Pizza and Taco: Who's the Best?

Stephen Shaskan - 2020
    Two best friends, lots of toppings...but only one of them can be the BEST, right? Best friends are the BEST! But WHO is the BEST? Is it Pizza or Taco? The question is debatable! They both love water slides. They both are friends with Hot Dog and Hamburger. In fact, maybe they should have a debate and get their friends to VOTE for who's the best! Can their friendship survive the race for top spot on the popularity food chain? Cast your VOTE!

Silly Lilly in What Will I Be Today?: TOON Level 1

Agnes Rosenstiehl - 2010
    Lilly's unstoppable antics are bound to spark young readers' imaginations.

Benny and Penny in Lights Out!: TOON Level 2

Geoffrey Hayes - 2012
    The moon has gone missing, there’s a flashlight to play with, and Benny must go find his favorite Pirate hat . . . inside the dark and spooky playhouse in the backyard. Geoffrey Hayes’s loveable mice are back — and they’re about to find out just how many adventures can be packed in before bedtime.

Otto's Backwards Day

Frank Cammuso - 2013
    To get his presents back, Otto needs to solve a slew of backwards puzzles — but his greatest challenge comes at the journey’s very end. On this special day, will Otto discover something even better than cake or gifts?

Star Wars: Ready, Set, Podrace!

Simon Beecroft - 2007
    Star Wars-themed Readers help kids learn to read while enjoying stories featuring their favorite characters, from young Anakin Skywalker and Queen Amidala to the benevolent Jedi Knights and the dark lords of the Sith. Full color.

Johnny Boo: The Best Little Ghost in the World

James Kochalka - 2008
    This means that he can go "BOO" really loudly. His pet ghost, Squiggle, has Squiggle Power, which means that he can fly and do really fast loop-the-loops. Together they have the world's greatest ghost adventures! When the giant pink and yellow Ice Cream Monster bumbles into their lives, they go into a mad panic... until they discover that he's actually quite friendly.

Zig and Wikki in The Cow: TOON Level 3

Nadja Spiegelman - 2012
    In order to get home, they must travel underground and through a cow, picking up fun facts about ecology (and picking fights) along the way. Nadja Spiegelman and Trade Loeffler's funny science-based easy-reader is packed with fast-paced adventure and facts about poop: what more could a young reader want?

Pablo & Jane and the Hot Air Contraption

José Domingo - 2014
    Felinibus, they must now find a way home in the broken Hot Air Time Machine, with a little help from their friend Dr. Jules (a nineteenth century scientist trapped inside the body of a rat).Help Pablo, Jane, and Dr. Jules as they race for their lives through Lopsided London, Terrifying Transylvania, Horrid Hawaii to find the missing parts of their machine and avoid the terrors of the Monster Dimension.José Domingo is a Spanish comic artist who worked as a character designer and storyboard artist for the animation industry before publishing his first full-length comic Cuimnh in 2008. His work has appeared in many collaborations and exhibitions.

Do You Like My Bike?

Norm Feuti - 2019
    Grow a Reader!This series is part of Scholastic's early reader line, Acorn, aimed at children who are learning to read. With easy-to-read text, a short-story format, plenty of humor, and full-color artwork on every page, these books will boost reading confidence and fluency. Acorn books plant a love of reading and help readers grow! Hedgehog loves his new bike. His best friend Harry says he likes it, too. But when Hedgehog asks Harry to go bike riding with him, Harry says he does not want to go. Does Harry not like his friend's new bike? Or could this all have something to do with training wheels? These reassuring, laugh-out-loud stories with full-color artwork and easy-to-read text throughout are perfect for new readers!

Star Wars C-3PO Does NOT Like Sand! (A Droid Tales Book)

Caitlin Kennedy - 2019
    What's a droid to do but have some fun in the sun? It's a good thing everyone's favorite protocol droid is on hand to keep the mission on track. But one thing is for certain, C-3PO does not like sand!

What Is Inside THIS Box?

Drew Daywalt - 2019
    Cake has lots of questions. Monkey has lots of answers. They are silly. They are curious. Sometimes they fight. But Monkey and Cake are always best friends. In this book, Monkey and Cake cannot agree what's inside Monkey's mysterious box. Is it a kitty? Is it a dinosaur? How will they find out -- and what do you think is inside?

Mad Scientist Academy: The Dinosaur Disaster

Matthew McElligott - 2015
    Cosmic’s class of clever monsters at the Mad Scientist Academy as they solve the greatest challenges in science, in this perfect blend of adventure and exploration—it’s the Magic School Bus for a new generation. Welcome to Mad Scientist Academy! The first day of school is always exciting, and Dr. Cosmic’s new students can’t wait to get started. After their teacher reveals that their school pet, Oscar, is a dinosaur, they quickly realize Dr. Cosmic has an unusual teaching style. To find Oscar, the class has to follow the clues through the realistic dinosaur exhibit Dr. Cosmic designed and built over the summer. But when a malfunction causes the robotic dinosaurs to come alive, this prehistoric exhibit feels a little too real! With a mad genius for a teacher, things don’t always go as planned. Armed with high-tech handbooks and the scientific method, Dr. Cosmic’s class is ready to solve their way out of any disaster.

Benjamin Bear in Brain Storms!: TOON Level 2

Philippe Coudray - 2015
    This unassuming bear may at first seem down-to-earth, but his ideas are always out of this world. His zany approach to life has earned him two Eisner Award nominations and bestseller status among kids everywhere. In the third book about Benjamin's adventures, author Philippe Coudray continues to delight readers by bending the rules of common sense and breaking the laws of physics. Pull up a chair, grab a friend, and open your mind—today's forecast is for BRAIN STORMS!Philippe Coudray loves drawing comics, and his many children's books are often used in the schools of his home country of France. His work was chosen by students to win the prestigious Angoulême Prix des Écoles. His first two books in English, Benjamin Bear in Fuzzy Thinking and Benjamin Bear in Bright Ideas, were both nominated for the Eisner for Best Publication for Early Readers.

Firefly: New Sheriff in the 'Verse Vol. 1

Greg Pak - 2020
    Soldier. Scoundrel. Maybe even hero. Mal Reynolds has been all these things, but now the captain of the spaceship Serenity has a new job - SHERRIFF. After the shocking conclusion of Mal’s journey with Boss Moon, Mal hands himself into the Alliance...but it turns out he’s not the one they want. The infamous Ma Reynolds - that’s Mal’s mom - is at the top of the Alliance’s Most Wanted, and if Mal doesn’t get to her first, the Alliance will! Kicking off a new Firefly epic, discover the secret history of Mal and his mother, and what that will mean for the rest of the ‘verse...and a new brewing war to end all wars from New York Times bestselling writer Greg Pak (Star Wars, X-Men), and artists Davide Gianfelice (Wolverine: Weapon X) and Lalit Kumar Sharma (Daredevil). Collects Firefly: The Outlaw Ma Reynolds #1 and Firefly #13-15

Aliens Love Dinopants (Underpants)

Claire Freedman - 2015
    Aliens, dinosaurs and a whole load of pants - who could ask for more?When the aliens crash-land in the jungle, they have no idea that they are about to stumble on the biggest stash of pants ever. Their glee knows no bounds! That is, until the prehistoric owners of the outsized stash turn up... A fabulous new book in the bestselling Underpants series which brings together aliens and dinosaurs into one interstellar, pantstastic adventure! CLAIRE FREEDMAN is the highly successful author of several picture books including Aliens Love Underpantsand Oliver and Patch.BEN CORT's picture books have been published in 18 languages in 20 countries worldwide. Dinosaurs Love Underpantsis his second picture book for Simon and Schuster. His other picture books include Colour Me Happy(Macmillan), What's Under the Bed?and Smoky Dragons(Little Tiger Press).Praise for Aliens Love Underpants: "The catchy bouncy rhymes perfectly complement the colourful wacky pictures of Martians in outsized Y-fronts." Daily Mail"This book is a feast of colour and humour" Red House Children's Book Award 2008 "This fantastic rhyming story [...] is simply pantastic!" Galaxy British Book Awards 2008 "My three-year-old son Ezra ... says that he finds its attempt at post-ironic subversion of the sci-fi genre tiresome yet addictive. The things they say!" David Baddiel, The Times "Wacky rhyming text and vibrant illustrations" Good Book Guide "Guaranteed to get the little ones giggling." Daily Mail