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Broken by Drea Blackery


Playing Rough: A Small Town Frenemies-To-Lovers Romance (The Playboys of Sin Valley Book 4)

Cassie-Ann L. Miller - 2022
    "You and me are bad for each other, Deck.""And since when have either of us ever settled for what's 'good for us'?" I slide my fingers into her hair. "I'm done playing these games, Minx. If you love me, just let me know..."Blurb to come...

One Immortal

Tia Louise - 2015
    When beautiful, sad Melissa Jones flees to New Orleans with her telepathic best friend, she is looking for a cure--not an erotic encounter with a sexy former Marine.Derek Alexander left the military intending to become a private investigator, but with two powerful shifters as partners and an immunity to vampire glamour, he instead rose to the top in paranormal justice.At a bar on Bourbon Street, Derek and Melissa cross paths, and their sexual chemistry is off the charts. Acting on their feelings, they are pulled deeper into an affair, but Melissa is hiding, hoping to escape her cruel maker.It doesn't take long before the shifters uncover her secret. Still, Derek is determined to confront the Old One and reclaim her mortality--even at the risk of losing his.A STANDALONE PARANORMAL ROMANCE with an HEA based on characters from the One to Hold series. Contains voluptuous vampires, alluring alpha military heroes, scorching-hot shifters, beguiling witches, and panty-melting sexy times. Keep the fans nearby... Readers 18 and older only, please.

Rules Of Engagement

Jessika Klide - 2020
    Bromberg's Everyday Heroes World and part of her Born To Fight Heroes For Hire series. He was the high school jock with a 100 mph fastball.
All the girls followed him around like puppies.
It was embarrassing.
But to me, he was nothing more than a big bully.
Calling me names, like "Juicy."
I hated that name.
Everyone expected him to go pro, but he joined the Navy instead.
He wanted to be a SEAL.
On the day before he left, he came back to school.
I was with my best friend, flirting with another guy.
The look on their faces told me who was behind me.
Next thing I know, I'm pinned against the lockers.
Then I'm kissed.
It was earth-shattering! Mind-blowing! Toe-curling!
I melted completed in his arms.
But when it ended, he walked away without a word.
I was claimed and I was humiliated.
My torture by him was complete.
For six years, I've fought the rumors that I was his girl.
The only one I convinced that I wasn't ... was my reflection in the mirror.
Now, I hear he's back. But it's worse than that.
My boss, Sidney Malone, has assigned the article on Everyday Heroes to me.
Guess who I'm to feature?
All the old emotions surface, confusing me all over again.
He bullied me. Yet, he kissed me.
I hated him. Yet, I can't forget him.
 WHEN SHE boards the rescue helicopter, I can't believe how beautiful she is.
Then she grabs my crotch, holding on for dear life, giving me one helluva boner.
She is too terrified to let go.
When we land, she turns to apologize.
And I lift the face shield greeting her with a grin.
Immediately, she recognizes my mouth.
"Sup, Juicy?"* * * * * * * 
Buy now with 1-Click and immerse yourself in Sunnyville with an all-new magnificent Malone man who is sometimes funny, sometimes scary, but always focused on winning the heart of the one who waited without consciously realizing it, as he proves communication is the key to success, winners never quit, and failure is not an option, but you must have Rules of Engagement to win, even in love.

Caught on Camera

Kim Law - 2012
    But then she made the mistake of a lifetime. Former model Vega Zaragoza knows what scandal feels like, and she’s resolved to avoid it. Now making her living behind the camera instead of in front of it, she’s content. Life is good. But when a shot at her dream job comes along, one that puts her back in the public eye, Vega has a choice to make: continue to play it safe . . . or gamble everything to go toe-to-toe—and heart-to-heart—with the city’s most eligible bachelor.JP Davenport isn’t merely Atlanta’s most eligible bachelor, he’s the golden boy of one of America’s most prominent families. With endless charisma and movie-star good looks, JP is used to getting whatever he wants, whenever he wants it. And sometimes, things even get handed to him that he doesn’t want. But what can he do? He’s a Davenport. Everyone in the family has their role to play.When JP sets his sights on Vega, he has no idea the secrets she hides. Secrets that, if exposed, could upend both their lives. But though neither is willing to back away from the attraction they feel, they each start to wonder if a relationship is truly a mistake. Or will being together lead them both down the path to the freedom they each so desperately seek? “Kim Law pens a sexy, fast-paced romance.” —New York Times bestselling author Lori Wilde “The chemistry between Vega and JP is explosive and will have you rooting for the couple’s success.” —RT Book Reviews One-click now to get started reading and get drawn into the scandals that surround the Davenports! Don’t miss the other Davenport novels! Caught on Camera (The Davenports #1) Caught in the Act (The Davenports #2) Caught off Guard (The Davenports #3) Author’s note: This book was previously published in 2012 under the same title but with a different cover. The story remains the same as the original.

Wicked Beautiful

J.T. Geissinger - 2015
    What she doesn’t have—and doesn’t want—is a husband. Fifteen years ago her high school flame broke her heart so badly she swore she’d never love again. Drop-dead sexy restauranteur and infamous playboy Parker Maxwell has only three rules for the women he dates: no questions about his past, no expectations for the future, and no spending the night. When he meets Victoria, however, he’s willing to break his own rules if it means sating the explosive desire she arouses in him. What he doesn’t know is that the alluring Victoria Price used to be the mousy Isabel Diaz, the girl he deflowered and dumped long ago. Presented with a perfect opportunity for revenge, Victoria decides the game is on. But when her connection with Parker proves more than just skin deep, she has to make a choice: continue with her plan for payback, or risk her career, her reputation, and her heart by taking a second chance on love?

The Legacy

Dylan Allen - 2018
    I craved every touch, every filthy promise that fell from his beautiful mouth, knowing he could break me. My past had left me battered and bruised, with scars he was determined to heal. Loving him was like drowning—he consumed me, body and soul.But Hayes has secrets of his own. And nothing could prepare me for the shocking pieces of our pasts that threaten to rip us apart. When the truth is revealed will our love be enough to shelter the storm?

Bully King

J.A. Huss - 2020
    And the secret society that meets deep in the woods is even more exclusive. Only a select few will get in during the summer rush--and Cadee Hunter wants to be one of them. Too bad it's Cooper Valcourt's mission to make sure she fails. Bully boys.Arrogant tyrants.Blue-blood bastards.Call them whatever you want.Around here, we just call them Kings.Fancy boats.Lakeside mansions.Luxe watches and bespoke suits.The Kings of High Court College act like Gods.And Cooper Valcourt is the worst of them.He is the bully king.His family owns everything.And his mission is to put me in my place and send me packing.But Cooper and I have a history filled with secrets.And everyone knows that power doesn’t come from having money.It comes from holding secrets.And I’m holding one of his.A very dark secret that can bring him to his knees.***** Bully King is new-adult, dark, bully romance from New York Times bestselling author JA Huss featuring boys with power and girls at their mercy. It’s a campus shrouded in lies and a summer rush into an elite society that can propel a poor girl straight into the ruling class.If… she’s willing to pay the price.

Secret Baby with Brother's Best Friend

Ava Gray - 2021
    Not once… but twice.I slept with him twice.With the one man that I was supposed to stay away from.Not only that…I got pregnant the first time around and never told him.My world is spinning.How complicated could my life be?Especially now that Chase is also my boss?That’s not the only problem.Chase is also my brother’s best friend.And let me just say that my brother would be furious.He would be furious if he found out who the father of my first child is.But I couldn’t keep my distance from Chase.Even if that meant getting pregnant again.This time, it cannot remain a secret.Chase is about to find out about everything.Will that be the end of our story before it even begins?

Manic Monday

Piper Rayne - 2018
    Great, right? Too bad he was the best man at my wedding.I didn't swear off all men after my divorce, but I sure as hell swore off anyone remotely like my ex. On the top of that list? Attorneys. Everyone knows they can't be trusted.Been there.Done that.Burned the T-shirt.Now that I've moved back into my childhood home in Chicago, my focus is my daughter, my mom and me. I haven't given up on finding my happily-ever-after; it's just on hold-indefinitely. Yup, life is in a real upswing.Then I see Reed Warner again, and I'm reminded of all my past mistakes. I push him away, but somehow, he weasels his way into every part of my life, not willing to take no for an answer.In spite of my better judgment I can't stop thinking about the way his designer suits fit his muscular frame, or the way his blue eyes seem to eat me up with every glance. Reed is like the equivalent of a chocolate éclair and my willpower is fading fast. I never was good at depriving myself of life's guilty pleasures.

From Ashes To Flames

A.M. Hargrove - 2018
    It is a stand alone contemporary romance.  When Unconventional Ended Up Being Unthinkably Hot I had it all--the dream job, a wonderful boyfriend, a fabulous life.Or that's what I thought.Then my life took an unexpected turn and I found myself working as a nanny for the hot-tempered Dr. West.He and his regimented spreadsheets and rude attitude were more than anyone should have to take.If that jerkface thought he could order me around, he'd better think again.Then one day I discovered his secrets, which explained why he acted the way he did.I never expected my heart to soften towards him so much.I never expected to have such sexy dreams about him.Nor did I expect to want him the way I did.But he was my boss, older than me, and off-limits.And if I wasn't careful, everything, including my heart, would go up in flames.Librarian's note: See alternate cover edition with this ASIN here.

Stanton Adore

T.L. Swan - 2014
    Sensual, sweet, and as annoyingly perfect as she was when I left 7 years ago. My body remembers the way she felt underneath me, and wants her again. My heart remembers the way she crushed it and wants as far away as possible. But she’s everywhere, haunting me, torturing me, driving me past all logical reason. I need to forget her, move on and get her out of my system, but to do that, I need to have her one. Last. Time. It started as a kiss. We never meant to fall in love. But I was 17 and carefree, And he was 19, beautiful and forbidden. Our families never would have accepted it… And I broke his heart to save his future. Now the boy I loved 7 years ago is the man I can’t have. He’s grown into everything my body craves, my heart demands… and my sense of decency rejects.

Wicked Idol

Becker Gray - 2020
    Iris Briggs gets under my skin. With her demure skirts and braided hair, she flits around the periphery until she runs right into me, hot coffee soaking me as she looks up with wide, innocent eyes.We start off scalding.In the library, we reach lava levels.And then in the city? She burns me to the ground.I’m Keaton Constantine. My duty is to my family. At least, it was until I started unbraiding the good girl and realizing there’s more to life than duty.

Tap Left

A. Zavarelli - 2017
     She’s soft in too many ways. A people pleaser who goes the extra mile. Some might call her an easy target. In short, she has all of the qualities that I despise. But when it comes to me, she doesn’t hesitate to fling her poison arrows my way. She has every right to her feelings. Over the years, I’ve given her plenty of ammo. Yeah, I hate Lola. But it doesn’t stop me from wanting her too. When she makes me a proposition I can’t refuse, there’s just one problem. She tastes so f*cking sweet. So f*cking good. So f*cking mine. This is a full length standalone.

The Boy Next Door

Ella James - 2017
    That’s what he was. Dash Frasier—my hero from the day we met, when I was six and he was nine. His sister was my best friend, the three of us one happy crew. Then one sweaty summer night changed everything. No one understood me like Dash. No one made me feel so loved. That’s why, when he skipped town, it wrecked me.Now I’m older. Wiser. I’ve just snagged my dream job, writing at a film studio. The lead animator on my project? You guessed it.He’s not the boy next door. Not anymore.I’m guarding my heart this time. But Dash has secrets that could break us both.

Kaleidoscope Hearts

Claire Contreras - 2015
    And all those feelings I’d turned into anger are brewing into something else, something that terrifies me. He broke my heart last time. This time he'll obliterate it.This is a standalone.