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A Poodle in Paris by Connie Kaldor


The Emotions Book : A Little Story About BIG Feelings (Brave Kids Press)

Liz Fletcher - 2021

Road Trip! (SpongeBob SquarePants)

Adam Beechen - 2011
    SpongeBob and Patrick are on the ultimate road trip when they set out in the Krusty Krab Patty Wagon to save King Neptune's crown from Shell City! They will travel through a cavernous trench and meet a monstrous frogfish, see a stampede of sea horses, and meet a giant Cyclops!

A Wolf Pup's Tale

Rachel Yu - 2010
    Fast forward three years to the present, Rachel has transformed "Rugmo and the Other Side of the Fence," to "A Wolf Pup's Tale;" a beautifully illustrated, enchanting children's book. It is a story about a young wolf pup, whose curiosity leads him to discovery, danger, and friendship.

When The Sky Roars

Katie Weaver - 2021
    A little boy has had enough of thunderstorms interfering with his life! He's done with being afraid and he's had enough of the "roars" in the sky ruining some of his favorite days!Determined to find out what's behind the roaring and get it to stop already, he sets off on a brave adventure.Who knew there were such interesting things in the clouds?!Pirates, firefighters and even dinosaurs quickly turn fear into one big-bellied-giggle after another!

The Gritty Little Lamb

Dan Allbaugh - 2020
    Includes a playable game!A 'growth mindset' children's picture book, The Gritty Little Lamb is a touching tale about joyful Lambie who loves playing games but has a hard time losing. His parents educate him about the value of hard work, perseverance and attitude to achieve his goal which, for right now, is beating Dad.With playful illustrations and spirited rhymes, this story teaches the value of determination and inspires every child to believe in the possibilities of their own abilities.Book details:*Beautifully illustrated in stunning detail.*An engaging and rhythmic read for adults with a story to which all kids can relate.*Several powerful and motivational quotes written in rhyme and easy to remember.*A great conversation starter to discuss attitude, patience, determination, goal setting, and losing with grace.*Includes a playable version of the same game that is seen throughout the book!*Great for bedtime, reading aloud, group discussion, and improving children's own reading skills.*Ideal for children ages 3-8.If you're looking for a heartwarming book that will teach your child important concepts while remaining fun to read, then The Gritty Little Lamb is for you. This engaging story will become a treasured part of your bookshelf which you and your kids will want to read again and again.

The Tent Mouse and the RV Mouse

Loretta Sponsler - 2019
    While Thomas Tent-Mouse loves to camp in his tent where he feels connected to nature, his cousin Harvey RV-Mouse loves to camp in his RV where he feels safe. Adventure awaits these outdoor-loving cousins, as they learn that it’s okay to like different things.   Fans of A Camping Spree with Mr. Magee, Llama Llama Loves Camping, and Curious George Goes Camping will love this camping book.Easy to follow storyline, beautiful illustrations, and likable characters – combined with a lesson that preferences differ. Strengthen the love for books and camping with this lovable story and rich illustrations. A fun read-aloud for families and elementary story time Books for kids ages 3-6 Books for early and emergent readers Ideal for camping theme lesson plans Loretta Sponsler is the author of Goodnight, Campsite.

Original Rockers

Richard King - 2015
    We live in an age when the most beautiful of recording formats, vinyl, is back in vogue and thriving. In the early 90s, with the march of the cd and record company disinterest oin the format, vinyl was looking like an anachronism. And with its demise came the gradual erosion of a once beautiful and unique landscape known as the independent record shop. Richard King, author of How Soon is Now, blends memoir and elegiac music writing on the likes of Captain Beefheart, CAN and Julian Cope, to create a book that recalls the debauched glory days of the independent record shop. Chaotic, amateurish and extravagantly dysfunctional, this is a book full of rare personalities and rum stories. It is a book about landscape, place and the personal; the first piece of writing to treat the environment of the record shop as a natural resource with its own peculiar rhythms and anecdotal histories.

KPOP BTS QUIZ BOOK: 123 Fun Facts Trivia Questions About K-Pop's Hottest Band

Fandom Media - 2017
     KPOP BTS QUIZ BOOK covers various quiz questions about each member of the group, as well as many interesting facts as a group, such as... "On the November 22, BTS was announced to be officially recognized by THIS organization as a musical group with the most Twitter engagement." "On the very first Episode of American Hustle Life, BTS travels to THIS CITY to learn Hip Hop." "THIS member was an underground rapper in Daegu." "J-Hope said that the kind of super power he would like to have is...?" "When Jimin was asked to describe and compare Rap Monster to something other than a human, he said Rap Monster is like..." "When V celebrated his Birthday (2013.12.30 at MBC Gayo Daejun), he shared birthday with THIS famous singer. He said to V “Hey, is it your Birthday today? It’s mine too! Let’s blow the candle together.” "True or False...? Jungkook's dream when he was little is to become a badminton player, but changed his mind after listening to..." Can you answer the questions? If you can't, that's totally fine cause that's the best way of getting to know your favorite BTS oppa's!

One Direction - Up All Night Songbook

One Direction - 2013
    This album marks the first time a British band topped the Billboard 200 chart with its debut release thanks in no small part to their blockbuster single "What Makes You Beautiful." Our matching folio features piano/vocal/guitar arrangements of all of their catchy songs, including that megahit and: Everything About You * Gotta Be You * I Want * I Wish * More Than This * One Thing * Same Mistakes * Save You Tonight * Stole My Heart * Taken * Tell Me a Lie * Up All Night.

Oh Doctor, the Places You Will Go...

James Chang - 2011
    Please be warned, some of the illustrations contain mature, medically oriented content which may not be suitable for young children.All proceeds will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation!

The Unexpected Love Story of Alfred Fiddleduckling

Timothy Basil Ering - 2017
    Captain Alfred is sailing home with new ducks for his farm when his little boat is caught in an unexpected and mighty storm. Everything aboard the ship is flung to the far reaches of the sea, including the very special and beautiful duck egg he had nestled safely inside his fiddle case. But perhaps all is not lost: the little duckling stumbles out of his shell and discovers Captain Alfred's fiddle, floating not too far away in the waves. And when the duckling embraces the instrument with all his heart, what happens next is pure magic. Through an enchanting read-aloud text and beautiful artwork, award-winning author-illustrator Timothy Basil Ering shares a thrilling and fantastical story of a farmer, a gentle old lady, a dancing dog, and one brave, tiny duckling that will warm the heart.

The Not-So-Faraway Adventure

Andrew Larsen - 2016
    He had been everywhere. He kept an old trunk packed with the pictures, postcards, maps and menus that he had collected on his adventures. Someday, Theo wants to be an explorer, too. For now, it's Poppa's birthday, and Theo has planned a special trip to the beach with him to celebrate. They plot out their course on a map they've drawn and then take the streetcar to the local beach, where they stroll in the sand, hunt for stones and slurp gazpacho at the beachside restaurant. It's a perfect day, and Theo is so happy to have given Poppa just the right gift. But best of all, Theo has also had her first lesson in being an explorer: you don't have to travel far from home to have an adventure! In this heartwarming picture book, popular author Andrew Larsen has created a rich story that captures the magic of turning an ordinary day into an adventure. The closeness between Theo and Poppa is touching, and offers a terrific opportunity for classroom discussions about family relationships. The emphasis on discovering the world right outside your door is a wonderful springboard for projects in which children can do the same in their own communities. With subtle and imaginative details in the cityscape, the beach and Poppa's home, Irene Luxbacher's fresh and expressive illustrations add depth to the story. The endearing Poppa and Theo also star in The Imaginary Garden, written and illustrated by the same creators.

The Beatles: 365 Days

Simon Wells - 2005
    Arranged chronologically, the photos trace the story of the band, from their emergence on the scene in England, through their rise to international superstardom, to their very public breakup in 1970. Every aspect of their evolution from mop-tops to legends is depicted, including their personal lives, performances, press conferences, recording sessions, public appearances, photo sessions, filmmaking, and more. The captions by Simon Wells are rich in detail and provide both band history and cultural context for the photographs, as well as quotes from members of the band and those associated with them that have never been published. The insatiable hunger for new books about the Beatles has never waned, and this arresting volume-with its wealth of never- and seldom-seen pictures that have long been embargoed at the Getty Images archive-will have a special appeal for all Beatles fans.

Quinn Saves Christmas: A magical snow fairy adventure

Jana Buchmann - 2020
    Can Quinn and all her friends work together to save Christmas?This rousing picture book is handsomely illustrated and filled with important lessons every child should learn. The power of friendship is one that enhances our lives while teaching us to be kind, caring, and considerate of others. Quinn Saves Christmas is a must-read story that will entertain, dazzle, and teach children to always look for the good in others.After all, being kind can go a long way. It starts with a simple act.

Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas

Russell Hoban - 1971
    Both Ma Otter and her son, Emmet, hope to win the $50 talent show prize and surprise each other with a special Christmas present.