Velvet Shadows

Andre Norton - 1977
    She would be a "friend" who would try to protect her from another scandalous involvement--like the one back in France.Alain was a generous and thoughtful employer. Victorine a bright and amusing companion. But Tamaris could not help wondering about the significance of the gold and enamel snake Victorine wore around her neck. Nor could she stop thinking about the fact that someone had been going through her belongings and leaving strange objects among them.Then one day Alain was forced to reveal the true story of Victorine's past. A past, Tamaris suspected, that would soon gain on the future and place everyone at Rancho del Sol under a shadow of constant fear..

The Secret of Mirror House

Jennifer Blake - 1969
     After Amelia Harveston loses her mother to tragic circumstances, she fears she will be forced into poverty and the position of a desperate woman. When distant relatives invite her to live with them at Mirror House, the plantation home built by her grandfather, she readily accepts. Her expectations of a warm family embrace where she'll be loved and protected, though, are soon shattered. Mirror House is a home haunted by the past, by dark secrets and by the cruel games its inhabitants play. Alone and with no one to confide in, Amelia struggles to unearth the house's secrets. Then the accidents begin, and Amelia knows she's become the target for the hate that infests it. Out of the despair, two seeming allies appear. Two offers of marriage promise sanctuary. Both men claim to love her. One of them is lying. Amelia must choose the one man whose embrace promises the love and safety her very life depends on. But the house, it seems, has other ideas...

The Shadow Wife

Dorothy Eden - 1967
    But he was so attentive, so charming, that she silenced the small warning voice within her and yielded to his passionate persuasions.The wedding ceremony was hasty, almost furtive, but Luise was too wildly infatuated to care. Even his insistence that their marriage be kept a secret did not seem unreasonable. Otto Winther was, after all, a Count... a man whose ancestors were royalty in Denmark.

Mistress of Mellyn & Kirkland Revels

Victoria Holt - 1962
    "As the train carried Martha Leigh -- heroine of Mistress of Mellyn - through the wooded hills of Devon, she could not help feeling a deep sense of foreboding." "The magnificent manor house on the Yorkshire moors, the ancestral home of the Rockwell family, was called Kirkland Revels."

Lovers All Untrue

Norah Lofts - 1970

Mistress of Marymoor

Anna Jacobs - 2002
    So when a handsome stranger named Matthew Pascoe appears bearing a summons from a long-lost wealthy relative, Deborah agrees to return to Marymoor House with Matthew. On arrival, Deborah is told she shall inherit the estate on one condition: that she immediately marry Matthew. With no hope of a future otherwise, Deborah consents and soon after becomes owner of the estate when her benefactor dies.Despite the unconventional circumstances of their marriage, Deborah and Matthew are surprised at the degree of affection that develops between them. But trouble soon befalls the couple in the form of Anthony Elkin, who claims that the Marymoor estate rightly belongs to him. The marriage of Deborah and Matthew secures their ownership, but they don't anticipate just how far Elkin will go to see the pair parted.Can Deborah and Matthew outwit Elkin and find happiness against all odds? From the bestselling and much-loved Anna Jacobs, this involving and uplifting saga is perfect for fans of Kitty Neale, Ellie Dean and Margaret Dickinson.

House of Men

Catherine Cookson - 1977
    Even so, Kate found it difficult to understand his peculiar hatred of his elder brother Logan, on whose charity Maurice was obliged to depend. But when she accidentally stumbled upon Maurice with Logan's fiancée , she became aware of some of the secrets of Tor-Fret, and realised she was getting too deeply involved with Logan Rossiter and the other inhabitants of the mysterious household.

Jilted By a Cad

Cheryl Holt - 2018
    At age eighteen, when a handsome suitor swept her off her feet, she believed all her dreams were about to come true. But he was actually a cad who stole her dowry and jilted her at the altar. Since then, she's been wary of men and their motives. She's accepted the notion that she'll never escape her dreary, quiet existence, and she'll most likely live out her days as a spinster… Peyton Prescott is a ship's captain in the Royal Navy. He's a man of action and adventure, and his years have been filled with danger and excitement. But his brother has died, so he's inherited a title and earldom he never sought or wanted. He's afraid his new position will force him to abandon the thrilling life he loves, and he's loafing in England, feeling landlocked and desperate to return to the sea. He'd give anything for a diversion, and when pretty, lonely Josephine crosses his path, he's fascinated and can't resist… But Peyton isn't looking for a bride, and Josephine could never be interested in a handsome, dashing scoundrel. Yet as friendship blossoms and passion flares, can love be far behind?

Mistress of Misfortune: A Gothic Romance

Hazel Hunter - 2020
    But Meredith Starling will hear none of it. Instead she finds it enchanting. Though prone to accidents and mishaps, Meredith rides by the Hall at every opportunity. For her the rundown manor evokes a grander time. She looks past the broken gate and moss covered statues and sees the imposing facade’s elegant lines and graceful charm. In fact, she is determined to see inside. But Colonel Alistair Thorne rebuffs all callers without exception—and not for the sake of being a recluse. He avoids women because of his family curse. The master of Dredthorne is doomed to fall in love with a lady who spends a night at the Hall. Though love would be welcome, its consequences would not. All of the mistresses of Dredthorne have vanished, gone mad, or suddenly died.

This Time For Keeps

Dee Williams - 2009
    She joins the land army and is posted to a farm near Sussex. There she meets Lydi Johnson, the daughter of the wealthy farm owners, who takes Babs under her wing. When Mr Johnson suffers a stroke, handsome Italian POW Mario begins to help out at the farm and Babs and Mario soon become smitten with one another. But as the war ends Mario suddenly leaves. Babs is heartbroken and returns to Rotherhithe, eventually marrying a local man. As her violent marriage begins to fall apart, she knows she must escape before it's too late...

Night Music: A Novel

Deanna Lynn Sletten - 2018
    Desperate to learn more about the war, she joins a group of college women who send letters to soldiers and befriends Joseph Russo, a young soldier. But a few months after they begin corresponding, his letters stop coming, and Char moves on, still confused as to why so many young lives are being lost so far away from home.Two years later, Char begins college in her small Illinois town of Grand Falls. She's been dating her brother's long-time best friend, Deke Masterson, who is a senior in college and is deep into the anti-war movement. Char is still confused over how she feels about the war. Then a stranger comes to town and changes everything.Joseph Russo served in the Vietnam War, earning a Purple Heart for his injury as well as a life-long limp. He's ready to put the war behind him. While in Vietnam, he'd corresponded with a girl from Grand Falls and he enjoyed reading about her idyllic life. When he's discharged, he moves there to attend college. And when he meets Charlotte in person, he's taken with her sweetness, intelligence, and beauty.The battle lines are drawn as Deke resents Joe's presence around Char. What started out as a well-deserved escape to a small town for Joe soon turns into a battle of wills between him and the idealistic Deke. And there stands Charlotte, right in the middle.Night Music is a story about a moment in time when the world was chaotic and nothing was completely clear. In the midst of all the chaos, can Char and Joe find enough middle ground to fall in love?What readers are saying about Night Music:--"Sletten has crafted an emotional story centered with conflict that brings the characters to life." ~ Write-Read-Life--"Characters who feel three-dimensional, a setting that is almost its own character, and a story that entertains while also challenging us to think." Melissa at Bibliotica--"All the characters seemed so real..." Comfy Reading--"It was refreshing to read a story based on the late 1960's..." Sara at Chick Lit Central-- "A wonderful job of capturing both the turmoil and the love of that time." Susan at The Book Bag

Mail Order Bride's Baby And Her Mismatched Rancher

Florence Linnington - 2019
    There will be no more singing in saloons, no more late nights. Sam Sayler has everything he wants, a ranch of his own, loyal ranch hands, and a life under the wide Colorado skies. All he needs now, is a wife. When Abbie arrives in Sunny Springs, they realize a terrible misunderstanding has taken place: the mail order bride agency has mismatched Abbie to Sam. Abbie has a baby. And a baby is the last thing Sam wants. Sam’s dark past is stopping him from accepting Abbie’s baby as his own. But Abbie can see that deep down, Sam likes children. Sam finds it hard to face his own fears. While a snowstorm forces Abbie to stay at his ranch, he intends to send both mother and child packing as soon as the weather clears. Finally Abbie is forced to give him an ultimatum: love her and her child or lose them both. Will Abbie and her baby be forced to leave her new home in search of another fresh start? Or will Sam overcome his past, and allow Abbie to redeem him?

They Call Her Dana

Jennifer Wilde - 1989
    With the pride and intelligence that was her heritage, Dana soon achieved wealth, fame... and the avid attentions of four different men.Set against the glittering panorama of the nineteenth-century South, here is the story of an indomitable woman who would let no man stand between her and destiny, who would let nothing keep her from discovering the secret of her birth...

A Woman Named Smith

Marie Conway Oemler - 1919
    Amusing mystery story, its melodramatic plot unwinding against the charming background of a South Carolina townlet stirred to its depths by the passing of an historic mansion, through a spite will, to the possession of "a Yankee woman named Smith".

The Shrouded Walls

Susan Howatch - 1974
    It was Sir Charles Stowell, a friend of my father's who finally told us the my father's forutnes and estates, including even the town house in London where we had lived all our lives with our mother, had reverted to my father's wife in Manchester. My father had been mcuh too gay and carefree to bother to make a will to provide for his mistress and the tiwns she had borne him...' When her parents die in a road accident, Marianne, illegitimate daughter of a French emigree and an English gentleman, loses her home and all her wordly goods. She faces life as a governess until she meets Axel Branson, a man who must marry within the year in order to inherit his father's wealth. Marianne grabs at the chance of a respectable marriage. A remote house in the Kent Marshes is now her home. But distrust of her husband and fear of the house seem to roll in as steadily as the sea mist...