Shrek 2: Movie Storybook (pob)

Tom Mason - 2004
    There they meet all kinds of strange fairytale folk, including Fiona's parents the King and Queen, a wicked Fairy Godmother, and that fierce ogre-hunter, Puss-in-Boots. It's a hilarious adventure that proves that living happily ever after isn't as easy as the storybooks say.Scholastic's SHREK 2 books are sure to be a hit with kids and ogres of all ages--and you don't have to live in a swamp to get in on the fun!LICENSOR APPROVAL PENDING

Casablanca Companion: The Movie Classic and Its Place in History

Richard E. Osborne - 1997
    Whether you've watched "Casablanca" countless times or you're going to see it for the first time, "The Casablanca Companion" will both deepen your understanding and heighten your enjoyment.

Shrek 2

Jesse Leon McCann - 2004
    Shrek, Fiona, and Donkey are trying to live "happily ever after" but it isn't easy, and you can get in on all the fun just by reading this book.Shrek and Fiona return from their honeymoon to find Donkey living happily in Shrek's house in the swamp. Before they can discover the reason why, a herald from the Kingdom of Far, Far Away arrives with an invitation. Fiona's parents, the King and Queen, want to meet her Prince Charming. But the reunion does not go smoothly. With the addition of a Fairy Godmother, Prince Charming, and a fierce ogre-hunter named Puss-in-Boots, chaos ensues. Join your fairy tale favorites for a hilarious adventure that proves that nothing is quite what it seems and that living happily ever after isn't easy.

Shrek the Third: The Movie Storybook

Alice Cameron - 2007
    After deciding not to take over the crown from Princess Fiona's father, Shrek must embark on a journey to find a new king. But the task is not an easy one, as the trio runs into trouble with a long list of characters in the forest. Will they make it home before this difficult quest takes its toll on them?

Daisy and the Trouble With Jack

Kes Gray - 2016
    Then they both have a brilliant idea!Trouble is, Daisy and Jack might be more alike than they realized . . .A funny, mischievous and totally troublesome tale for girls and boys, written and published specially for World Book Day 2016.

Ghost Image

Joshua Gilder - 2002
    Once he gets there, what he finds is worse than his most hellish imaginings: a young woman, beaten and burned almost beyond recognition, a trauma case as terrible as any he has ever seen. What Jackson's colleagues don't know is that the victim, Allie, is actually his lover. With Allie in a coma, Jackson keeps their relationship quiet and takes part in her reconstruction, a complicated and grueling set of procedures that only the most skilled specialists can perform. But as he and the other doctors struggle to put her back together, the fractures in Jackson's own life begin to break apart dramatically. When the San Francisco Police Department's investigation of the attack leads to his door, Jackson knows the truth can no longer be suppressed."Ghost Image" is an expertly plotted, chillingly vivid, and wholly absorbing mystery, signaling the debut of an unforgettable new voice in the genre. Taking readers inside the operating room and literally under the skin of its patients, it's a story that will appeal to those fascinated by medicine and forensics. It is also a story -- like all classic crime novels -- about guilt and innocence, good and evil. But, above all, it is a story of love -- the kind of love that might prove deadly, or that might just save your soul.

The Kill Bill Diary

David Carradine - 2006
    Throughout the filming of Quentin Tarantino's brilliant, violent epic, Carradine kept a daily diary—capturing all the action, the genius, the madness, and the magic that combined to make a masterpiece. More than simply an insider's close-up look at the filmmaking process and the astonishing cast and crew—director Tarantino, star Uma Thurman, and all the other artists whose extraordinary skills helped create something glorious—The Kill Bill Diary illuminates the fine points of the serious actor's craft, as a truly unique talent takes us along with him on a quirky, breathtaking, no-holds-barred, and altogether miraculous journey. It is a must-own volume for anyone who loves the movies.

Full Figured 4

Anna J. - 2011
    brings realism and a compelling storyline to this timely tale of a plus-sized beauty who regains her confidence and finds love again after facing rejection from her husband.

Wicked the Musical: A Pop-Up Compendium of Splendiferous Delight and Thrillifying Intrigue

Kees Moerbeek - 2009
    From Glinda's dramatical entrance among the Ozians in her bubble machine to Elphaba's gravity-defying maiden flight, each spread puts you in the center of the action. Plus, discover secret artifacts (and artifictions) that you won't find anywhere else: the letters Galinda and Elphaba wrote to their parents, a map of the Emerald City, the Shiz University student newspaper, and a miniature Grimmerie complete with spells.

Dark Winter: How the Sun Is Causing a 30-Year Cold Spell

John Casey - 2014
    In Dark Winter, author John L. Casey, a former White House national space policy advisor, NASA headquarters consultant, and space shuttle engineer tells the truth about ominous changes taking place in the climate and the Sun.Casey’s research into the Sun’s activity, which began almost a decade ago, resulted in discovery of a solar cycle that is now reversing from its global warming phase to that of dangerous global cooling for the next thirty years or more. This new cold climate will dramatically impact the world’s citizens. In Dark Winter, he provides evidence of the following:• The end of global warming• The beginning of a “solar hibernation,” a historic reduction in the energy output of the Sun• A long-term drop in Earth’s temperatures• The start of the next climate change to decades of dangerously cold weather• The high probability of record earthquakes and volcanic eruptionsA sobering look at Earth’s future, Dark Winter predicts worldwide, crop- destroying cold; food shortages and riots in the United States and abroad; significant global loss of life; and social, political, and economic upheaval.

LEGO Harry Potter: Characters of the Magical World

Jon Richards - 2012
    Entertainment Inc. Harry Potter Publishing Rights (c) JKR. (s11)

American Pickers Guide to Picking

Libby Callaway - 2011
    Whether you are a fan of the show or just like finding hidden riches, you will love seeing what Wolfe and Fritz dig up and enjoy meeting the devoted collectors, extreme stockpilers, and elite dealers who they encounter along the way. Wolfe and Fritz do not deal in fine antiques. Their secondhand treasures are of the down-and-dirty and sometimes even bizarre variety, from old bicycles and vintage tools, to sun-bleached cars and handmade furniture, retired carnival games and unusual taxidermy. Assisted by Danielle Colby, who helps out at Antique Archaeology, Wolfe and Fritz buy on the cheap and then sell to dealers, art directors, interior designers, or anyone looking for a little bit of authentic Americana. The three now share their secrets to finding hidden gems, offering helpful hints that will show what average Americans can do to find the treasures that await them.From American Pickers Guide to Picking:Junk is Beautiful When we knock on a door, 90 percent of the time the things we find are junk. But we don't care about the odds; a picker never turns down an opportunity, no matter where it is. We've picked pickup trucks. We've picked flat beds. We've picked dumpsters. We even picked a Mercury Sable. We're looking for the unusual, the impossible, the funky, the different, the bizarre-things we have never seen before. And we'll go anywhere we have to go to find it. No location is off-limits to a hard-core picker. And there's plenty of things to be found at antique stores, thrift and consignment shops, flea markets, estate sales, and swap meets, and a lot of the tips in this book apply to finding treasures at these joints. But that's not really the kind of picking we do anymore. We look outside the box to find our junk-a word we use almost like a term of endearment: to us: junk is beautiful.

The Chronicles of Downton Abbey: A New Era

Jessica Fellowes - 2012
    As Season 3 of the award-winning TV series opens, it is 1920 and Downton Abbey is waking up to a world changed forever by World War I. New characters arrive and new intrigues thrive as the old social order is challenged by new expectations.In this new era, different family members abound (including Cora's American mother, played by Shirley MacLaine) and changed dynamics need to be resolved: Which branch of the family tree will Lord Grantham's first grandchild belong to? What will become of the servants, both old and new?The Chronicles of Downton Abbey, carefully pieced together at the heart and hearth of the ancestral home of the Crawleys, takes us deeper into the story of every important member of the Downton estate.This lavish, entirely new book from Jessica Fellowes focuses on each character individually, examining their motivations, their actions, and the inspirations behind them. An evocative combination of story, history, and behind-the-scenes drama, it will bring fans even closer to the secret, beating heart of the house.

The Lord of the Rings: The Art of the Fellowship of the Ring

Gary Russell - 2002
    This official publication contains 500 exclusive images, from the earliest pencil sketches and conceptual drawings to magnificent full-color paintings that shaped the look of the film. All the principal locations, costumes, armor and creatures are covered in stunning detail, including concepts, storyboards and images that did not make it into the final film.As well as a wealth of sketches, paintings and digital images, The Art of The Fellowship of the Ring contains photographs showing how the creative process was realized and a number of stills from the film. Contributors include Alan Lee and John Howe, the two artists who inspired Peter Jackson's vision of Middle-earth and who worked with him to bring his trilogy to the big screen. They and a dozen other designers who created all of these diverse elements explain how they contributed to the development of the film, giving a fascinating insight into how Middle-earth was brought to life.With text compiled from exclusive interviews with director Peter Jackson, special effects supervisor Richard Taylor, designers Grant Major, Ngila Dickson, Paul Lasaine and others, this unique book celebrates the pivotal contribution made by a handful of people which help turn the first Lord of the Rings movie into an award-winning global success.

Robert Pattinson: True Love Never Dies

Josie Rusher - 2009
    Follow Pattinson’s meteoric rise to fame, from his early days as a model and his role as Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter series to his new success as the brooding Edward Cullen. Read all about Robert's interests, his passion for music, and how he feels about becoming a teen heartthrob. Get the inside gossip on the filming of Twilight and his co-stars…as well as plans for the sequel. With all that—and a free pull-out bedroom poster, too—this book has everything!