Sweet Destiny: A Small Town Sweet Romance: A small town silver romance (Silver Fox Book 1)

Dean Hodel - 2019
    One thought love wasn't for him.Together they'll find an unconditional love that heals.Robert Parker has been in the army and traveled the world. He comes back to retire in a place called home. He is resolved to live his life alone, but fate has other plans. He meets a widow named Delilah Cade-- whose poise and quiet grace make him abandon any plan of bachelorhood.Delilah Cade has already known the love of a lifetime. When her husband passed, she dedicates her life to her family. Now her grandchildren need her to help out in the family business. She pairs up with Robert Parker-- a private and enigmatic man who reminds her that she's still very much a woman.When these two meet, their core values and beliefs will be put to the test. They will have to decide if it's worth putting aside their old ways to embrace a new life and a new love.Buy Sweet Destiny today!

A Perilous Road to her Heart

Carol Colyer - 2020
    All she ever wanted is to meet a promising young man to fall in love with. To her surprise, a secret admirer gives her hope for the first time that true love actually exists. Little did she know that her world would soon fall apart and her priorities would change drastically as her brother gets unexpectedly kidnapped. Based on the rustlers' demand, she has to be the one delivering the ransom money. Against her will, though, deputy Heath decides to accompany her to this dangerous mission. Will she find the courage to bridge her differences with the one man in town she doesn't like, in order to save her only brother?As the deputy in Charlesland, Heath Jackson is really passionate about his role while at the same time he takes care of his parents. Ever since his older sister passed away in a horrible accident, his parents have been in a constant depressed state which has seriously concerned him. What brightens his day is the girl of his dreams and his best friend's little sister, Lottie, however, he hasn't been able to express his love for her sincerely. Unbeknownst to them, fate and ruthless criminals will finally bring them closer together. Will he be able to save his friend and protect Lottie during this risky quest? Will he declare his true feelings to the woman he loves?When it all comes to a terrifying clash, lives are hanging on a ledge, while both Lottie and Heath will be forced to admit what they really mean to each other. Will the opportunity ever come for them to be together? Will Lottie ultimately choose a romance with her secret admirer or with her childhood nemesis?"A Perilous Road to her Heart" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

A Merchant's Extraordinary Lady

Aria Norton - 2020
    When her father, a well-known baron, arranges an unlikely match for her, she immediately devises a plan to dissuade the suitor. Her efforts are in vain though, as the man, a tenacious and handsome merchant, perseveres and marries her anyway. Dismayed, Aurora resolves to make her husband's life miserable, but to her shock, she finds her heart softening towards him. As her bewildering new feelings intensify, will they challenge her determination to fight against her husband and her desire to be a free woman?Carlos's life has been driven by his need to avenge his mother's death and claim his rightful place as the son of a Spanish count. An opportunity falls into his lap when he overhears an irate baron offer his troublesome daughter as a wife to anyone who will have her. Marrying this stubborn young woman gives him a clear path towards meeting his father for the very first time, but also makes him her enemy. He might not have minded this, if he wasn't also unexpectedly and uncontrollably drawn to his mesmerising wife... With his birthright finally within his grasp, will his heart instead force him to explore powerful feelings he hadn't bargained for?As Aurora clings to her independence amid her developing emotions, Carlos is troubled by his guilt over marrying an unwilling woman to advance his plans. Thrown together by fate, neither can deny their life-changing connection for much longer. With Aurora's safety suddenly being threatened, will justice matter more to Carlos than the woman he has come to care so deeply about? Will Aurora ever be able to set aside her fears and hurt and give them both a chance to discover the true depth of their shared feelings?"A Merchant's Extraordinary Lady" is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

A Bridge Between Hearts

Casey Swan - 2021
    Adam Finlay left the vet practice he was working for when cost cutting led to animals suffering. He would love to open a one-man practice of his own, but all his savings went to his ex wife in her battle against cancer. He’s still getting over the divorce, and he doesn’t have anything to offer a woman at the moment anyway.Adam’s sister has set him up in a rental house in the small seaside town of Kauri Bay, not far from the family farm, and he soon notices Polly, the manager of the Beach Front Cafe. Polly knows she can’t get interested in the handsome young vet, she really mustn’t, but her heart flutters every time he’s near her. The two young people find themselves in an impossible situation – or is it? Not when help comes from a completely unexpected source. A clean and wholesome romance, set in an inspirational community.

His Paradise Wife (The Champion Brothers Book 1)

Tina Martin - 2014
     Too bad Emily's heart is not available for love. Two years after her husband Melvin passed, Emily is still grieving his death. She's buried herself in her work, in making her high-end boutique a success. She has no interest in dating again and she's definitely not about to be swept off her feet by one of those Champion brothers. ***The Champion Brothers series books are all standalone books.*** Book 1, His Paradise Wife is Dante Champion's story. Book 2, When A Champion Wants You is Dimitrius Champion's story. Book 3, The Best Thing He Never Knew He Needed is Desmond Champion's story. Book 4, Wives And Champions is a family novel. Book 5, The Way Champions Love is Harding Champion's story.

White Boys Packing Too

Soulja Choc - 2019
    It’s even harder when the man you're involved with is a great catch, and people feel he should be sticking with his own kind. When Raina and Jason got together they never imagined that being in love would be frowned upon. Jason’s ex refuses to let go and lose to a black woman. When Raina pops up pregnant, and Elise sees that Jason isn’t just going thru a phase but loves the mother of his future child, she challenges Raina. Imani is fed up with no good men after her boyfriend of over a year proves to be just like the rest. A liar and cheater. She kicks him out her house and swears off men and relationships. Her best friend Raina tries to convince her to give a white man a chance after she found love herself with one, but Imani isn’t convinced. That is until she meets Steven one evening at Raina’s house. With bright blue eyes and abs that are hard as steel, curiosity gets the best of her. Imani soon sees for herself that just because a man is white, it doesn’t mean they can’t hang in the bedroom. Will these couples make it to the finish line when society frowns upon inter-racial dating? Can love and good sex be enough to hold onto love or will the pressure of their skin and controversy destroy all hope? Bitter ex’s and mistrust are only a few problems these friends are faced against in this page-turning love story.

When Love is Meant to Be: A Historical Western Romance Book

Ellen Knightley - 2020
    The stunning revelation that her father abandoned his own wife and child fills her mind with questions. Hoping to shed light on the mysterious circumstances that lead to this, she travels to the small town of Macon, Arizona. Seeking answers about her true origins, she is blindsided by the immediate attraction she feels towards the handsome local sheriff. As more clues are uncovered and she is reunited with people from a past she never knew, will Amelia also find a miraculous future with this kind and charming man?Luke Johnson isn't sure he is meant to ever love again. After losing his wife at a young age, he spends his days helping the people in Macon as their sheriff. Born and raised in the area, he knows everyone around and has their respect. When an enigmatic and witty young woman arrives in town asking questions, he finds himself unexpectedly drawn to her. While he struggles to overcome his grief over his past, will he allow himself to give in to the hope these exciting new feelings bring and learn to love again?As Luke and Amelia try to figure out their place in each other's life, they are unaware that trouble is brewing in town. While they try to come to terms with their developing feelings, there are forces at work that would destroy their chance at happiness and threaten Amelia's life. Will Luke be able to save her in time and bring the culprits to justice? With friends and unlikely allies in their corner, will Luke and Amelia's love stand the test and conquer all?"When Love is Meant to Be" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Courting A Sinful Stranger

Emily Honeyfield - 2021
    Sarah yearns for so much more, secretly lusting for an enthralling adventure... When she attends a masquerade ball, she is allured by the raven-haired seductive stranger, who whispers shockingly tempting things into her ear, without revealing his identity. She knows all this is far from how a lady should behave, but she finds this game of seduction simply irresistible. After all, what hope can a respectable young lady have in finding any kind of tantalizing excitement? While trying to unveil this captivating masquerader's identity, will she indulge in an adventure of inappropriate promises and lustful desire?Arthur Colton, the Viscount Nordarken, is a bored gentleman, ready to risk it all for the sake of pleasure. While visiting his father in the district, he is on the hunt for a rousing distraction. Sadly, not even one of the eligible young ladies sparks his interest after the whirlwind of excitement that London was. Little did he know that everything was about to change with the announcement of a masquerade ball and the appearance of an enticing dark-eyed beauty into his dangerous path. Being used to always getting what he wants, he comes up with a wicked plan, to make her succumb to his sinful passion. How far is he willing to go in order to conquer her fiery heart?Against all odds, their lives and their feelings get tangled and challenge everything they have ever known. That is when a game of false identities and flaming desire begins... A game that must end soon, or it could otherwise lead to their destruction. For Sarah it is being in the midst of a scandal and losing her gracious place in society. For Arthur it is being targeted and risking turning into a social pariah. Will an arising old scandal threaten their affair to its very core? Will their untamed passion for one another be enough to thrive, in spite of all the hardships or will they drift apart after all?

A Duke's Liberating Embrace

Abigail Agar - 2020
    His only hope is to stay hidden until he manages to clear his name and get to the bottom of the heinous crime. Undercover and looking for answers in an orchard, the last thing he expected was to find the most beautiful woman he has ever seen; a stunning woman, willing to help him with his marvelous plan. But is the restoration of his honour really all that awaits Samuel or will this just be the beginning of a love he could never have dreamt of?Delilah DeWitt is a charming young Lady who never expected too much from life. All she ever wanted was a big family and a caring husband. In an unexpected twist of fate, she meets a handsome drifter searching for work and an opportunity to settle outside of London. But what if this charming commoner is hiding his true intentions? When she finds out who he really is, will she feel betrayed and drowned by his lies? Or will she trust her heart and defy everything?As Samuel and Delilah try to unravel the truth, they end up discovering parts of themselves they had never explored before. Torn between lies, can they really overcome an enemy they can't even identify? Can their love survive the lies threatening to destroy it?"A Duke's Liberating Embrace" is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Secret Evenings in Pretty Beach

Polly Babbington - 2021
    As life gets busy for Lottie, her new business starts to boom and as her beautiful garden is flourishing Lottie thinks there’s no room left in her life for anything else. But just when she’s least expecting it along comes dashing Connor Bally, businessman extraordinaire, and Lottie Cloudberry is swept off her feet in more ways than one. Is it too late for Lottie Cloudberry to fall head over heels in love again or will Connor Bally change all her thoughts of life on her own?

Grace's Fake Groom

Francesca Lane - 2020
    He's about to lose everything. Will a make-believe engagement solve all their problems?Grace Morelli needs to go home, but the timing couldn't be worse: She finally landed her dream job. Why had she promised her siblings she would take this month off to fulfill their parents' quirky last wishes in Colibri Beach?Chase Ryan walked in to his office on a Monday morning to find his entire staff gone. Everyone except a couple of new recruits, including the young woman he had yet to meet. He had tough decisions to make now. Not only had he been betrayed by a former business partner, but an even more pressing matter overshadowed him.When Chase delivers Grace some very bad news, she learns of what's at stake for him. Troubleshooter that she is, Grace finds a way to solve her problem--and his.But will Grace and Chase be able to untangle their hearts ... once the farce is over?In the Beach House Memories Series, the Morelli siblings inherit their parents' beach house in beautiful Colibri Beach--but there's a catch!

A Gracious Love to Redefine Her

Aurora Hanson - 2020
    When her brother is betrayed by the young woman he's courting, he decides to leave their hometown and his broken heart behind. At first, May is skeptical about the move, but when she meets a handsome stranger, she feels much more confident about this unexpected change in their lives. But as she becomes smitten with him, will she be able to keep herself from harm when danger lurks?Wesley and his brother have always been loners and there is a good reason for that; Wesley's brother has gotten on the wrong side of the law more than once. Nevertheless, Wesley has finally managed to settle down with his own blacksmith shop in a new town. When he helps a beautiful young woman in trouble, he never could have imagined the change she would bring to his life. Will his dangerous secrets jeopardize their budding relationship, costing him his only chance of true love?When an enemy from the past surfaces and targets Charlie and May, second thoughts will overwhelm and frighten her. Wesley has to make a choice between family and love while May will find herself tangled in between. Will May and Wesley be able to make the life-changing choices they need to in order to keep each other safe? Could they dream of a life together beyond any doubt?

A Promise To End Her Heartbreak: A Historical Western Romance Book

Lorelei Brogan - 2020

The Inn at Cranberry Cove (Cranberry Cove Series Book 1)

June Foster - 2020
    She’s inherited her aunt’s B&B and is determined to carry on her legacy. Upon preparing for guests, she learns of a century-old tale of treasure within the inn. Many have searched for the illusive gems but to no avail. She discovers a man working on the inn’s grounds, but is he the gardener Gina Price hired? Perhaps he’s searching for the hidden treasure.James Atwood, corporate executive, works in the Atwood’s thriving cranberry business. Tragedy strikes, and he’s numb and riddled with guilt. Befriended by Gina Price, he finds solace working evening and weekends in the fresh earth, fescue grass, and aromatic blossoms of the inn’s gardens, helping to divert his mind from his dishonest cousin Robert, bent on destroying the Atwood business. He continues tending the grounds after Gina passes, and the new owner believes he’s a gardener. After she calls late one night upon hearing a prowler, James races to her rescue and discovers his feelings are more than protective.Ashton’s first guests, the Claxton’s, appear out of nowhere saying they’ve had reservations for a year though she finds no record of a deposit. She chalks the failure up to faulty accounting before she arrived. When an elusive intruder continues to make frightening midnight visits, Ashton fears for her own safety and that of the Claxtons. But then, their odd comings and goings cause Ashton to wonder. Are they really vacationing visitors from California, or do they have other motives for staying at the inn?Can two people allow the majestic northwest and fragrant coastal air heal their wounded hearts? Will they discover the secret of The Inn at Cranberry Cove?

Where's the Groom?

Cathryn Brown - 2020
    Now her groom’s missing and a new man’s helping her search for him.Summer realized she’d made a big mistake. Why did she say yes to him? When her groom never arrives at the church, she uses her one clue to find him. She gets a big surprise. And she meets her Watson to help her search.Cameron agrees to help Summer because a family member’s caught in her mystery. She’s glad to have someone working with her, especially when he’s handsome and has a great smile, but a new romance is out of the question. But she sometimes (maybe too often) gets in trouble when she leaps before she looks, so he could come in handy.Cameron and Summer are immediately pulled into a mystery bigger than a missing groom (with no dead bodies!) and fighting their attraction to each other. If they can find the groom—and solve this mystery—they’ll part ways and never need to see each other again.They’re caught in a situation they didn’t create. Can a woman who almost got married find love on the run?