Farin the Dark

Kelly Lucille - 2019
    Farin the Dark, High Commander of the Tellox warriors, has brokered a deal with both the quickly adapting government of Earth and the planets of the intergalactic Alliance for the right to test females for bonding compatibility with his warriors. The Tellox Accords, as they came to be known as, gave the Tellox hope for lives that consisted of more than just battle and endless wandering. Between the Accords and the coming of age of the first females to be born Tellox in thousands or years, there is new hope for his people. But what happens when a warrior sets his sights on a woman who is not bound by the accords? When you are Tellox? You go hunting. Ember, Siren of the Trios, is no easy prey. Her manipulated genetics and hidden past guarantee that she is as dangerous as she is alluring. Now a past she thought she had destroyed is catching up with her, and her present is full of danger and the allure of a pushy High Commander she is not sure she wants to escape. This is a stand alone story. You do not have to read the first Tellox trilogy to enjoy the new series, but if you do you will recognize many of the characters I introduce throughout the new series, all of them connected by a continuing history.

Alpha's Omega

Juno Wells - 2020
    She wants nothing to do with Alphas, so when Remy shows up at her current salvage operation, she’s at first displeased. He soon starts to win her over, but when her suppressant stops working, and he realizes she’s an Omega, he’s intent on claiming her. Maya doesn’t want to be any Alpha’s Omega, even Remy’s. Can she enjoy the pleasure he offers without surrendering everything she is and believes in or succumbing to her biological imperative to submit?Remy’s been searching for his Omega for years, and he’s convinced he’s found her in Maya. She stirs his need to love and protect, and it pains him that she doesn’t want what he’s offering. He understands the traumas in her past, but can he help her overcome them to embrace a future together?

Bound to the Alien Barbarian

Leslie Chase - 2020
    Instead, I'm trapped on Crashland. Most of the colonists in my landing pod are dead, and the one other survivor is a creep. My only friend? A holographic cat. Until I'm snatched up by an alien barbarian. Kidnapped or rescued? I don't know. All I'm sure of is that I've never met someone as attractive as Zarkav. He's huge, blue, with abs to die for. And that massive bulge under his kilt scares me as much as it entices me.We don't have a language in common, but it's not hard to figure out what the alien brute wants with me. His brooding gaze says it all.The alien wants to mate with me.And I don't know if I can resist.Bound to the Alien Barbarian is the first book in the Crashland Castaway romances. Each book is a complete story with no cheating and no cliffhangers - just steamy, exciting SciFi Romance.

Zerconian Warrior Series

Sadie Carter - 2016
    She never dreamed that relief would come in the form of a seven-foot tall, sexy alien. One who claimed she belonged to him. Delusional. Except, there was something pulling her to him… a deep, hot attraction she couldn’t deny. Dexanon Xa’a always thought his mate would be a sweet, obedient female. Instead, he was given a maddening, outspoken, outrageous female who didn’t comprehend the honor that had been bestowed on her. Dex might have a rockin’ body, but his ideas about women needed a total overhaul. And she was just the woman to do it. Alien Lover Being newly mated to an arrogant, bossy alien can certainly be trying at times. Luckily for Zoey, Dex also happens to the sexiest thing on two legs she’s ever met. He’s loyal, protective and boy, the things that alien can do with his hands, his mouth, his tongue… well, you get the idea. They should have been on their way to Zerconia in blissful happiness, to celebrate their mating. But somehow, things never seem to go to plan. Some of Dex’s warriors have gone missing. While he attempts to track them down, Zoey is busy just trying to keep herself out of trouble. Easier than it sounds. And really, she isn’t trying that hard. Alien Mate With all the drama and trouble behind her, Zoey is looking forward to arriving on Zerconia and settling down into a normal life as Dex’s mate. Normal? What was she thinking? There is nothing normal about being mated to a sinfully sexy, often times arrogant and overprotective Zerconian warrior. But then normal is overrated, right? Trouble follows Zoey to Zerconia, threatening her very life. But that pales in comparison to her biggest challenge yet… Her mother-in-law.

Uninvited Roommate

Layla Stone - 2019
    Naff was an undefeated fighter at The Pit.No one liked him.No one could beat him.He thought his life was set, until a short, curvy beauty challenged his wretched black existence.She should be terrified, because now that she's got his attention, he's never going to let her go.Note to reader: This is a sci-fi romance that can be read in 90-minutes.Mature content and situations.

Bambi's Alien Abduction

Aubrey Cara - 2017
     Don’t get me wrong. Their leader is super hot despite his likely shared ancestry with Godzilla. But he’s all about sexing me up and implanting his eggs in my you know where. And yes, I said eggs. If that’s not bad enough, my besties have been abducted, too, but by entirely different aliens and are on an entirely different planet. I’ve got to get out of here and pull off some heroic sh*t ASAP. Only problem, outside of the whole “I don’t know how to fly a spaceship” thing? I may have gotten a little carried away while playing “just the tip” with my hot alien abductor. And now…well…if I could update my social media status I’d be going from single & ready to mingle, to it’s WAY complicated.

The Purple Alien Prince's Pregnant Captive

Celia Kyle - 2018
    The cost? One great big (purple) alien bun in her very human oven. With no alien partner in sight, she’s determined to take care of herself — and her baby — on her own. Except, it’s hard to hold down a job as a sexy waitress with a huge stomach the color of grape Kool-Aid. Jobless and twenty-four hours from being evicted, she runs into the one person she never thought she’d see again… Zyriq Rukzahl — Captain of Warking’s Blade, Morean male, greatest lover of all time, baby daddy, and… kidnapper. Part of the In the Stars Romance line.


Elin Wyn - 2017
    Her only chance is a deal with the syndicate's most ruthless enforcer, a wolfish mountain of genetically-modified muscle named Davien.The thought makes her body tingle with dread — or is it heat?Mercenary Davien will do whatever it takes to get back into space. The last thing he wants is a smart-mouthed thief — even if her scent drives him wild — and she may have the clue he needs to hunt down whoever destroyed his home. Caring is a liability. Desire is a commodity. And love could get you killed.Given is the first science fiction romance novel in The Star Breed series. No cliffhangers, no cheating, HEA guaranteed!

Bad Panther

Donna McDonald - 2019
    Sugar Jennings has a problem. Bad Panther has the purr-fect solution. Dr. Sugar Jennings is an Archaeologist and an Ancient Earth Historian. She’s also the host of a very old, very ancient artifact of enormous power. Everyone wants Sugar dead because of it. They want the power she possesses, but she can’t let them get it. Desperation drives her to seek help but no one is willing to risk their own life in the job of protecting hers. Or no one did until a mercenary Panther Shifter decided she might be worth the trouble. Now all she has to do is convince the ancient artifact she carries not to kill Axel for trying to help her. Axel Rodu is a rogue Panther Shifter and heir to Lyran throne on Earth. His work for the agency is special contract only but even their toughest problems barely keep his boredom at bay. Has he earned the name Bad Panther? Depends on who you ask so long as you don’t ask his newest client. Ironically though, Axel has no intentions of using Dr. Sugar Jennings to worsen his reputation. He has one job to do concerning the archaeologist and one job only. By order of his queen, whatever it takes, he must make sure Dr. Jennings stays alive until the artifact is done with her.

A Layperry's Tradition

Toby Wise - 2021
    To Miles’ surprise, he and his best friend, Christian, are both accepted. Three years on an alien planet, learning their ways and experiencing their culture. Falling in love wasn’t part of the program but that’s exactly what Miles does.The Layperry people have rituals and traditions when it comes to finding their mates. Timalah has always trusted these traditions, even as he falls hopelessly in love with Miles. On the day of Timalah’s mating ritual, he stands before his people, praying that Miles decides to take the leap.Will Miles jump head first into Layperry tradition for a chance at love? Or will their differences be a bridge too long to cross?A Layperry’s Tradition is book one in For A Chance At Us series. You’ll find mpreg, alien traditions, snarky best friends, and of course, a happily ever after.

Claimed by the Alien Warrior King

Zara Zenia - 2020
    The newly crowned ruler has always been stand-offish, yet his intentions are clear: he wants her.King Thras wasn’t ready to take the throne, but he holds the responsibility of ensuring peace in his system. The attack and kidnapping of his sister is an act of war, and it exposes the warrior’s true weakness: his feelings for the human slave Chera. He’s always been able to resist temptation, but when she’s injured and his uxormea appears over his heart, he knows he’s in the presence of his true mate.Can King Thras secure the safety of his kingdom and the heart of his mate, or will the forces intent on destroying his birthright succeed in ending his rule and his life with his true love?Claimed By The Alien Warrior King is book 1 in The Veda Wars series, featuring the assertive alien King Thras and the courageous human slave, Chera.

The Cyborg's Lady

Alix Nichols - 2018
    Her proud bearing, the way she gazes at the stars, the way she’s not awestruck by his position or stature… Not to mention the nerve she displays when the pair run into some very dangerous people on the deceptively idyllic Tastassi, the second stop on the tour.Once Keiron returns to work, he’ll look into that planet.He’ll also look into Linni, because there’s more to this young woman than she lets on. Much more. Somehow, she’s breached his defenses… and made his desire flare after their torrid night of passion.Keiron knows he isn’t letting Linni go so easily.What Xereill’s top cyborg doesn’t know is that he’s fallen for the one woman in the galaxy he cannot have… THE CYBORG’S LADY is a prequel to the Keepers of Xereill space fantasy romance series. Recommended reading order:0.5. The Cyborg’s Lady (prequel novella)1. The Traitor’s Bride2. The Commander’s Captive3. The Dragon’s Woman3.5. A Night of Amity (newsletter-exclusive companion novelette)4. The Samurai’s Lover5. The Vestal’s Steward (coming soon)

Krinar Diplomacy

Josie Litton - 2017
    In a time of madness, can their love survive? When a brilliant Krinar diplomat with a well-earned reputation for ruthlessness rescues a young human female from a rampaging mob during the Great Panic that follows the arrival of the Krinar on Earth, he knows at once that she’s triggered something in him he’s never encountered before. Overwhelmed by a sense of possessiveness too powerful to be denied, Jarek surrenders to his darkest instincts and claims her as his own. Having survived the deaths of her diplomat parents at the hands of terrorists when she was a child, Charlotte has always had to be gutsy and self-reliant. Determined to dedicate her life to working for peace, she’s willing to give the Krinar a chance to prove that they aren’t the monsters many people believe them to be. But she isn’t prepared for the overwhelming passion of her response to the alien who has claimed her. Together, they must confront both their feelings for each other and the forces that threaten to tear a world--and them--apart. Can Jarek and Charlotte survive the pain of their own pasts amid the chaos of the present? Can they overcome all the odds and create a future together?


Kylie Gold - 2016
     When the ship Amelia works on is forced to land at the backwater colony planet Shaviro for repairs, her entire life changes in an instant. Shaviro is home to the Navani, an alien race of deadly and fierce warriors that want nothing more than to destroy the human colonists. In order to help pay for the ship’s repairs, Amelia is sent out on a mission to strike back against the aliens. She never thought she’d fight in a war, let alone get captured by an enormous male with a deadly battle ax. Instead of killing her, the alien decides to spare her life and claims her as his prize. Soon, Amelia realizes that the Navani are more than they seem. Her captor, the hulking prince of his tribe named Dracon, isn’t just a bloodthirsty savage. He’s handsome, intelligent, and seems hell-bent on protecting her from his own people. He believes Amelia is his true mate, and he’s going to take what he wants from her. Will Amelia choose the gorgeous, alluring alien warrior that wants to claim her as his own? Or will she return home to her people? Amelia must decide before the war tears them both to pieces. Adults only! This science fiction alien romance contains violence, swearing, and lots of steamy sex! Cliffhanger Warning: there's a minor cliffhanger that sets up the next book. You'll get your HEA, but be ready for more exciting scifi to come!

Owned by the Alien

Tammy Walsh - 2020
    Callous. Cruel.That’s how the crew describe their captain.After their attempted mutiny, he comes to me for aid.Help him recover from their poison and he’ll return me to Earth.There’s just one catch.Healing requires the use of my body for one whole night.If I give him what he needs, will he keep his word?And will sleeping with him make me his fated mate for all time?