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Photography After Capitalism by Ben Burbridge


Understanding Digital Photography: Techniques for Getting Great Pictures

Bryan Peterson - 2005
    As a bonus, Peterson explains, in straightforward text, the techniques of Photoshop as well as the basics of publishing, printing, and archiving and storing for personal or professional use. Full of great examples for beginners and serious photographers, Understanding Digital Photography makes it easy to create great digital pictures every time.

David Busch S Canon EOS 7d Guide to Digital Slr Photography

David D. Busch - 2010
    DAVID BUSCH'S CANON EOS 7D GUIDE TO DIGITAL SLR PHOTOGRAPHY shows readers how to make the most of their camera's robust feature set, including 18 megapixel resolution, blazing fast automatic focus, the real-time preview system Live View, and full HD movie-making capabilities, to take outstanding photos and videos. They'll learn how, when, and, most importantly, why to use all the cool features and functions of their camera to take eye-popping photographs. Introductory chapters will help them get comfortable with the basics of their camera before you dive right into exploring creative ways to apply the Canon EOS 7D's exposure modes, focus controls, and electronic flash options. This book is chock full of hands-on tips for choosing lenses, flash units, and software products to use with their new camera. Beautiful, full-color images illustrate where the essential buttons and dials are, so they'll quickly learn how to their Canon EOS 7D, and use it well.

Nikon D5100

Rob Sylvan - 2011
    This new model replaces the popular D5000 and creates a nice bridge between the more beginner-level D3100 and the high-end D7000.This book has one goal: to teach D5100 owners how to make great shots using their new Nikon camera. Users learn how to use the D5100 to create the type of photos that inspired them to buy the camera in the first place. Everything in the book is in service of creating a great image.Starting with the top ten things users need to know about the camera, photographer Rob Sylvan carefully guides readers through the operating features. Owners get practical advice from a pro on which settings to use when, great shooting tips, and even end-of-chapter assignments.

Draupadi in a Brothel House

M Kaarthika Santhosh - 2018
    Can you imagine Draupadi in a Brothel house? How did she end there and who is responsible for that? Read this short story to meet her and know about her life.

Derelict London

Paul Talling - 2008
    The Victorian Concrete House in East Dulwich, for example - a once magnificent example of an early concrete-built house but now a shell. Palmers in Camden Town, formerly the most famous pet shop in London, where Ken Livingstone bought his newts. Strand Tube Station, which featured in films as diverse as Battle of Britain, Superman IV and An American Werewolf in Paris. To mention only a few of the myriad houses, pubs, cinemas, bomb shelters, cemeteries and shops meticulously recorded and celebrated here.If you've ever peeped curiously through a gap in a boarded-up window or wondered why the building you pass every day is looking distinctly the worse for wear, this is very definitely the book for you.

Sikhs: The Untold Agony Of 1984

Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay - 2015
    She claimed the police had inserted a stick inside her… Swaranpreet realised that she had been cruelly violated; He spoke a single sentence but repeated it twice in chaste Punjabi: ‘Please give me a turban? I want nothing else…’ These are voices begging for deliverance in the aftermath of Indira Gandhi’s assassination in October-November 1984 in which 2,733 Sikhs were killed, burnt and exterminated by lumpens in the country. Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay walks us through one of the most shameful episodes of sectarian violence in post Independent India and highlights the apathy of subsequent governments towards Sikhs who paid a price for what was clearly a state-sponsored riot. Poignant, raw and most importantly, macabre, the personal histories in the book reveal how even after three decades, a community continues to battle for its identity in its own country.

The Judas Conspiracy

Robert B. Williams - 2018
    Williams ** An armed assault force raids the marble halls of the British Museum. The target – the most heinous relic of all time – the last surviving coin of the blood money paid to Judas Iscariot for his betrayal of Christ.For over a thousand years the cursed pieces of silver cut a swath of famine, pestilence and ruinous destruction wherever they were carried. To save humanity from the malevolent power of the coins, the Knights Templar were given a Papal Blessing and sent on a pilgrimage to the holy lands to find and hide the thirty pieces of silver.A sinister organization has unlocked a chilling secret—the ability to control the power of the coin and use it as a terrifying weapon, posing the greatest threat to mankind in history.Sanford Carter, antiquities thief and ladies’ man, has been ensnared by the secret service and forced to execute a daring burglary on their behalf. His mission is simple – steal the coin first.Sarah Hudson, the studious and law-abiding archaeologist who doesn’t believe in curses, only science, is in the wrong place at the wrong time and refuses to hand over the coin or allow Carter to get away with his bold crime.With ruthless dark forces closing in, the brazen thief and the scholarly archaeologist must unlock the hidden history of the coin if they are to safeguard humanity from its evil curse.From the cobbled streets of London to the spectacular volcanic landscapes of Iceland, The Judas Conspiracy sets a cracking pace from the start and never lets up. For fans of James Rollins, Matthew Reilly, Michael C. Grumley, A.G. Riddle, Rob Jones, Matt Rogers, James D. Prescott, Brad Thor, Douglas E. Richards, Clive Cussler and David Baldacci

Code of Justice

J.J. Miller - 2017
    But the ghosts of Madison's war in Afghanistan have wreaked havoc on his life and put his marriage on the skids. Kicked out of home by the woman he loves, Madison wants back in but has much to prove and a lot of trust to regain. His big chance arrives in the form of a case that looks hopeless at first, but Madison never loses faith. In this courtroom drama, the personal and professional become tightly intertwined—Madison fights with all he's got because it's all on the line.

Daniel Silva Complete Series Reading Order

Reader's Friend - 2015
     Daniel Silva is one of the world's most popular writers of thriller and espionage fiction, with numerous novels in various series and collections. As a fan, it can be difficult to keep up! The Reader's Friend reference list for Daniel Silva is a complete list of every Daniel Silva title, and is designed for maximum convenience and functionality. Keeping track of your Silva addiction had never been easier! All of the info you need, and none of the clutter you don't. We're readers just like you, and we know you don't need a lot of junk in your reference list. Our Daniel Silva list is designed to be clean and optimally usable: The info you need, right there where you need it. No flipping back and forth in the table of contents, no scrolling through filler. AND IT'S SO SIMPLE TO USE: Check off the books you've read with a single tap! — Just use your Kindle's built-in highlighter. Instructions are included! Get free updates regardless of how you purchased the list — We update immediately every time a new Daniel Silva title is released, so you'll never be out of the loop! Browse titles BY RELEASE DATE, BY SERIES, or BY OMNIBUS EDITION — Whichever is most convenient for you! For a preview, just click the book cover to the left and "LOOK INSIDE!" EVERY DANIEL SILVA TITLE IS INCLUDED: All titles listed in order of release date Michael Osbourne series in reading order Gabriel Allon series in reading order Stand-Alone novels All Gabriel Allon omnibus editions PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A TITLE LIST ONLY, compiled for reference purposes to assist readers. No copyrighted material from the titles listed is included. This list is compliant with United States Copyright Office circular 34.

Arizona Gunman

G. Wayne Tilman - 2020
    An Arizona lawman who rides rough country, often going up against dangerous men and gangs alone. Dealing with bank robbers, kidnappers and rustlers with his fast gun. Much of his tracking ability comes from his Scottish father, who served as an Indian scout. Valuable experience as a Rough Rider with Teddy Roosevelt, then as an Arizona Ranger.Outlaws and corrupt government tend to stand in Duncan’s way, but he manages to overcome all obstacles with integrity and really fast guns.

Climate Change Reality Check: Basic Facts that Quickly Prove the Climate Change Crusade is Wrong and Dangerous

Calvin Fray - 2016
    Just the right amount of science. Common sense and rational.” -- Wayne R. The greenhouse effect is always quoted—but that is a METAPHOR. What is the fundamental physical process that drives it? And how exactly does human activity play such a powerful role with it? How did we go from worrying about global warming to climate change…to carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions? "Great book - should me mandatory reading for anyone that uses the term 'Climate Change' " - Amazon purchaser Macsugar Are there gases more powerful and influential in the greenhouse effect than CO2? Yes, by a lot! As you will learn in this book… Why aren’t we spending more time, money, and attention focusing on those? Smart people want to get to the point of a problem and solve it as quickly, inexpensively, and effortlessly as possible. They know about the Pareto Principle, and you will too after you read this book. It is also called the 80/20 rule. What happens when we apply that principle to the global climate change “consensus”? “Thank You! I always thought the numbers were small, but I never took the time to do the math.” -- Mike S. There are many books that are long, technical, and—frankly, irrelevant—on the topic of climate change. Here are the most important questions that nobody has bothered to answer in straightforward, simple and short language, until now: * What are basic facts about our planet’s atmosphere? And what do they tell us about the fundamental physics of climate change? * What are the basic physics and assumptions behind the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) hypothesis or belief? Are they valid? * What element or compound is the single greatest factor in temperature control in our atmosphere? Hint—it isn’t carbon dioxide. How does carbon dioxide compare with this other chemical? "Takes less than an hour to read... A must-read for every official policy-maker at every level... This deserves 6 stars out of 5!" -- Terry Dunleavy (Amazon reviewer) “Brilliant, what a refreshing approach.” -- Christopher K. Before we spend more time, money, and emotional energy on the presumed EFFECTS and CONSEQUENCES of global warming and climate change (things like rising temperatures, rising sea levels, etc., etc.), shouldn’t we all have a BASIC UNDERSTANDING of the FUNDAMENTAL PROCESSES AND PHYSICS of our planet’s atmosphere? If you have any questions, or doubts about that, this book is for you. “Very good. I am a geophysicist.” -- Ben B. Even better, you’ll learn (or re-learn) a very simple and indisputable fact about our atmosphere that makes the entire controversy look ridiculous. Use this information as a test (or a bet) the next time you talk with someone on the “other side” of the climate change debate. “A very useful contribution to bringing sanity and reason back to the analysis of AGW.” – Tom P. The climate change threat is consuming more of our precious time, energy, and resources. So is the debate about what to do about it. Don’t allow yourself be a part of the problem—get this book so that you can be a part of the solution! If you are convinced that AGW is the biggest threat facing our planet, this book has facts and

Operation Dragon Strike: An Asian Covert Ops Spy Thriller (Armaan Ahmed Book 2)

Rahul Badami - 2019
    I was on my toes towards the final chapters." - Mrutyunjaya J"Puts you on the edge of your seat with mind blowing action sequences" - Ruchika M"Just thought to read a chapter. Honestly I didn't leave a single word until it was finished. In fact every chapter has a new suspense waiting to be unfolded." - Dipesh B"Finished reading it at 4 a.m." - Deepak A"Wow.. what a book. Thrilling from the beginning till the end." - Amazon Customer ___________________________________When the Aadhaar database containing the biometric and financial details of 1.2 Billion Indians is hacked in a ransomware attack, everyone is stunned by the audacity of the crime.Who could have done this? Why? And how?The cyber-terrorists soon send a message. They demand One Billion dollars to unlock the encrypted database. If the demands are not met, the database will be wiped out in seventy-two hours.With the ransom deadline ticking down, the Prime Minister sends a Covert Ops team to China to trace the culprits. But when the team reaches China, they find something shocking.From the rugged mountains of Iran to the teeming crowds of Istanbul to an underwater cat-and-mouse chase below the Straits of Malacca, Operation Dragon Strike is a gripping, breakneck adventure that will leave action thriller fans gasping for breath.Please scroll up and grab your copy now or continue reading below.Armaan slammed on the brakes. The jeep screeched to a stop in front the truck. Nitin leapt out on the move. Armaan flung the jeep door open and flipped off the safety switch of his Glock 17 handgun. The cold steel felt good in his palm. His trigger finger stroked familiar metal. He had been itching for revenge since the moment the terrorists had shot him. Nitin raced to the now stationary truck cockpit. He took in one glance and turned to Armaan."The driver's dead."Armaan swore. These terrorists were goners. He ignored the throbbing in his wounded shoulder and crouched behind the chassis of the truck. The terrorists would be going after the rest of the trucks. He had to stop them. The sound of the terrorists' van increased as it came alongside the truck.Now!Armaan rose out of his hiding place as the van came into view. He kept his hand outstretched and pointed his Glock square at the terrorist driving the van and squeezed the trigger twice. He watched the van driver jerk back as he got hit in the chest, and then slumped down the seat, dead.The van rolled past the truck and came to a stop twenty metres ahead. He had stopped the terrorists from attacking the convoy. But now he faced a serious threat.Armaan watched the masked terrorists barge out of the van, their machine guns glinting under the hot sun. He had just made his day worse. With the van stopping ahead of his position, the truck no longer offered him protection. He was completely exposed. There were six of them, all getting their AK-47s ready to pump him full of lead.Armaan was a split-second away from death...Please scroll up and grab your copy now.

Maya: Lifting the Veil

Amar B. Singh - 2020
    The impossible task of knowing God's mind...

A Lesser Photographer: Escape the Gear Trap and Focus on What Matters

C.J. Chilvers - 2018
    Less gear. Less anxiety. Less stress. Less fear. A Lesser Photographer is the missing guide you've always wanted to the only gear that really matters: the gear between your ears. In under an hour, you’ll be able to identify the myths you’ve been taught about photography and embrace useful creative habits that will set you apart. Praise for previous editions: “For something beautiful and well-said, check out A Lesser Photographer.” — David duChemin “Amazing read…I really recommend everyone get a copy.” — Chris Marquardt “CJ Chilvers reevaluates what it means to be a photographer in this manifesto. Most of the points apply to virtually any creative endeavor or obsession. ‘The real show is outside the viewfinder.’” — Jim Coudal “I have to say, CJ has a great attitude. If you care at all about photography, he’s a must read.” — Patrick Rhone “Every photographer should follow CJ Chilvers.” — Eric Kim

The Awakening Of An Indigo

Vikram - 2017
    As he begins to discover the psychic abilities within him, he comes in contact with Dr. Myra, who helps him through a journey of self-discovery. Past life regression therapy helps him understand the glorious lives he has led in his previous births. Will this help Vikram understand the purpose of his current life? Can divine guidance help him cope with the effects of his past and help him realize his full potential? Will he get past the challenges on the way and fulfill his life purpose? Read The Awakening of an Indigo to find out.