Lantern Beach Blackout: The Complete Series Boxed Set

Christy Barritt - 2020

Caliber Detective Agency - Box Set - Case Files 7-12

Donald Wells - 2013
     CALIBER DETECTIVE AGENCY - Box Set - Case Files 7-12 CASE FILE # 7 The Calibers tackle three new cases.A man believes someone is out to kill him in case one, while in case two, a worried father hires the detective agency to look into his daughter's shady fiancé.The third case is more of a favor, as the old man and Kelli travel to Texas to help out family.Blue Steele makes a cameo appearance. CASE FILE # 8 The old man and Blue Steele engage in a friendly shooting contest, but then the client arrives and Jake gets down to business. Chris and Velma reveal their true feelings for each other, despite knowing that they can never be together. CASE FILE # 9 As Jake learns more about Victor Jansen's inner circle, Chris and Velma set out to sting the target of their investigation.And in Texas, the old man investigates the disappearance of James Preston, and by doing so, he places himself and Kelli in jeopardy. CASE FILE # 10 The old man proves once again that he's the real deal and gets one step closer to solving the mystery of James Preston.Jake uncovers treachery within the Jansen inner circle and later saves his client's life.Meanwhile, Velma learns something meaningful about her husband's nurse. CASE FILE # 11 Chris and Velma run their sting operation on Remmi Harlow, and then later on, Velma makes a confession.Jake becomes jealous over Kelli's new boyfriend, but with help from a friend, he may just win her back.And after the old man visits Remmi Harlow in jail, he solves the mystery of James Preston. CASE FILE # 12 Jake and Kelli reunite, and later, Jake discovers where the illegal guns are coming from.After the old man verifies that his hunch is correct, he brings the hammer down on the man behind the disappearance of James Preston.Velma and Chris share an intimate moment as a fortunate turn of events takes place. COMING SOON! CALIBER DETECTIVE AGENCY - BOX SET - CASE FILES 13-18 Visit the Caliber Detective Agency website at:

The Retreat: A Romantic Suspense (Triquetra Series Book 3)

L.C. Kincaide - 2019
     Casey Barrow and a group of co-workers were looking forward to a few days of rest and camaraderie at a Catskill Mountains retreat away from their demanding careers. Reunited with a man she turned down years ago when working in Chicago, she hopes to make up for lost time during this getaway. However, rather than unwinding, the group becomes stranded in the dreary mountain mansion. By morning, four people have disappeared without a trace. Someone carrying a grudge has lured them there and cut off every means of escape. Running out of time, the captives face a new danger at every turn to liberate themselves. With the men injured from their efforts, Casey realizes it is up to her to find help before the killer returns to finish the rest of them off one by one. ** If you haven't read the first two books in the series and plan to, be warned of Major Spoilers in the Epilogue.**

Winnifred Cottage

Jennie Alexander - 2013
    The cause is a mystery but her partner Jack is suspiciously involved somehow.A welcome escape route presents itself in the form of Winnifred Cottage situated in the heart of The Lake District – a summer holiday paradise. It has recently been left to Abbie in her grandmother’s will but her sister Jilly is not at all happy about her decision to make it her home.Abbie has grand plans for the cottage but they are not to be. It bears no resemblance to her memories of the place and she is left wondering if she has made the worst mistake of her life.Great aunts Eva and Lilleth hoard their own secrets and both are suspicious as to why Winnifred Cottage has been left to Abigail. Their wise and charismatic friend Jed Tobin appears to know more than he’s letting on but everyone has to wait until he’s good and ready to reveal all. Abbie’s sister Jilly descends for a summer holiday with her family, and with her visit comes a storm of another sort – the worst weather for years. Torrential rain causes chaos in the village of Kirkby Bridge and people are forced to evaluate what’s really important to them.Winnifred Cottage is a novel of contemporary fiction with a little romance making it ideal summer reading/holiday reading.

'Twas the Night Before Murder: Cozy Mystery (Country Cottage Mysteries Book 21)

Addison Moore - 2021

Mermaids of Bodega Bay (Terrence Reid Mystery Series)

Mary Birk - 2014
     Anne, a talented historic garden designer, doesn’t know whether to bless or curse the luck that had her husband show up on her doorstep just as disaster strikes the Grainger Art Colony. Moving on after he left her was hard, but she’d done it with Andrew Grainger’s help. When Anne and her lover become the FBI’s chief suspects, Reid, compelled to exonerate the woman he still loves, steps in to investigate—and in the process, uncovers a shocking web of deceit and danger.

Cold Case Division

Kenna Coulby - 2017
     Book 1 Cat has spent years trying to leave the disappearance of her fiancé in the past when out on a date with a new man, she receives a message that can only be from her former love. Jay immediately falls for a girl like Cat, but how can he win her over with the ghosts of the past still lingering? Moving on isn't easy and even those closest to you may not be who they seem. But through it all, love can always find a way. Book 2 Ethan’s spent his entire adult life haunted by his past. A new cold case file is pulled from the box and Ethan is shocked to see almost the exact same murder scene that he witnessed when he walked into his sister’s murder years before. Certain there’s a connection, Ethan begins to dig deeper into the murders in the hopes of finally putting his horrific memories to rest. Book 3 Another young babysitter had been murdered, that made three in only a short amount of time. Though no one seems to believe there’s a connection, Angie is certain that it can’t be coincidence. Only person she wishes she could confide in is her partner and boyfriend, Ethan, but he’s still working out his own demons. Striking out on her own is the only way Angie believes she can provide justice for these murdered girls. Book 4 Angie had been waiting patiently for her daddy to be released from prison, but not under the terms that he must help Jay in breaking up the mob. Sampson must go undercover to dig up as much as he can in order to send his old bosses to jail. But Angie isn’t going to let that happen without some major precautions.

The Wedding Cake Wish : (Little Duck Pond Cafe, Book 17)

Rosie Green - 2021

Death of an Earl: Golden Age Mystery (Catherine Tregowyn Mysteries Book 5)

G.G. Vandagriff - 2021

Saving Grace: A Victorian Mystery

Hannah Howe - 2018
    During and after dinner he had nothing to excite him save the receipt of a letter which somewhat annoyed him, and that his wife consumed rather more wine than he considered to be good for her health. Immediately after retiring to his room he was seized with symptoms of irritant poisoning, and despite every effort made on his behalf, he succumbed to its effects. An inquest was held, which vexed the minds of the Coroner’s jury to a degree without precedent in Coroners’ Inquest Law, and an open verdict was returned. However, the matter will not rest there, for after questions in Parliament, a second inquest has been called under suspicion that Mr Charles Petrie was murdered. * * * Who poisoned Charles Petrie? Dr James Collymore, a man familiar with poisons, a man harbouring a dark secret that, if exposed, would ruin his career; Florrie, the maid who supplied Charles with his bedtime drink; Bert Kemp, a disgruntled groom, who used poisons in his work, who four months previously had predicted Charles’ dying day; Mrs Jennet Quinn, a lady’s companion with a deep knowledge of poisons, and a deep fear of dismissal; or Grace Petrie, Charles’ wife of four months, a woman with a scandalous past, a woman shunned by polite society. With crowds flocking to the courtroom and the shadow of suspicion falling upon Grace in the shape of the hangman’s noose, could dashing young advocate, Daniel Morgan, save her?

Sidekick to Deadline by John Sandford

Dave Eagle - 2014
    If you have not yet bought Virgil Flowers Deadline, make sure to purchase it before buying this unofficial Sidekick. Welcome to Trippton, Minnesota, where life moves at a leisurely pace ... until your dog gets stolen, someone decides to start cooking meth next door, or the school board votes on a motion to murder you. Sandford’s beloved sleuth takes on three intertwining mysteries in Deadline, a fun and intriguing addition to the Virgil Flowers series. With this Sidekick, you’ll: • Discover some fascinating hidden gems and trivia about the novel • Spend some more time with the characters you’ve come to know and love • Learn what you might have missed on your first read • Explore possible alternate endings and imagine ideas for sequels • Get a chance to discuss the book with other readers on our Facebook forum Sidekicks are entertaining and insightful reading companions, filled with delightful commentary and thought-provoking questions. Readers have raved that Dave Eagle’s Sidekicks "really put you in touch with the many layers of the novel," "keep you entertained," and are "perfect if you want a vivid understanding of the story." Designed to be read side by side with the novels they complement, they’ll give you even more reasons to love some of today’s best books.

A Grave Gala (Sugar Martin Vintage Cozy Mysteries Book 2)

Shéa MacLeod - 2019
    With some reluctance, she joins the rest of the glamorous attendees on the veranda for cocktails and dancing until the gala turns grave indeed when one of the guests is murdered. With the sure knowledge there’s a killer among them, Sugar sets out to unearth the secrets that led to the death of a peer of the realm. With the help of a grumpy corgi and a handsome Englishman, she’s on the hunt for a cold-blooded killer and she won’t stop until she gets her man! The second book in the Sugar Martin Vintage Cozy Mysteries set in post-WW2 England.

Footprints In The Snow (Wyoming Christmas Book 1)

Vivian Sinclair - 2016
     After his longtime girlfriend marries another man, Tom Gorman, owner of a large ranch in southeastern Wyoming, thinks there will never be a happy ending for him. To avoid people’s knowing stares and nosy questions, he rarely comes to town and then only briefly. Working on his ranch and taking care of his two siblings becomes his life. As a favor to an old friend, he invites a young widow with her two little boys to stay at his ranch. Lottie Donovan grew up as an orphan raised in foster care, and she has been alone for most of her life. Now at thirty years of age, she is alone again after her husband Wyatt, a police officer, is killed during a bank robbery. She struggles to take care of her two boys from her income as a schoolteacher. When her house sells faster than she expected, she has no place to live. Tom Gorman offers her temporary shelter at his ranch and Lottie wants to pay him back by transforming his house into a home and making his family happy. The approaching Christmas celebration is a great opportunity to bring his family together. If only she could ignore the attraction she has felt for Tom ever since they were in high school when Tom was the high school quarterback. Lottie was secretly in love with him then, while Tom had eyes only for his beautiful girlfriend Faith Parker. Will the magic of Christmas bring together these two lonely people who are so much in need of true love?

Twelve Miles From Rome: A Lucius Marius Nola Mystery

Steven J. Kears - 2015
    Lucius Marius Nola, a retired veteran of the Roman Army, inherits a farm in the Alban Hills on the outskirts of Rome. Nola is looking forward to a new life in the countryside, living off the land, and more importantly, escaping his violent and disturbingly troubled past. However, no sooner has Nola begun to enjoy life once again when, against his will, a strange turn of events draws him into a web of murder and intrigue. 'Twelve Miles From Rome' is the first of a thrilling series of ancient world mysteries featuring Lucius Marius Nola.

In Cold Blood (Rutland crime series Book 3)

Adam Croft - 2021