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Captivating the CEO by Sara Daniel



Aubrey Bondurant - 2019
    To destroy.I thought I had it all with my well-respected job, Hollywood boyfriend, and glamorous lifestyle. Until the truth revealed a different story. In one day, after a single word, my carefully constructed life was obliterated.But it’s only the beginning of my spiral. There’s much further to fall.Then I meet him. He's the perfect man at the most imperfect time. It's only meant to be a one night stand. A last fling before my new reality sets in. But he has different ideas. Because he doesn’t know the truth. Once he finds out, I'm convinced he’ll realize this is too much for a new relationship. He’s sure to cut and run. It's for the best really. After all, how can I possibly fall in love when I’m falling apart?


Gina Watson - 2014
    What woman can resist their charms? Let the David brothers whisk you away to the bayou country and captivate your senses as they heat up the humid Louisiana nights. DamagedBook 1David Family SagaBailey’s short life may be rendered even shorter if fortune doesn’t turn her wheel. Unfortunately, most of what she needs is out of her control. The one thing she can control is the quantity and quality of her sex life. She dreams of connecting with a dominant male, one who knows how to take what he wants, one who can deliver the kind of illicit sex that will make her feel desired and dirty and totally satisfied. In spite of the fact that he goes home with a different girl almost every night, Parker is all too happy to give Bailey what she wants. But after he gets a taste of Bailey obsession takes hold. He wants her, and while he’s never been in an exclusive relationship, Bailey has him pondering monogamy. Problem is, Bailey’s not interested. In fact, she goes to great lengths to prevent the development of deep feelings between them. Parker senses a raging tide boiling beneath Bailey’s surface and he intends to find out what she’s hiding. When Bailey’s camouflage is removed, Parker is compelled to make the ultimate sacrifice. ˃˃˃ She was only looking for a hook up . . . ˃˃˃ She got much more than she bargained for. Scroll up and grab a copy today.

Wrapped in Ink

Carrie Ann Ryan - 2019
    But when an accident lands him in the ER, Liam meets someone that might just be the distraction he needs.Arden Brady has spent her life in and out of hospitals. But according to the world, she doesn’t look sick. She’s lost jobs and friends because they don’t see beneath the surface, but she’s learned to rely on her family and herself to keep going. And then she meets Liam.With two sets of overprotective siblings and a puppy that can't help but get into everything, Liam and Arden might just fall harder than either one ever expected.


Ava Harrison - 2021
    Check. Check.Desperate to avoid living on my sister’s couch, I took a job in the one place I shouldn’t.That's where I first saw him.Drew Lawson.Elusive bad boy.Owner of the hottest club in the city.And apparently my new boss.Temptation comes in many forms.For me, it’s the way he looks at me.The way he feels.He’s my addiction.My secret.I know I should keep my distance.I could lose everything—even myself.But I can’t.And neither can he.

Bad Boy Rich

Kat T. Masen - 2018
    The baddest boy in town. Not my town, but the land of Hollywood. A place where dreams come true, or—become your nightmare. I was stuck somewhere in the middle. After losing her job and forced to provide for her sick mother, Milana is offered the role of a lifetime—PA to the famous Emerson Chase—and dives head first into the world of the Rich… Wesley Rich. A self-proclaimed bad boy. The ultimate heartbreaker, and—he’s Emerson’s ex-fiancé. A lethal mix that Milana should stay away from. Driven by sex, jealously and mind games, they form an obsessive love. But everyone knows bad boys don’t play nice. They play rough. They get dirty. And they’ll break you in the worst possible way.

The Other Daughter

Janet Nissenson - 2021
    Raised by a neglectful mother and an alcoholic grandmother before entering the foster care system, she's never met the father who abandoned her before birth. Scarlett is tough, embittered, and has a chip on her shoulder that's nearly as big as her goal to make something meaningful out of her life. She works three jobs to put herself through college, frequently goes to bed hungry, and is wary around most people, having been betrayed and let down far too many times to trust easily.Jackson Gilmore has, by contrast, lived a life of privilege and comfort, the youngest child of a wealthy, prestigious family. He's always felt like something of an oddball in his family, though, the only one with enough guts to frequently stand up to and defy his controlling, dictatorial father. His desire to leave town and make a life of his own had to be put on hold, however, when his beloved niece fell seriously ill with a life threatening disease. And it is his overwhelming sense of obligation to do anything to help his niece that brings Jackson into Scarlett's life once he realizes the connection between the two girls.Sparks instantly ignite when Scarlett and Jackson meet for the first time, and as they gradually come to know each other – reluctantly so on her part – he feels both admiration for what she's made of her life, compassion for all that she's suffered, and an emotional and physical attraction that is both powerful and entirely forbidden.As long held secrets are revealed, and Scarlett comes face to face with unpleasant reminders of her past, will she be able to rely on Jackson to stand by her? Or will he be just one more in a long line of all those who have failed her?

Take A Chance

Annalisa Nicole - 2013
    She is alone in a new city and doesn’t need anyone in her life. If life has taught her anything it’s that you can’t rely on anyone. Asher is a young widower, devastated by the tragic death of his wife Olivia three years earlier. He has given up the idea of ever finding the kind of love that he shared with his late wife. Will one fateful day bring two lost souls together? Will taking a chance lead them to a happily ever after or will the challenges they face keep them apart?

Talon & Claree

Liberty Parker - 2018
    He understood what I was feeling and going through and we became best friends. Our friendship grew and despite everyone’s best efforts, we found times to slip away and be together. All was going well until we became a teenage statistic. Now, years later, we’re still together, but his involvement with the club as a newly patched member means we’ve grown apart. I still love him with everything I have in me, but something’s got to give. I can’t talk about it with my mom because she doesn’t understand, and I’d feel disloyal talking to his mom about him. TalonThe first time I saw Claree, I was hooked. And even though we both knew it was wrong to sneak around, we let our hormones be our guide and well, we got caught. I’ve been prospecting for the Rebel Guardians since I was eighteen and finally earned my patch a few years ago. Life should be good -- I’ve got the girl of my dreams, an awesome son, and am in a loving, family-oriented environment. But I’m always gone, learning each of the club’s businesses, and it’s put a strain on our relationship. I’m at the end of my rope and drowning the day I get that phone call only to hear her terror-filled screams before -- nothing.Talon and Claree have hit a rough patch in their young lives. Will the devastating accident be their wake-up call? Can they find their way back to what they once had, or have they lost their chance? Note: This book contains an HEA, but is intended for readers over the age of 18 due mature content and explicit language.

Violent Circle Comedy Series Box Set

S.M. Shade - 2019
     *Also includes a bonus Violent Circle Short Story Book One: Scarlet Toys Living on Violent Circle, a place that’s less of a neighborhood and more of an insane asylum poured into the street, I thought I was prepared for anything. After you’ve seen a woman strip down at the laundry room to wash the clothes she’s wearing, then saunter across the street naked, you’ve seen it all, right? How naïve I was. After the factory closed, leaving me and a good portion of the town unemployed, I took a job managing Scarlet Toys. I knew it wouldn’t be a typical work environment, selling adult toys in a town more uptight than a constipated nun, but some things you just never see coming. Like the protesters covered in poison ivy, screaming about smut peddlers. Or a dancing dinosaur named Fappy. Or the allure of the man standing in the center of all the chaos. Wyatt Lawson, a six foot, four inch heap of muscle with a quick smile, ignited my interest in more than the available manager position. Like the missionary one. Or the rodeo. Maybe the side rider. What can I say? I’m an overachiever. Let’s just hope he doesn’t scare easily. Book Two: Frat Hell Frat Hell. That’s how the whole neighborhood refers to the apartment where I live with three other college students. It’s a bit judgmental, considering the neighborhood we live in is more like a zoo than an apartment complex, but not inaccurate. If you put that many young guys together, things are bound to be interesting. I still maintain that the giant water guns filled with poison ivy water were not my idea. January Dixon. She’s the girl I’ve lusted after for years. A smart mouth and sharp tongue surrounded by soft beauty and a body I’d give up an organ just to touch. An important organ, like a kidney, not one of those lame ones like a gallbladder. It’s a tricky situation since she lives right down the street, and dating a neighbor generally isn’t a good idea. But this is Violent Circle, where normal may as well be a dirty word. Thanks to an impromptu fashion show where I tossed all self-respect aside and strutted my stuff in full bondage gear in front of our small town, she now owes me a date. And I plan to collect. Book Three: Clean Start Everyone knows the rumors about Violent Circle and the crazy inhabitants, but becoming a resident was my best option. These are the kind of decisions you’re faced with when you have a baby at eighteen, and your knight in shining armor turns out to be a deadbeat dad in saggy boxers. Don’t get me wrong, my five-year-old son, Aiden, is the love of my life, even when he’s telling random strangers I’m constipated, or lecturing his preschool friends on the differences in their anatomy. I wouldn’t trade him for anything, but raising him as a single parent while cleaning motel rooms for a living is like walking a balance beam made of sand. One wrong slip, and we’re homeless. It doesn’t take us long to adjust to our new home with all its eccentric people, and Aiden is happy here, but danger lurks right across the street. Not in the apartment of the odd woman who always wears a floppy sun hat and trench coat, or the crazy apartment full of college kids. I wish it were that simple. Neal Chambers, the single father who is ten years my senior, sets off alarms in my head. Mainly because he sets off other things in my panties.

Unraveling the Billionaire - The Complete Series (An Alpha Billionaire Romance)

Alice Ward - 2016
    This is the complete series box set containing all 5 parts with an HEA and no cliffhangers. *This story features Lauren from "My Stepbrother, My Lover".* After graduating Harvard with a master’s degree in art, Lauren Matthews knew exactly what she wanted to do next. She left her friends, packed her bags and went back home to California. Everything was perfect … at first. She began dating, work was going well and she had a mentor who had taken her under his wing. Her future was bright and going according to plan, until Asher Reynolds walked into her world. Gorgeous, brilliant and extremely wealthy, Ash wasn’t your normal tech geek turned billionaire. He lived simply, did most things for himself and guarded his privacy above all else. But why? What secret was he hiding? And why was he lying to her? FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: This book also includes a BONUS of "My Stepbrother My Lover" - a full sized standalone novel featuring Lauren as well! What are you waiting for? The complete "Unraveling the Billionaire" series with no cliffhangers is now only one click away! This book is intended for a mature audience, 18+ only.


Kate Tilney - 2020
    After being the top salesperson at my athletic-wear company four quarters in a row, I’ve won an all-inclusive two-week stay to an Alaskan resort.Only, all-inclusive means something totally different here. And resort is a fancy word for roughing it in the middle of nowhere. If I don’t end up mauled by a bear or a moose, it’ll be a miracle.Though, I wouldn’t mind being mauled by the super sexy owner of the lodge . . .NoahShe doesn’t belong here. I knew that the second she stepped off of the airplane. Polished and put together, if a bit clumsy, I’d like nothing more than to get her messy.And I’m not just talking about rolling around in the mud.I shouldn’t want her, but I do. And the longer she stays here, the more I never want her to leave.Camp Mountain Man is a series of steamy and short standalone romances about curvy city slickers and the hunky mountain men who protect them in the Alaskan wilderness. Read NOAH if you like adventure and a romance full of heart. No cliffhangers, no cheating!


Kate Hunt - 2020
    If you love dirty-talking protective alphas, curvy heroines, and guaranteed happily ever afters, this series is for you!xo,Kate

Baby Daddy

Victoria Snow - 2019
     This was supposed to be just fun – a no strings attached, one night stand. And this was definitely not supposed to get me pregnant! Yep, the test result is positive,And I can’t let my baby daddy know about it.He’s ten years older than me,And well…let’s say, it’s complicated.So, I run away from his life,Carrying my little secret with me.Until…four years later, I meet him again…at a charity auction.He looks just as yummy as ever,Same green eyes as my (our) son’s,The same heated desire as our first night together. Someone get me a manual with clear instructions on how to deal with a second one night stand with the same person, Oh…and how to hide this HUGE secret !


Kimber Chin - 2010
    There are other relationships he'd rather have with the gloved beauty. None of them requiring knives.It takes a killer to catch a killer. Now Tavos must decide… Is love worth killing for?

Adore You

Nichole Rose - 2020
    If office romance, over-the-top men, and mutual obsession make your heart pitter-patter, you're going to love Jason and Miranda. This sweet, steamy romance from Nichole Rose is chock full of all three…plus a sticky sweet and guaranteed HEA.