North Korea: A Bare Bones History

James Friend - 2015
    Kim Il Sung wasted little time before plunging the country into a futile war which cost more than two million people their lives. His son, Kim Jong Il, would wallow in obscene luxury as North Korea suffered one of the Twentieth Century’s most terrible famines. Kim Jong Un has only recently ascended to power. However, he has already ordered his own uncle’s execution by antiaircraft gun. The North Korean people are told that they are the most fortunate in the world. In reality they are the most oppressed. North Korea is a country where criticising the government, or even watching a foreign film, can lead to imprisonment and death.North Korea: A Bare Bones History tells the story of one of the world’s most enigmatic nations. It’s an extraordinary history of war, assassination, kidnapping, terrorism, and an attempt to decapitate a rival head of state.

Rendezvous By Submarine: The Story Of Charles Parsons And The Guerrilla-Soldiers In The Philippines

Travis Ingham - 2018
     Manila had fallen and MacArthur had retreated with the famous words, “I shall return.” Many thousands of American and Filipino prisoners of war were forced to march in atrocious conditions from Bataan to various prison camps with huge numbers dying along the way. Yet the Imperial Japanese Army was not able to subdue all of its enemies. A motley group of American and Filipino soldiers escaped into the depths of Mindanao and began to form a new force that would fight with coordinated guerrilla tactics against the occupying forces. Charles “Chick” Parsons, who previously had been in charge of the naval docks of Manila, led his men to cause terror among the Japanese as they stuck time and again in hit-and-run raids. Endlessly spying on the Japanese forces they became the eyes and ears for MacArthur’s forces who were preparing to retake the Philippines. Parsons became instrumental in organization of the guerrilla movement as they moved ammunition, medicine and arms from under the noses of the Japanese, installed coast watchers and radio stations, evacuated American and Allied personnel and civilians, and undertaking secret submarine missions to the Philippines. Travis Ingram drew much of the material for this book directly from Parsons who frequently interjects through the book with his own opinion of certain situations. This is the remarkable story of the man that MacArthur described as “the bravest man I ever met” and deserves to be read by all who wish to find out more about individual acts of heroism that took place in the most trying of circumstances. “A story of military and morale building that paid dividends to our advantage, told with the flourish and zest it deserves.” Kirkus Reviews “No small part of the credit for the reconquest of the Philippines goes to an American businessman turned Navy Commander — Mr. Charles Parsons — who organized guerrilla forces in a number of islands. This is the exciting narrative of how he did this job.” Foreign Affairs Travis Ingham was an American writer. His book Rendezvous By Submarine: The Story Of Charles Parsons And The Guerrilla-Soldiers In The Philippines was first published in 1945. He passed away in 1969.

Self Discipline: The Spartan and Special Operations Way To Mastering Yourself

Ryan Hunt - 2018
    When they arrive for basic training they are soft, unfit and mentally weak. The recruit will have no idea what real discipline means. Up to that point, he has lived a life of weakness. He has given into all his natural impulses and has feasted on junk food, surfed the internet and generally lived far under his potential.Very soon he will be thrown into a cauldron of discipline. He will experience for the very first time a life of control and power. When he comes out on the other side he will be a new man. People who know these men will see a transformed person. This is the power of self -discipline.In this book, you will learn lessons in self-discipline from the masters of self-discipline.The Spartans and the Special Operations community is the heart and soul of discipline. The Spartans dont exist anymore but they left a legacy that still lives on today. The warrior tradition of the Spartans is built on a foundation of immense self-discipline.The Modern Special Operations Units carry on similar traditions of extreme self-discipline. Today you can use these lessons in your life to carve out any future you want. This book will guide you through the most important principles of self-discipline.It will show you how to take your life and transform yourself into a powerful individual if you choose to do so and take action.Let's take a look at what you will learn inside this book: The Science and Psychology of Self-DisciplineHow To Develop Self DisciplineSelf-Discipline and FreedomImproving Focus and ConcentrationForming Good Habits and Breaking Bad HabitsHow To Build Mental ToughnessDaily Self-DisciplineAnd Much much more...

A Mountain In Tibet: The Search For Mount Kailas And The Sources Of The Great Rivers Of Asia

Charles Allen - 1982
    The story of Charles Allen's search for the legendary mountain at the centre of the world culminating in his discovery of the West Tibetan mountain, Kailas.

Chen Village under Mao and Deng, Expanded and Updated edition

Anita Chan - 1984
    Now the authors have returned to Chen Village to bring the village's tumultuous story up to the nineties. Chen Village Under Mao and Deng includes not only the bulk of the original text of Chen Village, but also three new chapters on village life under Deng: gripping descriptions of the village leader's purge, the rapid industrialization of the district, an alienated "lost generation" of young peasants, and the new village officials' legal and illegal efforts at self-enrichment. Readers who enjoyed Chen Village will be doubly fascinated by the ironic twists and turns of recent events among the Chens.

The Early Chinese Empires: Qin and Han

Mark Edward Lewis - 2007
    'The Early Chinese Empires' illuminates many formative events in China's long history of imperialism - events whose residual influence can still be discerned today.

Origins of the Chinese Revolution, 1915-1949

Lucien Bianco - 1971
    A fresh, bold interpretative survey, it focuses on the dynamic social forces underlying the Chinese Communists' rise in three short decades from obscurity to power.The author seeks above all to relate the events of this tumultuous period to certain tentative generalizations about the nature and course of the revolution. He is concerned less with the May Fourth Movement as such, for example, than with the revolution's intellectual origins, less with the Communist party's early political history than with the place of Marxist ideology in that history, less with the military aspects of the war of 1937-45 than with the influence of nationalism in the growing success of the Communists.An important part of the book deals with the various governmental and non-governmental attempt at reform during the Kuomintang era, which the author shows were too little too late to dam the swelling flood of revolution. The conclusion evaluates the crucial role of imperialism, the peasantry, and the army in the Chinese "formula" for revolution and re-examines the relationship between Marxism and the Chinese Revolution.

Three Ways of Thought in Ancient China

Arthur Waley - 1939
    In the fourth century BC three conflicting points of view in Chinese philosophy received classic expression: the Taoist, the Confucianist, and the "Realist." This book underscores the interplay between these three philosophies, drawing on extracts from Chuang Tzu, Mencius, and Han Fei Tzu.

The Best Bar Trivia Book Ever: All You Need for Pub Quiz Domination

Michael O'Neill - 2014
    president's daughter?Brimming with answers to popular questions like these, The Best Bar Trivia Book Ever arms you with the knowledge your team needs to annihilate your bar trivia competition. This must-have guide features hundreds of facts, covering everything from sports and pop culture to history and science, so that you're always ready to deliver the ultimate trivia smackdown. You'll also get all the ins and outs of your favorite event with information on important bar trivia rules, assembling a team, and claiming victories week after week.Whether you're new to the scene or want to dominate at your local bar, this book will help your team outsmart the competition every single week!


David Pilling - 2014
    Due to the incompetence of Edward II's government, the north is virtually overrun by the Scots, while an invasion fleet is massing across the channel, led by Edward's estranged queen, Isabella, the 'She-Wolf of France'. The first book in the Folville's Law series follows the adventures of Sir John Swale, knight of Cumberland, as he investigates a murder that threatens to bring disaster to Edward's failing kingdom. Along the way he clashes with Eustace Folville and James Coterel, two of the most notorious and brutal outlaws in England. As the death toll mounts, it remains to be seen who will survive and who will perish in the savage game of war and politics. 'Folville's Law (I): Invasion' is a new edition of the first part of the John Swale Chronicles.

The Opium War

Brian Inglis - 1979

The Indian Mutiny of 1857

George Bruce Malleson - 1993
    1857. It is the height of British Imperialism in India, and the Sepoys are making a stand. This classic history of the Indian Mutiny of 1857 addresses both the causes and consequences of one of the greatest uprisings in the history of the British Empire. With the introduction of cartridges believed to have been greased in cow and pig fat the issue of religious disrespect started to inflame the Sepoys. How much influence did the greased cartridge issue have on the crisis?Were they merely a catalyst for an already turbulent situation?Had trouble long been simmering among the Bengal Army native soldiers?What affect did terms of service, poor pay and lack of promotion prospects have upon the prospect of a mutiny?In this abbreviated history drawn from an earlier six volume work, George Bruce Malleson utlises his military background and first-hand knowledge of India to present an analysis of the underlying causes of this violent mutiny. George Bruce Malleson (1825-1898) was British officer who served in India. He served through the second Burmese War and his first work was published in Calcutta, in the midst of the mutiny, in 1857. His other works include History of the French in India and The Decisive Battles of India. For details of other books published by Albion Press go to the website at Albion Press is an imprint of Endeavour Press, the UK's leading independent digital publisher. For more information on our titles please sign up to our newsletter at Each week you will receive updates on free and discounted ebooks. Follow us on Twitter: @EndeavourPress and on Facebook via We are always interested in hearing from our readers. Endeavour Press believes that the future is now.

Inside the Mind of Xi Jinping

François Bougon - 2018
    To succeed, he must balance Mao’s Little Red Book with the Analects of Confucius and more. For Xi, the task ahead of China is to preserve the guiding ideology of Marxism, while challenging mistaken credos like neoliberalism, constitutional democracy and ‘universal values’. China must have total faith in its own brand of socialism, blended meaningfully with Chinese tradition. And this system must revolve around one man—around Xi and ‘Xi-ism’. François Bougon’s compelling biography exposes the historical, philosophical, political and personal narratives that Xi has skilfully woven together to create a superpower in his own image. Is Xi’s China a land of ‘new market totalitarianism’? Will this be the price of the Chinese dream?

Mortar Gunner on the Eastern Front. Volume II: Russia, Hungary, Lithuania, and the Battle for East Prussia

Hans Heinz Rehfeldt - 2019
    After being transferred by ship from Memel to Königsberg in late 1944, he took part in the battles for Ostprussen in the winter of 1944/1945. Constantly exposed to the attacks of Russian bombers and fighter planes and severely wounded by shrapnel on the leg, he manages, with the help of a Russian volunteer and a horse-drawn vehicle from Balga to Rosenberg, from there by ship transport via Pillau to Świnoujście and by train to Schwerin.Fleeing the impending Russian imprisonment to the west, he falls into American captivity on 3 May 1945 and is released in July 1945 in the home.Memories of a corporal and platoon commander in the grenade launcher 1943-1945

The Buddhist Tradition in India, China and Japan

William Theodore de Bary - 1969
    Developments in practical ethics, social attitudes, philosophical speculation, & religious & esthetic contemplation are represented by selected excerpts from basic writings with succinct introductions & commentary. From these one may observe not only the remarkable vitality of Buddhism in its spread through Asia, but also the essential links between widely diverse forms, showing how the spiritual message of the Buddha found expression in different historical & cultural circumstances. Thus both its continuity in time & its wide range of influence mark Buddhism as a major spiritual force in the world. Buddha, as the Awakened One, has exemplified to millions throughout the ages a living Truth, a dynamic wisdom & an active compassion. It's these qualities that have inspired hope & courage in those who were asked to face to the stark reality of their condition: the inevitable involvement in suffering which arises from his persistent egoism & refusal to recognize finitude.