Book picks similar to
Tave by Erin Tate


Mercy Bound

Kele Moon - 2013
     Then his mating heat is triggered, leaving only two choices—mate or die. And luscious Mercy is suitably equipped—and determined—to save him.

The Lion's Woman

Kaitlyn O'Connor - 2003
    When Kelly Scott rescues a stranger from the gang that has chosen him as prey, she discovers Tau is unlike any man she has ever known.

Taming the Beast

Evangeline Anderson - 2009
    Chained to the wall is a muscular, naked man named Tristan who tells her he is under a curse. Every month he is doomed to lose his humanity and take on the characteristics of a ravening beast-a beast with needs too savage to be satisfied by any ordinary woman. In order to break the curse, Gisella must submit completely to the beast and offer herself freely to slake his fierce sexual desires. But the stakes are high in this fairytale come true and if Gisella isn't able to open herself completely to Tristan's lusts, she may lose her life as she attempts to tame the beast.

Alien's Innocent Bride

Sue Mercury - 2015
    She’s excited when her application is accepted, but as she boards the Starship Matchmaker, reality sets in and she can’t help but worry. She’ll never see her home planet again, and there’s no guarantee her new alien mate will treat her kindly. Not long after she’s dropped in the wilderness of a strange world, a huge beast of a man chases her down, claiming he’s her mate and she belongs to him. He actually thinks he owns her after paying Mail Order Human’s exorbitant fee for an otherworldly bride. Oh, like hell! One way or another, she’ll escape the big, muscular alien. The chase is a tradition in Sev’s culture, and he’s angered to discover Mail Order Human didn’t educate Tara about his people. After a series of mishaps, the spirited human softens and he thinks he’s won her over, and though the animal in him hungers to take her roughly, he’s gentle and patient with her during her first time. But the next morning, he awakens to discover she’s run away, and he senses her distress in the forest below. Though her rejection stings, he bounds into the forest, determined to save her. Will he manage to win her heart once and for all? Or will the stubborn human still insist on returning to her home planet?

Rayzor's One

Michele Mills - 2016
     His plan unfolds with precision, until a human female gets in the way. Rebecca doesn’t understand what the hell is happening. One moment she’s scared and alone in the spooky forest. Then a seven foot tall alien warrior is gazing at her with dark passion, his clawed hands touching her reverently. He’s kissing her, claiming her and saying, his voice hoarse with emotion—that she is his Bride. His Bride? Wtf? This stranger is swoon-worthy, but…She doesn’t know his name, or what species he is and he’s kidnapped her, thrown her on his goddamn spaceship and now she’s speeding away from Earth to parts unknown. And he expects her to fall into his arms? Oh hell, no.

Dream Bound

Kate Douglas - 2012
    So when the Nyrians discover amazing power in the extreme passion and sexual pleasure of humans, they come to Earth to satisfy their needs...For years, Mac Dugan has been trying to find the mysterious being he once loved and then lost. Now he has gathered a group of six highly intuitive and extremely sexual men and women at a secret mountain hideaway. Here he hopes to focus their potent sensuality into highly erotic fantasies that will summon his lover, Zianne. What he doesn't anticipate is each team member making extraordinary sexual discoveries of their own...


Michelle M. Pillow - 2004
    She can make men beg. But, when a telepath starts coming to her shows, teasing and tormenting her mind, it's soon she who is doing the begging.Roark, a humanoid telepath, knows the first time he sees Sapphire that she's the one for him. He's a little surprised about what she does for a living, but has no problem with her continuing her career. Spending six months following her, joining their minds so they can get to know each other on a subconscious level before they meet, Roark is finally ready to make his presence known.Futuristic Erotic RomanceShort StoryIf you enjoyed Sapphire by Michelle M. Pillow, you might like Taming Him, Last Man on Earth, Scorched Destiny, and Good with his Hands also by Michelle M. Pillow.This novel contains adult content and is intended for mature audiences only. Must be 18 years or older to read.


Ashley West - 2015
    In order to prevent the destruction of the human race, a treaty was set, allowing the Calphesians to remain on Earth and use its resources as long as they didn't kill anyone or hurt the people. In addition, they would be able to pick and choose from a selection of human women to marry and have children with, in order to keep their kind from dying out. Every five years, three women are randomly selected and married off to the strongest warriors of the Calphesians, and this year Roxanne has been chosen. She's angry and bitter about having her life decided for her, and nothing changes when she meets Aedian, her husband to be. He's boorish and crude, and treats her like she's insignificant most of the time, and all they do is fight. But when another race of aliens seeks to destroy the Earth and everyone on it, everyone will have to band together to fight them off, and both Aedian and Roxanne will realize there's more to each other than they'd thought. This Sci-Fi Alien Invasion Paranormal Romance has action, adventure and romance around every turn. CAUTION: Includes hot sex scenes and intense action! 18 or older.

Kirall's Kiss

M.K. Eidem - 2016
     Kirall was desperate. He was a Black Prime Dragoon, the strongest and fiercest of his kind. He was returning home after defeating the Varana when a small planet's moon triggered his Joining Heat. It shouldn't have been possible. He was right. Autumn was desperate. She was human, female and struggling to survive. At twenty-two she was barely making ends meet. It's why she agreed to impersonate her roommate as a waitress for the weekend at a private party. She believed the money would change her life. She was right. Two unlikely people are brought together because of desperation. If they can find a way past the deceptions that brought them together, they will change not only each other, but possibly the Universe as well.

Don't Drink and Hex

Milly Taiden - 2014
    Selena Azul decides to help out a friend by creating a love potion. Only problem is she’s doing this while getting real friendly with a few bottles of wine.Her hex goes wrong and suddenly her neighbor Gage is in her dreams. It takes a few minutes to realize she’s not dreaming. And her love potion has disappeared. She now has what she believes is a hot as hell hexed wolf wanting to take her in every way possible.If only he weren’t so sexy and naked, she might have an easier time keeping him at arm’s length while trying to figure out how to fix this mess...

Nibbled By The Vamp

Celia Kyle - 2012
    Totally. But mean fairies? Fairies weren’t supposed to be mean! But they are, and she really thought she was gonna become fairy dust if it hadn’t been for the super hunky vampire that saved her. Had she mentioned hunky? And, hey, giving him a little snack in return was no bigs. He helped, after all. Except she wanted one nibble to turn into two and then…oodles. And she’d tell him so…just as soon as she finished tasting all of those yummy muscles. For three hundred years, Griffin Linch has protected the city of Atlanta as one of its Knight Protectors, a vampire with a cause. Each night he turns other predators into prey and keeps the citizens of the city safe from the bad things that go bump in the night. But it’s one, lush, curvaceous and smart-mouthed human that he’s rescued and can’t get out of his system. She’s it for him. The perfect package…the perfect mate…if only she could keep her mouth shut long enough for him to tell her.

Heated Mating

Savannah Stuart - 2011
    She mates with him and his brother, and has never understood his reluctance to be near her or even touch her. When his brother dies and he makes it clear he’s sexually interested, she can’t fight the incendiary attraction between them.but things get more complicated in the light of day.Linc has wanted Saroya from the moment he met her—and throughout her short mating with his brother. His culture might encourage two males to mate with one woman, but Linc could never share Saroya. Not even with his brother. When his brother dies, leaving her unmated, Linc intends to claim her. Before he can win that battle he’ll have to swallow his warrior pride and win her heart once and for all.


Susan Hayes - 2016
    A recently freed harem slave, she is finally traveling the galaxy and visiting the places she could only dream of while she was the property of a Tarin warlord. On her own for the first time, she is finally free to pursue her art and to discover who she is and what she wants out of life. Helios brothers Rhen and Sabar Torven are merchants with a knack for finding new markets. The twins came to Alliance Station X21 with hopes of expanding their business, but once they meet Laesa, their plans change. Deals come and go, but a female like Laesa comes along once in a lifetime, and they’re not leaving the station without her at their side. Can Rhen and Sabar help Laesa find the closure she needs to move on with her life, or will she let the scars of her past deny her the happiness they know she deserves?A 3013 Novella.

The Purrfect Stranger

Bianca D'Arc - 2012
    Keith Redstone is a werecougar on the prowl who’s a little different from the rest of his Clan. He’s clawed his way to the position of Alpha by earning their respect, but most don’t know his deepest, darkest secret. He can see magic.When the two meet, sparks fly…very real sparks of magical energy that singe their senses and seal their fate. But how can they reconcile two very different backgrounds and traditions? Will Keith recognize their swirling magic as belonging together? And will Valerie understand what it means when she makes her very own big cat purr?

Blood Proxy

Viola Grace - 2007
    When death and treachery takes the king and his heir, she takes action and runs with the only surviving member of the bloodline in tow. As Commander Matias joins both herself and her charge, she learns what it is to become Vimpyr. To be the Vimpyr heir's Blood Proxy. Join her as she tries to separate hormones, blood lust, and lust for power in her bid to keep an empire alive.