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Can You See Me? by Bob Staake


Franklin's Class Trip

Paulette Bourgeois - 1999
    Beaver told him there are real dinosaurs inside. When Franklin stares into the jaws of a tyrannosaurus rex, he's happy that it's just a skeleton. The dinosaurs aren't alive! Now Franklin's not afraid of anything.

Peppa Pig and the Busy Day at School

Neville Astley - 2013
    sensation.Peppa is having a busy day at school — learning numbers and letters, painting, making music, and playing outside. Peppa can’t wait for Special Talent time, but her excitement turns to worry when all three of her special talents are chosen by others! Luckily, Peppa can revert to her true specialty: jumping in muddy puddles!

Montessori: Letter Work

Bobby George - 2012
    Each letter is textured for readers to trace and accompanied by a familiar object that shares its sound.   Written by Bobby and June George, founders of the Baan Dek Montessori School, the Montessori series introduces young readers to key concepts by beginning with the concrete and moving to the abstract. With each book, young readers absorb age-appropriate information and gain a better understanding of the world around them.

I Can Be a Teacher (Barbie)

Mary Man-Kong - 2011
    Girls ages 4 to 6 will want Barbie to be their teacher, too!

Curious George and the Dinosaur

Margret Rey - 1989
    The director of the museum isn't very happy about that, but George sure knows how to make a field trip interesting!

Little Critter: Just a Teacher's Pet

Mercer Mayer - 2015
    But when the teacher's pet shows that she's a team player, Little Critter and his classmates discover that they've made a great new friend. With fun illustrations and simple text, Mercer Mayer's Little Critter stories are perfect for developing readers.I Can Read books are designed to encourage a love of reading. My First I Can Read books are perfect for shared reading with a child.

Fancy Nancy: Splendid Speller

Jane O'Connor - 2011
    Glass's spelling test is harder than Nancy anticipated, the self-professed spelling prodigy faces a tough decision.

Daniel Goes to School

Becky Friedman - 2014
    Daniel learns that “grown-ups come back” and has lots of fun with his teacher and classmates in this sweet 8x8 storybook that will ring true for children just starting school.© 2014 The Fred Rogers Company.

The Stinky Giant (Step into Reading)

Ellen Weiss - 2012
    But there's a problem— a big problem. Urk, a giant who lives on a nearby mountain, is big and stinky and doesn't care that dumping dirty laundry water in the nearby stream causes a flood down below every single week. So Pepper and Jake hike to Urk's mountaintop lair to confront him. But there's no reasoning with a giant, especially one who gives cryptic puzzles to solve. If the kids can solve it, Urk will move away. If not, Pepper and Jake (and their sheep) will be the featured ingredients in Urk's next bowl of smelly soup!

Little Green Frog Lift a Flap

Ginger Swift - 2016
    The chunky board book has especially thick flaps for baby to grasp and lift. Simple sentences reinforce future language structure. Illustrations include lots of details to hold babys attention.

It's Show and Tell, Dexter!

Lindsay Ward - 2018
    Rexter is going to school. But will anyone like him?Tomorrow is the biggest event ever in Dexter’s life: his best friend, Jack, is taking him to school for Show and Tell Day! Dexter has been getting ready for weeks. But now he’s a little nervous. What if the other kids don’t like him? So Dexter decides to come up with a plan. He’ll wear a costume. Dinosaurs in bunny ears look good, right? He’ll recite state capitals starting with…uh…ah…er. Then he realizes something. He can’t dance. He can’t recite things. He doesn’t have ANY skills. What’s a dino to do?This comical, interactive tale of belonging, friendship, anticipation, and first-day-at-school jitters lets readers experience the excitement and nervousness along with Dexter—and even offer him a little advice along the way.

How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Birthday?

Jane Yolen - 2011
    All little dinosaurs love to get presents, and this new board book will be an immediate favorite. From birthday hats to Ceratosaurus-sized cakes, America's young readers will laugh out loud as the celebration moves from "bad" birthday behavior to just the right amount of silliness and sharing. Bestselling duo Jane Yolen and Mark Teague have created the perfect introduction to birthday parties, with the same beloved humor and warmth of all their previous bestselling "How Do Dinosaurs" books. Here's a wonderful way to say "Happy Birthday!" to any dinosaur...young or old!

St. Patrick's Day

Anne Rockwell - 2010
    Parick's Day, come dance a jig with the students in the classroom ALA Booklist calls "a lively place."Today in Mrs. Madoff's class we all wore something green to school. Kate played the fiddle and we danced to Irish music. Then we learned about St. Patrick and many Irish tales and traditions. Now we know why there are no snakes in Ireland. Not every-one in school is all Irish like me, but we all can celebrate St. Patrick's Day together!

Yellowbelly and Plum Go to School

Nathan Hale - 2007
    They do everything together. So when it’s time to go off to school for the first time, Yellowbelly can’t imagine not taking Plum along. At school they learn lots of fun new things, and they both make lots of new friends. When Plum disappears, Yellowbelly is upset at first. But Plum has been off learning games that the two friends never played before. And when the two are joyfully reunited, Yellowbelly teaches everyone their old games, while Plum can teach Yellowbelly his new ones. A fun, joyful story about school and friendship that introduces two lovable new characters.

Dinos To Go: 7 Nifty Dinosaurs in 1 Swell Book

Sandra Boynton - 2000
    Um, who? Why they're your very ownDINOS TO GOSeven different dinosaurs dash, crawl, frolic, mope, stomp, shudder and glide through this lively Boynton board book.Guided by the colorful picture tabs, children can find whichever quirky dinosaur they want. Great to read at home, or in the car, the train, the plane, or the time machine.