Free Kindle Books Secrets

Robert Wilson - 2012
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Amazing Optical Illusions: Visual Illusion Picture Book (Brain Teasers Books 1)

Barry Buggles - 2013
    Some of the mind-blowing visual illusions appear to be moving! Vibrating, pulsing, rippling and spinning... Others like the 3D optical illusion, 'the impossible staircase,' will have you in a state of fascination. While 'little red corvette' along with the other funny optical illusions will get you laughing. These mesmerising and playful optical illusions and puzzles trick our sense of perspective so cleverly that they simply outwit our brains: we cant just take a quick glance and turn away. They impel us to look once, twice, and over and over again, as we try to work out exactly how the magical optical illusions science works. These optical illusions for kids will be loved by people of all ages. Every one of these optical illusions is a wonder to behold. Lots of fun for all the family... Scroll Up and Claim Your Copy Now!

Shagged, Married Annoyed

Chris and Rosie Ramsay

The Girl in the Pink Shoes

Jessica Harrington - 2021

Sold in Secret: A mother’s desperate search to find the men who trafficked and killed her daughter

Karen Downes - 2018
    Because I would never, ever know peace again.' Charlene Downes was 14 when she went missing in Blackpool's seedy underbelly. Once a happy-go-lucky schoolgirl, she had become a truant - hanging out with the wrong crowd by the takeaway shops and pier. But Charlene's mum, Karen, always knew her typical teenage daughter would come home.Until one day she didn't.Karen has been searching for 15 years, campaigning for the truth of what happened to her daughter. To this day, Karen and her family have no body, no convictions and no answers. Arrests were made and a murder trial took place, but no one has ever been brought to justice.On the 15th anniversary of Charlene's disappearance, Karen shares this heartbreaking account of every parent's worst nightmare.

Outbreak In The Woods: Thru-Hiking During a Worldwide Pandemic

Ryan Michael Beck - 2021
    Should they follow cautionary guidelines to return to a major city or take a chance by continuing north through the back country?Thru-hiking from Georgia to Maine on any given year has its own enormous obstacles. What do you eat? Where do you sleep and can you reach your family? In 2020, during a worldwide shutdown these challenges became nearly impossible to overcome. See how rural trail town communities were affected by the pandemic and understand an untold perspective of pursuing your dreams at all costs.Avoiding law enforcement, entering into "closed" federal land and even overcoming death - all while attempting the impossible. With a wife and two daughters at home, the outside world against him and seemingly unreliable information, this epic tale follows Ryan Michael Beck's journey 2,193 miles in pursuit of a dream to thru-hike the entire Appalachian Trail against all odds.

Caring For Nigel: Diary of a Wife Coping With Her Husband's Dementia

Eileen Murray - 2013
    Doctors suspected he was suffering from a rare and degenerative neurological disorder known as Multiple System Atrophy (MSA). However, Nigel also had many of the symptoms of both Parkinson’s disease and Lewy Body dementia and an official diagnosis was never made.For four years Nigel's wife, Eileen, kept a diary. This was her "safety valve" - an outlet for the daily stresses of caring for him at home, as his mental and physical health slowly deteriorated. In her diary she gives a frank and detailed account of his challenging and erratic behaviour, his bizarre hallucinations, the relentless struggle with his incontinence and the endless disturbed nights.Even in her darkest moments, Eileen's dry Scottish humour shines through - you will laugh one moment and be moved the next. You can’t help but smile at Nigel's trousers with the “appetite mechanism” and his special “anti-dandruff comb”.As the dementia advances, Nigel retreats into a busy world of army and lecturing duties, harking back to his earlier days. Eventually, the burden of running her own “one-woman nursing home” becomes too much for Eileen and her quest to find respite care begins. This presents challenges of its own. This true and touching account offers a unique insight into the day-to-day experience of caring for someone with dementia or a related illness.Some Amazon Five Star Reviews:★★★★★ Excellent - a great read★★★★★ Loved it★★★★★ Very eye opening★★★★★ Brilliant book★★★★★ Sad but a good read★★★★★ A gem★★★★★ Five stars

Living in and Visiting Costa Rica: 100 Tips, Tricks, Traps, and Facts

Greg Seymour - 2015
    Real world examples of what to expect at: the bank, the grocery store, the restaurant, the restroom, when driving, and more. The book is written in a lighthearted, humorous way and answers questions such as: – What are 3 things you can do as a customer at a bank in the U.S. that you will get your hand slapped for in Costa Rica? – What app would a wise person visiting Costa Rica put on their cell phone for use in the restroom? – What is considered rude in a U.S. restaurant but is a necessity to ensure you get to enjoy a hot entrée in Costa Rica? These observations and over 100 more (yes, there are some extras thrown in) are covered to help you get the most out of your visit or move to Costa Rica. No one famous ever said: “I look forward to a day when books are not judged by the number of characters in their content, but the content of those characters.” But they should have. Living in and Vistiting Costa Rica is comprised of just over 31,000 words that will positively impact your research of Costa Rica, whether you are a tourist or a potential expat.

The Little Book of Good Enough: Quiet Your Inner Critic, Ditch the Doubt, and Own Your Worth

Eimear Zone - 2018
    You're ready to move from "Dare I?" to "Hell, Yeah!"This little book is your fast track to the life you really want.From the moment you drew your first breath, you were good enough. The Little Book of Good Enough will help you to quiet your inner critic, to ditch the doubt that has plagued you your whole life, and to reclaim your self-worth.It's time to set out on the path to the life you really want. In this book, you'll discover how to unpack your unconscious beliefs and behaviors so that you can finally understand why you've been feeling the way that you have--and learn how you can stop those negative thoughts in their tracks. You'll be able to put an end to your self-sabotage. You'll realize that you are brave and strong enough, capable of moving beyond self-deception and embracing the abundant life you deserve. It's time to take charge, to stop drifting, and to choose what will nurture you, serve you, and ultimately bring you happiness you so richly deserve. You have all you need within you. It's time to begin.

This Could Be Us But You Playin' Super Box Set: Complete Series

Cachet - 2019
    With a mother who hated her very existence and a father who was locked away in prison for the attempted murder of her mother, she just couldn’t catch a break. With a stressful home life, Dominique's only ray of sunshine is her boyfriend, Kaleb. As teens, the duo was madly in love, with plans to marry and raise a family together. That is until Kaleb unintentionally breaks her heart. Crushed, Dominique does the only thing she can think of, and that is to leave. Kaleb realizes that he’s ruined their chances when Dominique moves away and goes off to college; leaving behind no way for him to contact her. After a few years, Kaleb eventually accepts the fact that Dominique is gone forever. By then he has his life on track and is now a very successful businessman with the world at his fingertips. A chance encounter reconnects the two ex-lovers, and Kaleb sees it as a chance to right his wrongdoings and finally be with the one who captured his heart all those years ago. There’s one problem, not only is Dominique engaged to marry another man, but she is also the mother of her fiancé's son. To make matters worse, Kaleb gets involved with a woman who loves him unconditionally. Although faced with a sticky situation, Kaleb refuses to allow Dominique to slip away again. He vows to get her back at any cost. Even if it means destroying a home that Dominique doesn't know is damaged, to begin with. Will these young lovers reconnect and have their happily ever after, or will they realize that their ships have passed? Find out how Dominique and Kaleb's story unfolds in the complete series of "This Could Be Us But You Playin'".

Bette Davis

Grace May Carter - 2017
    But, as her epitaph says, "She did it the hard way." She was in constant battles with co-stars, directors, and studios and struggled with addictions to alcohol and cigarettes. She had four stormy marriages and even her three children brought pain and controversy - one wrote a scathing tell-all book, another had a severe mental disability, and a third was the subject of a prolonged custody battle. But in her iconic film roles - including All About Eve and What Ever Happened to Baby Jane - Davis transcended her troubles to leave an indelible mark on American cinema. Possessing none of the glamorous beauty of Greta Garbo, she had something more powerful and lasting: a restless, incandescent energy that made her mesmerizing to watch on the big screen. Here is Davis's story - her famous feud with Joan Crawford, skirmishes with Errol Flynn, affairs with Howard Hughes and William Wyler - and enough drama, confrontation, and heartache to fill several lifetimes. But she never regretted a single moment. "Being hysterical is like having an orgasm," Davis once cracked. "It's good for you."

Confessions of a Community Nurse

Lucy Spencer - 2019
     From travel sickness in the back of an ambulance to chasing 87-year-old patients down the corridors of care homes, from borderline assault to ulcers big enough to fit your fist into, Confessions of a Community Nurse follows the experiences of Lucy and her transition from timid student to a healthcare professional in the NHS. After a shaky start to her career, Lucy has now encountered every bodily fluid going, smelled things no-one should ever have to smell, and resisted the urge to bang her head against a wall more times than she can count. Between fond attachments to patients and wanting to hand them the nails for their own coffins, Lucy has flourished in the healthcare profession, not being afraid to speak up for her patients but also not being afraid to speak up for herself. Offering a completely truthful insight into being a 'baby nurse', it is funny and honest, but also emotional and humbling. Written as a memoir, it may just change the way you think about district nursing and open the mind to understanding the frustrations, and passions, of healthcare staff and patients alike.

Grandad's Girl

Emma Louise - 2018
    He told me it was normal. I wanted to believe him. Emma’s grandad was kind and loving, so when she was 11 and he started abusing her, she didn't understand what was happening. He convinced her that what he did to her was normal, and that their relationship was special – but then manipulated her into having sex with another man. Over the next seven years, Emma’s grandad sold her to over two hundred men, and forced her to keep the shameful secret. This is her true story of survival.

Nasher Says Relax - Inside the Band and Beyond the Pleasuredome

Brian Nash - 2012
    The Liverpool band’s first three singles shot to the top of the UK charts and spawned a multi-million selling album in the mid-eighties. It was a thrilling rock’n’roll ride for ‘Nasher’, a lad from a council house barely out of his teens. But the dream didn’t last. Aged just 27, he found himself near homeless and on the dole. One of ‘The Lads’ no more.Now, 30 years on from the band’s formation, Nasher takes us back on a colourful journey to Hollywood and beyond. What price fame? It’s time to tell the real story.

The Art of Disruption: A Manifesto For Real Change

Magid Magid - 2020
    Magid Magid's story seems an unlikely one. He's a Somali-born black Muslim refugee who became the youngest ever Lord Mayor of Sheffield and one of the last UK MEPs. Magid has made headlines nationally and internationally for his creative ways of campaigning while not conforming to tradition and being unapologetically himself.Magid had no idea that the poster he dreamed up for a local music festival in 2018 would go viral. The poster contained the 10 commandments he tries to live by. He had no idea that this poster would come to represent a movement that has swept him to the heart of local and European establishment politics. Now, for the first time, he reveals the stories behind each of these 'commandments'; what drives him, the obstacles he overcame and what makes him hopeful.