The Orphan Daughter of Lupin lane: A Historical Victorian Romance

Dolly Price - 2019
    No one on Lupin Lane recognises her, and the ever-present dangers of Whitechapel leave the fatherless child helpless. What can the elderly couple do but take this bedraggled and hungry orphan into their heart and home? Other than her name, Isabella’s past and how she ended up on Mr. and Mrs. Colls doorstep remains a mystery. As Isabella flowers into a young woman, the secrets of the past float to the surface, as do family feuds and savage enemies of the innocent girl. Phillip Mitchell, Mr. Coll’s young apprentice, discovers just how close Isabella is to a fearful demise, and determines to protect the woman he secretly loves, but he may be too late. Will Isabella survive the plot against her life, and will she finally discover her true identity and uncover who the mysterious shadows from her past really are? Will Phillip draw the courage to display his true feelings to Isabella, and can this once-lost orphan trust her precious heart to the love of another? If you enjoy books by Dilly Court and other Victorian Romance writers, you will love this debut novella by Dolly Price. Dolly Price writes wholesome historical romance. Buy The Orphan Daughter of Lupin Lane today to dive into this moving tale of a vulnerable orphan and her thrilling journey to the secure arms of love.

The Ragged Lady

Hattie Finch - 2021

The Daughter Of The Wild Sea

Daisy Carter - 2021

Nightingale (Crimson Romance)

Sharon Ervin - 2013
    Two years younger than Queen Victoria, Jessica is the well-educated daughter of a deceased professor. Sole support of her widowed mother and avoiding an unacceptable marriage prospect, Jessica has secretly collected a flock of cast-off hens, and is supplementing her income hoping to improve her future.Jessica is alarmed when horsemen race headlong through the twilight on the footpath she has inadvertently cut to the henhouse. She stops the charge short of disaster to find the threat is not many horses, but one magnificent, riderless runaway. Ignorant of the dangers in handling an overwrought stallion, Jessica calms the animal. She calls him “Sweetness.”Backtracking, Jessica finds the missing rider, twenty-eight-year-old Devlin Miracle, the arrogant Twelfth Duke of Fornay, badly injured, and waiting for daylight. But, for this aristocrat, there will be no daylight. His injuries have left him blind.Struggling against their disparities, Devlin and Jessica resist, but sometimes love will not be ignored.Sensuality Level: Behind Closed Doors

A Bargain with the Duke: A Historical Regency Romance Novel

Hazel Linwood - 2022

The Maid’s Disgrace

Emma Hornby - 2021

A Lady Dark as Gold

Emma Linfield - 2021
    That is until the day the love that shattered him appears on his doorstep, begging for help.When Lydia's whereabouts reach her father's ears, she must make a choice: stay with the love of her life, or flee and free him from the scandal that follows her. A scandal that just might grip her before she has the chance to save Edmund from a terrible fate.

Autumn on Angel Street: Forrester Saga Book One (Forrester Family Saga 1)

A.R. Davey - 1996
    It has been compared to R. F. Delderfield's A Horseman Riding By, The Swann Family Saga and The Dreaming Suburb, and the writing of Harry Bowling. Autumn on Angel Street sweeps readers from the sumptuous Laybourne Manor Estate across South Ridge to the grime of Pincote Colliery and the affluent market town of Pincote Market, to the Belchesters' estate on the Dorset coast and into the bustling streets and squares - and the dockland - of late Victorian London. 1885 - 1891. Three families - the Forresters who are a large coalmining family and have strong socialist views, appear to have little in common with the Laybournes who are their employers and landlords, or with the Belchesters with whom the Laybournes share many diverse business interests. That is until the unstable and unsafe Pincote coalmine triggers a series of events which change all the families' lives in unexpected ways and cause some of the families' younger members to question their inherited beliefs and their true loyalties. Personal and internal family conflicts merge with shared needs and ambitions, and foster an uneasy but increasing dependency of each family upon the other. Hard to resist mutual attractions, and a mixture of human frailty and personal strengths combine with long held and well hidden secrets to create a sequence of events which change everyone’s life for ever in ways no-one could have imagined. Every character is aware of a steady drumbeat that is calling attention to beliefs and desires that cannot be subsumed whatever the cost of satisfying them; but time is running out and the critical Autumn on Angel Street is coming to an end. This Second Edition of Autumn on Angel Street contains some minor editing revisions and some additional content which did not appear in the hardback or paperback First Edition. The sequels in this series are Winter in Paradise Square - now available for purchase from Amazon Spring on Hope Street - which will be available early 2015 Summer in Solomon's Court - which will be available later in 2015

The Bride on the Run (The Brides of Sioux Falls Book 5)

Indiana Wake - 2019
    She had no choice but to flee with Colin but will it all be for nothing? Will he be taken back to a life of fear? Can she keep him safe and who will keep her safe? As the reasons come out for why she has the child Dr. James Walters knows that his heart is on the line. Can he help this woman? What will happen to young Colin and how will he protect the woman he loves? Find out if Frederica and Colin can find a safe home in The Bride on the Run a sweet historical western romance by bestselling authors Indiana Wake & Belle Fiffer. Also available: Melting the Trapper’s Heart The Sheriff and the Troubled Bride The Baby and the Burned Bride The Bride the Boys and the Bank Robber Cowboys and Brides 11 Romances The amazing Jamestown Brides series: Breaking the Chains of the Past Loves Hardest Choice Love for the Warrior’s Heart The Simple Matter of Love Her Real Wedding Open Your Heart to Love And many more bestsellers why not follow Indiana on Amazon

MAIL ORDER BRIDE: 20 Book Box Set - Western Historical Romance (Brides Head West 1)

Christian Michael - 2016
    Along the way they encounter trials and tribulations that threaten the very love they are searching for. Based in the late 1800's at a time when being an unmarried woman was a scandalous affair these women go out on a limb to find true love... but not without challenges. This box set includes western, historical and clean romances based on good Christian values. Book 1: The Wondering Bride Book 2: Lost and Found Book 3: A Rancher's Love Book 4: A Widow's Heart Book 5: Alone and Pregnant Book 6: The Frontier Widow Book 7: Widowed and Pregnant Book 8: Love Never Fails Book 9: Butler Love Book 10: An Orphan Finds a Mother Book 11: A Widow Finds a Rancher Book 12: Lover's Escape Book 13: Wandering Cowboy Book 14: A Widow's Love Book 15: A Bride's Journey Book 16: Finding My Cowboy Book 17: The Christmas Bride Book 18: The Christmas Miracle Book 19: A Wanting Bride Book 20: Secret Baby Buy now or get your free copy on Kindle Unlimited!

A Love Worth Pursuing

Fanny Finch - 2020
    An unbending Duke. A love to bridge the chasm of their two worlds…Securing a job as a lady’s companion was the best thing that happened to Nancy Fletcher in a long time. She was in dire straits after her husband’s death, but her new job offers her all she and Celia, her adopted child, ever needed.After a long absence, Vincent Tilbury returns home to assume his responsibilities as The Duke of Ridlington. But upon his arrival, he cannot ignore the change in his mother’s demeanor. She seems happier than ever, and it is all thanks to her new companion; a sweet, beautiful woman and her adorable child.It won’t be long until Vincent realizes that he also fell victim to their charm, as their mere presence has made his world a much happier place. As for Nancy, she had written off any chance of finding love a second time, but the handsome Duke won her heart effortlessly.Their future stands bright before them, all they have to do is stay strong against those who would not tolerate their union, clinging to their own beliefs and motives…

A Wealthy Bride For The Loyal Carpenter: A Clean Western Historical Romance Novel

Felicity Wells - 2021

Lone Crow (Native Warrior Series)

Elizabeth Anne Porter - 2020

The Foxy Virgin and the Duke: A Steamy Historical Regency Romance Novel

Scarlett Osborne - 2021

Livy: A Love Story

Gretchen Craig - 2015
    The first time she sees Zeb, she sneers to see a slave working in the hot sun who smiles from sunup to sundown. He finds slavery tolerable? Livy will never accept it! No matter that Zeb's sweet spirit draws her, she will be free whatever it takes. Zeb is smitten by Livy the first time he sees her, but it's a challenge to even get her to say good morning. Brought up to find happiness and hope in every day, he begins his campaign to win her, his easy-going manner never faltering – until slavery's big boot crushes the spirit of his niece Faith, the child he loves as if she were his own. Even if it means he can't have Livy, he has to save Faith from living a cruel life among the master's family. From different paths, Zeb and Livy arrive at the safe haven hidden in the swamps, a place of wild flowers and abundance. But like the first Eden, Orchid Island harbors treachery and heartache. Leaving their refuge behind, Zeb and Livy and their new family begin the journey to their true heaven-on-earth.