A.E. Howe - 2019
    Not yet cleared to work a murder on his own, Larry is relegated to dog-sitting and investigating a chop shop while his department nemesis, Matt Greene, tries to track down the murderer. But when Matt is transferred to another case, Larry is soon neck-deep in murder, drugs and gambling rings. Find out how he solves the case, catches the killer… and arranges a pet adoption.


J.B. Hawker - 2012
    With a new home, new job and renewed relationships, she is groping her way to stability, only to be jerked off the healing path by the dead bodies and body parts thrust in her way by a serial killer who uses the small mountain community’s Halloween decorations to display his victims.Will Bunny be able to cope, when this madman sets his sights on her?This book, a BRAG Medallion award winner, the first in the mystery series, introduces the intrepid, late-blooming Bunny Elder. Bunny is a Christian, but she's not perfect. She struggles with temptation and sometimes fails, as real-life Christians sometimes do. But please don't be too hard on her, as she picks herself up and keeps trying.