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I Married A Prince by Kathryn Jensen


The Surgeon's Runaway Bride

Olivia Gates - 2007
    After the loss of their baby and her subsequent infertility, Jewel was too hurt to see the truth--that Roque loved her above everything. Now Roque has tracked her to the Amazon rainforest, claiming that he's her boss and she's still his wife. Roque's seduction is a taste of heaven that slowly breaks Jewel's barriers down, allowing her to understand that the only thing she needs in order to heal is what she ran from in the first

The Courage to Dream

Margaret Daley - 2003
    But a family crisis brings her back home -- and back to Michael Hunter, the man she'd once loved. Michael helps Rachel come to terms with life's challenges, and they soon realize that they belong together forever.

Brunetti's Secret Son

Maya Blake - 2015
    Then our son will know the protection of my name."Romeo Brunetti survived his childhood and found meteoric success by locking down emotion. Until, in a moment of recklessness years ago, he lost himself to stunning stranger Maisie O'Connell. Now his family's legacy has returned to haunt him—and the child he unknowingly conceived...Maisie doesn't know which is more shocking—Romeo's return or his proposal of marriage! She'd do anything to protect her son, but can she risk surrendering once more to the enigmatic father of her child?

Village Midwife, Blushing Bride

Gill Sanderson - 2010
     Midwife Zoe Hilton was starting a new life away from the city. A small Derbyshire town, old friends in the practice she was joining, perhaps best of all a cottage that suited her perfectly. Here, she and her son Jamie could be happy. The owner of the cottage was Dr Connor Maitland, who lived in the large house next door. He was a partner in the practice. Because of an illness Dr Maitland has been forced to give up his work as a surgeon and become a GP. He is an unusual neighbour, Zoe can't work out whether he is unfriendly or shy. But he does seem to get on well with Jamie. In time Connor and Zoe get close. But both have ghosts to lay before they can move on.

Scorned By The Boss

Maureen Child - 2007
    So when his faithful secretary finally had enough of his difficult, demanding ways and quit, he followedher to the tropical resort where she wasvacationing. There'd be no relaxing forJefferson...he was playing at seductionin order to get Caitlyn back to work.But his ex-assistant was turning out to bemore determined, and more desirable, thanthe arrogant millionaire had ever realized.

Cowboy Above the Law

Delores Fossen - 2018
    Her mysterious past raises questions, even if his attraction to her is impossible to contain. Before long, though, he discovers Rayna is an innocent pawn in a very dangerous game. Now, to catch a killer, this cowboy will go wherever the case takes him. Even if that includes ignoring the truth in his hardened Texas heart.The Lawmen of McCall Canyon

From Exposé to Expecting

Andie Brock - 2021
    To let off steam, she writes a private, scandalous exposé on the tycoon…and is horrified when it’s accidentally published! Yet that’s nothing compared to the surprise that soon follows…Leo’s enraged to see the woman who ruined his name on his doorstep. But once he discovers Emma’s pregnant, he knows what he has to do. Claiming his child will be easy. Trusting Emma and their palpable chemistry? Unimaginable!

Wanted: White Wedding

Natasha Oakley - 2008
    Freya was a wild child, but on the inside she always dreamed of happy ever afters and white weddings. It was a way to escape the troubles of home. Now she's grown up, stunning and successful, and she knows she can help Daniel and his daughter.But Freya's afraid of getting too close.... She still has her secrets, locked up tight. Could it be that after all these years, she's met the man who has the ability to see straight into her heart?

Pregnant at the Wedding

Sara Orwig - 2008
    And when he insisted upon marriage, she reluctantly agreed. But it was for the baby's sake...she could care less about his wealth, his power, his position.Ryan was used to being pursued for his money...yet his new bride claimed to have no ulterior motives. With the passion so intense between them, dare Ryan take a chance on the woman about to give him his billion-dollar heir?

Mayor of Macon's Point

Inglath Cooper - 2013
    Ever since she took over her ex-husband's political term, she's worked tirelessly for the people she has grown to care about. Now the town's main employer, Corbin Manufacturing, is on the chopping block, and Annie must convince Jack Corbin to keep the company in business.It's clear to Annie that Jack is just here to wrap things up and move on. After years of making concessions to her ex, Annie is not about to let another man walk all over her - especially with the future of Macon's Point at stake. But Jack is not the heartless, hard-nosed businessman she expected. He makes her laugh. He cares about her small son the way her ex never did. Can Annie make Jack see the true value of his hometown…and its mayor?

His Majesty's Hidden Heir (Princesses by Royal Decree Book 2)

Lucy Monroe - 2021

Ever Faithful

Carolyne Aarsen - 1998
    But Paul had followed his dreams to the city, losing himself in a whirlwind of success. Yet, something was missing from Paul's life. Something was drawing him home...but would her heart still be his to win?

Business or Pleasure

Stephanie St. James - 2010
    A mission that’s cut short when he refuses to see her. Discouraged, Callie drowns her sorrows in a one night encounter with a handsome hunk from the hotel bar. The next morning Callie almost faints from shock when she’s finally let in to see the owner - none other than Mr. Last Night! Somewhere between the boardroom and the bedroom a one night fling flirts with real love, and suddenly Callie stands to lose more than just her company. REVIEWS: "The characters are passionate, humorous, and true to life. (Business or Pleasure) is an enjoyable and entertaining read." - Romantic Times Book Reviews "St. James is a new author for me, but I plan to be watching for more of her work in the future." - The Road to Romance Book Reviews

Seducing the Enemy's Daughter

Jules Bennett - 2009
    Charming Samantha Donovan into giving away corporate secrets would be even sweeter considering she was the enemy's daughter.The business magnate had been planning his revenge for years. Now the only thing standing between Brady and victory was a beautiful, innocent pawn. His head told him to forget about any possible future with Samantha. But his heart knew that in destroying the Donovan empire he would be ruining his last chance at happiness.

The Bachelor's Stand-In Wife

Susan Crosby - 2008
    Single mother Valerie Sinclair seemed the ideal candidate. Until an evening out led to an unexpected kiss.Organizing the businessman's hectic life was one thing. Wanting to share his life wasn't part of the deal. But once Valerie got a taste of being David's girlfriend--even for just one night--how could she go back to being his stand-in spouse?