Sweta Samota - 2018
    You die even if you deny to do this." The guardian said."What has it to do with RSS, BJP and Narendra Modi?" Ila researched."Erase the trail Ila! Change the links before someone else finds it out. And you have to do this alone!Because whoever helps you, dies!" The guardian said.Will Ila decode it alone and find the eye-popping, nail-biting single inconceivable truth on which the existence of the world depends, trading the people she loves in the process?Or will someone else snatch it from her to rule the world?Read this racy, mysterious, and thrilling story of Ila Sharma, the national puzzle champ. Reviews:  Nail-biting thriller! "Nine" is a powerful read that tugs at the heartstrings. "I enjoyed the narrative structure which never loses the pace and keeps a nail-biting tension among the readers. The narrative dwells in the past as well as in the present era with RSS, Modi ( Pradhanmantri) among others. The best part of the book is obviously the connecting dots between history and the present socio-political ethos of India. Sweta deserves an applause for providing such a treat to the readers. Shaheed- E - Azam is also there, omg this particular phase about him and that too Kakori ( Bismil ka Sandesh)well, too good to stay away from such impeccable delight.Do not miss the codes, do not miss the love story and more overlook for the truth.Mitron, get the book."-- Debraj Moulick, active blogger, official book reviewer and film reviewerA blockbuster thriller!

Twelve Lords for Christmas: A Holiday Historical Romance Anthology

Anthea LawsonErica Taylor - 2021
    Paired up with his grandmother’s companion and charged with bringing Christmas to a lonely house, will he come to believe in himself—and love?The Mistletoe Trap - Eve PendleA spicy-hot story of a heroine with a flair for enterprising embroidery and a botanist single father hero. Can a scandal that compromises Amelia's reputation give their love a second chance?A Most Inconvenient Earl - Claire DelacroixWhen Eurydice Goodenham unexpectedly proposes a marriage of convenience to Sebastian Montgomery, Earl of Rockmorton, the notorious rake is intrigued. Sebastian soon realizes that the unpredictable Eurydice is the perfect match for him—but can he convince his skeptical bride to take a chance on love?The Lady's Guide to Mistletoe and Mayhem - Emmanuelle de MaupassantOn the run until she receives her inheritance, Ursula takes on the identity of an etiquette teacher and heads to Castle Dunrannoch to whip her 'young charge' into shape. But the long-lost heir is a whole lot more than she's bargained for!A Countess for Christmas - Anthea LawsonMiss Cecilia Fairfax dreads the upcoming holidays, especially when her brother brings home an unexpected guest. But of all the blessings of the season, sometimes the most unexpected is love.Miss Isabella Thaws a Frosty Lord - Larissa LyonsMistletoe kisses grant a blind heroine and a frosty hero a chance at happiness during a winter house party.Her Accidental Groom - Nadine MillardLady Natalia Soronsky and Lord Benjamin Strafford started out as enemies and ended up as co-conspirators in a faux betrothal. But the longer they continue the ruse, the more they start to wonder just how false their feelings are.Christmas Spirits - Jane CharlesWhen Benjamin Storm, Earl of Kenley, is sent to Scotland to procure a missing whisky shipment, he encounters the most unusual smuggler.Joy to the World - Nicole ZoltackUnbeknownst to Eliza Berkeley, the man she thought she was going to marry was not Stephen Huntington, the Duke of Wyndale. Will a match formed through deceit blossom into love this Christmas?To Fall for a Duke by Christmas - Sadie BosqueA reluctant duke and a charming commoner devise a plan to serve their own needs. A false relationship is supposed to be their salvation... Until love intervenes.What If I Still Love You - Erica TaylorAfter a failed elopement ten years earlier, Henry, Earl of Carrington, and Anna, the widowed Viscountess Rycroft, are reunited at his aunt’s Twelfth Night party. Can this star-crossed pair find their way back to each other?Christmas Promises - Brenda HiattWhen Lord Vandover leaves for London, he promises his grandmother he will return with a bride. Unfortunately, with each simpering debutante he meets he regrets that promise more—until he encounters the lovely Miss Holly Paxton.

Quiet Soldier: On Selection With 21 SAS

Adam Ballinger - 2016
    So what made him risk it all for the gruelling, year-long SAS Selection course, with a better than ninety per cent chance of failing to win the toughest badge in the British Army at the end of it? Over the months of combat patrols, press-ups, punishing runs and Gas! Gas! Gas!, the ordeals of Long Drag and hostile interrogation, Ballinger learnt that who you think you are and what the Army wants you to be are very different things, and the end product of Selection bears little relation to either. This vivid, often funny account of the varied characters who commit so much to training for the 'misfits regiment' is remarkable both for its unromantic authenticity, and for its objective attempt to find out why. A question, Ballinger discovered, that few, if any, in the SAS could answer.

Three Bullets for the Cactus Kid

Louis L'Amour
    He thought fast and he shot fast, but how many battles can a peace loving cowpoke survive when every gunman is set against him.

Lolita (Bad Girls #1)

Rubina Ramesh - 2018
    When the notoriety that came along with fame was too much for her to bear, she seeks refuge in the luscious green Panchgani.Advait Rana was a workaholic and a single dad. Balancing the two roles was not easy. The guilt of neglecting his ten-year-old motherless daughter made him decide to become a better father than he was. He takes a leave and heads toward Panchgani, little knowing that fate had other plans.A chance accident changes their lives forever.Born in simplicity, shunned for her ambition by her family, and shamed for her choice in men, Lolita was everything Advait wanted to avoid--for his and his daughter's sake. Little did he know that it was this attitude that made him a target of the diva of the silver screen. For Lolita was born to win over hearts.Disclaimer: This book is for the matured audience.

The Beachside Cafe (Saltwater Secrets Book 6)

Sage Parker - 2021

The Ranger

A.W. Hart - 2021
    His father was black, his mother a full-blood member of the Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas. He remembers neither of them. Both disappeared soon after Concho’s birth and his Kickapoo grandmother raised him on the tribal reservation just outside Eagle Pass, Texas.Often bullied as a youth for his differences, Concho soon grew into the promise of his big hands and wide shoulders. Hatred of him remained in some; fear joined that emotion in others. Concho learned to walk a solitary path, which first took him away to college and then to Afghanistan as an Army Ranger.Now, a group of Neo-Nazi terrorists have taken over a mall in Eagle Pass. One hostage is the woman Concho loves. The only path Concho can see is straight ahead and through.

The Essence of Shade

Deborah Jean Miller - 2019
    Despite his overbearing nature, Shade delights in her new role as wife and mother. When her husband suddenly dies years later, she uncovers secrets from his past—secrets so profound they derail the lives of both her and her daughter. After tragedy strikes, thirty-six-year-old Shade gains custody of her young grandson, Tyler, and moves to a small Michigan beach town where she becomes the owner of a successful bakery and café. Shade meets and falls in love with Tyler’s baseball coach, but their love for one another is doomed. Shade’s internal struggle to honor her vow to God, while denying her own desires, throws her on a path of painful redemption.

The Smuggler's Chase: A Chase Fulton Novel (Chase Fulton Novels Book 16)

Cap Daniels - 2022

She Is the Law

Michael Anderle - 2021
    Anything you do inside your own home is allowed.Is she a cop with a cause or a devil in disguise?Terra Kris failed when she was supposed to look the other way during an assignment.For that act and her unrepentant attitude, she has powerful people gunning for her.Now, someone has decided to use a new AI embedding program snuck in during an emergency operation.Where she goes, they can follow.Until she figures out what is going on.Then there will be hell to pay.

Sophie Mays' Magnolia Harbor series

Sophie Mays - 2020
    Enjoy all these sweet romance books in one collection for the first time!"If you love Hallmark Movies, breezy beach reads, or heartwarming series' like Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove, you will love these books!"Ready? Let's take a trip to Magnolia Harbor! The quaint seaside town on the Eastern seaboard, full of residents with real lives, big hearts, and arms wide open waiting to welcome you!These stories will have you laughing, crying, and overcoming the odds page-after-page!Included in this set are all the popular titles:• Hope's Bakery• When Hearts Collide• From New York, With Love• Unexpected Events• The Vacation Cottages

The Sheikh's Secret Twins (Sweet Sheikh Surprises Book 4)

Holly Rayner - 2021

Operation: Hot Spot books 1-4

Trish McCallan - 2021
    The only man Demi Barnes will take to bed—or on the kitchen table or up against the wall—is him. And it sure as hell won’t be a short term arrangement.This Book was previously published as Bound by Seduction. Trust Under Fire Ask Navy SEAL Lucas Trammel to take out an al-Shabaab enclave full of terrorists and he’s your guy. But love? Yeah, clearing a minefield is less dangerous. From day one, Emma Janssen was an unwelcome temptation. Those soft curves, her thousand-watt smile…Did he regret that weekend? Hell no. But black ops and civilians don’t mix. He walked away for her own good. Now her life is in danger and she needs him. And this time—after the bad guys are down—he’s not walking away.This book was previously published as Bound by Temptation. Loyalty Under Fire Former Navy SEAL Dante (Rio) Addario has an Achilles heel. A big one. Rebecca Blaine. An old flame he’d left firmly in the past. Becca didn’t look like trouble, but beneath that perfect packaging was sweet chaos – a drama queen in six-inch heels. The kind of woman even Navy SEALS ran from. Now she’s back, with a killer on her heels, and Rio is thrust into a chilling game of cat and mouse where one misstep will get them killed.This book was previously published as Bound by Deception. Future Under Fire Navy SEAL Brett (Tag) Taggart went wheels up with a ring in his pocket and a proposal on his mind. He returns to find Sarah Gillespie—the woman he loves—engaged to another man…a fellow SEAL. When Sarah is kidnapped hours before her wedding, Tag’s protective instincts roar to life. He will find her. He will rescue her…he will protect her…whether she’s his or not. But the fallout from Sarah’s rescue exposes all her secrets—secrets Tag can’t forgive or forget.If you love dominant Navy SEALs, gripping stories, and STEAM that will melt your Kindle, grab this box set and BINGE!

Cerberus Series: Books 1-3: (A Military Space Opera Box Set)

Andy Peloquin - 2021
    A government assassin, tasked with fixing the galaxy's darkest, ugliest problems.3 thrilling novels. 1,000+ pages of fearless heroes, non-stop futuristic action, and neck-breaking plot twists.Armed with cutting-edge weapons and an AI-run cybernetic suit that controls his paralyzed legs, he is the fist in the shadows, the dagger to the heart of the Nyzarian Empire’s enemies.Then he found Bex on his doorstep…A junkie, high on the drug he’d fought for years to avoid, and a former elite soldier like him. So he takes her in to help her get clean—Silverguards never leave their own behind.If only he’d known his actions would put him in the crosshairs of the most powerful cartel in New Avalon.Facing an army of gangbangers, drug pushers, and thugs, Nolan must fight to not only carry out his mission, but to prevent the escalating violence from destroying everything he loves. This Special Edition Omnibus contains the first three books in the thrilling Cerberus military space opera series. It's perfect for fans of JN Chaney, Jay Allan, and Rick Partlow. Grab your copy today! Books included in the set:Book 1: Assassination ProtocolBook 2: Terminal SecretsBook 3: Cyber Strike

The Enchanter

Whiskey Flowers - 2019
    Before the revolution, strong magic users called Casters kept people like Freeland as slaves. Enchanters could build items of great beauty and also constructed items to make even the weakest Caster strong. Freeland's father was an exceptional Enchanter and ran off with his master's daughter, Freeland's mother Teresa. During the revolution, rather than free the Enchanters the Casters started slaughtering all they could find. Freeland saw his father and most of his family killed. Now living with his mother and his uncle who is also an Enchanter, Freeland tried to keep a low profile. Casters had been removed from power and keeping slaves was illegal. Freeland was one of the few Enchanters still living and did not trust the Casters no matter what the law said. Freeland's greatest fear was realized when he was forced to reveal his secret and now every Caster around came to threaten him. Soon all of his enemies will find out that he is not only one of the few Enchanters around, but he is also a Caster as well.