The Book of Van Vogt

A.E. van Vogt - 1972
    Also published as Lost: Fifty Suns.It contains the following stories:The Timed Clock (1972) The Confession (1972) The Rat and the Snake (1971) The Barbarian (1947) Ersatz Eternal (1972) The Sound of Wild Laughter (1972) Lost: Fifty Suns (1952)

The Tom Swift Megapack(r): 25 Complete Novels

Victor Appleton - 2012
    Included are: Tom Swift and His Motor-Cycle Tom Swift and His Motor-Boat Tom Swift and His Airship Tom Swift and His Submarine Boat Tom Swift and His Electric Runabout Tom Swift and His Wireless Message Tom Swift among the Diamond Makers Tom Swift in the Caves of Ice Tom Swift and His Sky Racer Tom Swift and His Electric Rifle Tom Swift in the City of Gold Tom Swift and His Air Glider Tom Swift in Captivity Tom Swift and His Wizard Camera Tom Swift and His Great Searchlight Tom Swift and His Giant Cannon Tom Swift and His Photo Telephone Tom Swift and His Aerial Warship Tom Swift and His Big Tunnel Tom Swift In the Land of Wonders Tom Swift and His War Tank Tom Swift and His Air Scout Tom Swift and His Undersea Search Tom Swift among the Fire Fighters Tom Swift and His Electric LocomotiveAnd don't forget to search this ebook store for more volumes in the Megapack series, covering science fiction, fantasy, horror, westerns, adventure, military fiction -- and many more!

Future Adventures: Eight Complete Adventure Science Fiction Novels

Patty Jansen - 2019
    McGuireThe Truth Beyond The Sky (The Epic of Aravinda #1) by Andrew M. CrusoeGeneration (Shadows of the Void #1) by J.J. GreenThe Girl Who Twisted Fate’s Arm by George SaoulidisThe Ares Weapon (Mars Ascendant #1) by D.M. PrudenExodus (Dead Planet #1) by Drew Avera

Edgar R. Burroughs Collection: 24 Works

Edgar Rice Burroughs - 2012
    Unlike other e-book editions, the text and chapters are perfectly set up to match the layout and feel of a physical copy, rather than being haphazardly thrown together for a quick release. This edition also comes with a linked Table of Contents for both the list of included books and their respective chapters. Navigation couldn't be easier. Purchase this Edgar Rice Burroughs Collection and treat yourself to the following list of works by this classic author:A Princess of Mars (J.C. 1/5)Tarzan of the ApesThe Return of TarzanAt the Earth's CoreThe Beasts of TarzanThe Gods of Mars (J.C. 2/5)The MuckerThe Son of TarzanJungle Tales of TarzanThe Lost ContinentThe Oakdale AffairOut of Time's AbyssThe Land that Time ForgotThe People that Time ForgotThe Warlord of Mars (J.C. 3/5)Tarzan the UntamedThuvia, Maid of Mars (J.C. 4/5)Tarzan the TerribleThe Efficiency ExpertThe Chessmen of Mars (J.C. 5/5)PellucidarThe Mad KingThe Outlaw of TornThe Monster Men

Alien Art

Gordon R. Dickson - 1973
    On the planet Arcadia, a young man and woman and a swamp otter join together to haul the otter's eleven hundred pound statue overland to meet the deadline of a prospective buyer from another planet.

The Breakthrough Series Box Set - Books 1-3

Michael C. Grumley - 2018
    Strange facts begin to emerge that lead naval investigator, John Clay, to a small group of marine biologists who are quietly on the verge of making history.With the help of a powerful computer system, Alison Shaw and her team are preparing to translate the first two-way conversation with the planet's second smartest species. But the team discovers much more from their dolphins than they ever expected when a secret object is revealed on the ocean floor. One that was never supposed to be found.Alison was sure she would never trust the military again. However, when an unknown group immediately becomes interested in her work, Alison realizes John Clay may be the only person she can trust. Together they must piece together a dangerous puzzle, and the most frightening piece, is the trembling in Antarctica.To make matters worse, someone from the inside is trying to stop them. Now time is running out...and our understanding of the world is about to change forever. Book Two - LEAP Facing the cold, clear glass, Alison Shaw stared nervously into the giant seawater tank.It was just one year ago that she and her team of marine biologists had stunned the world with their incredible breakthrough. And now, they were about to do it again.But an ocean away, something strange was unfolding. Along a lonely coast in South America, an experimental Russian submarine, long thought to have been dismantled, has suddenly resurfaced. And the U.S. Navy has taken notice, sending officers John Clay and Steve Caesare to investigate.The sub has been studying a group of unmarked soldiers. Disappearing into the jungle each night beneath the cover of darkness. Something has been discovered...something big.And it's about to fall into the wrong hands. Unless Alison Shaw and her team can find something that no one else can. Book Three - CATALYST In 1984 a doomsday vault was constructed on a remote island in the Arctic Ocean.Its purpose was to preserve Earth's genetic history in the event of a global catastrophe.Now, decades later, a second vault has been uncovered.This one resting where no one ever expected.And the problem's not ours.Yet even more curious than the vault itself, is what lies inside.Seeds. Millions of seeds. Each with a genetic embryo untouched and perfectly preserved.Waiting.No one knows who built it. Or when.What we have managed to figure out is that whoever it was traveled an immense distance. For the sole purpose of hiding their genetic blueprints on Earth.But why?Now a small group of marine biologists and navy investigators have been assigned to find out. Before anyone else does.But Alison Shaw and John Clay are not prepared for what they are about to uncover.Beginning with the truth behind our own evolution.

Little Fuzzy, Space Viking and Other Terro-Human Future History Stories

H. Beam Piper - 2008
    1942, the year the first fission reactor was constructed, is defined as the year 1 A.E. (Atomic Era). In 1973, a nuclear war devastates the planet, eventually laying the groundwork for the emergence of a Terran Federation, once humanity goes into space and develops antigravity technology.It's important to note that many of these stories work fine as stand-alone books and you don't necessarily have to read them in order.The story "The Edge of the Knife" (Book One) occurs slightly before the war, and involves a man who sees flashes of the future. It links many key elements of Piper's series.Most of the stories take place during the next millennium, during the age of the two Federations. Most notable among these novels Little Fuzzy, which concerns the recognition of a peculiar alien species as sapient, and the efforts of the two species to learn to live together on the Fuzzies' home adopted world of Zarathustra.The Federation collapses in the System States War and following Interstellar Wars (a bit of which can be seen in Book Eight: The Cosmic Computer), leading to a lengthy time of instability, during which there is no central human power. Space Viking is set in this chaotic period.Piper's future history resemble in some ways Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy, and was probably influenced by it.This volume includes two of the most loved science fiction stories ever written:Little Fuzzy--The story revolves around determining whether a small furry species discovered on the planet Zarathustra is sapient. Along the way a gentle kind of libertarianism that emphasizes sincerity and honesty is advocated. But things are not as simple or as nice as they appear to be...Space Viking--One day, a starship rediscovered the Old Federation. Civilization had collapsed, presumably due to the war; many of the planets had regressed to varying stages of semi-barbarism. Taking advantage of the situation, space vikings proceeded to raid the poorly defended Federation worlds over the next three hundred years for loot.In the face of this isolation and the political instability, Lucas Trask, seeks to avenge his wife's murderer and discover his true destiny...In this volume:Book One: The Edge of the KnifeBook Two: OmnilingualBook Three: Four-Day PlanetBook Four: Uller UprisingBook Five: NaudsonceBook Six: Little FuzzyBook Seven: Oomphel in the SkyBook Eight: The Cosmic ComputerBook Nine: Space VikingBook Ten: A Slave is a SlaveBook Eleven: Ministry of DisturbanceBook Twelve: The KeeperA must-read for classic sci-fi and pulp-fiction fans!

Deathwatch: The Omnibus

Steve Parker - 2017
    Recruited from numerous Space Marine Chapters, their mission is simple: exterminate any xenos threat to the Imperium. Assembled into kill-teams, the Deathwatch are expert alien hunters, equipped to undertake any mission in any environment. None are as dedicated or as skilled in the brutal art of alien annihilation. This action-packed omnibus contains three separate novels written by Steve Parker, Ian St Martin and Justin D Hill, along with a dozen of the best short stories ever written about the Imperium's premier xenos hunters.

Starship Scorpion

Tripp Ellis - 2016
    But with no sign of the enemy for 25 years, the Joint Planetary Operations Command decides to decommission the old destroyers. But when Slade senses an impending attack, she defies orders to return to base, and JPOC sends a lone assassin to terminate her wayward command.But the Verge have returned, more powerful than ever. Their technology is more advanced. Their armor is indestructible. And they are determined to exterminate all human life.A rogue captain, a misfit crew, and a decrepit destroyer are mankind’s only hope of survival. If JPOC’s assassin succeeds, humanity will perish.

Invasion from Space

Clark Darlton - 1961

At the Helm, Volume 1

Rhett C. BrunoBob Mayer - 2017
    Epic battles. Artificial Intelligence's longing for meaning. Life as we know it, ending... Sci-Fi Bridge is thrilled to present its first collection from bestselling authors and newly emerging writers. These stories span the near and far future. They transport you to worlds unknown. They examine today's fears amid tomorrow's technologies. From the far corners of the galaxy to the inner reaches of the human heart, the exciting stories in At the Helm will thrill, inspire, and make you wonder--do humans have what it takes to build a better future? Or are we doomed by our own failings?Foreword by Samuel Peralta. "Pressure" by Jeff Carlson. First published in Strange Horizons. "This Long Vigil" by Rhett Bruno. First published in Perihelion Science Fiction Magazine. "Gao Yao Engine" by Rachel Aukes. “Brood Company” by Steve Beaulieu & Aaron Hall."Life” by Daniel Arenson. “I, Caroline” by David Bruns. “Unconditional” by Chris Pourteau. “Lara QR” by Bob Mayer. “Carindi” by Jennifer Foehner Wells. “Into the Dark” by Robert Kroese. “Pete, Popeye and Olive” by Jamie McFarlane. “Codename Delphi” by Linda Nagata. First appeared in Lightspeed Magazine. “Patchworker” by M. Pax. “Dark Space: A Chance Encounter” by Jasper T. Scott.

The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction

George MannKeith Brooke - 2007
    Featuring new tales of far future murder, first contact, love and war from such well-regarded and award winning authors as Peter F. Hamilton, Stephen Baxter, Adam Roberts, Jeffrey Thomas, Eric Brown, Paul Di Filippo, Neal Asher, Jay Lake and Ian Watson, this collection is sure to delight all fans of good science fiction. "A wide range of topics and diverse styles characterizes this enjoyable collection of science-fiction stories. While mediocre science fiction fails to work on any level other than the conceptual, the best of the stories in this new Solaris anthology successfully navigate both conceptual and emotional territory... Editor Mann has gathered a collection that should appeal to science-fiction buffs, and make a worthwhile introduction for novices. Stands as proof that science fiction is alive and well." Kirkus Discoveries, VNU US Literary Group

Shroud of Night

Andy Clark - 2017
    Yet as sharks are drawn to blood, so the ravening warbands of the Heretic Astartes circle the planet, warring to claim this rich prize for their Dark Gods. Now, one of those warlords has deployed a secret weapon to end the deadlock. Kassar and his elite band of Alpha Legionnaires, the Unsung, must infiltrate the planet, using all their cunning and warrior skill to overcome the planet's defenders and corrupt the beacon. They need to work fast, for none other than Khârn the Betrayer himself has come to lead the final assault. As a rising tide of apocalyptic warfare consumes Tsadrekha, Kassar and his brothers must race for the prize or be consumed by the fury of the storm.

Lost Mars: The Golden Age of the Red Planet

Mike Ashley - 2018
    Wells, Ray Bradbury and J.G. Ballard, as well as lesser-known writers from the genre. An antique shop owner gets a glimpse of the red planet through an intriguing artefact. A Martian's wife contemplates the possibility of life on Earth. A resident of Venus describes his travels across the two alien planets. From an arid desert to an advanced society far superior to that of Earth, portrayals of Mars have differed radically in their attempt to uncover the truth about our neighbouring planet. Since the 1880s, writers of science fiction have delighted in speculating on what life on Mars might look like and what might happen should we make contact with the planet's inhabitants. In these stories, they reveal much about how we understand our place in the universe. Lost Mars: The Golden Age of the Red Planet is the first volume in the British Library Science Fiction Classics series.

The Glass Flower

George R.R. Martin - 1986
    When the cyborg arrives, she senses a worthy and dangerous opponent--one that's been dead for 800 years...