Storm is Coming!

Heather Tekavec - 2002
    Who is this terrifying creature named Storm? Huddled in the barn, the animals anxiously wait for his arrival. But when the sky gets darker, growling fiercely and flashing bright lights, the animals are relieved. The sky must be trying to protect them by scaring away Storm! Young children will relish the simple humor of this farm tale, made all the more delightful through its dynamic, expressive illustrations.

Frog is Frightened

Max Velthuijs - 1994
    They huddle together for comfort in Pig’s bed. In the morning, it is Hare who gets a real fright when he finds Frog’s house empty and gets no answer at Pig’s. That’s because the three friends are now fast asleep!

Cork & Fuzz

Dori Chaconas - 2005
    Fuzz is a possum. From their first meeting in a hollow log to playing pin-the-tail-on-the-turtle, from collecting rocks to dodging falling pinecones, Cork and Fuzz are always up to something unusual. The gentle humor and simple story will entertain beginning readers, while warm, expressive illustrations add just the right amount of visual cues to help them along.

Big Egg

Molly Coxe - 1997
    Whose ege can it be? Here's a hint, Hen--it doesn't belong to that wily Fox!

The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Car Trip

Stan Berenstain - 2006
    Mama and Papa Bear are eager to explore the wonders of Bear Country, but the cubs would rather be anywhere but the backseat of the family car!

Happy Go Ducky

Jackie Urbanovic - 2012
    Spring has arrived, and Max the duck comes down with a giant case of spring fever.When Irene is gone for the day and leaves Max in charge, things get a little . . . quacky.The second I Can Read Book based on Jackie Urbanovic’s bestselling Duck at the Door series, happy go ducky is sure to bring smiles to beginning readers’ faces.

Ella and Penguin: A Perfect Match

Megan Maynor - 2017
    So it only makes sense that they like all the same things. But Ella loves tutus. Penguin does not. Ella loves finger painting. Penguin does not. Oh no! They don’t match! They must not be friends after all. Then again, maybe Ella and Penguin don’t need to like all the same things to love being friends.An irresistible follow-up to Ella and Penguin Stick Together!

More Caps for Sale: Another Tale of Mischievous Monkeys

Esphyr Slobodkina - 2015
    The sequel, More Caps for Sale, picks up right where Caps for Sale left off, as the peddler comes face-to-face with those monkeys and their funny business yet again.More Caps for Sale is based on story ideas discussed by Slobodkina and Ann Marie Mulhearn Sayer throughout their years as friends and business associates prior to Esphyr's death in 2002. With simple text and illustrations, filled with warmth and humor, this sequel is perfect for early readers and follows a great folktale tradition.Since Caps for Sale was first published in 1940, millions of children have savored the original tale of the peddler, his caps, and a band of very funny monkeys, and now this charming sequel continues the story!

The Lego Movie: Awesome Adventures (DK Readers)

Helen Murray - 2013
    DK Readers are a multi-level reading program guaranteed to capture a child's interest while developing reading skills and general knowledge — compatible with the framework for teaching literacy.

Froggy's Worst Playdate

Jonathan London - 2013
    She might try to kiss him. EEWW! This could be the worst play date ever.Children have enjoyed the misadventures of trouble-prone Froggy in more than twenty books. Froggy just never learns--and that's why we love him!


Syd Hoff - 1958
    He's too big for most places, and too clumsy for others. He's not even any good as a live bearskin rug! Will Grizzwold ever find a home that's just right?

Hello, Animals!

Smriti Prasadam-Halls - 2010
    With first words to join in with, this stunning book will captivate sparkly little babies everywhere.

Big Brown Bear's Cave

Yuval Zommer - 2018
    Then one day he wanders into the city and discovers that humans also have caves, which they call garages and fill with all sorts of stuff! Bear decides he must do the same -- but soon there is no room in his cave to stretch or scratch or do any of the things that Big Brown Bear likes to do, including seeing his friends. Maybe it's time for all the stuff to go!

Lambert the Sheepish Lion

Bill Peet - 1970
    Sheep, Lambert finds growing up difficult.

Elmer and the Hippos

David McKee - 2004
    When the elephants complain to Elmer that the river is over-crowded, Elmer sets off to see what he can do. He soon discovers that the problem can easily be solved, but only if the hippos and the elephants work together!