The Poison Diaries

The Duchess Of Northumberland - 2006
    Weed is an orphan who is taken in by a sadistic apothecary, known only as the master, and proves to be a promising apprentice with a natural ability for the craft. Eventually, Weed's master takes him to a secret walled garden containing some of the most dangerous poisonous plants in the world. In later solitary visits to the garden, however, Weed realizes that the vegetation can communicate with him, and as he learns more about each individual plant, he also discovers precisely how the utilization of each plant's poison can gruesomely put an end to someone's life. The tremendous danger surrounding Weed's education in poisons is tragically underscored when his girlfriend, Marigold, after listening to Weed's far-from-expert instructions, experiments with belladonna and dies. Overwhelmed with grief, Weed blames his master for the death and, finally taking the advice of all the plants in the secret garden, prepares to enact vengeance Including incredibly detailed illustrations (� la National Audubon Society field guides) of a variety of poisonous plants -- belladonna, ricin, mandrake, hemlock, ergot, et al. -- iThe Poison Diaries/i is equal parts nightmarish fable, instructive botanical guide, and not-so-subtle cautionary tale. Fans of illustrated works like Brom's iThe Plucker/i will absolutely cherish this twisted and toxic tale. iPaul Goat Allen/i

Fear Itself: The Horror Fiction of Stephen King

Chuck MillerMarty Ketchum - 1982
    Contributors include Peter Straub, Burton Hatlan (King's former English professor), Fritz Leiber, Alan Ryan, Deborah Notkin, Don Herron, and others.

The Dean Koontz Companion

Martin H. Greenberg - 1992
    Here for the first time is a fascinating, comprehensive look at the life, career and work of this truly inventive talent - with more than 70,000 words of material from Dean Koontz himself...

Darren Shan's Demonata Series 9 Books Collection

Darren Shan
    Cotntains Blood Beast, Demon Apocalypse, Wolf Island, Death's Shadow, Dark Calling, Lord Loss, Demon Thief, Slawter, Bec

Cry to Heaven / Feast of All Saints

Anne Rice - 1994
    Includes Cry to Heaven and Feast of All Saints.

Perfect Storm

E.A. Copen - 2017
    In the water lurks a new predator, a giant, venomous snake shifter with origins in Native American myth. When one of her own is bitten, Judah Black must find a way to hunt down the monster and a cure before the venom kills her friend and more people get hurt. But nothing's ever simple. To find and catch her prey, she'll have to work with a bounty hunter named Logan Creed whose decades long hunt for the mythical snake borders on obsession. He'll sacrifice everything to complete his hunt, including her family and friends.

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Jill Nevile - 2007
    'When we are happy, we are always good,' says Lord Henry, 'but when we are good, we are not always happy.' Lord Henry's lazy, clever words lead the young Dorian Gray into a world where it is better to be beautiful than to be good; a world where anything can be forgiven - even murder - if it can make people laugh at a dinner party.

The Devil's Own Work

Alan Judd - 1991
    Tyrell, he is surprised to receive an invitation to visit the old man at his villa in the south of France. The night of their meeting, Tyrell dies, and soon after, Edward’s career mysteriously starts to soar as he earns fame, fortune and critical acclaim. But despite his achievements, Edward seems haunted, even tormented. His friend, the narrator, begins to put together the pieces of the story: an ancient, inscrutable manuscript, a beautiful, ageless woman who attaches herself to whatever writer possesses it, and a bargain to achieve success at a terrible price . . .Winner of Britain’s prestigious Guardian Fiction Prize, Alan Judd’s modern classic The Devil’s Own Work (1991) is, as Owen King writes in the new introduction to this edition, “a perfect novel about the demonic possession that is literary ambition.” This edition also features a new afterword by the author, in which he reveals the inspirations for this haunting tale.CONTEMPORARY REVIEWS“More chills in its little length than in a whole shelf of bestsellers.” – Stephen King“At once moral fable, cautionary ghost story and inspired attack on the whole hellbent drift of modern letters, this is a splendid tale, splendidly told, which Ford or Henry James would have been glad to have written.” – Robert Nye, Guardian“Wry and insightful . . . toys with the notion of demonic possession but becomes a thoroughly realistic and highly original story of revenge; a chilling cautionary tale.” – Elaine Kendall, Los Angeles Times“A brief return to the world of Faust, Mephistopheles and the Devil pact. Mr. Judd . . . achieves a deep polish.” – Robert Grudin, The New York Times Book Review“Elegantly succinct. . . . The secret of Mr. Judd’s success is instantly apparent; this tightly written story eloquently suggests more than it explains.” – Wall Street Journal“It is seldom that a novel demands such attentive reading; and seldom that a reading is so amply rewarded. Ford would have been proud to have such a disciple.” – Times Literary Supplement (London)“Judd’s creation is perfect in itself: totally true, totally real, totally right. And superbly written.” – Financial Times (London)

Clive Barker: The Dark Fantastic: The Authorized Biography

Douglas E. Winter - 2001
    Novelist, playwright, scriptwriter, artist and director, he is a master at twisting the mundane to make it fantastic, frightening and ultimately meaningful.Douglas E. Winter's detailed and highly literate biography, made possible by unprecedented access to Barker and his closest friends and family, offers readers a privileged insight into Barker's own story: his Liverpool childhood and adolescence; his forays into the world of theatre, mime and direction; his meteoric rise to fame as the author of the Books of Blood and Weaveworld, and the director of Hellraiser; his move to Hollywood to pursue a film career and his growth as an artist in many different media, which has taken him from theatre -- the first form of human expression -- into the digital age.Interwoven with this revealing and personal journey into Barker's life is a grand tour through all of his fiction and film, from his earliest unpublished work -- including the short story "The Wood on the Hill," which is published here for the first time -- up to his most recent novel, Coldheart Canyon and beyond, giving a tantalising glimpse of things to come.Clive Barker: The Dark Fantastic unlocks the beating heart of a polymath, a creator, a true artist, and reveals at last a man with one of the twentieth century's most phenomenal imaginations, and the vision to lead us on many strange and fabulous journeys in the years ahead.

The Art of Michael Whelan

Michael Whelan - 1993
    Here are featured all the artist's major recent paintings, as well as a series of 25 never-before-seen works produced especially for this book. Over 100 full-color reproductions.

Sloughing Off the Rot

Lance Carbuncle - 2012
    Guided along El Camino de la Muerte by a demented madman and a philosophical giant, John sets out on a quest to fill in his blank slate and slough off the rot of his soul. Part dark comedy road trip, part spiritual quest, and part horror story, Sloughing Off the Rot is literary alchemy about John's transformation from repugnant wretch to reluctant hero.

Il corvo: La filosofia della composizione

Edgar Allan Poe - 1846
    Reissued to coincide with the release of a major Hollywood film of the same title, it exposes Poe's diversity and genius, from breathtakingly seductive beauty of "To Helen" to the claustrophobic horror of "The Raven." Unique in that it features the poetry of a writer more famous for his fiction, this book proves that Poe's work runs deeper than the American gothic genre.

Five Nights at Freddy's (The Begining) (Volume 1)

Gavin Azurin - 2015

Stephen King 3: Different Seasons, The Stand, Skeleton Crew

Stephen King - 1978

Mutation Z Series, Books 1-6: The Ebola Zombies, Closing the Borders, Protecting Our Own, Drones Overhead, Dragon in the Bunker, Desperate Measures

Marilyn Peake - 2016
    Soon after, the disease mutates into the “Z” or Zombie Virus. Journalist Hunter Morgan uncovers a disturbing connection between Chen-Zamora Pharmaceuticals and this mutation. Further investigation reveals a web of sinister intrigue connecting the pharmaceutical company to a treatment and research camp in West Africa, U.S. government officials, the CDC and the World Health Organization. Racing against time to find a cure, Hunter and several scientists go underground in order to hide from powerful forces trying to silence them forever.