Until the Dawn

Gale Sears - 2006
    Life in America is far from peaceful for members of the Lund family. As Alaina deals with the painful loss of her home and her father, she makes a desperate choice and finds herself in a strange city among people of a strange faith. Her husband is a good man — but a man she has never loved. As she copes with the emptiness she feels, something in her heart begins to change . . .Meanwhile her sister Eleanor finds the lifestyle in San Francisco suffocating and without purpose. As she defies high-society rules and secretly attempts to stop the unnecessary suffering of children, she comes to find a passion in medicine. But when her actions are discovered, what will happen? Join gifted author Gale Sears in an eloquent and moving story of love, family, and forgiveness.

Redemption Road

Toni Sorenson Brown - 2006
    The building is little more than a pile of rubble on a bald piece of land, but inside, children learn much more than just reading and writing from Mama Grace. They learn about love in a land where it is in short supply.It is here, in the outskirts of Nairobi, where Lana feels most at home -- as far away as she can get from her Utah Mormon roots. It is also here where her heart is captured by Jomo -- a seven-year-old street urchin who will lead her on a journey into the very heart of a land called both dark and dawn.In her stunning new novel, Toni Sorenson Brown weaves a deeply moving and authentic tale of heartbreak and healing, of romance and return. It will move you to know that one solitary soul, tattered and discarded, is still worth saving, and that the road to redemption winds even through a forgotten village in the darkest part of the darkest place on earth.

Return to Mormonville: Worlds Apart

Jeff Call - 2004
    Once a cynical New York reporter trying to get the "scoop" on the Mormons, Luke is now one himself, and determined to live a Christ-like life. On a new assignment in Sudan, Africa as part of a humanitarian project, Luke realizes this isn't "Mormonville" anymore, in fact, Sudan is one of the most dangerous places in the world. But with a goal to further his career and be of good service, he plows ahead. Seeking an injured man outside the safety of a refugee camp, Luke and fellow workers are ambushed and kidnapped by terrorists. Now he will learn what it means to be a true Christian as he tries to build relationships with his captors, modeling compassion and kindness in hopes of a release. But days turn into weeks and months, and Luke wonders if he'll ever hold Hayley in his arms again. A timely look at a troubling situation, Jeff Call takes us on a journey of profound importance, especially for all of us who want to learn what it means to stand for the right and yet, "turn the other cheek."

Out of Darkness

Keith Terry - 1991
    in communications, reluctantly joins the other seven scholars at the insistence of his father-in-law, a prominent televangelist. Anney, Stephen's wife, who bears an old grudge against the Mormons, fears that he has been thrust into a study that may influence his protestant beliefs. As Stephen absorbs the truths of the Book of Mormon, a wedge is driven between them that could ultimately destroy their marriage.This extraordinary novel rivets the reader's interest on several different levels--intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. Will Peter Polk, the project coordinator, be able to carry off this study? Will his scholarly conclave reach any substantial conclusions about the authenticity of the Book of Mormon? And will Stephen risk losing his wife and family if he embraces a new faith?

The Ten Cow Wives' Club:

Joni Hilton - 2005

Paradise Vue (Paradise Vue, #1)

Kathryn H. Kidd - 1989
    So when the bishop calls her to be homemaking counselor, she knows that it's either a joke- or inspiration. Welcome to the Paradise Vue Ward, with stained glass windows so blindingly bright, the congregation has to wear shades. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll keep wondering how the author found out about all the wackiest people in your ward. Surely the funniest Mormon novel ever published. By the end you may discover it's also the best.

Finding Dad

Alma J. Yates - 2008
    He hopes they are dark enough to hide him from the unforgiving neighbors in the small town of his youth. When he drove away years ago, no one understood how he could leave behind his wife, Allyson, and their small son, Alma. After years on a road leading nowhere, Porter has finally started to get his life on track. Hes active in the Church and his business is successful. However, his relationship with his son has deteriorated to annual birthday cards and even less frequent visits. Then came the phone call. Allyson is dead. Now Porter is back in Utah to reclaim his son. However, Alma will leave the only life hes known under one not-so-simple conditionhis broken-down truck must come too. Even if Porter has to push it the entire five hundred miles to Eager, Arizona. Join acclaimed storyteller Alma Yates on a heartwarming journey of faith, redemption, and forgiveness as this father and son come to learn that their relationship, like the old truck, is worth fixing.


Blaine M. Yorgason - 1992
    There's a woman who screams incessantly at her children, a "righteous" man who regularly beats his teenage son to"pound a little sense into him." and a prominent member of the community who abandons his family, taking their furniture and financial support with him. When it is discovered that a trusted fellow Church leader is sexually abusing his three daughters, the bishop is almost overcome. But more devastating even than this is his gradual realization that the post painful and unresolved scars in his congregation exist within the walls of his own home."It's a secret," she whispered softly, fiercely."Everyone is sworn not to tell. It's the deep, dark secret that you hold inside, because to tell it would mean to destroy the perverted balance of things."Even she, who should have known better, had agreed to remain silent. But this time something was going to be done. She wouldn't have to remain silent too long. This time something was going to be done...Powerfully and poetically written, Secrets is a must for all who have been touched by the ragged arm of abuse or who want to be supportive of someone who has been. A compelling novel based on true experiences, it offers solid information about healing and brings the reader to a deeply moving appreciation of the Saviors' atonement. Secrets confronts one of the most serious issues of our day. And as it weaves a tender and intriguing love story, it passionately draws the reader into its powerful message of hope.

The Independence Club

Rachel Ann Nunes - 2007
    The women's lives are bound together as they see each other through tears, romance, and happiness, all the while learning the true meaning of friendship. You'll meet Maxine Madison, an outspoken, 62-year-old widow; Tina Dayley, age 39, who doubts she will ever find real love; Evie McClaine, 45, who wanted only to be a wife and mother, but after 21 years, her dream was shattered by divorce; Rosalva Nolasco, a beautiful, 42-year-old single mother of two teens; and Bernice Stubbs, who has always been a little self-righteous--and vocal with her opinions.

Fine Old High Priests

Donald S. Smurthwaite - 1999

Seventh Seal

Jessica Draper - 2003
    Conflicts between Latter-day Saints and other major groups have reached their breaking points since the Mormons moved their headquarters from Salt Lake City to Independence, Missouri. Now one of the Twelve Apostles is missing. The end of the Sixth Seal is at hand, and the forces of evil are mounting a great offensive against the very essence of good. Amidst the turmoil, Merry Galen, a brilliant LDS medical researcher uncovers the truth about a vaccine that promises to end infectious diseases but only at a horrific cost. Now it's up to Merry to escape those who would silence the truth, and to warn the world as forces that may destroy mankind are set in motion.

I Just Got a Letter From Allyson Pringle

Anya Bateman - 2008
    He's preparing to go on a mission, and things are good at home, at school, and with his friends. Best of all, the most popular and funny girl in school, Allyson Pringle, is in two of his classes. As the two become friends, Kendall realizes that Allyson's bright laughter is hiding some deeper pain. He wants to help her, and he thinks the gospel might be the answer she is looking for, but their friendship falls apart when Allyson cheats on a test for Kendall without telling him. In this fast-paced, novel, Kendall learns about honesty, friendship, and the benefits that come from doing the right thing for the right reasons.

Return to Love

Anita Stansfield - 1997
    Janna was scared - plain and simple. No matter how she looked at it, she knew she would never be free of Russell Clark. She couldnâ��t explain it, but something inside her told her it was only a matter of time before he found her. She knew his mind. She knew his determination. And she was scared. When JannaLyn Hayne walked out of Colin Trevorâ��s life to keep him from learning her terrible secret, she turned her back on true love and married Russell Clark, a man who first appeared to be the perfect husband, but whose temper threatened to destroy her life. Now in the moment of her darkest despair, she and Colin meet again. Can the love they once shared be rekindled? Turning to each other and the gospel, can they build a future after years of pain and deceit? Or will their past - and Russellâ��s fury - shatter their one chance for true happiness?Anita Stansfieldâ��s riveting new novel is the ultimate contemporary romance, filled with passion, drama, suspense, and everlasting love.

Never Can Say Good-Bye

Robert Farrell Smith - 2003
    Each is also searching for a way to start over, a place of healing or forgetfulness or new chances. And they all find themselves independently drawn to the unlikely town of Seven Pines, Montana. Will the idyllic village be the refuge with the answers they seek, or will the town's own mysterious tragedy just raise more questions in their minds?

The Water is Wide

Marianne Monson - 2010